Stop & Shop Coupon Match Ups 7/27 – 8/02

Stop & Shop Coupon Match Ups 7/27 – 8/02

Make sure you check out the Stop & Shop Coupon Policy. Note that these prices are based on circulars from Northern NJ. Some area may have slightly different prices so please check your circular.  Also, some areas have gas rewards instead of instant savings deals.

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  • Mark

    Thanks for the match-ups.

  • kim

    OMG! Enough with the gas discounts. I don’t buy my gas at stop and shop. I want the discounts on the food instead! How can I complain to my local store?

    • Clarissa

      What do you mean how can you complain? This is the way the S&S chooses to do their promotions…It’s your choice whether or not you participate in them or choose to buy gas from them!

    • Jess

      Personally – I love the gas discounts. I try to compile them over a couple of weeks and save $1.00+ per gallon. Since gas is well over $3.50 right now, I love getting gas for $2.50. Stop and Shop lets you fill up to 35 gallons at a time, putting an extra $35 in my pocket when I fill up my 12 gallon tank and my husbands 23 gallon truck. With Cindy’s help, I still get great deals with the placement of sales/coupons within the promotional items, so maybe you just need to put the gas discounts to work for you!

      • jonaj

        I love the gas points too, but our stop & shops have big signs at the pumps stating only one vehicle per fill up!

      • Anonymous

        Great deal!

        The only problem I have with the gas points don’t really have anything to do with Stop and Shop. On long Island our gas points apply to Shell stations and most of time their gas is much more expensive than other places. Last week I had 200 points but I ended up only saving about 3 cents a gallon compared to Hess stations. I still filled up my tank there and saved a few bucks but if I only have 100 points it doesn’t pay to use them. :/

    • Christina

      How can you complain! Yesterday I couponed at Stop & Shop with their gas deals and made out really well. I earned 1424 points total after spending around $200. If I had the instant savings it would have only been a savings of about $16! When I go get my 35 gallons of gas tomorrow (S&S limit), I will be saving $49!!! I fill my van’s tank and a few gas jugs for lawn mower, etc. I love the gas points much better!!! GL

    • LisaCT

      I wish we got the instant savings too instead of the gas, thats why I do most of my shopping at ShopRite. I hardly ever shop at Stop & Shop, only if there is free milk with the cereal deals.

      • rjc

        im dying for gas points!

    • Jenn

      I just went on a planned trip a few states over in my F250. Its sucks gas up so bad…but I planned my gas point purchases with coupons for a month before and ended up paying 52 bucks for 125 dollars worth of gas. Gas points are saving me these days!!!!

  • Leslie

    Thank you. You help us so much. God Bless you.

  • Sarah

    The $3 off two garnier coupon is not a manufacturer coupon. It is a store coupon for a store I’ve never heard of. It cannot be used at any other store aside from the one listed on the coupon. It can’t be used at stop and shop.

    • LRWC

      sorry about that

  • Susan

    Thanks for the matchups!
    So is it expected that the Unilever instant savings deal will only be applied after all discounts and coupons. Or is the Deal Idea just to be on the safe side in case things go wrong with the register?

    • LRWC

      It more then likely will be after all discounts, sometimes it works before, but those registers are so wonky and start putting it back on sometimes.

      • Susan

        Thanks for the info. I may give the Suave and Wishbone a try. It is still a bargain even without the $5 instant savings. I agree about the wonky registers!

  • B. Gennaro

    Love, love, love the gas points! Just so everyone knows: you can get a discount of up to 2.20 per gallon and fill up to 35 gallons. With the points system rising to .30 for listed items in a transaction this works great for many of us (especially when low price items are included). I in fact had 3000 gas points two weeks ago w/the candy deal and my husband and I filled up for 1.55 per gallon… Yup, 1.55 per gallon! The 800 additional points rolled. Go Stop and Shop!!!

  • Amanda

    Thank you so much for the matchups. I love the gas points myself.

  • Sandy

    Thnanks for the matchups!

    How does this one work? Only the first 4 coupons will double, right?
    Buy 6 Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes or Krave Cereals $15.00
    -(6) $0.70/1 Krave or Frosted Flakes
    -$4 Instant Savings
    Pay $2.60
    $0.43 each after coupons and Instant Savings

    • christine

      use 4 frosted flakes & 2 krave and all 6 coupons
      will double

    • Matthew

      YMMV. I’ve used over 4 like coupons before and they all doubled with no beeps. Morris county, NJ.

    • LRWC

      a lot of times all of them will double. But if your store will only double the first 4, then you can buy 4 of Krave and 2 of Frosted Flakes, or any combination which is how the deal is set up 🙂

    • Anonymous

      that differs by cashier my store doubles all your coupons i used 23 wipes just yesterday all doubled its up to the cashier to stop it after 4 and most dont

  • Kera

    I dont have a car so Id love to have the instant savings.. but I take it as it is and give the gas points to my mom 🙂 thanks for the matchups.. looks to be a little bit of a slow week 🙁 but appreciated none the less

  • euny

    anyone know how i can get the “discover the value of great booklet???

  • Elaine

    I just did the Stayfree Deal, Pull-ups and Krave/Frosted Flakes and all 3 Instant Savings worked with coupons… yippy Thanks Cindy! Your the BEST!

  • Angela

    I noticed in the flyer that some things will have double gas points as oppossed to a buy x get x amount off. Does anyone know if Stop and Shop has a list of what is flat out double gas points or will be it one of those random, stop and look at tags things? Thanks!

    • Miranda

      By the door as you come they have a list of all the 2x gas points items. If they are gone ask customer service they can probably give you one

  • justme

    on page 8 of the flyer the buy $20 work of the participatig items and get $5 off instantly is this on shelf price or sale price

    thanks in advance

    • LRWC

      It’s on sale price, but the total spent, will more then likely be after all coupons as listed in the deal idea above.

  • Jennifer

    Hey guys, hows the kellogs deal working if the frosted flakes on sale are 10oz and q states 14oz only???

  • Laura D.

    Could anyone please tell me how the North Brunswick S&S works??? Instant Savings or gas points?? Coupon friendly?? Will the Instant savings come off if I use coupons?? I desperately need to stock up on Krave! I have to be down there this weekend and could totally sneak out and pick up a deal! TIA!!! 🙂

    • justme

      I believe in all the stop and shops the instant saving work when they hit total, and then they scan your coupons so you get both, I have never had a problem at any stop and shops and I go to several West Caldwell, Bloomfield, watchung, and clifton

      • Laura D.

        You are really lucky! I know for a fact they don’t. The two that are closest to my home do not allow it and CS won’t give it to you after check out either 🙁 I always have to stop in along my commute at a store that will allow it. I have no idea about NB, haven’t shopped at any stores down there yet. Thanks anyway!

    • Michelle T.

      Laura, I shop at the stores in that area. The store in Somerset (Rt 27 & Veronica Ave) is coupon friendly, but the registers don’t scan the new barcodes. It always takes way too long for me, waiting for the cashier either to get someone to get it to go thru as cash or going to customer service for cash and coming back, but never an attitude. They also have good stock on sale items. The store in Franklin Park (Rt 27 by the Sonic) has more updated registers and all the coupons scan. I love the self checkout there! I always keep in mind that if you have more coupons than items(including instant savings), that is where they start adding back in. I think of it like Walgreens with filler items 🙂 HTH!

      • Laura D.

        Great information Michelle T.,Thank You!!! I think I will most likely go to the Franklin Park store. I haven’t had any time to really learn the area yet when I am there. You know you’re a hard core coupon addict when you’re googling stores far away from home to make sure you don’t miss out on an opportunity to stock up on what your family needs. I actually wound up taking a detour off 287 to the Morris Plains S&S and picking up a bite to eat at the same time. I knew I wouldn’t have a problem at self checkout from reading other posts. I now feel better since there is Krave once again in the stockpile! 🙂

        • Michelle T.

          LOL, I love Krave too, and would never have tried it if not for coupons! I know what you mean about finding stores when you’re away from home. We have family in Delaware, and I always bring my binder when we visit, so I can take advantage of tax-free shopping! BTW, I live nearest the Franklin Park store, so if you have any questions around here, I’d be happy to answer, there are some great stores here for couponing 🙂

      • Lori

        How do you think the deal would work with the $2/2 Reach toothbrushes? If you buy 4 TB’s, should you get a filler item b/c the coupon would attach itselt to 2 items instead of 1?


        • Michelle T.

          Lori, I think you’re probably right about that 🙂

  • Susie

    Is the P&G deal before or after coupons? Thanks!

  • Lisa

    Here is my deal from this morning:
    1 Hellmann’s Mayo – $2.99
    2 Skippy Peanut Butter @ $2.50 each – $5.00
    2 Yosicles @ $1.99 each – $3.98
    4 Suave Body Washes @ $2.00 each – $8.00
    1 Knorr Pasta – $1.00

    Coupons Used:
    1 Hellmann’s Mayo @.70 doubled – $1.40
    2 Yosicles @ $1.00 – $2.00
    4 Suave Body Wash @.75 doubled – $6.00
    $5.00 Instant Savings

    Total $6.57 + .42 tax

    • Loretta

      did u have any issues with the Instant savings coming off?

  • kerry

    Has anyone done the Kelloggs deal w the frosted flakes? The sale size is the 10oz an the coupon says 14oz or more… so how is that working out?

    • Michelle T.

      I had the .70 coupon for Frosted Flakes and used it on the 10.5 oz box. I didn’t notice a size restriction (guess I missed it). went to SCO and they scanned no problem.

  • Kelly

    When it is spend 20 get 5 off instantly, is that 20 before or after coupons? Also on spend 20 get 5 off, can you spend 40 and get 10 off instantly in one transaction? Do you have to do multiple transactions or is that deal per card? thanks, Kelly

  • yolene

    i also wish we had savings i only like my gas from bp and they dont offer it for that gas station even with the points i find that you pay more at shell than at allot of other stations would love to save more on food but at the same token they didnt have to give anything so am thankful

  • dorene

    I just got back from the stop and shop in phillipsburg. The manager would not let me use 4 $2 coupons for stayfree on 4 stayfree pads to get the $4 instant savings. He said they would only except 3 because he wasn t going to pay me to shop even though I had plenty in my cart to cover the overage. I did it earier this week without a problem! He sid they are not going to alow it any more.

  • amy

    I don’t particularlycare one way or the other about gas points or instant savings….the gas points are great and I do use them but there is something about the instant savings that makes it seem like you’re getting a better deal…even if you’re really not! like the stayfree deal…. it wouldn’t bea money maker and you wouldn’t be able to get 4 packages of stayfree and $2 worth of other stuff for free!!!