ShopRite Coupon Match Ups 7/22 – 7/28

ShopRite Deals for the week of 7/22/12

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  • Catalina Deal Ideas:  All catalina deal ideas are calculated on the Pre-Price Plus prices.  Although these deals almost always work this way, at the time of the posting it has not been confirmed.  You can watch the comments to see if others have had success. Also, when doing the deals, please be sure to check your pre-price plus prices as they may differ from those posted here.  If your total is not met or if you have bought an incorrect product or size, your catalina will not print!

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  • Mark

    Thanks for the match-ups.

  • Matthew

    Thanks for the hard work!

  • Cindy F.

    Carefree liners are 99 cents in Shoprite. There are no restrictions with the .50/1 coupon which would make them free! yay!

    • Maria

      Hi Cindy … I LOVE this site … where do you get the CAREFREE liner coupon? Thanks …

    • Susan

      It looks like they are on sale for $1.99 so they would be $0.99 after coupon. Hopefully they will be on sale for lower than that soon.

      • Cindy F.

        The Shoprite in North Brunswick has a “Price Lock” price for the carefree liners (18-20 count) for .99 cents. I just bought some today since I received my SS coupon insert yesterday and they were free since the coupon doubled. Not sure if all Shoprites are the same.

        • Bonnie

          Yes the small pk is $0.99 and the larger pk that is on sale for $1.99 has around 60 liner’s in it. They are actually in a box not a bag.

  • Linda

    Thanks for the match-ups Cindy!

  • Karen

    Thank you! B)

  • Erin

    Thank you – seems a little weak this week – unless I liked raisin bran or crunch nut!

  • nl


  • Mariele

    Thanks Cindy!

  • Shari

    Is It Me ????

    I was so excited to see a buy $75 Get $20 but ………….Seriously Nothing I NEED !
    Usually I can Run through these Deals and Laugh All the way w/ my Q’s but not this Week.
    Does Anyone Have Any Ideas ??????????????
    Much Love To Y’All

    • It’s not just you.

      • Lori G

        Prices in my CT store are slowly but surely rising every few weeks…the usual fanfare over the Can Can sale seemed silly this year, as the sales were just ok. Even the the Front End manager asked me if I noticed the price increases when I shopped this week…it’s a good thing we can coupon our way to extra savings 🙂

  • Theresa

    Can you double dip the sale for buy 75 get 20 for diapers ( Pampers) and also get Baby Bucks, too?

    • I would like to know this too!

    • payton

      Yes you’ll still earn your baby bucks no matter what other promotions are going on

    • Nikki

      I’m going to try to get in early tomorrow for Pampers so see if it adds it to the baby bucks and tracks pre-ppc. If so it would be like getting the box for about $10 which is a steal!!

      • KristyC

        If it doesn’t track your baby bucks then go to customer service and they can add that in for you. I did that with the last promo.

      • Erin

        Please let me know the deal you do. Having a baby in 17 days & can never have too many diapers!

        • Lady J

          don’t overload on the sz 1’s. They get out of them pretty quickly. Sz 2 is the first sz they are in for a while.

          • Palomita

            ditto! same with newborn, sooooo tiny!

      • Lady J

        If it does track pre-price plus, you’ll need to use that Baby bucks q’s you get this week. These things exp on 7/28. I don’t know if they will give you longer since it’s so close.

      • Anonymous

        Can you list your deal? Having a baby in days!! Thanks

    • Lady J

      of course. I know I’ll be picking up 2 packs of diapers – maybe 3. And, I’ll be using a $10 Baby Bucks q to help pay for it.

    • Dana

      The Pampers are also participating products for the Shop Rite Family Rewards Points! So you are actually TRIPLE DIPPING! This accumulation period also ends on 7/28 (same as the Baby Bucks promotion) but you have until 8/25 to use the points and the bucks or they expire!

      • shita

        Did great this morning. TRIPLE DIPPING on 3 boxes pampers. $20 gold point and $10 baby buck. Oh, and get points for SR family, too. Pamper is P&G. when i try to use my $20 the cashier question why my OOP is less then $75 and still get the $20 gold point certificate. They almost give me a SR gift card because no one know what to do with the receipt…. but eventually 10 mins. later they got it. Work just like the baby buck with SR card and key in the # on the certificate. Forgot to mention i have $10 of $75 mail in coupon make the deal even sweeter.

        • Ana


          can you break down how you did it =. thanks!

          • Shita

            Ana, here is my shipping.

            2x 1.09 Beech Nut Fruities On the Go.
            3x 29.99 pampars ( sale price $22.99)
            1x 2.99 J&J baby power
            1x 4.24 nestea tea (sale price 3.99)
            2x .69 colgete toothbrush
            1x 2.50 edy ice cream

            total $80.63
            earn baby buck points 95.14 +(5.43 from before)=100.57 points

            coupon uses:
            2×1.00 Beech Nut Fruities On the Go (the cashier miss scan 1 coupon)
            3x$3 pampers box
            1x$1 J&J baby power
            1x$2 edy ice
            1x store coupon edy ice cream for $.49 (this took off $2)
            $10 off $75 purchase
            -$.10 bag
            OOP $57.53

            got $20 gold points
            got $10 baby buck
            and my SR family point total 202 (redeem $4)

            • Anonymous

              That’s amazing I think I am going to do the pampers deal

            • Ana

              thanks shita, might do something similar….what are the family points? do you get catalinas back too when you spend so much?

  • Lauren

    Hi, someone mentioned awhile back that they bought coupon circulars from someone in California? ring a bell ? I would like to find out from whom they purchase them and the cost? Thanks

    • Eileen @QponPrincess has california inserts, I buy thier jersey ones and although more expensive than some other places their shipping was faster and the inserts were more reliable, thicker, and had more of the hot coupons than another place i tried that was cheap, took forever (thursday delivery for sunday’s inserts) and the inserts were thin and lacking…never again…sometimes you get what you pay for even though as couponers we get away with getting alot for little at the stores lol

      • Lauren

        thanks, i’ll try them

  • Matthew

    Wow lack of comments/posts means a quiet shopping week! Yikes!! Nevertheless, hard work with the matchups.

  • Lamar

    FYI on the Cereal Deal on its comes out to 71.80. You need to add 1 box of the Almond Raisin Bran on the last transaction. The will get you above the $75.00.

  • Meli

    thanks for the match ups is frosted flakes inclued we eat that more than rasin bran,TIA

    • Michelle T.

      Meli, in my ad, Frosted Flakes is in the picture for spend $75 get $20. However, they are not listed as part of the $2.79 sale. We will have to see what we find in the store for prices :(. I’m interested in Frosted Flakes too, but may have to pass on this one :).

  • jessica g


  • T

    Pampers deal is working on pre-price plus amount ($29.99)!! Good deal – get baby & familly points as well…

  • debra

    What cards are in the YOUBUCKS
    Save $10.00

    7/15/12 – 7/28/12, Buy $50 or more in participating gift cards, Get $10.00 coupon for use on next trip.

    Offer Expires 7/28/12
    Limit 1 w/ Your Loyalty Card
    Only available at ShopRite®

    • Christine R

      As far as I know it’s only the Visa and Mastercard. HTH!

    • Russ


      Most people have been doing the Visa and/or Mastercard because you can just turn around and use it to buy another one, to buy gas, to pay some bills, to buy something you were going to buy anyway, etc. BUT, there is a $4.95 activation fee, so you’ll actually pay $54.95 when you buy one. So after the $10 cat, it’s basically a $5.05 MM.

      Some people have reported that you can buy 2 $25 cards with no problem, but I think the activation fee is still $4.95 (I could be wrong), so it doesn’t make any sense to do it that way.

      I did this deal 4 times last week using the same Price Plus card and got a $10 Cat each time. The cat is valid 7/29-8/11, so don’t go crazy and end up with more Cats than you can use during that two week time period.

  • CC

    Got a cat today saying that dollar days starts 7/29!!! Oh and Pampers tracked on shelf prices =)

    • Michelle T.

      OOH! Can’t wait to see that flyer!

  • Flora

    Bounty towels tracked on shelf also as did the Kelloggs here in Toms River

  • Ana

    is the spend 75 get back 20 a cat??? or Giftcard?/?

    • Jennifer K

      It’s a catalina

    • Sue Donym

      Neither, actually. 😀 You get a printout on the bottom of your receipt, once you’ve fully qualified. It acts like a coupon, in that the cashier will manually enter it the next time you shop, and the $20 will be deducted from your order.

      Be on the lookout for it, once you know you’re nearing $75, since you could accidentally throw it away!

      • catherine

        About that printout on the bottom of the receipt. I know the flier says limit one offer per customer but could my mother reach the limit on her card and give me her receipt with her code to use with my store/loyalty card or is it like CVS where the ECBs match only to one specific store/loyalty card?

  • Carter B

    Two things I just found when I went to my ShopRite in MD:
    1) The coupon for the Arnold Sandwich Thins…The coupon reads $0.55/1, but when I printed it, I noticed the label next to the checkmark said $1.00/2. Well it actually just rang up as $1.00/2. The cashier obviously didn’t know what it said online, so she rang it up for me, but it still was a little less of a deal than I thought (since our ShopRite is truly doubling coupons less than $1 this week).
    2) The Stroehmann Dutch Country bread is on sale for $2.49. Only the regular Stroehmann loaf bread is $1.99. As stated above, the Stroehmann coupon is only for the Dutch Country bread…so not that great of a deal.

    • Jude

      It was posted the stroehmann Q was in the 5.16.12 SS. I think that was a mistake because there was a 5.13.12 & a 5.20.12 SS & I didnt see it in either. Am I going crezy?

      • Carter B

        The only one I have was in the 4/29/12 SmartSource :-/

    • Kathie

      I haven’t went to the store yet, (NJ) but the ad does state the dutch country is $1.99, go to customer service and get it for free if it rings up wrong price.,

      • Kathie

        although I can’t seem to find the coupon. the only one I see is for the Simply version

  • Carter B

    Also, the $20 catalina for spending $75 on P&G products is based off of pre-sale prices.

  • Ana

    has anyone did the pampers deal yet??

    • Chris

      Yes, bought 3 of the $22.99 boxes and received the $20 certificate.

      I had 17 baby bucks points and that also qualified me for a $10 BB reward as well.

      AND, you also get Family points.

      Subtracting the catalinas out, I paid $29.99 for 320 diapers. Awesome deal!

      Make sure you use 3 x $3 pampers box coupons too.

  • Anonymous

    has anyone tried using the cereal coupons for crunchy nut or krave? I’m not sure if the size on the coupon matches up with whats on sale. Wondering if the coupon worked on sale size. thanks

    • Laura D.

      I was hoping the Krave would be $2.79 ($3.79) but it was higher around $3.49 with no higher shelf price to make it a good deal. I really wanted to stock up at $0.39 a box! I didn’t check out the Crunchy Nut. HTH!

  • nc

    Does anybody know why store flyers are stopped being delivered by post-office? I live in Essex County, NJ. Thanks.

    • Eileen @QponPrincess

      im in south jersey shore area, here they put the SR flyer in the “mailbag” local free paper that lands on our driveway during the week, check if yours is there too…I too wish it were still in my mailbox

  • Ana


    they prob. didn;t stop they just forgot to put them in your mailbox, i live in ambler and i haave to keep constantly calling the post office to tell them to remind the carrier guy to put the circulars in my mailbox,,,, if i dont they wont do it, like this weekend i didnt get any and i didnt bother to call ahead to remind them thinking maybe by now they got the message but of course they still forgot grrr… so im going today to see if they have any left over since we get the red plum’s in the mail…. but trying calling your post office and see.

  • Larissa

    Anyone else have issues with the ecoupons not coming off?? I had 3, the huff to go, pupating and earthbound farms loaded and only the Jiff came off and I had regular coupons for all 3 also. So strang I can’t figure it out!

    • Sue Donym

      Some stores are no longer taking off both the e-coupon, when a manufacturer coupon is also used for the same product. The manufacturer will be taken off, while the e-coupon is left to be used for another trip.

      Also, adding to the weirdness, sometimes specific products will still let both an e-coupon and a paper coupon go through, even though other products don’t let both deduct. Weird, huh? :/

    • Anonymous

      Some of the ecoupons are very specific and people sometimes don’t realize they didn’t get the actual item the ecoupon is for. For example, while the printed Earthbound Farms coupons say for ‘any’ product, the 2 SR ones were more specific: “Save $1.00 on Earthbound Farm Grape Tomato, Cherry Tomato or Cocktail Tomato”, or, “$1.00 on one 5 ounce Earthbound Farm Mixed Baby Kale”. You can’t always see the details from the Add to Card screen. You have to go into either your Shopping List, or, the Messages & Savings screen to see them. So, if you didn’t get the small tomatoes or the kale, the SR ecoupons wouldn’t come off.

      • lindsay in pa

        Good reply! I bought the spinach and it didn’t come off because the 5oz coupon was for the Kale! Whoops!

        Your comment was a good reminder to check the other page to see more details on the actual e-coupon. 🙂

  • Kierstin

    How many times can you do the “spend $75, get $20” deal? I did one last night & got my $20 certificate. Just wondering if I can go back tonight to get more diapers & earn another $20? Regardless, I need diapers so I’ll be buying them anyway.

    • Kierstin

      Nevermind. Just read “limit one offer”. Duh…didn’t notice that the first time I read it. 🙂

      • Shari

        they seem to Never count…………….Do IT Again Kirsten- After borrowing cards from others during a promotion – I later found out I could have used my own 3times
        Good luck

  • Melissa

    The Raisin Bran Cinnamon Almond is not included in the 2.79 sale, so you won’t get it for the price listed in the matchups. It is 3.59, 2.19 w/ .70/1 (dbl) and will count toward the Buy $75 Get $20.

    • Melissa

      Frosted Flakes are also not included. 3.59 for 17oz box.

  • megg

    I have two questions… the first deals with the ready to go refridgerator bags…. you mention in the deal the frozen coupon… does that work for it even if it says FROZEN ready to go?

    also listed is the deal for starburst candy… you have 50cents/2 coup and double it for your final price but the coupon says DO NOT DOUBLE… do I have a different coupon or will shop rite still double it even though is says not to?????

    thanks for all the help!!!

    • Kera

      If its a do not double coupon and the barcode begins with a 5.. it will usually still double… at mine it does anyways in Norwich,Ct… if the barcode starts with a 9 it will not double no matter what!

  • Karen

    Is the T.G.I. Friday’s frozen snack coupon no longer available?

  • Ellen

    I have been to the Shoprite in Clark twice in the last couple of days and bought the bags of Kraft shredded cheese. It is counting towards the $75. Is Kraft included or is this some sort of glitch at my store?

  • Ana

    Anyone care to share any deals they have done for the buy $75.oo get back $2o.00??????? need some ideas…:)

    • Shari

      Wait til Next Week – DOLLAR DAYS ARE BACK !!!!
      i found Nothing this week either

  • AA

    For the baby bucks spend $100 get a $10.00 catalina. does anyone know if this is only able to print out once a week?.. for example if today i bought $100.00 worth of baby products and received the $10.00 cat. will i be able to go back in the afternoon, and spend another $100.00 and get back another 10.00 cat? TIA

  • Dana

    Did anyone successfully get the Hamburger Helper cat for money off meat? Bought 6, used two coupons but nothing printed out – no sign at the shelves either…..had screaming baby so didn’t try customer service but am going back Thursday to see – other coupon websites don’t list the deal…..

  • KATE

    Is anyone else running really low on pasta? I mean I know the rule is to not pay for pasta, but I haven’t seen a real good deal in a while. Anyone know of any good deals?

    • Laura D.

      Isn’t there that catalina deal coming up soon? I think last year it was for Barilla pasta? I could be wrong on the brand, I didn’t participate because I was well stocked. I can certainly use some now!!! Low pasta here too!

    • Laura D.

      Isn’t there that catalina deal coming up soon? I think last year it was for Barilla pasta? I could be wrong on the brand, I didn’t participate because I was well stocked. I can certainly use some now!!! Low pasta here too!

    • Michelle T.

      I was just saying today that we are almost out of pasta. Need a deal soon! 🙂 Rice too!

      • Annie

        I think all our pantrys must be identical. I’m down to 10 boxes from last years big trip. That’s only going to last less than a month. Low on toilet paper and paper towels too!

        • Joe

          When they ran the $0.50 Ronzoni sale last time I bought 40 boxes so I’m hoping that comes back around soon.

  • Laura D.

    I purchased two Earthbound items today, the cocktail tomatoes and 5 oz baby romaine. The ecoupon for the tomatoes came off but not the lettuce. So it looks like at the store I visited it is item specific following my SR shopping list on their website. Also, the $0.75 Earthbound q doubled! 🙂

    FYI ~ My ecoupons are working fine again since I updated my Shoprite account, again! YAY!! I also purchased the milky way and all coupons came off. Really not fun when the ecoupons are not working, ugh!

  • Jess

    I tried to do the Colgate toothpaste deal as listed and the cashier would not take the coupon. She told me the item was less then the coupon so I could not use it. I have never had this happen and several items in my transaction were less but she only saw that one.

    • kath

      I have had that happen a few times. It seems to depend on the cashier.

    • Christine R

      They’re supposed to adjust it down to the amount of the item being purchased if that’s the case. Next time get a manager and point that out. They won’t give an overage, but they should be adjusting down so the coupon can be used.

    • Gen

      I have the .50 cents coupons and the registers at my shoprite have been automatically adjusting the doubled amount to 16 cents. You must have the dollar coupons though…

  • irene

    just wanted to say thank you all for all that you do ….

  • Truly

    I love this site for coupon matchups, but really dislike the length of time it takes to get coupons…sometimes ALL DAY! Too many companies have us join, clog up email with messages and some limit coupons to only one….My time is valuable so is there a better way? I use the database but too many coupons make me jump through hoops to finally get one!

    • kabby

      I found in the beginning of couponing I too spent more time than I had expected BUT starting anything new generally takes longer. One thing I did was to make more than one trip for groceries, I realize not all people have this luxury. Another suggestion is to start with the items you NEED first. Than if you have time go for the stockpile items that you want for the future. After seeing the saving at the register gives you the drive to make sure you find the time to get those stockpile items. Many of these companies do request you sign up first, but when you visit again all you have to do is sign in. Many companies ask if you want to be placed on there emailing list but you can opt out usually by unchecking the box. I do not take much time now completing my weekly grocery list because I have a decent stockpile of items. Good luck!

  • $7.50 came off my $11.10 order this afternoon for no apparent reason. Anybody have a similar experience?!

    • Christine R

      What did it say on your receipt?

  • sarah

    So frustrated! My hubby went to the SR in Phillipsburg,NJ for me tonight (I’m 9 mo pregnant 🙂 with my stack of coupons and not a single one doubled! I’ve NEVER had that happen before. He didn’t realize it until he was at the gas station down the road and didn’t want to go back. If I don’t have the coupon anymore to prove what we gave them is there a chance to take back my receipt and have them fix it or is it just a learning lesson for next time?

    • Nl

      Hello. That happened to me once and I was watching the coupons not double. I was freaking out then I realized I never gave the girl my SR card. When I finally gave it to her it went thru. I look at your receipt and see if your card number registered on there. Either way I would go to customer service and see if they can do anything. Then again being 9 mo pregnant I prob wouldn’t. Lol. Either way, good luck and Congrats !