New $3/2 Sorrento String Cheese Coupon

New Sorrento String Cheese Coupon

Update:  Smart Source should be ashamed at themselves.  They should know better.  If you look very closely at the coupon, they have really hidden the words, “on any TWO.”  So, the coupon is actually for $3/2 and not a $3/1.  I will be updating with a new post.

Whoohoo! What a HOT Coupon for Sorrento String Cheese!  There is a new coupon available to print.  The coupon is for $3.00 off any Sorrento or Precious Stringsters or Sticksters Snack Cheese 10 oz or larger.

Print: Sorrento Coupon

Here is your deal at ShopRite:


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  • Anonymous

    I just printed this coupon and right underneath the description of Sorrento Snack Cheeses, 10 oz or larger, the fine print says on ANY TWO. You may be able to use this on one item, but if the store notices the fine print, it will be $3 off on 2. Just wanted to let you know.

    • Cindy

      OMGosh, what in the world does that mean and why is that there like that. Let me look into the coding on the coupon.

      • Mark

        I looked at how the coupon is coded. The last 2 digits are 08, so it’s coded as buy 2 get $3 off.

        • Cindy

          Yep, I posted an update! I’m just a bit annoyed at them. They want people not to abuse coupons yet they make seasoned couponers have to research how to use the coupon. Shame on them.

          • Mark

            Thanks for the update.

  • Laurie M.

    Thanks! Great deal and we love string cheese, too!

  • Stephanie

    This is such a great coupon! It’s expiry date isn’t until Halloween!

  • Dana

    So sneaky!!

  • Christine R

    Bummer…that is very sneaky!

  • Laurie M.

    BOO! That is very sneaky. Bummer.

    • Laura

      It seems to me that it was just an innocent mistake. I see no reason for the company to trick us.

  • Nina

    I can definitly see the frustration in this. Retailers are extra careful to inspect coupons for what the fine print says so I do not see why us couponers should not. I think that this is a lesson for all couponers to pay extra attention to what their coupons say. I also can imagine that this is only a HTML error and whoever wrote the code made a mistake in the placement and size of the font. I’m not perfect and I have definitly made mistakes when couponing before so I don’t think it’s right to nail them to the cross for it. Treat others how you want to be treated. I would not want to be told I should be ashamed for a mistake that I made…