Giveaway: Dunkin’ Donuts Back To School Survival Kit {$75 Value}

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Dunkin’ Donuts Back To School Survival Kit!

I LOVE coffee! Thanks to Dunkin’ Donuts, we have a great giveaway starting to day. Dunkin’ Donuts just launched its first-ever mobile app for payment and gifting for iPhone, iPod touch and Android smartphones. In addition, with the App’s “mGift” (Dunkin’ Donuts’ gift cards) feature, Dunkin’ Donuts becomes the first national coffee retailer to enable people to send virtual gift cards three ways – text, email and Facebook Connect!

How do you get this cool app?  You can visit the Dunkin’ Donuts’ website to find out the details.  The app also lists locations, menus,  nutrition info and more!

To help kick off their new app, Dunkin’ Donuts is offering to one of our lucky readers a “Back to School Survival Kit” which is valued at $75 and includes:

  • $50 Dunkin’ Donuts mGift: Paying for food, beverages, and merchandise at Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants throughout the U.S. is as simple and speedy as scanning your smartphone using a mobile Dunkin’ Donuts Card in-store or at the drive-thru.
  • 1 package of Dunkin’ Donuts Original Blend K-Cups: Featuring the same great-tasting Dunkin’ Donuts ground coffee served inside their restaurants.
  • 1 tumbler: Enjoy a delicious Dunkin’ Donuts beverage in a Dunkin’ Donuts tumbler while you’re on the go.

Be sure to enter our giveaway here and download your new Dunkin’ App today!

Here are the Official Giveaway Rules

How to Enter:

  • Leave a comment below letting us know the name of your favorite smartphone app.

You must supply a valid email address. Email addresses should be put in the private field and not in the public comment box.

  • All entries must be left in the comments of this site only. Facebook comments or emails will not count as a giveaway entry.
  • The giveaway ends on Monday, Sept. 3rd at 10 pm EST.  No entries will be counted after that time frame.
  • All entrants must be at least 18 years old and reside in the United States.
  • Winners will be chosen at random. Winners will be notified of the giveaway via email. Winners must respond with mailing address within 36 hours or another winner will be chosen.
  • Be sure to add ([email protected]) to your contacts or check your spam folders at the end of the giveaway.

A big thank you to Dunkin’ Donuts for providing this giveaway.

749 thoughts on “Giveaway: Dunkin’ Donuts Back To School Survival Kit {$75 Value}”

  1. Jen says:

    I like Calorie Counter. It makes it really easy to keep track of what I am eating.

  2. KJP says:

    My favorite app is a Flashlight for my iphone.

  3. Tara Fearon says:

    I like Dice with buddies.

  4. nicole says:

    My favrite app is shopkick- love getting the points!!

  5. MaryQ says:

    Fav app is drudge report

  6. Lupe Rodriguez says:

    My favorite android app is no other than a money saving app called Gas Buddy. This app helps you find the cheapest gas around while your’e on the go. It’s very useful when your’e not familiar with the area your’e in.

  7. garrett says:

    viggle, free stuff for watching tv

  8. Renee says:

    My favorite app is the Doctor Who ringtones. Anytime someone calls my phone I hear 10 give his “Don’t Blink” speech. It makes me smile every time!

  9. Carmen R says:

    I love PhotoGrid.

  10. Raquel says:

    My favorite app is my WW diary so I can stay on target for my wieght loss goal.

  11. sandt thibeault says:

    my favorite app is the video camera , but now maybe it will be the new dunkin donuts one .

  12. Nicole says:

    My favorite app is My Fitness Pal — this app helps count calories and helped me lose 25 pounds so far!

  13. Marybeth says:

    I love the flashlight app, too!! It’s my favorite.

  14. Michelle says:

    Living Rich with Coupons is my favorite app… 😉 and Accuweather

  15. Jennifer says:

    my favorite app is instagram

  16. Pam says:

    My favorite app is Red Laser.

  17. Jen Finley says:

    I like the GPS. I never get lost anymore!

  18. Joyce says:

    My favorite app is the bible app, I can always have the bible with me wherever I go.

  19. Lauren says:

    dunkin donuts app 😉

  20. Gramma Jones says:

    I don’t own nor know how to use a cellphone… darn.. and I LOVE Drunken Donuts coffee !!!

  21. Dondie says:

    my favorite app is dictation by dragon. love it !

  22. HWMom says:

    Angry birds….keeps my kids busy when we are on the go

  23. Melissa says:

    My favorite app is living rich with coupons, by far!

  24. Leslie says:

    My favorite app is called express. It’s a game that helps my kids with skills they need to know for school. They love it and so do I because it is educational.

  25. Judy says:

    My fab app is FaceTime so my kids can stay in touch with their friends back in Philadelphia. and if that isn’t an app, can we just pretend it is 🙂

  26. ng says:

    My favorite app is Calorie Counter. it helps me keep my weight low.

  27. Krista says:

    My favorite app is Pandora

  28. Linda says:

    I love the key ring app. It’s allowed me to get rid of all store discount cards. Stores all you store cards for easy look up.

  29. Shana says:

    My favorite app is SoundHound … I’m always able to figure out what song i’m listening to!

  30. Erica says:

    Facebook app…so that I can always check the new deals you are posting! 🙂

  31. Ria says:

    Fooducate is my fav. app. can a fiid product and it rates it as healthy or not and gives me options. LOVE IT

  32. Melanie G. says:

    I love the NY Giants app. It keeps me posted on what’s happening with the game when I can’t watch it at home!

  33. Christine says:

    I like YELP. It gives me the opportunity to read reviews, get customer ratings by typing in your current location or anywhere you want.

  34. alisa says:

    GeoQpons is my favorite app…

  35. Nakia Buscemi says:

    My favorite app is Groupon.

  36. Leslie says:

    Jammin’ with itunes!

  37. Su says:

    My friend likes Amazon app….I personally still have a “stupid” phone(no smart phone yet). However, I love coffee!!
    Thanks for the great giveaway 🙂

  38. Eileen @QponPrincess says:

    unolingo its a game that combines crosswords and suduko

  39. chris says:

    I love Red Stamp to send cute cards!

  40. Jillian says:

    I am sorry, I do not have a smart phone application. I have a prepaid cell phone. I do have my e-reader through Barnes and Noble and my favorite application on that is Words with Friends. It gives me a break from everything!

  41. Jen says:

    i love checkpoints!

  42. Alexandra says:

    I love the Facebook app. I need those updates! LOL!

  43. Phoebe McDonough says:

    Redbox app

  44. Jennifer says:

    My favorite smart phone app is pandora! Love being able to listen to any style music on the go.

  45. Michelle says:

    My favorite app right now is shop at home…but will have to look up the dunkin app now!

  46. Elizabeth says:

    Living rich with coupons is my favorite app. 🙂

  47. Sunil says:

    Love Scramble with Friends. Fun and educational.

  48. Kathryn says:

    Baby daychart and flashlight. The flashlight helps me move around my son’s room in the dark…and the baby app tracks diapers, feedings, sleep and more. I can more easily answer, “when might he next eat?,” when I’m sleep deprived!

  49. Linda Rapacki says:

    favorite app is Endomondo – sports tracker for all your activities!

  50. Jennifer Stewart says:

    I use The Weather Channel’s app everyday.

  51. Liz Kelly says:

    I only recently got my iphone and my favorite app so far was Disney’s Mobile Magic that we used on our vacation this year. It helped so much with trying to gage wait times for rides all the way accross the park.

  52. Nadine says:

    Probably Facebook app!

  53. Meggan says:

    I don’t have a smartphone… hope that doesn’t DQ me bcs I love DD! 🙂

  54. I am obsessed with pinterest. I have found so many ideas from beauty to cleaning to receipes. I may have DD as runner up because coffee is my love.

  55. Sprinkles1006 says:

    I love the Cozi app…it keeps schedules of all family members and you can also assign chore lists!!

  56. Corinne says:

    Cozi is the best app ever especially for a mom with a family on the go!!

  57. Lori says:

    Facebook – I’m on it all the time and loving having an app for it!

    Love reading through all these responses though – I have to check out a few new apps!

  58. Melissa says:

    I still have a dumb phone, but my hubby loves the Pandora app.

  59. Nicole says:

    My favorite app is yelp! It’s always great to know how people rate a restaurant prior to eating there myself.

  60. Erin Long says:

    My favorite app is, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine app.

  61. Tracy says:

    My favorite is Fox News

  62. Sabrina says:

    My fav app is MyFitnessPal. It helps me keep track of what I eat and how many calories I’ve burned, as well as how many I have left for the day.

  63. Annette says:

    Fruit Ninja and Cellfire!

  64. Julie says:

    My new smartphone is smarter than me because I can’t figure out how to download any apps!! 🙂

  65. Jen says:

    My fav app is Key Ring.

  66. Andi says:

    My favorite app is Shopkick.

  67. Mary says:

    I have to say right now my favorite app is Baby Signs .I watch two children ages 1and 2. The one year old will repete the word . The two year old will do the signs . But I’m glad now there is a app for Dunkin .I really think it will be my new favorite .

  68. Meg says:

    Just got my iphone and my favorite app so far is the weather app.

  69. Brenda says:

    Facebook ap

  70. HEATHER says:


  71. Katie says:

    I have many! I love Facebook of course. Living rich with coupons app is wonderfully great! The kids love FaceTime to communicate with family. And now DD app! Yay!

  72. karen danyliw says:

    My fav app is Pinterest for my iPhone and iPad.

  73. Amanda says: app is my favorite, with my wireless printer it makes my phone and iPad one more palce I can print coupons from!!!

  74. Holly says:

    My favorite is the color accent app! I love editing pics of my babies!

  75. Stacey D says:

    My favorite app is my map/gps, having just moved to a new area we even use it on our walks!

  76. Melanie says:

    My favorite is angry birds, while driving it keeps my 4 year old granddaughter entertained…<3

  77. michelle says:

    my favorite app is instagram! i’m always uploading pictures of my drinks from dunkin donuts 🙂

  78. Jenn says:

    I wish I could say what my fav app is. I currently do not have a fun smart phone. I’m still in the old age of just a plain old cell phone that only makes calls, snooze I know. =) But, I love DD sooooooo much I would rather spend the few extra dollars I have on a coffee then a phone. So that is why I am still entering this contest. GL everyone!!

  79. Anne T says:

    I don’t have a smart phone, but I like the Bejeweled game on my phone. It’s enough to keep my son with autism busy and has helped to reinforce his knowledge of colors (he’s now 7).

  80. Traci says:

    My favorite App is iexpense lite. It’s great for budgeting

  81. Maggie says:

    I love the Draw Something App! I just received an email saying I could pay at DD with a GC through the app and will be downloading it!

  82. Kati says:

    My favorite APP is Facebook! It keeps me up to date 🙂

  83. Cristine says:

    Love Words with Friends and my GPS app. Feel so connected!

  84. Erin says:

    My favorite app is SongPop…love that game!!!!!!!!!!

  85. Kim says:

    I love my Amazon app. It comes in handy when there are supposed sales on novels or dvds. I can compare pricing right in store to know whether or not the deal is as good as the store claims. 🙂

  86. Jacqueline says:

    My favorite app is Pandora. Taking music with me wherever I go is essential!

  87. Geri says:

    right now.. i am addicted to SongPop 🙂

  88. Jessica A says:

    I love shopkick!

  89. Steph S. says:

    I love Gas Buddy! Helps save some $$ on gas costs – a place you can’t use coupons!

  90. Nathalie says:

    facebook is my favorite one !!!!!

  91. Angela says:

    there are so many, but by far i utilize the facebook app the most

  92. Scott Warren says:

    My favorite app is Calorie Counter. The only one I probably use every day.

  93. amanda says:

    my favorite app is app because on long bus rides to school i can do my matchups for the week

  94. Debbie says:

    Rainy day radar. Love keeping up on weather.

  95. Laurie King says:

    I like my instagram app to that I can tweet my favorite DD treats.

  96. My favorite app is my new D&D app!

  97. Andi says:

    My favorite app is Facebook so I can see all of the great deals you post!

  98. Dawn says:

    My favorite app is my new D&D app!

  99. anita says:

    iBird Pro fun learning in our backyard or at the park for the whole family!

  100. Amanda says:

    My favorite app is I can now print coupons from my phone and Ipad and if I can get my girlfriends phone away I can print 6 coupons!!! I love it

  101. Amy says:

    Fab, I love looking at their funky merchandise. Great window shopping sitting on the couch

  102. Joanna says:

    My favorite app is Fox News. If I miss the traffic and weather before work I can hop right on it.

  103. Sherry says:

    Radar Now is my favorite App

  104. kelly says:

    My favorite app is Facebook. Would be lost without it. 🙂

  105. Ben says:

    My favorite app is Groupon

  106. Diana says:

    My favorite app is viggle, free stuff for watching tv

  107. Mary says:

    I love scrabble, I sit and play while drinking my morning coffee

  108. Ashley says:

    My favorite app is MapMyWalk. It helps me be able to see how much exercise I’m really doing and is a great way to test myself.

    My kids, 3 and 1, love YouTube and Angry Birds. Keeps them happy when we have tons of errands to do.

  109. Anonymous says:

    I LOVE my smartphone and all it’s apps. My fave is auto reply sms. I turn it on whenever I am driving. It responds for me until I am parked and it is safe to text. DD is a very close second. 🙂

  110. Christine says:

    flashlight app is pretty awesome!

  111. Jen says:

    Love the Lose It! app to track calories and workouts!

  112. Kristin says:

    I like the Flashlight app

  113. AmyLynn says:

    My favorite app for my iphone is the LED Flashlight! I use it almost everyday! 🙂

  114. Lauren says:

    My favorite app is Square up because it means I am making money when I use it.

  115. Tee says:

    Noom is a great apparently I just found to keep track of eating and exercise gives daily challenges. I love this question can’t wait to try some of the other apparently out.

    1. Tee says:

      That should be “try the other apps out”

  116. Pat says:

    My favorite app is My Fitness Pal. Makes it easy to check calories and nutrition of what I eat.

  117. Amit says:

    LRWC’s button, I LOVE!! Facebook, coz I love LRWC’s deals 🙂
    Then, Viggle!

  118. Katya says:

    My favorites are – flashlight, accuweather and GasBuddy.

  119. Tabitha K says:

    facebook 😛

  120. Sarah says:

    My favorite app is words with friends!

  121. Lis F. says:

    Pinterest is now my favorite app. It’s my new addiction.

  122. Debbie says:

    I love my Song Pop app.. so funnn !!!

  123. Shannon says:

    I do not have a phone where I can use apps. I know, boring, right? But I love Dunkin Donuts and would love to win the Survival Kit!!

  124. Maria says:

    love the Facebook app- I can ‘spy’ on my friends at work!

  125. Linda S. says:

    I am on the lookout for an app to keep my daughter busy, but so far the flashlight is the most useful 🙂

  126. Susan K Glose says:

    I like the Weight Watcher’s point calculator. I tend to use it in the grocery store and you would be surprised how many things I put back on the shelf when I see how bad it is for you.

  127. Rosa says:

    I LOVE my smartphone and all it’s apps. My favorite is definitely auto reply sms. It responds for me while I am driving. I turn the app off when I am parked and it is safe for me to text again. DD is a close second! 🙂

  128. Keri says:

    My favorite app is the Shop Rite app. Love being able to view my digital coupons when I’m shopping to stack with the manufacturer coupons. You can also view the circular. Very handy!

  129. Amanda says:

    My favorite app is Kindle for iphone 🙂

  130. Caitlin B. says:

    My favorite app is the Zulily App for iPhone. It makes it almost too easy to scoop up some great deals on the go!

  131. Maria says:

    Love the Facebook app!

  132. Annette Adamek says:

    The stop watch to time my kids swimming races at a meet.

  133. J Breard says:

    My favorite app is Tip N Split. Its great because it figures out the tip amount and how much each person owes when we all go out to eat.

  134. Janice says:

    My favorite app is Endomondo which helps me track my workouts (whether walking, biking, whatever)

  135. Shirley says:

    My favoriate app is QR scan barcode for the droid. It scans those codes on all products when you see scan for coupons or contests. You just take the picture of the square bar code and all the info flows right to your phone. I have recieved coupons and rebates that way.

  136. stefanie says:

    I have a piano/metronome app that is perfect for teaching my piano students, I make the older ones download it onto their phones!

  137. brittany says:

    my favorite app is to read the gossip during downtime

  138. Su says:

    I don’t have a smartphone, just a regular cellphone but I love Dunkin Donuts coffee!

  139. Robin says:

    My favorite app is swagbucks tv mobile.

  140. Stacy McGarry says:

    My favorite app is my “whereas my droid” app. I lose my phone all the time, so it has saved me MANY times!

  141. Donna says:

    My favorite is AroundMe. It is great for traveling.

  142. Bethani says:

    My new favorite app is Fooducate. Helping me make better food choices!

  143. Crystal says:

    My favorite app is Myfitnesspal.

  144. Pam says:

    My favorite app is Amazon Mobile.

  145. elizabeth carew says:

    My favorite it ubber. I love having a car service pick me up. Makes me feel rich and famous.

  146. Vicki says:

    I just like the browser so I can go on living rich!

  147. shellyne says:

    My favorite App is Pinterest

  148. Jessica says:

    I love shop kick!

  149. Anonymous says:

    My favorite app is the Living Rich with Coupons app that I put on my iPhone. I am able to check the site ALOT with just a tap. I never miss a thing. LOL

  150. cheralyn estrada says:

    I love

  151. Chris O'Neil says:

    My favorite app is sound hound.

  152. Chandra says:

    Favorite app is Shazam! Nothing more annoying than being in a car, hearing a great jam (while drinking your coffee) that you don’t know the name of!!

  153. Jenny says:

    My favorite is shasam for identifying music!!!

  154. Suzanne says:

    My favorite app is the Living Rich with Coupons app. I check it ALL THE TIME when I’m not home. When at home, I am constantly checking the computer. I never miss a thing. Thanks, Cindy.

  155. reina says:

    I love livingrichwithcoupon app!!!

  156. Allison says:

    I have an app on my iphone called whats-app. it helps me keep in touch with people I am close to internationally! For free!

  157. Suzanne says:

    My favorite app is the Living Rich with Coupons app. I check it ALL THE TIME when I’m not home. When at home, I am constantly checking the computer. I never miss a thing. Thanks, Cindy. I appreciate everything that you do for us.

  158. Vanessa says:

    My favorite app is instagram. I love to take pics of the family.

  159. Sabine says:

    My fav, there are so many but I would go with geoqpons! All I do is type in the store name and if there is a coupon I’ll have it!

  160. Patricia Wojnar Crowley says:

    My favorite App is Accuweather…it’s really come in handy this Summer!

  161. sara says:

    my fav app is living rich with coupons cindy u rock!

  162. CC says:

    Pandora is my favorite app, I love to dock my iphone and listen to music with it!

  163. christina camp says:

    My new favorite app will be the Dunkin app, it was Twitter

  164. Shannon says:

    My favorite app is iStudiez Pro.
    Seriously, it’s made being a mom in college a little easier to manage. There is a color coded schedule/calendar of classes, assignment list with due dates, each professors name and contact info, calculates grades (even with a weight on it), even better is it has a backup so you can be sure you never lose your info. I can’t say enough. If you are in school or have a college aged child with a smart device this is an app to consider.

    Love Dunkin and Love you. Thanks for the awesome giveaways and savings.

  165. Louise says:

    My fav app is the browser so when Im on the go and looking for a deal I recall I can quickly sign on to LRWC and search for it.

  166. Luz Fernandez says:

    my favorite app is the Kindle app on my android phone paired with some great dunkin’ donuts coffee. PERFECT

  167. Erin says:

    I think this dunkin donuts app is going to be my favorite. But, as of now my favorite app is “all recipes”

  168. Esther K. says:

    I don’t own a smart phone. But I do love Dunkin Donuts Coffee!

  169. Kt says:

    My favorite app is instagram so I can share all my photos with family and friends.

  170. Janelle DiBlase says:

    My favorite app is the flashlight for when I have to take my dogs out at two am!

  171. Rachel says:

    The Maps app is my favorite- for all those times I get lost or need to find a place!

  172. Barb says:

    My favorite app is Pictures. It is my new addiction and I love it!

  173. Susan says:

    My favorite app is checkpoints. I will cash some points in at Christmas for some great gift cards. Love reading what everyone else’s favorites are, going to check out a few of them. Thanks Cindy!

  174. Kristine says:

    I like Song Pop, I also like the BarCode scanner, thank you for the AWESOME giveaway, I LOVE Dunkin!

  175. Brittany says:

    words with friends!

  176. Hope says:

    My favorite App (although I have many ) I would have to say is Twitter! It helps me stay in contact and up to date with all my couponing sites! I will now be trying out the Dunkin app as well.. Funny I was actually eating a donut from there as I went to check the site and came across this 😛

  177. Pamela Bice says:

    FB app

  178. Raquel says:

    My favorite app is Lose It! a weight loss fitness tool to log daily intake and exercise.

  179. Jessica says:

    My favorite app is Pinterest! I’m slightly obsessed.

  180. Rhonda says:

    My favorite app is the 6abc app. I love watching the weather updates and keeping up with current events on my free time so I can play with my 2 year old and not worry about missing something.

  181. Nancy says:

    I don’t have a smartphone but I do love LRWC and Dunkin Donuts!!

  182. Jodi says:

    My favorite app is the Loseit App! Helps me keep track of food on the go!

  183. Samantha says:

    My favorite apps are Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram… it’s just way to hard to just pick one!!

  184. Laurie A says:

    I’m a fan of Business Calendar. It synchs with our Outlook calendar at home and has become invaluable in scheduling our busy lives!

  185. Betty says:

    used android, not sure if I love it yet or not

  186. chung says:

    My favorite is Google reader app

  187. Elise says:

    Viggle! I have earned a lot of great stuff with it and I like playing the trivia when they have it.

  188. Jennifer says:

    my favorite app for my iphone is ifood. It gives me dinner ideas every day! and I know i’ll love my dunkin app as well.

  189. Shannon says:

    I don’t have a smartphone, but I love Where’s My Water on my iPad.

  190. Ashley says:

    My favorite app is by far pinterest, so addicting!

  191. MMM says:

    I must admit it”s my facebook app. 😛

  192. Susan says:

    I don’t have a smartphone, but I am most envious of the calendar on the phone. It would be great to keep mine and my kids’ lives straight!

  193. Becky Cunningham says:

    The Shoprite App!!!

  194. Erin says:

    i don’t have a smartphone but can’t wait to get one so I can use the apps!

  195. Laurie says:

    I love my Scrabble App!

  196. Deanna says:

    My favorite apps are Facebook and Words with Friends

  197. Melissa R says:

    I would have to agree with some of your other comments that Pinterest and facebook are what I am into now. OMG…….Great Giveaway LOVE DD Coffee.

  198. Anonymous says:

    My favorite App is Living Rich with Coupons app. Love tobe able to check all great deals several time a day.

  199. Heather says:

    I love the Facebook app.

  200. Olga says:

    My favorite App is Living Rich with Coupons. Love to be able to check all great deals several times a day.

  201. Michele A says:

    My favorite is the Weight Watchers app – helped me lose 37 lbs since January!

  202. Megan M says:

    My favorite iPhone app is retailmenot… Ive scored deals on everything from hotels to hair just by pulling up that app!

  203. Don says:

    Favorite app is CBS sports fantasy football. And dunkin donuts!!

  204. Lori says:

    Pinterest rocks!

  205. Lori says:


  206. Devon says:

    Love the epicurious app!

  207. Anonymous says:

    My favorite app is Color Note. All my reminders and lists are compiled here in one convenient location!

  208. Kathi says:

    LOVE Pinterest and DD, of course!

  209. Mike says:

    My favorite smart phone app as living rich with coupons and slotomania!

  210. heatherg says:

    I like Fruit Ninja–great for days when I don’t have any coffee 🙂

  211. Christine says:

    Im into Dice with Friends this week lol

  212. Kim says:

    Fishfarts! It keeps my kids entertained while I’m trying to coupon!

  213. michele a says:

    Angry birds anything–lifesaver.

  214. elizabeth Harwood says:

    Foursquare! It’s good to be the Mayor!

  215. Roslyn says:

    YouVersion..The Bible App, is my fave app!!

  216. Kim F says:

    My favorite smart phone app is Dice with Buddies – it’s like playing yahtzee and I can play with all my kids that are scattered across the US 🙂

  217. Ainsley says:

    The flashlight app is a life saver but the lrwc app is super helpful especially when double checking a deal during my shopping trip! Thanks for the chance 🙂

  218. Jessica says:

    flixter 🙂

  219. Marcie R. says:

    I love the ALDI app and LRWC, they both allow me to save money to buy DD coffee 🙂 I am a teacher and I treat myself every so often.

  220. maria says:

    Facebook 🙂

  221. Suzanne says:

    My favorite app is Fairway Solitaire….silly golf-themed solitaire game that’s got me addicted!

  222. lgal says:

    Love facebook. Connect with friends while enjoying DD iced latte.

  223. Andrea says:

    Hands down it has to be words with friends!

  224. April S says:

    Oh, everyone in my house I’d forced to install it. 3 iPhones, 2 iPads, plus a touch = 10 extra prints. 🙂

  225. Caitlin says:

    My favorite is the Kindle app – I love to read!

  226. Teresa F says:

    IHeartRadio!!! Thank you!

  227. liz says:

    I don’t have a smartphone but love Living Rich With Coupons and would use that app all the time if I had one.

  228. Jacey says:

    Old Navy’s SnapAppy is my favorite. I’m averaging almost one $5 off $5 purchase a week, which is just the perfect amount to get free clothing for my toddler every week. I even wcored a $10 of $10 purchase and $5/5 in the same week!

  229. Dee says:

    I love the zombie app. Thanks! Hope I win!

  230. Winzilinie says:


  231. Melanie says:


  232. andrea says:

    I love the Cozi app.

  233. Coupon Addict says:

    I really can’t live without my Gas Buddy Iphone App!
    And D&D Coffee!
    Have a great weekend!

  234. Nicole says:

    I really don’t use apps. But I will be sure to use the Dunkin Donut app! I LIVE on Dunkin Donuts:)

  235. danielle begg says:

    Facebook, of course.. Best App ever!!

  236. Nicole says:

    I really don’t use apps but I will defintely be using the Dunkin Donuts app. I LIVE on Dunkin Donuts

  237. Cristin says:

    My Weight Watchers App. Black coffee with 2 splenda- 0 points 🙂

  238. Sarah says:

    Discount Calculator. Makes it a whole lot easier to figure out how much I’m going to save. Gotta love that.

  239. Darcie B. says:

    My fav is the kindle app!

  240. violet says:

    I love for its easy use.

  241. Barb says:

    The app I use the most is SiriusXM radio. I have an online subscription so I can listen to the radio programs I love when I’m in my house!

  242. karen says:

    I love my nike running app!

  243. Colleen Ferguson says:

    Living rich with coupons app and angry birds. Have to keep the kiddo happy:)

  244. Chana says:

    I love my Kosher on a Budget app.

  245. George Marchione says:

    Favorite app is SongPop.

  246. Lori says:

    Goodreads app!

  247. Christina Haight says:

    My favorite is barcode scanner- it allows me to price compare without web browsing for a long time! And I have to say Angry Birds is second favorite- it’s a lifesaver when shopping with kids!!

  248. susan says:

    I dont have a smart phone but if I did I guess I would like a GPS app so I could find my way around lol

  249. Sue says:

    My favorite app is probably twitter. Is that an app? I love keeping in touch with what other people are thinking during the day. I also like NinJump – the ninja jumping game.

  250. Andrea says:

    My favorite is Gas Buddy!!! Need the cheapest gas to get around for couponing!!!

  251. Melissa says:

    My favorite app is my fitness pal. It’s free, and it’s helped me to track my food and in the process I have lost 30+ lbs! It’s very easy to use, I can enter my food easily, track my exercise and see my weight going down the the graph! I recoomend it to,all my friends. The visuals are a big help in my losing weight I like to see the results!

  252. Kristina says:

    Angry Birds!!

  253. sarah says:

    I am addicted to Angry Birds – I know that’s awful but I love that app! and Dunkin Donuts ROCKS 🙂

  254. Megan says:

    My favorite app is ESPN app so i can always get updates when my teams score!

  255. Lena says:

    Unforunately, I’d say the Facebook app. I seem to use it a little more then I should…

  256. Marilyn says:

    Weight watchers. You can calculate points.

  257. luckyclvr2 says:

    Angry Birds and Words with Friends

  258. Maria says:

    Facebook 🙂 . Thanks

  259. Katherine says:

    I love shopkick, dragonvale, and boggle. However, with how much I’m at Dunkin donuts, in sure the new app will be a big hit with me!

  260. Lynne says:

    My shopkick app is my favorite

  261. Denise says:

    My favorite app so far is Angry Birds… I just love it!

  262. Chris says:


  263. Jill says:

    The teavana app is great and I love listening to music while waiting for my tea to brew.

  264. Shalon Kandiko says:

    I love my LRWC app but i also use my facebook app for all my couponing post and to see what my friends are up too….and my DD post…just bought the pumpkn spice KCUPS ….so excited!

  265. I love the Livestrong app that helps me eat healthy and stay active, but I also love the Smartsource app that allows me to use coupons linked to my favorite stores without every pulling out the scissors to clip away at inserts.

  266. Jaye says:

    My favorite app(s): LRWC & the new Dunkin Donuts. Perfect together!

  267. katie Steinbiss says:

    I love the facebook app because it connects me to everything. Since I go to DD everyday I just downloaded the new DD app!

  268. Natasha says:

    Scrabble with Friends takes up most of my free time.

  269. Lissy says:

    Oh right now Instagram is my favorite app.

  270. lori o says:

    My favorite app is facebook..,for those long days when my son has football practices or lengthy games, my daughter would be lost without the facebook app on my smartphone lol

  271. Deborah says:

    My favorite app is Facebook!

  272. Michelle says:

    I love the Ebay app

  273. Heather Crosson says:

    My favorite app is Pinterest, I check it to see how else I can save money!

  274. Joan says:

    My favorite APP is the weather APP.

  275. Lady J says:

    It’s not remotely practical. I have a sonic screwdriver app. The only thing it’s good for, is making me smile.

  276. shana says:

    My favorite app is gasbuddy

  277. I am a brand new Smart phone user, but I would say that my Instagram is my favorite app!! I like to take pictures of the coupon deals I scored and send to anyone to see 🙂

  278. Melissa says:

    Love Slotomania!

  279. Michele S says:

    Foursquare. Love checking in and getting deals where I am. Thanks for the giveaway.

  280. Julie Vallies says:


  281. stephanie s. says:

    I don’t have a smartphone But if I did it would be LRWC!

  282. Laura says:

    I love the Pinerest and Groupon apps!

  283. Kate says:

    I love the pandora app free Internet radio.

  284. Francesca says:

    I love the netflix app. It’s great to be able to stream movies or tv shows while working out!

  285. Virginia L. says:

    My favorite smartphone app is Google+, it helps me keep in touch with everyone!

  286. Renata L says:

    I love Instagram! It makes me feel like a photographer 🙂

  287. Jessica says:

    I don’t have a smartphone 🙁 But I’m sure I would love the D&D app!!!

  288. Jayme says:

    MyFitnessPal – great for helping you lose weight and keeping you accountable.

  289. Jodi m says:

    Geocoupons because I love to save money!

  290. Jessie C. says:

    Angry birds this month

  291. Karen says:

    Cardstar is my new favorite – it stores all of my store discount cards so I don’t have to carry them with me.

  292. Brenda says:

    At the moment I only own a dumb phone but I do use the apps on my Kindle Fire and my favorite one is Mahjong. There is only one thing that would make that App better, and that is a nice hot cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee on the side!!

  293. brandy says:

    Facebook! can’t seem to get off it when i pick up my phone.

  294. Kristen says:

    Words with friends!

  295. Alison says:

    Love the kindle app and of course LRWC

  296. Cheryl says:

    My favorite smartphone app is MyFitnessPal. I love how it syncs with the website and I can enter in calories eaten/burned on the go!

  297. Alice says:

    Gas buddy app for gas prices

  298. kat says:

    Facebook 🙂

  299. ginger says:

    Kindle app is my favorite. I’m not sure what I do without that one. Didn’t know LRWC had an app need to download that one for sure!

  300. Beth G. says:

    I don’t have a smartphone but I would love Living Rich With Coupons app. I would use that all the time.

  301. Paula says:

    Words with friends-kinda addicted :-/

  302. anne says:

    Zombie farm

  303. Rachel says:

    Words with Friends!!

  304. Michelle says:

    I love Facebook. Let’s me keep in touch with my family and fellow coupon-ers.

  305. Ara says:

    Instagram and Facebook

  306. Tanya R. says:


  307. Stacy says:

    I will have to say Angry Birds also!

  308. Lauren says:

    I love Facebook and Shopkick. It helps keep up to date with coupons and deals.

  309. Shell Holland says:

    I like GasBuddy because it lets me find cheap gas prices!

  310. Maria D. says:

    COZI is now my favorite app. With two kids starting school, me starting grad school, and my husband needing to know things…. it keeps us organized. As long as I remember to update it. 🙂

  311. JO GRABOW says:

    i like get rich with coupoms and angry birds

  312. Cindy F. says:

    Words with friends, weather channel, yahoo, gas buddy an Living Rich with Coupons of course!

  313. Denise says:

    Words with friends!

  314. Shaun Jean says:

    HopStop! A must for getting around in a new city without getting lost.

  315. Rachel says:

    “My Verizon Mobil” is my favorite iphone app

  316. Alison K says:

    One of my favorite apps is FourSquare! Free medium DD coffee with every 3 check ins!

  317. Tarah says:

    Love Belly App, Foursquare, and LRWC

  318. Marina says:

    Favorite App…. so many to choose from, but, I guess I’ll go with Draw Something

  319. karin says:

    My favorite app now is skyburger on my touch. My kids love it too. I pass 3 dunkin donuts on my way to my work and it would be sooooo nice not to have to pay for it and enjoy every sip more!!!

  320. Marina says:

    Favorite app… tough call somewhere between Draw Something and Words with Friends.

  321. Teresa A. says:

    Sudoku 2

  322. Renee arnold says:

    There is so many great apps my favorite has to be subway surfer I can’t stop playing in and matching with friends.I also love viggle even though they keep highering the rewards points to redeem.(but hey it’s free)

  323. Jen says:

    I just downloaded the Find My Friends free app which lets you locate your friends and family on your’s super cool!! You can find exactly where they are if they are ever lost and even see a “street view” like on google maps.

  324. Jess says:

    Recently I’ve been using My Fitness Pal to track my food including my daily cup of coffee. So that’s my favorite app of the moment.

  325. Sarah E says:

    My favorite app is Pinterest! I use it every day!


    I love words with friends, fatloss,fooducate.

  327. Dominique Lee says:

    I love my LRWC app and A Full Cup forum

  328. carrie says:

    Love words with friends!

  329. Yajahira mendez says:

    I love my DD app!!! Living rich and Family Feud come right behind it. Cant live without them!!!!!

  330. adriene says:


  331. Mamie says:

    I like My Fitness Pal.

  332. Alexis says:

    Definitely either Words with Friends or Around Me!

  333. Maryc says:


  334. Jen says:

    Angry birds. Those pigs must die.

  335. Robyn says:

    Angry Birds to pass the time …..

  336. Michelle says:

    i can’t live without my GMAIL app!

  337. Kelly says:

    I am a student – it has to be I annotate PDF.

  338. Pam says:

    Draw Something and Disney Junior for the kids!

  339. Cheryl says:

    My fav app is draw something!

  340. Chrissy mergendahl says:

    I love the Facebook app. And I love living rich with coupons.

  341. amy smith says:

    LTWC and angry birds

  342. Kathy M says:

    My favorite is Cozi. I keep track of my calendar, shopping list and many other things! I use it several times a day.

  343. Amy says:

    My favorite is LRWC app and 5-0 radio pro police scanner app! I’m addicted to it!

  344. Ashley H says:

    I still love Angry Birds.

  345. MARY says:

    I like words with friends on my Kindle. Blackberry app would be google maps.

  346. Amy M. says:

    The Weather Channel!

  347. Rachel says:

    I like around me. Great on car trips when you need to make emergency bathroom or ice cream stops!

  348. Sallie says:

    Facebook, LWRC, and my soon to be favorite Dunkin’ Donuts!!! Thank you Cindy!!!

  349. nina says:

    I love angry birds

  350. Mina says:

    I Like Facebook and engry birds

  351. ken lake says:

    My favorite app is words with friends, thank you so much for the giveaway!

  352. Erica says:

    My fave is the “fast food calorie lookup”.

  353. patti says:

    Words with Friends!

  354. Eileen says:

    words with friends, gps and hopstop (NYC subway/bus info!). Thanks for the info on the DD app!

  355. Pamela Schneider says:

    Facebook, Solitaire light,

  356. Samantha Ettinger says:

    I love Living rich with Coupons and Gas Buddy. I also can’t live without my kindle app I read everywhere I go!!!

  357. Sid ^v^ says:

    LRWC is my fave…share it with all coupon-wise friends. Cindy rocks.

  358. Lori says:

    Scrabble since I love the “teacher” feature! Thanks for the giveaway!

  359. Grace says:

    facebook and livingrich with coupons! 🙂

  360. Danyelle says:

    Words with Friends is my favorite!

  361. Rachel says:

    My favorite app is a social network called SHARE! Awesome people. lots of laughs interesting posts.

  362. Kari says:

    My favorite is twitter. But I love Dunkin’ Donut 🙂

  363. Bev says:

    It’s gotta be TWC and of course LRWC. Dont forget the ever helpful Google. 🙂

  364. Pat says:

    Abble Dabble and Facebook!

  365. David says:

    Fail Blog

  366. amber says:


  367. Jocelyn a says:

    My favorite app is called Weekly Ads. It finds all of the stores in the area you are in and I get to view the sales ads of that week.

  368. Kathryn says:

    Facebook, Nightstand, & Red Laser

  369. Melanie says:

    Weather Channel in the morning to get me ready. Facebook mobile, Ebay and without question Pandora Radio. SongPop is a favorite at night.

  370. angela says:

    words with friends and facebook

  371. lisa says:

    my favorite app is the facebook app:)

  372. Rebecca S. says:

    Currently my favorite app is pinterest 🙂

  373. CB Jones says:

    My favorite app is SongPop.

  374. Ebony says:

    KeyRing 🙂

  375. Tracy Rearick says:

    MY favorite app is and LWRC of course:) My husband and I drink Dunkin Donuts everyday and would love the survival kit! Great idea listing favorite apps!!

  376. Lauren says:

    angry birds

  377. nicole says:

    My GPS app!

  378. Michelle says:

    LRWC, of course! I check it daily. And, excited about the DD app. We love DD in this household, from the adults to the kids! Good luck, everyone!

  379. Andrea says:

    My 7 year old loves Angry Birds and I use the Facebook app most often!

  380. Cyrena Hargrove says:


  381. Cathy says:

    Words with Friends

  382. Arielle says:

    Facebook 🙂

  383. CheAnn says:

    I’m sure I’ll love the DD app..

    I love SHARE ( social) & ireddit ( social) & Pandora ( music)

  384. Rebecca says:

    I like because it is useful everyday!

  385. Rebecca says:

    I am a Words with Friends junkie. I also use facebook a lot. iBooks is great for reading in bed without waking those next to you up!!

  386. barbe5 says:

    I love the Weight Watcher points plus scan app. So easy!

  387. Lauren says:

    I’m always on facebook with my phone. I just downloaded a word search and mahjong, love them!!

  388. Jen says:

    LRWC of course and Groupon. I love not having to print out my deal!

  389. Renee says:

    My favorite right now is Shopkicks

  390. Diana says:

    My favorite app is Navigator (gps). It has saved me so many times!

  391. Mary says:

    Right now, Coin Dozer and Lucky Bingo 🙂 But I love the ease of my Bank Apps.

  392. Dana says:

    Shopkick is my favorite app, nothing beats earning free gift cards just for walking into a store!

  393. pat says:

    The ShopRite app lets me view and check-off my shopping list from my phone while I shop. After checking with LRWC it is all coordinated and ready for me to save!

  394. Michelle says:

    Love the Cozi calendar.

  395. Amy says:

    Scramble with Friends

  396. Meredith says:

    I love my Weight Watcher App

  397. barbara says:

    Well i dont have a smartphone So i dont have a favorite

    But i would still like to enter if i can..

  398. Karen Mariner says:

    Do not have a favorite app since there’s not internet on my phone. Was hoping to win for family members with smart phones who LOVE Dunkin Donuts coffee.

  399. LindsayG says:

    my newest obsession is SongPop!

  400. Courtney says:

    My new fav app is Shopkick. I just downloaded it on my iPod. I always start my day checking to see what’s new.

  401. Linda says:

    My favorite app is Keyring. I love being able to load all of my store loyalty cards right on my phone.

  402. michelle says:

    I’m a nerd. Always checking my weather channel app.

  403. Melinda says:

    Angry birds! So very addicting!

  404. Dana says:

    I’d have to say my favorite app is Words with Friends. I love playing scrabble with my parents and sister and now I get to do that every day! 🙂

  405. Tara says:

    Song Pop is my favorite app…..very addicting! I’m an Oncology Nurse. I drink Dunkin Donuts coffee all day at work. It’s the only coffee we drink!!!

  406. Martha says:

    Facebook is my favorite and one I use the most.

  407. Julianna says:

    My favorite app is Overdrive Media. It lets me checkout, download, and read ebooks for free from my local library. There’s nothing like a good book to go with a great cup of coffee!

  408. Mami2jcn says:

    My Fitness Pal

  409. Ann says:

    My Fitness Pal and Mint. With both apps I’ve been able to lose weight and save money! Hahaha.

  410. Stacey L says:

    This is a tough one– I guess it’s a toss up between Facebook and Weather Channel

  411. Jennifer says:

    Angry Birds and Key Chain (stores ALL of my discount card info for all the stores I shop at)

  412. Dana C says:

    Facebook! Use it numerous times, every single day!

  413. Lorraine says:

    Some of my favorite smart phone apps are Living Rich with Coupons and Shop Savvy.

  414. Christine S. says:

    ShopKick is by far my favorite app. You collect kicks by walking into stores and you can use the ‘kicks’ like points to get things like gift Cards to stores. $5 to CVS in just 3 weeks, not bad for just having the app open when you’re in participating stores! 🙂

  415. heather says:

    I’m in nursing school so those are the apps that I mainly use. Also I use the on the go apps that save me at the stores I go to. With 3 kids and only my husband working while i’m in school full time, saving money is important. I cannot wait until the pumpkin coffee is back!!!!!! I’m so addicted!

  416. Icini03 says:

    I love LRWC, Shoprite, Savingstar and Shopkick apps. Oh and my Sale Price and Shopsavvy apps!!! LOVE TO SAVE MONEY!!!

  417. Aimee says:

    I’m really liking the gmail app. Using it and disabling the regular mail app on my iPhone has really improved my battery life.

  418. Zach says:

    Family Fued

  419. Nic says:

    I love Yelp for finding chic places with cheap eats!

  420. Valerie says:

    I’m addicted to Facebook app. But reading all the other comments makes me want to download more savings apps.

  421. Barbara says:

    I am still addicted to Facebook and am getting into couponing. This is an excellent site to get me started.

  422. Dee S says:

    Weather channel’s app

  423. Sara S says:

    my favorite app is the shoprite app. you can clip your ecoupons from it 🙂

  424. Marcia says:

    Hi — I like Flashlight, which serves as — you guessed it! — a flashlight. I also like LRWC and Patch.

  425. I love LWRC use it everyday…..

  426. Nicole S says:

    My favorite App is GasBuddy. It helps me save money on gas by letting me know the cheapest gas prices.

  427. Eric in NJ says:

    ScrambleWithFriends is my newest addiction! It’s funny to see the finger prints after a few furious games.

    Thanks for the contest!

  428. jamilee says:

    weather channel

  429. Shelle says:

    Ny favorite app is twitter. Its so easy to use

  430. Mandi says:


  431. Amanda says:


  432. Jocelyn M says:

    My favorite app currently is My Gestational Diabetes app. Helps me keep track of sugars, carbs and meds all in one place!

  433. Laura says:

    My favorite app is the SavingStar app to click on coupons and save money. I will love the dunkin app!!

  434. Ty ogunlesi says:

    Instagram, most used on my phone

  435. bonnie says:

    My new favorite app is the Dunkin Donuts app…I love how you can pay right off the app

  436. Amy Giesler says:

    Since I’m waiting for the LRWC app, I will have to say Shop Rite!

  437. Lisa says:

    I use the GasBuddy app to find the best price on gas while I’m driving to work.

  438. christine says:

    I would love to win a giftcard. For the reason. I love a hot tea.

    1. christine says:

      I love using to allow me savings every. Day. Christine hriczko!

  439. Hope says:

    my favorite ap is facebook and I love love dunkin dounts coffee

  440. Ali Watson says:

    Facebook app is still my fave…I have found and saved so much using fb!

  441. Mary Ennis says:

    Song Pop

  442. dawn says:

    with friends

  443. Carol says:

    No internet on my phone, hence no apps. But love Dunkin Donuts coffee!

  444. dawn says:

    Words with friends

  445. Deborah says:

    My app is Shopkick! Love it and Dunkin Dounuts Coffee!

  446. George says:

    Favorite app is saving star! Love d and d coffee it’s the best!

  447. Dawn says:

    Favorite app = Words with Friends

  448. Meghan caputo says:

    I love draw something!

  449. Sarah W says:

    Slacker Radio!! So much music to choose from!!

  450. Rebecca says:

    Favorite app facebook…

  451. Jen Husson says:

    Pinterest and now the new DD app 🙂

  452. brandy walton says:

    I love songpop and dunkin donuts coffee

  453. Sharon says:

    Keyring app! Great to have all your loyalty cards in one place!

  454. Trisha p says:

    My favorite app is bubble witch saga!!!

  455. susan k says:

    just downloaded Fooducate, scan bar codes and see how foods rate and get healthier options!

  456. Krys says:

    Favorite app is Facebook.

  457. Christina says:

    Draw something! Always good for a laugh

  458. Suzanne K says:

    My favorite app is Words with Friends. It is addicting and so much fun connecting with some old friends too. It also makes you use your brain a bit, so that is always a good thing:)

  459. Mary Ellen Mele says:

    I do have the DD Dunkin’ app 😉
    but my new app thats been pretty good to use is the Foodspotting. Its pretty cool. I sure hope I win !!!!!!

  460. Anna C. says:

    My favorite smart phone app is my Kindle App! I really wish I had a Kindle so I pretend on my phone!

  461. T.S says:

    My favorite app is Skyview. No matter where you are, you calibrate it and within a minute it shows all the stars in the sky along with the constellations and additional information about them. Its amazing.. it also pinpoints on a map exactly where you are.

  462. Rebekah says:

    How awesome is this!!!!!

  463. tammy says:

    OMG!!! Pinterest is the absolute best thing that has happened to my Android.

  464. Michael says:

    Radio Pop App allows me to listen to Radio stations on my phone ! Love it !Michael

  465. Erica says:

    Fav App is VIGGLE…what could be better than earning FREE giftcards while you watch TV!!

  466. Dawn K says:

    My favorite app is Facebook so I can check out all the latest LWRC alerts!

  467. Lynn says:

    <3 Words With Friends!

  468. Suzanne says:

    When I am not fighting my kids playing Angry Birds, I like to play Scramble

  469. meg tanjutco says:

    Right now it’s Where’s Perry — it replaced Angry Bird since my boys have done all levels in Angry Birds!

  470. Keeshon says:

    My favorite app is Facebook by far. 🙂

  471. I'd says:

    My favorite ap is my fitness pal. Thanks for offering this.

  472. Sara says:

    My favorite app is definitely Shutterfly! I love having a way to add pics to my share site, but also back them up from my phone in case anything happens to it!

  473. Gina says:

    Definitely facebook! That is how I stay connected with all that is happening with DnD! And also my family near and far!

  474. Becky says:

    My favorite app is My Fitness Pal, and I love Dunkin! 🙂

  475. kristi says:

    FACEBOOK! My fab app… allows me to stay connected. 45 hour a week job and part time college student lets say Dublin is my best friend.

  476. Anissa says:

    I don’t have a smart phone but this would be a great one for my Mom who does have a smartphone. She love weather channel and mapquest apps.

  477. shirley says:

    Favorite app. Word feud. And Facebook

  478. Kelly says:

    MyFitness Pal. Helped me lose so much weight!

  479. jenny says:

    My favorite app is cuckooforcoupondeals!!…only because lrwc doesn’t have an app…that I know of!

  480. Lisa says:

    Songify…’s HYSTERICAL!! It takes your words and turns them into an “electronic song”. Whatever you say is the funniest thing EVER! Good luck all =)

  481. Leila says:

    First of all..I LOVE DD!!!! I get a 5 pound bag of beans delivered to my doorstep for my coffee maker at home…BUT I really enjoy being able to swing through the drive through for the piping hot coffee right from there, nothing like it! My favorite smartphone apps are MyPlayChef and Pandora because they appeal to my 3 year old and are often a life saver when I’m on the go and she’s having a hard time “behaving”

  482. Katlin says:

    Facebook, so I can stalk LRWC!

  483. Melissa says:

    Facebook is my favorite app on my android!

  484. Bailey baker says:

    My favorite and most used app is Facebook, followed by my Key bank app!!

  485. cindy crook says:

    my favorite app is facebook

  486. Emily Gaugler says:

    Scramble with Friends and Facebook…it’s a tie!

  487. Debi Okeefe says:

    My favorite is Facebook. It connects me to the outside world, and to all my friends. I love it!

  488. Maria S says:

    I also don’t have a smartphone, but love DD.

  489. Chris W. says:

    Love so many, but I probably use Facebook the most.



  491. Latasha says:

    My favorite app is Facebook . However I just start couponing again and I believe lrwc will be. My next fav .

  492. Latasha says:

    My favorite app is Facebook . However I just start couponing again and I believe lrwc will be. My next fav .

  493. sherry says:

    My favorite app is bubble witch saga,cant get enough it’s vary addicting. I drink my D.D coffee and play for hours. 🙂

  494. kelley says:

    my favorite app is Geocoupons!!!

  495. Kristin says:

    My current favorite app is SongPop. My parents raised us listeing to music from all different generations so I’m having a blast whipping my older brother-in-law’s butt! 😉

  496. meghan oh says:


    1. Amy says:

      word with friends

    2. Dawn Jennie Maley says:

      Favorite app is Duncan donuts of course and Facebook help me keep up with family & friends

  497. Gina says:

    My favorite app is probably the akinator. He guesses everyone I’m thinking!

  498. Barbara says:

    LRWC is my favorite app

  499. Deavon says:

    I new favorite app is Song Pop! I always have about 20 games going on at one time with my friends and family!

  500. Kristie says:

    Favorite apps….LRWC,ETSY,EBAY.
    I am a new app user, thanks for all the great ideas above!!

  501. Jennifer says:

    LRWC and Facebook!

  502. Kathy says:

    My Favorite app is words with friends . So addicting!!

  503. Barbara says:

    My fav app is Facebook…with Twitter and Pinterest coming in second..

  504. MICHELE says:

    MY Favorite app is song pop <3

  505. Erin M. says:

    My favorite app is KeyRing… I finally got rid of all the store tags from my keys and the bar code comes up on my phone instead!! Love it!!

  506. Jennifer C. says:

    My favorite app is a tie between Facebook and Twitter so I don’t miss deals/samples when I’m not sitting at the computer.

  507. RobinMW says:

    I like the Weather Channel and google earth.

  508. Rachael says:

    Its a tie for me between LRWC and Facebook; spend quite a bit of time on each!

  509. Heather says:

    My favorite App is Facebook with LRWC a very close second. Not sure how I ever lived without both of these!

  510. Amanda says:

    My favorite app right not is Song POP!!!

  511. charlene Lakata says:

    My favorite would be facebook…its used the most often. How did I not know LRWC had an app! I will be downloading that today.

    Charlene Lakata

  512. Laura says:

    My favorite app is Pandora! I can listen to all the music I like on the go

  513. heather says:

    I would love to win this!!!

  514. Jeanette says:


  515. Rosemary Boncella says:

    Facebook & Red Laser

  516. dawn says:

    My expense manager to keep me on track every month and FB to keep me updated on friends, family & freebies including sweepstakes….

  517. Samantha says:


  518. Dawn says:

    Facebook and Cardio Trainer

  519. Sharon says:

    My favorite app is yelp!

  520. Lisa says:

    must you ask….of course its LRWC!

  521. Allison says:

    Facebook and shoprite

  522. Liz says:


  523. Barbara A says:

    My favorite app is Maps.I do look up LRWC all the time but just haven’t added the app.

  524. Kasie Patterson says:

    CAlCOUNT….and Facebook

  525. Christopher Kirland says:

    I’m a sports junkie and my favorite app is score mobile !!!

  526. Deb says:

    My favorite app is my kindle app

  527. Deb says:

    My fav app is lose it !!

  528. michelle F says:

    My fav app is facebook and lrwc, on it all the time

  529. Karen B says:

    LRWC all time favorite!

  530. Heather S says:

    My favorite app is Etsy!

  531. Kim says:

    facebook of course!

  532. Brande says:

    Facebook but, I just loaded up D&D so that may change!

  533. Lar says:

    Favorite app geocaching!

  534. debbie tyler says:

    My favorite app is facebook love to connect with family and friends

  535. Colleen Ann H. says:

    facebook !!!!!!

  536. Rosemarie Sager Heins says:

    My favorite apps are LRWC and words with friends…

  537. Erika Sencenich says:

    Facebook and angry birds!

  538. stephanie says:

    love DD coffee and sandwiches!!!

  539. christina fusco says:

    Definately facebook

  540. Amy says:

    Facebook and Shop Rite are my favorite apps!!!! =)

  541. Abby Kraynick says:

    Red Laser is my favorite

  542. Karen Hirsch says:

    Facebook is my favorite app 🙂

  543. Erica says:

    Probably Facebook…

  544. Andi says:

    My favorite app is Viggle.

  545. Nina Barden says:

    My Fav App is Pandora. Listen to my music while I am cleaning up the house and setup music for my daycare kids to dance too.

  546. Elizabeth C says:

    my fav app is SongPop & FB.

  547. Laura says:

    Yahoo & Facebook!

  548. Pattie Harney says:

    my favorite app is facebook and lrwc, on both all the time!

  549. Cindy E. says:

    Facebook…and Groupon, too!

  550. Juli says:

    My favorite app has to be Yelp. Such a useful app!

  551. Michele says:


  552. rachel friedman says:

    my fav. app is viggle and shopkick, wish living rich with coupons had one 🙂

  553. Michelle says:


  554. Chris says:

    Words with Friends

  555. Melissa Van Horn says:

    One of my favorite apps is cardstar. It eliminates the need to have all my shopper rewards on my keys. Love it!

  556. Laura says:

    All my apps!

  557. Emily C says:

    Definitely Facebook!

  558. jennifer horn says:

    Favorite app is Twitter.

  559. dawn fowler says:


  560. Nicole M says:

    My favorite app is pinterest. You can find everything on there!

  561. shannon olsen says:

    Favorite sites are facebook lrwc and pineterest please pick me i could use lots of coffee with kuds 15 months apart lol

  562. Courtney says:

    I’m a big deals type person! So I’d have to say groupon and living social are my fav! Didn’t know LRWC had an app! Will def download now!

  563. Meredith Eisenberg says:


  564. Melissa says:

    My favorite app is Facebook.

  565. kristi boudreau says:

    I like the old navy snap app

  566. Justine says:

    My favorite app is facebook and song pop

  567. Michaela says:

    My favorite app is Facebook. I can see livingrich posts and any other coupons that come up.

  568. Christine, NY says:

    My favorite app is ShopKick. I use it when I enter stores like Old Navy or Target. You scan items for points and they also provide you with coupons. Ultimately, you can trade in your points for prizes like gift cards!

  569. Liz says:

    I love Facebook, Pinterest, LRWC, FourSquare, and Gardens of Time!

  570. Michelle says:

    Bubble Mania and Viggle

  571. Diane says:

    My favorite app. is Facebook!

  572. Jennifer says:

    My favorite app is Bejeweled. I didn’t know LRWC had an app I’m going to have to look it up right now! 🙂

  573. Arlene M says:

    I love Bingo Bash when I’m bored.

  574. gina says:

    My fav is definatley Facebook

  575. CJ Dantoni says:

    MyFitnessPal is my favorite iPhone app

  576. laurie stoddard says:

    Please, Please morning cannot start with out mom’s dunkin donuts coffee, don’t consider price unreasonable with just one sip!!!!

  577. Colby says:

    My favorite apps are Facebook and Angry Birds game.

  578. marie says:

    I love Pandora!

  579. Kiersten H says:

    My favorite app is ITB for kids!!! perfect for any mom who needs to get things done!!

  580. Diane says:

    Dunkin’ is my favorite app 🙂

  581. Jen says:

    Facebook is my fav app!

  582. Ruth says:


  583. Kathy says:

    Facebook is definitely my favorite app!!! I use it ALL THE TIME!!!!

  584. Heidy says:

    My favorite phone app is Craigslist.

  585. Kathy says:

    Facebook is definitely my favorite app!!! I use it ALL THE TIME!!!!

  586. Mary says:

    Bejeweled & Facebook

  587. Jennifer says:


  588. Ashley says:


  589. Lisa says:

    Wow! How fun! My fav is “where’s my water”. My daughter loves to play 🙂

  590. Cheryl says:

    My favorite app is facebook where I can keep up without really trying.

  591. laurie stoddard says:

    awesome contest undoubtedly a joy to recieve. My favorite app has to be gps until they pave the yellow brick road. mornings cannot start at my house without dunkin donuts first sip. hoping to be a winner, praying in NY.

  592. Diane says:

    Facebook is my favorite app!

  593. laurie stoddard says:

    awesome contest undoubtedly a joy to recieve. My favorite app has to be gps until they pave the yellow brick road. mornings cannot start at my house without dunkin donuts first sip. hoping to be a winner, praying in NY.

  594. erin churchill says:

    My favorite app is Bump

    1. Hollylynn ford says:

      My favorite app is gifboom. I love how u can make pictures move!! Can get enough of this app

  595. Kathy B. says:

    It’s a tie between Pinterest & Facebook!! I love them both!

  596. doulla says:

    Pinterest and Facebook currently!

  597. Felicia says:

    My fave app right now is Bingo Bash.

  598. Sara Mc says:

    My fav app is

  599. enalyn says:

    My fave app is LRWC,the best app ever!!!!

  600. Joy Tucci says:

    My favorite app is words with friends and of course the Facebook app.

  601. Jennifer Harrison says:

    My favorite new app is Pinterest!

  602. accebera says:

    Words with friends all the way!!

  603. michelle b says:


  604. Christina says:

    My favorite apps are facebook and pinterest!

  605. Lee Ann says:

    My favorit app is Pandora

  606. Brittany says:

    My favorite app changes all the time as new apps are always coming out, but I must say the app I use the most is Facebook so I guess I will have to consider it my favorite.

  607. Stephanie says:

    My favrit app has to be my facebook app. I love being able to keep up with friends on the go. My favoite game app is pet shop story. Love that game!!

  608. shannon says:

    Facebook and song pop!!

  609. Jamie L. says:

    Facebook 🙂

  610. Lori H says:

    My favorite app, besides Facebook, is Pandora. Love it!

  611. Beth Hain says:

    Favorite apps are facebook and pinterest 🙂

  612. Sue b says:

    Favorite pps r Pinterest and Facebook!

  613. Jackie Lizotte says:

    weight watchers!

  614. HV Coupon Queen says:

    My favorite app is Words With friends!

  615. Theresa says:

    Shoprite!!! I can get weekly specials and make my list! Such a time saver!

  616. Lauren says:

    Pinterest! Can’t get enough!

  617. Malissa C. says:

    My Fav app is facebook

  618. Lauren P says:

    My favorite app is free amazon app of the day! I love free stuff!

  619. Terri gladden says:

    My favorite app is Dunkin donuts locator

  620. Theresa Cerone says:

    Love love loveeee Pinterest!

    1. Theresa Cerone says:

      Just downloaded the new dunkin app 🙂

  621. Jennifer says:

    Love Pandora.

  622. Christine says:

    Favorite app is My Fitness Pal.

  623. Megan Cushman says:

    Netflix, makes traveling so much easier

  624. Kathy Smith says:

    Facebook & now Dunkin Donuts!!!

  625. lauren says:

    My favorite app is the kindle app, i love being able to read books where ever I am.

  626. Amy says:

    Facebook and pinterest!

  627. Reese says:

    Pandora for me. Monkey Preschool Lunchbox for the kiddos!

  628. Debbie Groth says:


  629. Sue Carver says:

    MyFitnessPal & WordsWithFriends

  630. Joanna says:

    My favorites are pinterest and Facebook, too. I haven’t seen a LRWC app yet, or that wouldbe my favorite by far!!

  631. Tiff says:

    GeoCoupons Love my coupons!!!

  632. Dotty says:

    My favorite app is my local new channel which lists all of the school closings.
    I need this card–I will need coffee, coffee and more coffee.
    School begins tomorrow morning, and I teach at a public high school.
    Need I say more?

  633. Veronica Hall says:


  634. jennifer chainey says:

    It has to be pandora

  635. Amanda S. says:

    My favorite APP is Facebook; it helps me stay connected with friends & family, and of course, LRWC updates 😉

  636. Helen says:

    Favorite app is facebook. addicted!

  637. Vanessa says:


  638. Tammi says:

    My Favorite App is Facebook. Until DD gets one for Android

  639. Cindy m says:

    Weather. Channel

  640. Rachel says:

    around me- great for car trips when you need and ice cream break!

  641. Laurie says:

    My favorite app is Facebook!

  642. nicole deitrick says:

    I love the Disney Parks app. Not only is it useful when we’re in Disney but there’s also puzzles & stuff for my daughter to do when we’re driving in the car or waiting at the doctor’s office.

  643. Maya says:

    Facebook app

  644. Jodi says:

    My favorite app is RedLaser so I can compare prices – love to save $!

  645. tammy lema says:

    Love the walgreens app for photos

  646. Melina says:

    I have many: Facebook, Pandora and of course Living rich with coupons!

  647. ali says:

    Dunkin donuts app …Lol

  648. Sonja says:

    I love my Nook app 🙂

  649. Jen Krohn says:

    Tie between Facebook & Pinterest but DD is up there as well!

  650. candice says:

    Pinterest is my absolute fav!

  651. Tracy F says:

    Facebook and matching with friends at the moment !

  652. robi says:

    Living Rich with Coupons and Pandora are my favorite apps, my weight watchers tracker is next in line (but i only like it on good days)

  653. Tyler says:

    My favorite app is Zite

  654. Arlene Shockley says:

    My new favorite app is Song Pop

  655. Claudia says:

    My Fitness Pal

  656. Kylie Barrett says:

    My Favorite app is: Groupon. So many awesome deals!

  657. Kyle says:

    I live on Facebook app and couldn’t tell you the last time i used the computer to sign in! I also like lrwc app too!

  658. Maria Stankiewitch says:

    Facebook for sure!!!

  659. Chrissy says:

    Just tried the Out of Milk app and liking it so far…Great giveaway, especially with grad school tomorrow, yay!!!!

  660. Jacquie says:

    My favorite is the Shoprite App!!!

  661. L Hopkins says:

    My favorite app is coupons. I love Dunkin Donuts coffee and the rest of their products.

  662. Nancy P says:

    I don’t have a Smart phone but if I did, my favorite app would be Facebook!

  663. Tracy says:

    Lately, Spider Solitare.

  664. Kyle m Stockdale says:

    I live on Facebook app .

  665. Kylie Barrett says:

    Groupin 🙂

  666. My favorite website is Our Daily Bread Devotionall, Facebook.

  667. Kylie Barrett says:


  668. Jennie S. says:

    My current favorites are Facebook, Pandora, and Skype.

  669. bec says:

    My favorite app is google!

  670. Ana says:

    Facebook you tube bejeweled addicted to my phone

  671. Michelle Ronan says:

    With out a doubt, it would be Pintrest!

  672. Lauren says:

    My favorite apps are the PBS Sprout app and the Peekaboo Barn app. They keep my daughter busy when we’re out and she starts to get bored (bored=meltdown).

  673. S Martin says:

    My favorite app today is Google Maps because I used it several times while out of town over the holiday weekend.

  674. Carol says:

    Favorite apps would be spotify, Facebook, words with friends and the nfl app

  675. Cat says:

    I use geo coupons and get great deals! Also pandora

  676. Barb says:

    Facebook, you can connect with sooooo many people with just a few clicks 🙂

  677. S Martin says:

    My favorite app today is Google maps. Had to use it several times to find my way over the holiday weekend.

  678. Wendy Riley says:

    Pintrest for sure

  679. Jen D says:

    My favorite new app is Songza. It’s a music app that has playlists for everything!

  680. Susan says:

    I loooooove words with friends,FB and pinterest.

  681. Diana Harper says:

    I love the Google Sky app!

  682. WJ says:

    Gotta be Facebook

  683. Jeannine says:

    The DD app, of course! I’m a coffee junkie 🙂

  684. Juliet says:

    My favorite app is Rhapsody!

  685. Carol says:

    I love dd app

  686. kirk romaine says:

    i love listening to elvis duran on the iheartradio app!

  687. Christine says:

    My favorite apps gotta be facebook!

  688. Shana says:

    My favorite app at the moment is netflix. I can catch up on old Tv shows that I never watched before,on my lunch break.

  689. Roseanne A says:

    Instagram and the Mosquito repellent app.

  690. Melissa says:

    My favorite app is facebook. 🙂

  691. Claire says:

    Facebook is my fav

  692. Joanna A says:

    My favorite app is the Facebook app. Allows me to see all those important coupon and sale posts and now I dont miss out on all those great deals anymore.

  693. valora says:

    I love my yelp app

  694. Siobhan Staar says:

    My favorite app has to be Facebook, I use it on a daily basis.

  695. LISA says:


  696. Grace says:

    Cellfire and facebook are my favorite apps.

  697. valora says:

    I love my yelp app. It helps me find lots of great places.

  698. Jennifer says:

    My favorite app right now is ibaby, it helps me keep track of my newborn baby’s feedings, diaper changes, medicines, growths and more. Its def a big help for this first time mom.

  699. ann cava says:

    my fav app is swagbucks love it

  700. Rebecca says:

    I love song pop!

  701. Danielle says:

    It’s a tie for me. I can’t live without my flashlight app & SongPop is just so much fun. 🙂

  702. Laura says:

    My favorite app is Shopkick!!! 🙂

  703. Maryc says: app ……love it for the iPad

  704. Shannon says:

    My favorite app is songify. It can take normal conversations and make them musical 🙂 … helps keep the kids entertained

    1. Brenda Roman says:

      My favorite app so far is ebay but I bet Dunkin Donuts is going to be my new one…I am a DD addict..

  705. Margaret W says:

    My favorite app is the Disney Junior app. It’s a lifesaver, and helps me keep my 2 year old son occupied while I do my food shopping!!!

  706. Linda says:

    My days x…tracking my fertile days, wish me luck. 😉

  707. Ana says:

    I am currently hooked on pintrest!

  708. Melanie says:

    My favorite app is weight watchers barcode scanner

  709. nick says:

    My favorite is Ebay and Facebook

  710. Kristen says:

    My favorite app is Out of Milk! Helps me keep track of the items I need to pick up while I’m at the store.

  711. Heather M says:


  712. Pamela says:

    My favorite app is The Weather Channel!!

  713. Geoff G says:

    My favorite is zinga poker

  714. amber says:

    my favorite is & LRWC. they are the two I couldnt live without. but I’m thinking the new D&D app will be a close tie as it will be easier to pay. seeing I’m there 3 x’s a day lol.

  715. Melissa Farrell says:

    My favorite app is the Zulily app

  716. Danielle says:

    My favorite app is retail me not.

  717. Teresa F says:

    I Heart Radio. Thank you!!

  718. katie says:

    My favorite smartphone app is Easytether. It allow me to use my phone to link my laptop to mail and the internet!

  719. Debbie Yakaboski says:

    I love pinterest!

  720. Margaret Mary Bennett says:

    My favorite app is Retail Me Not and Coupon Cabin

  721. Margaret Mary Bennett says:

    my favorite app is coupon cabin and retail me not.

  722. Lori says:

    currently my favorite app is CVS. I just downloaded it today and am starting teaching at nursery school tomorrow. I plan to use it to take pictures of my students on their first day, send them to CVS from my phone, pick them up on my lunch break and voila I have my first bulletin board for the year.

  723. Karen Rogers says:

    My favorite app is Pinterest!!

  724. Margaret Mary says:

    retail me not and

  725. E. M says:

    My fave app is Instagram.

  726. Trisha Capriglione says:

    My most recent favorite app is any app that keeps my little ones busy at the grocery store, today’s favorite was Disney Radio

  727. Kat S says:

    the weather channel

  728. Cher N says:

    Baby ESP! It helped my husband and I tremendously as first time parents. 🙂

  729. Gasbuddy is my favorite app

  730. Jen says:

    Words with friends 🙂

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