Extreme Couponing Tip: How to Save on Newspaper Coupon Inserts

Extreme Couponing Tip: How to Save on Sunday Coupon Inserts

Are you paying too much for your coupon inserts?  I don’t like to pay more than $1.00 per newspaper or coupon insert.  Coupons are designed to save us money, however with the sudden trend in using coupons in the past year or two, coupons have become very high demand.   Here are some tips on how you can save money each week on getting your coupon inserts.

Tips on Getting Coupon Inserts:

  • Call your local newspaper and ask for the best deal:  Often these local newspapers will run specials and promotional programs to get you to subscribe.  I currently get the Sunday Asbury Park Press delivered to my house for just $1.00 a week!
  • Try buying the Sunday newspaper at Dollar Stores:  Many Dollar Trees in my area sell the Sunday newspaper for $1.00!
  • Ask your friends, family members and co-workers for coupon inserts they don’t use:  Don’t let coupons go to waste!
  • Swap coupons with family and friends:  Don’t have a baby? No pets in your house? Swap coupons you have no use for with those who need them.
  • Check your local library for coupon swap programs:  If one isn’t set up yet consider organizing one for your community.
  • Use your store rewards to buy newspapers:  Consider using your ECBs at CVS, Register Rewards at Walgreens, UP Rewards at Rite Aid or even your Catalinas from grocery stores to pay for your weekly newspapers.
  • Look for online deals for newspapers that include coupon inserts:  I recently subscribed to a completely Free subscription to the Wall Street Journal, which has a Smart Source insert every Saturday.
  • Ask stores if they throw away newspapers that don’t get purchased:  Are you friendly with an employee or manager of your favorite convenience store or gas station?  Ask what they do with leftover newspapers Sunday morning.  Maybe they’ll give them to you for Free!

Remember when buying newspapers in store to always check the newspaper for the right amount of coupon inserts before you purchase the paper!

Now it’s your turn!  What are your tips on saving money on coupon inserts?

Do you have an idea for an Extreme Couponing tip you’d like to see addressed?  Leave your ideas in the comments!

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  • Kera

    I actually go to the blue recycling bins on garbage day and get them there.. most people Ive asked permission if I see them out and some I havent but all dont seem to care much. I get about 10 or more sets of inserts a week… I may get them 4 days later than everyone but I get a TON for free so its worth the wait!

  • jess

    I wait in till recycling day then i take a stroll around our neighborhood, looking for the newspapers! I always make out very well like that.

    • Kera

      lol GMTA!

    • Jodi

      That’s what we do also!

  • alisha waltz

    Does the New York Times have coupons in it?

    • Eric in NJ

      Every so often they do. It seems like there weren’t any for well over a month, then this past Sunday, there was a tiny RP insert. It had me confused for sure, along with the WSJ; it used to have at least a SS in it, but not lately.

      This is in Central NJ for me.

  • Susan

    My CVS and Rite Aid don’t allow you to buy newspapers with their ecb’s and up rewards. The manager told me that they’ve changed their policy and that it is written on their receipts. Don’t know if this is something regional or specific to my area. I know I was very disappointed at the change because it was a great strategy to roll rewards on a week with no deals.

    • Jennifer S.

      They may of changed their policy. Or it may be regional like you said. At my CVS in South Jersey I can use ECB to buy newspapers. Maybes lot of people complained since you commented. Hope it changed in your area too.

    • Meghan

      Central jersey stores won’t allow you to use ecbs or up rewards did papers

  • Anonymous

    I actually asked my newspaper delivery guy if he ever had extra inserts to give them to me and now he always slips me a few extra! I will leave him cookies and muffins now and then in the box as a barter!

  • Alona

    Hubby works overnights as a cashier, on occasion he will get extra coupons and not enough front pages to put them into, so he brings them home. I’ve gotten as many as 7 sets of inserts for free this way. Then I “purchase” the others I need online.

  • Patricia

    I dont get the SS insert in my free Wall Street Journal 🙁

  • Jen

    My CVS and RiteAid are also no longer accepting ECBs and UPs on newspapers. I do not think that it is regional as it is the computer that will no longer take them and not the cashiers. The cashiers were unaware of the changes until the register refused to take them.

  • Jessica

    How can I get the Sunday Asbury Park Press delivered to my house for just $1.00 a week? I called APP and was told I need a promotion code, I can’t find one on-line.

  • Susan

    Which national newspapers have the best inserts? We live in MD and get the Baltimore Sun each week at Dollar Tree, but often the coupons from the major manufacturers are often $1/2 instead of $0.50/1, etc. so they can’t be doubled. Are there any newspapers that are less likely to have these inserts?

    • Eric in NJ

      I think it’s what you would call ‘a total crapshoot.’ I know in Central NJ, the ‘regional deals’ certainly swing back and forth between areas. I’ve noticed that from one week to the next, the .50/1 coupons become the dreade $1/2 and so on.

    • Mel

      I am looking for a new subscription now as I just had to cancel my subscription with the Sun for the worst customer service. ALL of their customer service agents and customer satisfaction agents are in India. I called the main line and ask to be transferred to someone not in that office in India, and the young lady told me that is who handles their issue. Heck do they even know where Baltimore is? SO MAD!

  • chris

    My aunt saves me her coupons from her friends at the senior center.
    I trade by bringing freebees. They loved the libby peaches that were .9 a can.

  • CE

    I signed up for the American Airline Advantage program years ago and earn miles everytime I travel with American Airlines. I redeemed my miles by getting the Sunday paper.

  • MARY

    In South Jersey, our coupons STINK. The ones Cindy list in her deals are either not there or instead of .50 off 1, we get .50 off 2. I stopped buying the newspapers in NJ. Now if I find a good deal coming up, I will order it from ebay or a clipping service. There is also a service that sells whole inserts from Tampa which are high value.

    Honestly the large majority of my desirable deals have used printed coupons anyway!

    • Cindy F.

      mary, which service sells the whole inserts from tampa?

      • MARY

        insertinsanity.com. They seel with free shipping however, if you sign up for their subscription service (offered to you after a few purchases) then they charge you shipping and are aggressive with the weekly payment demands. Something to keep in mind.

    • merve

      Same problem I’m having!

  • Jocelyn

    I buy the NJ Journal on Saturdays for .75 each. I also get a free delivery every Wednesday or Thursday and my friendly neighbors could care less for the inserts so they give them to me… so sometimes i get free 6-8 free SS in the middle of the week.. the SS in the NJ Journal is usually slightly different.

    Aside from that, I stopped buying them online as I realized it’s dangerous and illegal. I used a clipping service twice, but the fact that i had to buy a certain amount instead of what I really wanted and still pay for shipping made me quit that too.

    I do trade with a friend every week which is great!

    • Eric in NJ

      I always wonder about the eBay gray areas that people tend to fit within when all of the coupons clearly state ‘void if transferred or sold’. Even the policies on the ebay site read pretty ambiguously.

      • Amanda

        What I’ve researched and found is that they say you are paying them for the time to clip the coupons not technically the coupon it’s self.. That’s why it’s called a clipping service.. They are providing you with the service of pre clipped coupons 🙂

  • Sandy B.

    I have a “rewards program” at work. The rewards are free items that I’ve gotten using coupons, and my co-workers get to choose a reward for bringing me their coupon inserts every week. Some have started actually buying a newspaper to get a reward!!

  • Megan M

    The ny times doesn’t have coupons anymore

    • Eric in NJ

      It did last week. A sole skinny RP, in NJ at least.

  • Sandra Knobloch

    Our local newspaper only has Red Plum coupon inserts so I have to buy extra different Sunday papers to get the Smart Source onces, but most of the time when I buy the other newspapers someone has already taken the inserts out and I’m stuck with a useless newspaper.

  • AA

    The Rite Aid in Wharton, NJ had a new policy posted sometime in March 2012 that one could no longer use UP Rewards. Subsequently, I haven’t been doing quite as much shopping there. I had an issue in Walgreens (Succasunna, NJ) earlier this summer while trying to use my Register Rewards to purchase the Daily Record. The computer would not accept it and shut down. After a second computer shut down, another cashier manually put it in. So, CVS is my best source. They carry both the Daily Record and Star Ledger and are more accepting of one using coupons and ECB’s.

  • Liana

    I buy the Delaware State News for $1.50 each for the Sunday paper which has been carrying the RP and SS but not the P&G. I usually buy two papers but some weeks if I see that there are only a few coupons I really want multiples of I will get from Klip2Save. I use to get the News Journal from Dollar Tree until a few months ago when they raised the cost of the Sunday paper to $3 each, which is more than the Washington Post or Baltimore Sun for $2.50 (we have to pay a delivery surcharge for delivery to southern DE). So, $3 for two papers unless I want the P&G in which case $5 for two. By the looks of things acquiring inserts is a constant moving line in the sand.

  • Jodi

    I get all my coupons from friends & family! I allow them to raid my stockpile for their coupon nserts! Great trade, we all win!

  • Andrea

    I get most of my coupons from my aunt who gets them from her neighbors. Here in upstate NY we get coupons in the mail on fridays. so she makes the rounds for me. I give her goodies in return every week. My mom lives in Florida like halfway betwwen Tampa and Miami and she sends me some and hers are always so much better than ours.

  • Wendy

    In Rome, NY we have a free newspaper that comes out every Thursday with the previous Sunday’s SmartSource insert. Also, in the Utica area, if you can find the Albany Times Union on Saturday, they put their coupons in the Saturday paper, so its cheaper.

  • Emily

    I work at a gas station and the news papers are picked up every Monday, but they don’t care if the coupons are missing out of them. I always save some for the girls at work when I take them off the racks, and I put the extras on craigslist for other people who need them.

  • Joe S

    I live in New England which has the same sucky coupons as you Jerseyites & Mid-Atlanticers and never get the “regional” inserts. The regional inserts are only in teh South and probably Midwest – I don’t knwo the dividing line . . .the reason is what you woudl suspect – since the cost of living is lower in those areas, the coupon values are also lower, and from what I’ve heard, they don’t have as many double coupon deals like we have here. . . . .
    Speaking of coupon values – have any of you noticed that whether or not you get the regional coupons, the coupon values have decreased, or they’ve increased teh # of products you need to buy to get the same $$ off???

  • Dana C

    I get the Asbury Park Press delivered for $1 and I buy 3 other APP’s for $2.00/each. Worth it to me as it always has all of the inserts in it.

  • Olivia M

    I buy my Sunday papers at my local Dollar Tree…I refuse to pay $2.00 for the sunday paper @ ShopRite when I can get the same newspaper for $1.00 @ the Dollar Tree..I am cool with the girl at the dollar store so she sneaks extra inserts into the papers I am buying 🙂

  • susan k

    The manager at my local convenience store used to save inserts for me because he only had to return the front page. Now he has to return the whole paper so no more free inserts for me. Then I noticed my Shoprite started selling the Sunday paper all week, now I know why he has to return the whole thing!

  • Rebecca Thompson

    Delaware State News is just as bad. Instead of 50 cents on one we get $1.00 on two so it doesn’t double if the coupon is there at all, many times it isn’t. Wilmington Journal isn’t much better and the paper is twice the price at $3.00.

  • Teresa

    I purchase two local newspaper ‘early Sunday edition’ on Sat night paper is listed for 50 Centts but rings up for 25 cents each the Tribune Review in Pittsburgh