New $2/1 Zebra Pen Coupon = Free at Staples!

New Zebra Pen Coupon

There is an awesome new Zebra Pen Coupon available to print!  This is a rare coupon and perfect for back to school shopping!

Print: Zebra Pen Coupon

The 5-Pack of Zebra Pens is on sale at Staples this week for $1.00, so completely Free after coupon.  We love free! 😉

Here is your deal at Staples:


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Thanks TheCents’AbleShoppin!

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  • cara

    i cant find the coupons for the zebra pens 🙁

    • Cindy

      It’s still there I just printed it. 🙂

  • Michaela

    I used this morning at Walmart and price matched to Staples and made a $1.

    • Michelle T.

      Ooh! If we price match Staples price at Walmart and use the $2 coupon, that’s $1 overage 🙂

  • Norma

    Do you have the zip code that needs to be plugged in? This coupon isn’t coming up for me

    • Myrah

      Try 77477

    • Cindy

      No zip needed. Click on “All You Exclusive”

  • Jen

    Found other printable coupons but not any for Zebra!

  • Annette

    I can’t find it either. Tried several random zip codes, no luck. Does anyone have any ideas?

  • Andi

    It is under the category “All You Exclusive” and on the 2nd page.

    • Annette

      Got it! Thank you so much!

      • Andi

        You’re welcome!

    • denisew

      Found it – thank you!!

  • Jenny

    I used my own zip code. It came up on the 2nd page the first print and almost the last page the 2nd print.

  • Lesley S

    I found them under zip code 07039 if that helps

  • Laura D.

    I found it under 07039 on second page. Look carefully, I missed it the first time!

  • Rosie

    Is there anyway to post direct links for coupons? It always redirects me to just the home site.

  • Dave

    I found it at 10:50am using 77477, although not sure that mattered.

  • Joan

    Thanks Cindy!

    has anyone done this deal at Staples? I’m nervous about using a manufacturer’s coupon there, especially since it exceeds the cost.

    • Michelle T.

      Staples takes Mfr coupons, I use them all the time. They may adjust the coupon down though. If you use a coupon to reduce your OOP on a free rebate item, you would get what you paid, not the full price. Just something to remember about Staples. I used a coupon when they had the rebate on Duracell, and I got my OOP back.

      • Miriam

        That isn’t true. It is all about the wording. If it is “100% back” on the item, it WILL reduce the reward, but if it says “$x.xx back in rewards” or “$x.xx easy rebate”, it will not reduce the amount.

        • Michelle T.

          OK, I’ll have to pay attention to that. Thanks for the info.

  • Kelly

    Grumble… grumble …. just went to Staples yesterday. 🙂 – by the way I purchased the 5 pack mechanical pencils that the CSR told me were for the rebate. I should have looked closer because when I got home to enter the rebates, I didn’t have one for those. Looked at the receipt and I purchased .05 instead of .07 pencils. They were in a huge bin marked as the free ones so look close at everything. Cost me an extra $3.99.

    • Michelle T.

      Kelly, return them! Staples is no hassle, they will give you a refund if you bought the wrong ones, although if you used a coupon off the whole order, you get the prorated price back.

  • Suzanne

    I clicked on the coupon for the Zebra pens , all my other selected coupons printed except for the Zebra!

  • Sherry Z


    In Firefox, it kept giving me a “runtime” error and wouldn’t print.

    In Chrome and in IE, the coupon, of course, isn’t there.

    • Sherry Z

      I tried again 90 minutes later. The coupon is back and it printed with ease from Firefox.

  • Laurie

    I just got back from Staples….I had two qs and two packs of pens. I wasnt sure if they would reduce it…..good thing I only gave her one coupon because she went over to the manager and said…”as long as she got two packs of the pens….I can use it right?” He sadi YES! I know they can reduce it…..but I ended up getting two packs FREE and saving the other coupon for tomorrow!

  • Penny

    I took the advice from another reader and went to WalMart with my coupons and they price matched and applied the overage to my other items with no problems.

    • Andrea

      I did that too. I also had a coupon for usa sippy cups for $1/1. I paid like $2.50 for two packs of pens and a two pack of sippy cups.

  • lisa

    Missed it can’t find today any help????

  • Heather

    I can not find this coupon! I tried all the hints above, using different zip codes and looking on the exclusive page..but the coupon is not there. 🙁

  • Annette

    I just got back from Staples and they wouldn’t accept any of my coupons, because of the $2 off written on the coupon and the pens were only $1!!!! They wouldn’t adjust down – the manager on duty said “No”. I’m not very happy right now. Does anyone know if Staples has a coupon policy and if it states whether or not they adjust the coupon down.

  • Amy

    My staples wouldn’t accept it . 🙁

  • barbe5

    The first Staples I went to told me that I couldn’t use it because the coupon was $2 and the item was a $1. I called Staples Customer Service who told me I couldn’t use it because ” you can only use a coupon on full price items”. I knew that was ridiculous and went to a different Staples and asked the manager if I could use it before I purchased the item and she said “Sure” and rang up two packs for which I paid a total of .14. Clearly a YMMV!

  • vicky

    are they still showing i cant see them

  • Jen W

    Yup I had the same problem..wouldn’t take my coupons! They didn’t even try to scan them or anything! I got lucky and found the last 2 packs of the pens which were misplaced w/the zebra pencils..I was very excited about that part! lol 😀 But the manager said no because the coupon is $2 off 1…so they wouldn’t even take 1 coupon for 2 packs or I was trying to offer to add a $4 pack to make it $6 then use my 2-$2 coupons..nope! He said the system doesn’t work like that or whatever..but he didn’t even try to scan it! I said well I wouldn’t argue if you tried to scan it and it beeped but you’re not even trying. He said sorry we couldn’t accommodate you and walked away! grrrr! I haven’t been to a Staples in many years..not sure if I’ll go back..

  • Heather

    I can’t find the coupon either…