Reader Question: Amusement Parks Discounts

This reader question comes from Hazel. She was wondering if anyone had suggestions about discount tickets to Six Flags Great Adventure!


This summer we are planning a trip to an six flags great adventure – do you have any suggestions on where to get discount tickets and what the best option is for lunch?

Do you have any advice for Hazel? How have you planned your Amusement Park Trips?

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  • Elise

    I would suggest checking eBay and/or Craigslist. I know I have won tickets to Great Adventure I could not use. I sold them on either one of those sites at a nice discount. There are always tons of contests to give away tickets to such venues and sometimes you win a prize you do not want or cannot use–that is when sellers turn to these sites. Just remember to be careful on who you deal with on those sites.

  • christine

    Not exactly the info you requested, but helpful if this is your first visit there.

    Check the weather before you go. If there are high winds, many of the roller coasters will be shut down. The same goes when there is a risk of lightning.

    You cannot bring any items on the rides with you, not a hat , or small purse, bag ect. All items must be placed in the lockers, yes you have to pay for the lockers. So if you have a non-rider, leave items with them.
    Lines can be long, like an hour per ride, so if you want to save time, purchase the express pass, you go to the head of the line. Yes, it costs more, but you have to decide what works for your family. I have older kids who only want to do the roller coasters. Over and over again. You can find out more info on-line.
    Free ice water, just ask. Some places give you small cups, most have larger ones. I’ve found you can get free water at every park I’ve been to. Hershey, Disney everywhere. They don’t advertise it.

  • Elaine

    I would do eBay before Craigslist. Seems a little more secure with Buyers Protection. I always go to eBay first, even if I dont buy just to see what coupons are available and then try and find out where they got them so I get them for free. Also it gives me an idea what is the possible lowest price I am able to get to see if its still in my budget.

  • Andrea

    I’m not sure where you live but I know near me price chopper sells tickets for the great escape (theme park) at a discount. I could check out some stores to see if they do that. Also check out the six flags website sometimes they have a promo where you bring a coke/pepsi can they will give you like $5 off.

    • Andrea

      Oh I ment you could check out some stores to see if they do that. Sorry.

  • Joe

    A few other suggestions. Check your entertainment books. Check out the local visitors centers. I know the Bucks County visitor center offers great discounts. If you have a AAA card you can get a discount at multiple places.

  • Stacey k

    Big y sells discounted tickets to six flags.. My big y sells an adult day pass for 39.99

  • MARY

    My town sells discount tickets. Call Town Hall or your community center.

    Here are my discount prices:

    $33.00 Theme Park/Safari
    $26.00 Hurricane Harbor (Daily)
    $11.00 Meal Deal
    $15.00 Parking Pass

    Also many large employers offer discounts as well — perhaps you know a friend who can get them?

    And of course, bring an empty can of Coke and get $10 off tickets bought at the gate.

  • Katrina

    FYI- don’t pay for parking in advance online. I did that last year on their website and still had to wait through the horrendous line to get into the park only to discover it was actually cheaper to pay in person!

  • Erin

    I used to go regularly w a season pass – we always left the park to eat at mcdonalds down the road – it’s a more expensive mcdonalds but cheaper than park food. But, we went often, so it didn’t matter to take the time. That may not work for you.

    Just throwing it out there, I don’t have “evidence”, just what I’ve heard& I’m one town over, it’s not as safe as it used to be, so stick together & don’t let your kids do things alone. I grew up being able to run from ride-to-ride & checking in w the adults, supposedly it’s not like that anymore.

  • Sabine

    I live in ny and I know for the lake George six flags if you buy online everyone gets kids price. I was also able to do a google search and found a coupon code to get each ticket for 19.99! But like I said that was for NY. It never hurts to try a google search for promo codes! Good luck and have lots of fun!!!!

    • Christi

      Do you still have that code??? We’re going next month!

      • Sabine

        Not sure if it’s still working as I bought my tickets about 3 weeks ago but give it a shot, HD12, good luck 🙂

    • Lady J

      Lake George. Wow. I haven’t been in years (summer of 2001 maybe). Fond memories. I remember when Great Escape was Storytown, and it was actually in good condition. Went back to Great Escape in the late 80s and it wasn’t as nice. Haven’t been there since. Is the Six Flags there the old Gaslight Village?

      • Sabine

        Great escape was changed a lot when I went also, but still some of the old rides. The six flags park is the old great escape, thy just changed the name. Since my son got in free, and we all paid $20 for a ticket compared to almost $50, it was a nice day out but I would never go there for $50 a ticket since parking is $20 and you need to take out a small loan to eat and stay hydrated!

  • tina

    We have passes so I don’t know about discount tickets we figured the passes paid for themselves cause we got a free parking pass but about what to eat…we feel like six flags is one of the more expensive amusement parks when it comes to eating so we stop in the Wawa that is very conveniently located right before getting into the park and we bring a small cooler grab some sandwiches and snacks and go back to the car and eat…make sure you get your hand stamped….saves us lots of money!!!

  • Jamie

    Google state of nj employee discounts….it will take u to a website…go to amusement pks and scroll down to 6 flags…there u will find a user name, pswrd & link for great discounts for 6 flags.

  • susan k

    we have passes too but sometimes bring a friend who doesn’t. Wawa or 7-11 or even Mcdonalds usually have discounts, and of course the coke cans. i agree with Tina and Erin, don’t eat in the park. it’s really expensive and not that good. we are there once a week or so and have never had a problem with the people there. i also heard that it was getting unsafe, but I don’t let my kids wander so we are ok. night time is worse. Have fun!!

  • Christine S.

    I just went to AAA today to get my family the passes. They were $34.99 per person and they included the safari. I researched a lot and that was the best price.

    When we go, we arrive when the park opens to park as close to the entrance as possible. When we’re hungry we go to the car for sandwiches that we’ve packed in a cooler. We sit in the air conditioned car and eat our lunch. We’ve done this for a few years and everyone likes to take a break in the cool car for a bit.

    • Michelle T.

      I agree with Christine about bringing sandwiches. We have season passes and usually buy subs, bring drinks and snacks, and keep it all in a cooler in the car. We snack through the safari, then go into the park. When we get hungry, we sit in the air conditioned car and have lunch. Everyone enjoys taking a break from the park. They do sell a refillable souvenier cup that is pricey (14.99 for one, I think 2/$25, or 3/$30), but the day you buy it, you get unlimited refills all day. This is well worth it when a large drink is something like $4. We bought 3 and keep bringing them back with us for .99 refills :). Also, I you use your Discover card, you automatically get 5% off everything you buy in the park. Any discount is better than none! Don’t get the family chicken strip meal! It’s $40 for 12 chicken strips and fries in a bucket, and 4 regular drinks, ripoff! We also just carry what fits in our pockets and go back to the car if we need something else. There are places to leave your refillable cups when you go on a ride. You might want to label them (duct tape and a sharpie).

  • Jessica

    If you are an AAA member they offer great discounts!

  • Jen

    Go to Knoebels. You won’t need any coupons. You can spend the day there for less than $100 including food with 2-3 kids.

  • Kristina

    Local organizations may have discount tickets available. In past years we have purchased tickets through the Archdiocese of Newark CYO office in Kearny, NJ. They are sold at the group rate.

  • Staci

    It’s too late for this year, but for next year, Six Flags has a reading program for kids. The kids will get free tickets. It is called Read to Succeed.

    I live 4 miles from Six Flags. Erin is right about watching your kids. It is not as safe as it used to be. There are not too many restaurants close to Six Flags. McDonalds, Burger King, and Wawa are the cheapest. If you go a bit further down 537 W, you will pass the Six Flags outlets. Go to the next traffic light and there will be a shopping center with an Italian restaurant and a bagel place on your left. They have average prices. Bringing your own food is still the cheapest. Don’t follow the waving man dressed up as a pizza in front of 6 flags that wants you to take 537E to Pasquales pizza. They are awful.

    • Christi

      I was going to suggest Read to Succeed too… but you have to have the child’s classroom teacher interested in doing it. If so… let the teacher know to register for it EARLY… or preregister if that is still possible (I did this program for 4 years as a teacher)… spaces go quick! If you are a teacher, it’s double incentive to sign up… you get your own free ticket and can have your children (K-6) participate to get them free tickets as well 🙂

  • Sylvia

    We went to Hurricane Harbor last week and were very surprised and turned off by how Six Flags is nickel and diming it’s guests now. We had a half off coupons from a friend who has season passes. But once inside, there is a shortage of tubes. You can stand on line for 20 minutes just waiting for a tube. Or you can rent a tube for $8 for single riders. More for double riders. And then you have to schlep the tube around with you all over the park. We paid over $40 for a pizza. A pizza and 4 drinks! Crazy!!! The food options are very limited. One of our friends is a vegetarian and there was no vegetarian option except for fries.

    • Jamie

      I went to hurricane harbor on july 1 and there was a huge family salad that comes w the pizza & 4 drinks….u need to get it out of the fridge behind the lines and the dressing is outside. Perfect for ur vegetarian friend. There’s a big sign over the beverages that says it. I agree the $40 was nuts.

  • Megan M

    2 things

    If u sign up to be a VIP shopper for the Woodbury commons u can get a coupon where everyone pays kids price through July 31

    2 if you do the coke rewards u can use point for some coupons including 5 dollars off a family meal and 3 dollars off the refillable cups.

  • misally

    Stick to Dorney park……2 parks for the price of 1!

  • Natalia

    ***The only reason that will be going to sixflags this year is because 2 of my kids receive read to succeed tickets and my 2 year old doesn’t pay but our six flags in NJ gets very crowded lines usual 1 hour or more what I noticed you can bring in is gatorade I think the 20oz because they sell it there and you can say you bought it at hurricane harbor is a small lie but is a lie that won’t hurt anyone you need to keep yourself hydrated because a bottle of water is $3.00 but if this helps use this code. “RTS” online only. and you can purchase adult tickets for kids price……and if you lived in nj, ny or PA then go to Dorney Park is better 2 parks in one and buy your tickets 3 days ahead online to get them at a really great price..hope this helps take lots of pictures to remember those precious moments with your love ones.

    • Christi

      Make sure you follow the directions on the Read To Succeed tickets… parents and siblings get a nice discount!!!

  • Lady J

    When I was a teenager, I had a Six Flags season pass. I went so often, they thought I worked there, and I got employee discounts! Anyway, Six Flags is not like Magic Kingdom, you can easily get back to your car. Packing a picnic lunch and keeping it in a cooler is what we always did.

    Things I know from the past, but don’t know if they still have:
    – Coke Can disounts. I don’t know.
    – Last year, had Six Flags 1 day pass for 500 pts.
    – Look into buying a season pass. If you’re going to go a few days, it may be cheaper

  • colleen

    If you know someone with a season pass there a bring a friend free in September – the June one past already. But also for July – August it is bring a friend for $20 with coupon book they give you when you process your pass. Also lets say only one of your party will go once but you will go more, it may be worth it to get a pass for one person get it processed , get the coupon book and use the discount bring a freind for the one person that won’t go again. That coupon book has some food coupons to use in the park, but you can get away with bringing your own snacks ect. They really don’t check in the bottom of every bag. Especially if you bring a mess bac pack k that they can see through – you just fly right through.

  • colleen

    Also they sell these huge souvenir cups of soda adn popcorn buckets for around $15 each. You can refill each for $.99 each refill for the rest of the season. The day you purchase they give you wrist band that allows free refills for the rest of the day. On return visits I fill bucket with my own popcorn and sodas and they will let you through with both items.

  • Michelle T.

    Also we never go on the weekends! It is way too crowded. Days that are overcast are also less crowded. Go on a weekend and you’ll spend all day waiting in lines and maybe get on 3 rides.