*HOT* New $1.50/1 International Delight Coupon + Deals!

international delight coupon

International Delight Coupon

Whoohoo! Happy Dance!  There is an awesome new International Delight Coupon available to print!  The coupon is for $1.50 off any 1 International Delight Coffee Creamer (singles, pints, quarts, half gallons).  This definitely means FREE Coffee Creamer in our near future!  We always see the 16 oz on sale at grocery stores for around $1.50!  I can never have enough coffee creamer in the house!

Print: International Delight Coupon

There was a regional Target Coupon in the 7/22 RP inserts for International Delight Creamers.  If you have this coupon, you can score 2 for FREE!  If not, these will only be $0.29 each at Target, or take your coupons to ShopRite or Wegmans for cheap creamer!

Here are some deals:


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  • Denise

    Oh Happy Days!!! 🙂

    • jocelyn a

      ♫♪ ♥ Ohhhhh Happy days!♥ ♪♫

  • Jessica H

    WAHOO!! I was on vacation a few weeks ago and missed the last good sale/ printing off coupons so I’m super excited, LOL!!

  • Linda Hughes


  • Laura Sanders

    I know couponers freeze coffee creamer all the time…any hints/tips that anyone can share, because my stockpile is growing and I’m going to have to start freezing things. How long will they last in the freezer? WHat are they like when they thaw, etc?? Thanks in advance for any help! 🙂

    • Cindy

      I’m not sure if it mentions coffee creamer but here is a freezing post I did a while back. Has some good info. http://www.livingrichwithcoupons.com/2010/01/to-freeze-or-not-to-freeze-2.html

    • Kathy

      I freeze creamer all the time. The FF freezes well too but the sugar free does not frteeze well. Just thaw overnight in your fridge. I just bought 26 of the Bailys creamers last week… all in my freezer now 🙂

  • Lisa

    It didn’t print for me 🙁

  • Stacy

    Wow, 2 printed on one page for me, weird, but awesome!

  • Giant in PA has the pints on sale through Saturday at 3/$5, making it a better deal than ShopRite or Wegmans.

    • nadyme

      Thanks sandy, i will stop by my local giant to get some, my stockpil is low and i have family coming over weekend so they will come handy

  • Nancy

    The site must be overwhelmed, I can’t even log in – just hangs there 🙁

  • bonnie

    I can’t even get on the site…. been trying for over 1/2 hour now, just times out…. anybody else having this problem?

    • Nancy

      You just have to keep trying – I finally got it. Your browser might affect it too…I finally got it using IE. I just let it sit there until it hit each stage of login. Now that I think about it, it timed out under the login progress – I was only able to get it when I logged in using Facebook – still took forever though….but for FREE creamer – totally worth it!

    • Anonymous

      same here…..and it’s 12:16 ….:O(

  • Kathy

    The International Delight website is incredibly slow and keeps ending my session before I get to the print page. Very frustrating.

  • i just got it no problem – what an awesome coupon!!! Thanks!!!

  • jocelyn a

    Just bought 4 at Shoprite today, the cashier looked at the coupon shocked lol, read every single word… but it went through just fine. 🙂