Hot New $5 off Toys R Us Coupon!

Hot New Toys R Us Coupon

There is a hot new Toys R Us Coupon available.  The coupon is for $5 off your in-store purchase at Toys R Us or Babies R Us stores between 8/12 – 8/16.  Once on the site, click on the “Save $5 On Your Purchase” tab on the right or simply wait for the banner to load.

Print: Toys R Us Coupon

Product exclusions do apply but there is no minimum purchase needed to use the coupon.  Also, the coupon is a one time use coupon.

Thanks hip2save!

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  • Laura D.

    Great coupon, thank you!!!

  • Jennifer

    This is a great one!! Wonder if we can combine it with the 75 cent Baby Magic coupon? If not, I can still use it for all kinds of things! It let me print 5!

    • Haseena

      Check the bar code, the numbers are probably the same and once you use one, the next one will say coupon already used.

      • Jennifer

        The bar code is the same! I’m so glad you told me this. Thanks!!!

        • frink

          Just because the bar code is the same doesn’t mean they will not work…these are TrU in-store coupons, not ones from the coupon services that have that requirement. I’ll be heading out shortly and will let you know for sure!

          • frink

            Just to add…printing these on a different computer do produce a new bar code, so perhaps 5 of the same will be a problem 🙂

            • Jennifer

              Please let me know how you make out!!

              • Laura D.

                Yes, please update! TIA!!

                • frink

                  The second coupon with the same code beeped during a separate transaction. You have to use them only once.

                  • Laura D.

                    Thank you, off to print from other computers 🙂

    • jessica

      you can register for babies r us offers using your mobile phone by texting DEALS to 72229. They will send you the same coupon on your mobile phone and it has a different barcode. So I guess you could do 2 different transactions. One with your mobile phone and one with the printable.

    • Sue Donym

      I believe that these are single-use only, with the unique identifiers blocking repeated uses (similar to the $5 coupon given out by Kohl’s), hence the new code populating when using a different computer/IP address.

      Also, it should be noted that the coupon states that it is “Not valid with any other “R”Us total transaction offer,” which, I assume, means that you can only use one of these coupons at a time.

      I guess we’ll get some answers by the end of the day! 🙂

  • Jill

    This is great! And Babys R Us takes manufacturer coupons!

  • Melissa

    I’m not able to print the coupon, it just keeps bringing me to the Babies R Us website…

    • Sue

      If you wait long enough on the TRU or BRU site it will pop in the middle of the page, I was about to agree with you but tried it one more time..hope this helps

  • karin

    follow the link then look on the right side of the page in light purple and it is one of the options “5.00 off coupon” I printed one and am now printing form my other computer and the barcode is different

  • jessica

    Just got back from BRU and tried to use the 2 of the $5 off coupons in different transactions. The first one worked and the second beeped and wouldn’t go through. You can only use one from each computer you print from. Also, register for their cellphone deals and you will get a mobile version of this coupon texted to your phone that has a different bar code.

  • gloria

    There is another of the same type available via shopkick app

  • Alan

    Aye…the coupon will allow you to print 4 or 5 times before it will say you have printed your limit BUT each one you print has same one time use bar code. You must print from different computers to get different bar codes.

    Toys R Us is having TONS of complaints on this. They told me like 8 times when I two coupons it would not work. I insisted it would. We know about coupon limits and unique bar codes.

    Sure enough…it worked. He said I was the first person to come in and use multiple coupons today and it worked.

    I explained the unique Bar code number and using different computers…

    Anyway..just a warning. Even though it lets you print multiple times its all the same bar code unless you use a different computer.

    • Jennifer

      My cashier was nice, but warned me that the coupons wouldn’t work. I told her that I had 3 unique codes, and they did work. As she was on the 3rd transaction the nosy manager came over to peek and had a little bit of a ‘tude saying that she hated those coupons. I just smiled, said thanks, and walked out with $15 worth of merchandise!

      Also, there was NO Baby Magic to be found anywhere…shelves were cleaned out, so I’m wondering if people are using that 75 Cent PDF like crazy! I only wanted to use 2! Oh well!!!

  • Ashley

    I do not see the coupon on the website.

  • Breanna

    There’s no coupon when I look… Someone please help!

    • Jennifer

      I just checked, and it looks like it’s gone. Sorry!!!!