ShopRite: Brawny Paper Towels 8 Pack as low as $2.38!

New Brawny Coupons

Woohoo!  I’m happy to report that the Brawny Catalina Deal I had posted about during the week is working on shelf prices.  The deal is Buy $20 select Georgia Pacific Products and Get a $5 Catalina good for school supplies.  And, the catalina just prints “Off Your Next Order” and does not say anything about school supplies so you can use it on any product.

Also, some of you may have clipped a Brawny ShopRite eCoupon which expires on 8/11 so be sure to check your digital coupons in your ShopRite account.

Update: Be sure to get the 8 Giant Roll pack that has a shelf tag of $10.38 and a sale price of $6.88.  Buying any other Brawny products will not produce the catalina

Here are the coupons you can find:

Here are your deals:


Be sure to check the rest of the ShopRite Coupon Match Ups for the week.

Thanks Jody!


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  • Elaine

    Awesome! Thanks Jody and Cindy….

  • Michelle

    Went this morning and did it!! I’m going to go back tomorrow night, with my $5 Cat I just got with it and my other 55 cent coupons, to let it roll!!

  • KarenB

    Thanks Cindy. Question for everyone. My page changed the way it looks the other day, and now there’s no place to put in a zip code. Has anyone else had that problem?

    • Cindy

      I’m not sure if it was an oversight on the zip code or if that is how it will be from now on. I’m checking on that. But, in the mean time, you can click “local Coupons”, change your zip code and then click the coupons tab.

  • Andrea

    Can we do this deal more than once? I did it today with two $.75/1 coupons. I want to do it again with two $.55/1 coupons and use the $5 cat from before. Will that work?

  • Stacey k

    It should. It says limit one per customer per transaction

  • Andrew

    Hello. My Shoprite and Shoprite’s 1800 number are telling me that catlinas like this Brawny one are based on the sale price and not the original price. Does anyone know where it says in writing that deals like this are based on the original price of the item? Thanks.

  • Christine R

    Yay! I was just checking in to see if this deal was on shelf prices and see that it’s even better with the cat being off your next order instead of just school supplies! Thanks Jody and Cindy!

  • Victoria

    OK, this feels like a really silly question but, how to you change pages on I have been on that website for years and not loving the changes as to how to navigate the pages. BUT now, I don’t see how to get off the first page…HELP PLEASE!

    • Eleanor

      Scroll down to the bottom and click on”Show More Coupons”

  • Anna

    How do you get the e coupons, is that cellfire?

  • Victoria

    Just bought 2 (8) packs at 8.49 each and not cat. Are there different types, maybe I bought the wrong one??

    • Lisa

      I went yesterday and noticed the sale price was $8.49 as well and decided to wait to buy them. Has anyone else seen this at thier Shoprite as well and did you try the deal and it worked, thanks! I am going to another Shoprite today to see what the price is there.

    • Becky

      Same here, bought two at 8.49, no cat. Shoprite in MD

      • Andrea

        The ones that are $6.88 say they are an 8 pk but they are the bigger rolls so it says 8=12 for the ammount. I’m not sue if that made sense or not. HTH!

  • Haseena

    My shoprite wasn’t getting brawny until tomorrow night and sparkle is not on shelf price so I had to return it… And I am on my last roll of paper towel.

  • Karin

    What is the ” buy” stock up price on toilet paper. Is the .34 a great price. Also, if I sign up for the 30 day trial on is it easy to cancel?

    • Lisa

      Get a Swagbucks account, then you can collect Swagbucks for $5 Amazon gift certificate and earn 10 Swagbucks for every coupon you print through Swagbucks (it exactly the same coupons as on I’ve earned and saved a TON!!

      • Gia

        HI LISA!!

  • Bill

    What do you mean “not on shelf price”? The Sparkle is priced lower so you need to buy something like the napkins in addition to 2 Sparkle to get over $20.

    Victoria — it’s the 8 packs.

    • Haseena

      I bought 2 Sparkle Paper Towel 8-Pack, $5.88 each ($9.08)
      and 1 Mardi Gras Napkins, $1.99 ($2.29) and I did not get the Cat. Went CS and they told me that the Cat is based on sale price not Pre-Price Plus Price.

      Has anyone had luck with the Sparkle deal?

      • KarenB


        I did that exact deal this morning in Chester, NY and it did work on the sale price. I got my $5.00 cat.

        • KarenB

          I meant to say “shelf” price.

  • Bill

    BTW, what makes Brawny worth paying more for than the Sparkle, when Sparkle is a larger package (roughly 10% more square feet). Brawny worked out OK for this deal since the shelf price was over $10 and did not require an additional purchase, AND I had the 75c coupons and ecoupon. But if I do the deal again, I will probably buy Sparkle, and maybe some TP if I can find a coupon for it.

  • Karen B

    Is anyone else having a problem trying to post replies to the some of these questions? I tried last night and now this morning.

  • Karen B

    I see I can still post, just not as a reply, so I will put everything in this one email. @Cindy thanks for the zip code suggestion. @Anna, cellfire does have some of the same ecoupons, but Cindy is talking about from the website. You have to register your card on it and then you can pick them from there and also print a list of what you loaded to your card. @Andrew, what the 800 # is telling you, is also what the stores will tell you too, but most of the time the deals like the brawny one will work on the shelf price, however last week it didn’t work that way for me.@Victoria, I too do not like the new It seems harder to follow the coupons for some reason.

    • Bill

      I actually like the new (other than not being able to change the zip code easily). You can keep adding new pages quickly and they all get displayed together. In the past you’d only be able to view one page at a time. Not as easy as if they let you search and only view a specific coupon, but at least this way you can load all the pages and then search for the coupons you want.

      • KarenB

        Bill, I’m not sure what you mean. I think I best look at the site again.

  • Jennifer

    My shoprite (Manchester, CT) must be working off sale price 🙁 I bought 2 of the brawny towels today, and no cat printed. My CS always insists that all these deals are based off sale price, so I didn’t bother trying to get the cat. I think I will just return them next time I head to the store. Too bad, because this would have been a good deal!

  • Kristine

    Hello Everyone….I went to my shoprite this evening and I purchased the paper towel above in the picture….It rings up at 8.99 after your card scans….this is the wrong one. I had to go to customer service and get a refund. I used two coupons for .75 my family bucks for 5.00 a store coupon for .50 and also a 3.00 catalina from the butterball turkey…so needless to say I was a little upset. Customer service was extremly nice and made sure I received all my muney back including the value of all my discounts. The paper towel that goes with this deal are the ones marked The ones that are $6.88 they are an 8 pk but they are the bigger rolls so it says 8=12 for the amount. If you look closely at the flyer it shows you this one. So on my second try I did get the catalina! And it did work on shelf price….so try it again for sure it’s the 8=12 rolls.

    Hope this helps guys.

    • Bill

      Buy the one in the ad, not the one in the photo. There should be a display of the sale items.

  • Kristin

    Is anyone else having issues finding these in the stores???

    • Kim B

      I checked Shoprite at Home for my local store, and no Brawny product is listed as on sale. There are no products matching the description in the ad either. I’m going to Shoprite tonight, so we’ll see…

    • Sue Donym

      These were pictured in my local flyer, and I ended up finding them on an end cap, towards the back of the paper goods aisle. Funny enough, there weren’t ANY in the aisle itself. I’d suggested taking a look around the corner. 🙂

      Also, similar to Kim B, my local “Shoprite from Home” store didn’t have this product listed or any other Brawny sale item listed, but it WAS in my store. I did this deal 2 times and stocked up on great paper towels. HTH!

      Good Luck!

      (P.S. – IMO, these are definitely the better deal, when choosing between Brawny or Sparkle. The Brawny paper towel sheets are really thick, and the eight rolls themselves are (supposedly) 50% larger than the normal rolls, making them the equivalent of 12. 🙂

      • Kim B

        Yup. Went to the store and they were at the back end cap only.

        I ended up getting Angel Soft and Sparkle though. But I’ll probably go back and roll the $5 Cat from those and get Brawny as well. We certainly don’t need that much paper, but since it’s such a good deal we’ll probably end up donating some of it to the local animal shelter.

  • Trina

    I wish I would have was this before I brought the Brawny, it didnt work for me. I did not get the cat, and then manager had to adjust price of Brawny cause it rang up $8.99 each.

  • Jomayra

    Can someone please confirm if the Brawny cat rolls?

  • A

    The Brawny cat rolls and I’ve been stocking up on them. I didn’t know untl now that some are having issues with the catalina not printing. I always get the 8 pack (the thicker ones and the photo shown above) and the cat always prints for me.

  • Trina

    So, I got the right rolls today and received the $5.00 back.