Dollar Tree Coupon Match Ups as of 8/26

Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree Coupon Match Ups as of 8/26

Here are your Dollar Tree deals for starting on 8/26. Make sure to check out the Dollar Tree Coupon Policy!

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How to Create Your Custom Shopping List:

    • Click on the box next to the item you would like to buy at the store
    • The item will be placed in your shopping list.
    • The list will appear from the right bottom of this site
    • Once you are done, click print.
    • Note that if you leave this post, you will lose your list.



Need information about their coupon policy? Make sure to check out the Coupon Policy Page

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  • laura

    Can’t wait to go browsing the aisles to see what I can get for free!! Please people no shelf clearing! Save the good deals for others also 🙂

  • Jess

    Skittles, Starburst, or Life Savers Gummies are 2/$1 at my Dollar Tree!

  • dee

    this is way tooo exciting!

  • Deb

    this is soo cool… I cant wait to shop with coupons there..

  • vic

    FYI DOLLAR TREE COUPON POLICY, THEY do not accept printable coupons

    • Cindy

      Click on the Coupon Policy above so you can see the policy. They accept 2 IP coupons per transaction. It’s directly from their website.

    • Jess

      Dollar Tree’s new coupon policy states that they accept a maximum of 2 printable coupons per transaction.

    • Yes they do accept internet printed coupons. Please read the policy directly on their website, and double check your coupons for size/weight restrictions in advance…and let’s hope there ARE NO shelf clearers. My plan to get the items I want is to also ensure I buy one extra if my coupon is for $1 off. I don’t feel right about walking out of there with a ton of free stuff which is very possible for the things my family utilizes …I’m happy with a 50% discount even if I have to buy a few things extra 😉

  • Jaime

    Be sure to double-check the sizes. I think Dollar Tree only carries the snack size Betty Crocker mixes and the coupon is for the bigger sizes.

  • Samaiyah

    I can’t wait to shop on Sunday… and yes please shop with others in mind… 🙂

  • Anonymous

    soft soaps are too small for coupons. Except perhaps the bodywash.

    • Anonymous

      Their refill sizes are over 8oz, so the coupon should work!

      • Danielle

        They had refill sizes in mine – 11 oz.


    This should be a fun adventure!!!!
    Thanks Cindy!!!

  • Anonymous

    I called 2 Dollar Tree’s and they said that they don’t know anything about accepting coupons. They seriously need to train their staff! UGH!!!!!!!!!

  • Jen

    im trying not to get too excited as i know we have a few shelf clearer’s in my area 🙁 i’ve started shopping at a 24 hour cvs a few hours after the sales switch over so i can ensure i get at least one of the items i want…if i go in sunday morning just about everything is gone 🙁 they even take all the tear pads…and there’s also someone who’s ripping down all the clearance signs! this is what ive been told by the employees..not just guessing here…so even if i have to let the “excitement” cool down a little..i will. but here’s hoping!!!

  • fran

    Is it wrong that when i walk around my dollar tree to check brands i did a little dance

  • ashley

    I have shelf clearers as well in my area. i am excited though about walking the isles this SUnday. i have three small children so getting to stores at open to get one item isnt in my schedule i hate going into store 2 hours after opening and everything is already gone.

  • traci s

    i want to make clear, do they now accept printed coupons? as well as those found in the sundays papers?

    • Katie Coupon

      Dollar Tree accepts 2 printable coupons per transaction. There currently does not seem to be a limit on insert coupons.

  • M

    What I find especially annoying is the shelf cleaners that are not even getting product to use for their family or to donate, but are reselling items. I see it on Facebook ALL the time.

  • Suzanne

    Domino Sugar light coupon printable says no more prints available.

  • Amy

    YAY!!! I have been waiting for this for a long time. Dont worry bout the “shelf clearers” DT keeps plenty of stock and their trucks come once a week~ if you ask the MGR she can order extra of something you know you will want. remember… if its not gone off the shelf ASK them to get more out of the back room 🙂 my area has 6 DT stores all within 15 from me *EXCITED*

    • Amy

      ** that should say: if it’s ALL gone off the shelf **

    • Michelle

      Please note that managers are able to order very little of the stock that comes into the store. The stock that is available on the order book for the manager to order is usually a limited quantity based on the level of that item already in the store. Also, I can only speak for my store, but we do not have many of the items in backstock, especially food items. We generally have all food items to the shelf as soon as possible after delivery.

  • 2 coupons per transaction for entire order – correct?

  • Claire

    My dollar tree also stocks Luigi’s water Ice, Libby’s Veggie Cans, Ore-Ida fries, and Land O lakes cheese!

  • Lena

    Suzanne- The domino light coupon printed fine for me. You must’ve previously printed it.

  • Danielle

    I just got back from DT. I was able to get 6 Softsoap (refills are 11oz) 3 Speed Stick deodorant (1.8 oz – was not an exclusion on coupon) 2 Palmolive, 3 LA Looks Hair Gel, 5 boxes Scotties and 3 multipacks Trident + 2 weekly papers for $10. I think that was pretty good! 🙂 Their system does not allow them to scan coupons (and the Asst. mgr. said they have heard of no plans to change it) so be patient. These poor cashiers have to punch in (5 or so keystrokes) every coupon. Worked out well though!

    • Danielle

      oh, and two colgate kids’ toothpaste.

    • Brooke

      Would you be able to tell us what inserts the coupons were in?

      • Danielle

        I honestly don’t know. Not this week (I haven’t clipped yet… 😉 but they were in my binder, so fairly recent. I think the LALooks was a peelie…the scotties was a B4G1Free printable and $1/3. The Speed Stick was a regular insert coupon, had restrictions but not on the size I got. The Kids toothpaste was a package insert (maybe from kids’ dentist?) I think Trident was a printable, too ($1/3 multipacks)

  • Jaime

    I saw they had Sensodyne yesterday when I went in to browse and today there is a new printable Sensodyne coupon for $1/1!

  • Tatiana

    They have cinnamon sugar poptarts at both dt i went to so I used the $ 1/3 which was .66 cent for each ( they come in a five pack so that maks it ten poptarts in each package

  • Tatiana

    I also saw a 5 pack of rice krispies use the $1/2 makes them 50 cents for each package
    I saw soft preztel use the .50/1 makes each bag .50 cent . There was honey maid grahm crackers printable $1/2 .50 cent each. Lance crackers printable .55/1 makes them free. Reynold wrap .50/1
    makes them free. 3 pack sargenta cheese stick use 1/2 .50 cents each

  • Trina

    they seriously have to punch in the coupons, I think ill pass lol

  • Brooke

    I found that the sizes were much smaller(most items were at least half the size!) at the Dollar Tree than, for example, at ShopRite. By comparison (unless the item was free) I am better off using my coupon at a store that carries a full-sized item.

  • Jennifer

    Had no problems using the shredded wheat coupon. The cashier said she couldn’t take the welch’s fruit snack coupon b/c the picture showed a 10-pack, and they sell a 4-pack (even though the Q says nothing about size). I didn’t bother to try to argue my case b/c 50 cents for a 4-pack of fruit snacks isn’t that great of a deal anyway! LOL!!! I’ll save it for shoprite, where it will double instead!

  • Petra

    I had no problems with my coupons. I found Nabisco Soft Paws cookies and used the $1.00/2 coupon. They also had Kraft Mayo plain and flavored and again I used a $1.00/2 coupon.Be careful on the expiration dates on items like mayo and salad dressings. The Kraft Sizzling Salad kits all had expired at the store that I went Today I will try the Wise cheese doodle, Red Baron pizza and the Ore Ida fries.