ShopRite Coupon Match Ups 8/12 – 8/18

ShopRite Deals for the week of 8/12/12

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  • Linda

    Thanks for the match-ups Cindy!

    • Yes thank you!! You are amazing!!

  • Keri

    Can anybody confirm that dairy coupons (i.e. yogurt) are not accepted in NJ??

    • Dana C

      I just used a $.85/2 Yoplait Trix coupon today in NJ with no problem.

    • Rose

      I’m assuming since the coupons says void in Nj that this is correct

      • Dana C

        I didn’t look if it did or didn’t. It was an IP coupon and I did have a cashier who examined my coupons before scanning them so if it did say that, it didn’t matter; it didn’t beep and I did buy the correct items.

    • leah

      I never heard of that. I’ve used dairy coupons, including yogurt, at the East Brunswick and Spotswood ShopRite stores.

      • Tracey

        I ALWAYS use the yogurt coupons, never have a problem. BUT they do say void in NJ and you may run across that one person who won’t let you use it(I’ve even had people manually put it through when the register refuses it)… Just pick a good register and hope for the best!!!

  • Elizabeth

    thank you for the matchups!

  • Vanessa

    The coupon for the Pepsi Next expires today, 8/11.

  • Shari

    keebler limit is 4 – hmmmm- multiple trans ????? Or have the cashier adjust the price ????

    • Michelle T.

      Limit is 4 per variety, so you can buy 4 chocolate chip and 2 mini fudge stripe or some other combination 🙂

    • Dana C

      Buy 2 different varieties.

    • Alan

      Keebler is Limit 4 per Variety …so just get different kinds 😛

      Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookies, Mini Fudge Stripe or Mini Chips Deluxe

      Can get 12 ..although I believe according to most store polices only 8 will have coupons since it is limit to 4 of like… These are 55 / 2

      • Shari

        YOU guys are Amazing !!!! Thankyou

  • Angela

    Be on the lookout for a ShopRite random catalina for $2.50 off any One Goodnights underwear Jumbo Pack or Larger. I have gotten it at least 4 times and find no specific trigger. Seems like ShopRite is printing an awful lot of randoms lately and more higher value than you can find in inserts/magazines.

  • nl

    thank you!!

  • Bree

    All of the Yoplait Smoothie coupons are void in NJ 🙁

    • Megan

      that is annoying! has anyone tried it in NJ!!!???

      • Loretta

        It says void in NJ so please don’t “try it” the store won’t be reimbursed for it 🙁 Which will in turn cause more problems for couponers

        • Janelle S

          These are the times that I love nt living in NJ. I would hate if I couldn’t use a coupon because of the state I live in.

  • Alan

    Shoprite eCoupon available for .50 / 2 Ragu expires 8/18

    Buy 6 Ragu Pasta Sauce, $1.66 each
    -(3) $0.60/2 Ragu Pasta Sauce
    Pay: $6.36
    as low as $1.06 each after coupon wyb 6

    If included there is a Lance Crackers Creations Coupon both previous and in this weeks paper .75/1 which makes this .50 each after full double. Acme had the same deal previous week (now expired). Since it does say specifically 8 pack ..and creations are 12 not sure if this is going to fly.

    Will post back.

    Please let us know if the cats are working on Shelf prices and if the cat for the school supplies is really a cat for school supplies 🙂

    Missed Lous Kemp Imitation Crab 3/5
    Printable .50 / 1 coupon = .66 each.

    Just to note the Cat deal on Crystal Light Drink Mix is not at Shoprite…

    • Alan

      Oh..Newman’s Pasta Sauce 1.99
      There is a .50 / 1 Pasta or Salsa Coupon if ya got it.

      So .99 each.

      All a matter of taste but a better deal than Ragu and our family really likes the Newman. Again..its all taste but Newman’s seem to have some bold flavor. Most people either really like it or really hate it. While some like Ragu is a little more subtle.

      There was a recent taste test done on pasta sauce by Consumer Reports. Top honors went to Giada at Target.

      Here is a snippet: According to the New York Post, Giada’s sauce costs only 60 cents per serving — less than half as much as the runner-up pasta sauce from Mario Batali.

      From memory the jar was 2.69 at Target. (Sorry about the semi-wild tangent.) Hope I don’t offend anyone. 🙂

      • Mary

        Was the Newman’s coupon a printable one?

        • Alan

          No sorry. Newman’s was not printable. I just picked up some on ebay for cheap cheap though. Only because we really like Newman’s.

          $1 @ is fairly typical of sale + coupon. This coupon also works on Salsa which is also typically $1 each.

    • Lisa

      I can’t find the Imitation Crab coupon anywhere… are you sure there is one available right now? I bought one today without a coupon, only to find out that it has gluten/wheat. I’m bummed. The Trans Ocean brand does not have gluten (although it’s not mentioned on the package. These companies need to make better ingredients labels!

  • Joan

    I have some “save $ on your next order” coupons from the Truvia, Glade, and Brawny deals. I tried to use one of each today in Neptune and I was told I could only use one. I told the cashier she was wrong and tried to explain, but she asked two nearby cashiers who agreed with her. I was not interested in an argument so I just paid and left.

    She said I could only use one because on the back (which is on every single thing that comes of the catalina machine) it says

    “For Coupons: Required Purchase necessary. No redemption for cash or credit.

    For Any Offer (as applicable): Offer valid only as stated. Cannot be combined with the same or any other offer. Expires on date stated… Limit 1 offer per purchase.”

    Has anyone experienced this? I’ve done it before in Freehold but I’m wondering if something has changed recently?

    • Alan

      Nope. One Cat per transaction is a new one on me. But I am a newbie. I know just yesterday I used 6 or so in one transaction no problem.

    • Marjie

      I’ve had no problems in Branchburg or Bound Brook NJ using multiple cats in one transaction.

    • Laura D.

      I’ve always used more than one cat per transaction. I did run into this exact problem at a Pathmark not too long ago. Then the debate started, between cashiers, I asked for the FEM. The FEM concluded that the sentence “Limit 1 offer per purchase” was pertaining to when and why it is printed. Meaning you only get 1 catalina per required purchase. He stated that they’ve always accepted multiple cats and are always reimbursed for them. I was happy with that explanation, the cashier continued with the attitude and angry face with commentary until the end of my transaction. My advice, cashier profile for now on and stay away from that bunch!

    • Christine

      This has happened to me. I tried using several CATs from the same promo. I had several CATs from a Kellogg’s deal for $3 off my next order. Because they were all from Kellogg’s and all from the same promo, I was told I could only use one at a time. The register wouldn’t accept more than one. Now I just do seperate transactions.

    • Dana C

      I’ve always paid with multiple cats when I have them. In fact, yesterday I made more than one transaction (I left the store and came back in so it wouldn’t cause any hassle) and I paid less than $12 OOP because I had originally had over $50 in cats and then received over $25 on my 2nd transaction.

  • Rachel

    For the Ragu, the coupons say Limit 2. Can I use three and hope the cashier does not notice. The store can still get the $ back, right?

    • c

      when you use coupons incorrectly like this, it makes them get more strict on people using coupons…

      • Rachel

        Right, but it’s post here, so is everyone else going to use 3 coupons?

        • c

          it’s up to you. i do see it somewhat frequently where a coupon is listed in a deal scenario and then has a restriction on the coupon that doesn’t make it 100% correct. it’s basically your call.

          personally, i try not to use them in any way that would be contradictory to their wording, but that is just me.

          my local shoprite is also very particular about examining coupons.

          the other side of it is that not all of us have the same coupons.
          other people might not have that wording on their coupon, so they can do the deal. if your coupons says “limit two like coupons per shopping trip,” that’s what it means.
          the language is technical and you have to read it, but it just bugs me that i get harassed by some cashiers and i don’t try to “get over” and there are others who purposely use coupons incorrectly.
          (my cashier last night was explaining this to me as he was examining my coupons. he said that he had a woman come in w/ 380 coupons or something and 50 to 100 of them were for the wrong thing – always in her favor…)

          anyway, this is wordy, but just do what you are comfortable w/. we all have different levels of comfort!

    • Jessie

      There’s no reason why the store shouldn’t get their money back – when they cash in their coupons there’s no way to know which ones were used together. If you’re worried about the cashier not taking the 3, I would use a self-checkout.

  • jocelyn a

    Can we use 3 .75/1 suave deoderant coupon? or should we do it like it was posted .50/1 and (2) .75/1? Just curious if it will affect anything, thanks

    • Laura D.

      The $0.75/1 coupon states “limit of 2 like coupons per transaction”, bummer. 🙁

  • Mark

    Thanks for the match-ups.

  • melissah

    recyclebank has a .75 q for hellmann’s mayo (with olive oil) should double making a better deal than posted above!

  • Laura D.

    Sweet surprise! ~ The glade expressions starter kit for mist is ringing up at $2.39 with price plus starting tomorrow, so if you still have the $3 coupon, you may get overage, plus the $1 catalina!! 🙂

    • Meli

      man i just vused my last 2 … o well next time!

    • Bill

      I guess that explains why it rang up at $3.39 this morning and $2.39 tonight when I went back for a second. Good thing I have 2 more!

    • Davey

      That was a Saturday night glitch, I’m almost 100% positive. They were on Price Plus for $4.19 ($0.90 off) Final Price $3.29. Now they are on a “locked-in savings” price of just $3.29, no price plus. The ($0.90 off) Price Plus discount was ending as of Sat. night/Sun. morning. They should just be $3.29 now, no price plus, through September something (I forget, it was on the new pricetag). Of course, it was a nice surprise, as I was there late Sat. night and they rang up $2.39 for the starter kit and $1.70 for the refills. This was after the updated ‘locked-in’ price and the ($0.90) Price Plus still came off. The $3 coupon gave some nice overage and still spat out a $1 OYNO from Glade. I bought one air freshener and one Blue Bunny ice cream, and after q’s for both, my total was $0.44 (including tax) and I got back $1 OYNO. I did this 4 times in a row! 🙂

      • Laura D.

        Yup, it was a Saturday night glitch. It didn’t work today. Last night the cashier adjusted my $3 coupon down so I didn’t bother doing another transaction since I knew I was going this morning. Still a MM 🙂

      • Bill

        That’s disappointing! Oh well, maybe I will hold onto my remaining 2 coupons until I am in Delaware next week and can buy them tax free :-).

  • Cheryl

    There is a coupon for $1/1 Marcal Small Steps on their facebook page that makes the deals a little better.

    • Jenn

      Thank you Cheryl, I didn’t see one listed.

  • Lady J

    Off topic – I’m in Lancaster for the weekend, what’s the best paper to get for coupons. Where I live, I can fully double, so a .75/1 is more valuable than $1/1. Most importantly, I need those baby wipe q’s. Thanks for any advice.

  • Anonymous

    going to buy 4 honey nut cheerios and 6 nature valley granola bars. use 4x $.60/1 cheerios coupons, and 3x $.60/2 nature valley coupons. i think i figured it out to be $10.84…then you get the $7 in catalinas back. just a healthier option (we don’t eat fruit snacks:). hope this helps someone! comes out to be about $.39 per item. i might even do this twice but use the $.50/1 cheerios coupon for the second transaction.

    • Michelle

      thank you, I was planning same one, we dont do fruit snacks either , they are horrible for your teeth and my kids dont eat them for that reason.

    • LRWC

      Don’t forget the Nature Valley Granola Bars don’t go on sale until Wednesday.

      • Laura D.

        LOl, I learned that one quick this morning when I saw the shelf tag and price checked it!!

      • Anonymous

        Thanks! I did remember that…in fact, I do my shopping trips later in the week for that reason!

        • nishaa

          There is also $0.5/2 ecoupon and $0.5/2 saving star coupon. What is $5 General mill Catalina for?

    • Alan

      Protein bars are on sale as part of the nature valley sale. I know this because my shoprite put out the Midweek Sales Stickers for the shelves by accident.

      I purchased two different kinds of Nature Valley Protein bars…almond peanut butter and peanut butter. Both showed on shelf as 1.88.

      Just throwing that out there if your looking for a better deal and will use these bars. I really like them and not sure how they compare heads up on health…but they are not terrible.

    • Anonymous

      ok, so protein bars are included and there is the ecoupon…so this makes for an even better deal. and i just realized that there will be a $5 cat and a $3 cat when you buy 5 or more nature valley bars (i was thinking $7 in cats before)

      buy: 4 honey nut cheerios
      2 protein bars (the hubby likes these better)
      4 granola bars (the kids like these better)

      use: 4x .60/1 cheerios
      2x .60/1 protein
      2x .60/2 granola
      1x .50 nature valley ecoupon
      and get $8 back in cats…if i am correct this comes out to $1.14 for everything! even less if you want to buy more of the protein bars…oh happy day! see you at shoprite!

  • Jill

    There’s an E-coupon for the Pull Ups Jumbo pack $1.50/1.

  • Keri

    I received a promo catalina that says “Buy $10 of Crest toothpaste between 8/17-9/2 and Save $2 on a future trip.” Not sure what the shelf price is of the Crest that’s on sale this week, but maybe this could make for an even better deal?? Remember though, not till Friday. 🙂

  • Joan

    Has anyone in Harford County, MD been told that or experienced that SR is no longer doubling internet coupons? A couple of weeks ago, they told me that they are not doubling the internet ones, but are now doubling the newspaper ones up to $.99. Changes quite a few deals.

    • anon

      I was at Forest Hill yesterday and they doubled my internet coupons with no problem. Which store were you at?

    • Mary M

      Hi, I’m in Harco and haven’t been told such and frequent shoprite usually 2x a week. Either main street or the festival.

      • jake

        we shop at festival and we were told a few months ago that they are not doubling internet coupons. we noticed for a few weeks are internet coupons did not double. then last week our internet coupons all doubled plus all other coupons doubled (up to .99)

        • Amanda

          6 months ago the festival shoprite told me the same thing about not doubling internet Qs and said it was always in their policy but they started enforcing it now. however, since then no one has said anything about it and they have all doubled fine, at festival, main street and forest hill.

    • Hi Joan,

      I visit the Forest Hill store almost weekly and haven’t noticed. I’ll check today.


      • April

        Ditto everone else. I go to Main St, Fesival, and Forest Hill and haven’t had any problems with IP’s doubling. I think your cashier was misinformed.

      • Su

        @Jessica…they have a print out of coupon policy “rules” at each check-out. It’s laminated. It states that IP Qs will not be doubled. However, that being said, a few of mine did double automatically. I am really really hoping the Kleins’ family(that owns Harco Shoprites) will continue to fully double MQ & add the IP ones as well.

    • Su

      I was told that…however, the SR in Forest Hill did double them. Maybe it was a fluke, but I was happy. They are definitely fully doubling MQs…I asked corporate via the website contact link. The IP Qs may not be a sure thing yet–hopefully they’re reading this and realizing it’s a win-win for all of us if they do fully double IP Qs!
      Hope this helps.

  • Jennifer S

    FYI, the $0.55/1 Fiber One bread coupon is only valid in MN, WI, ND, SD, NE, IA, MI & IL. Wish I’d noticed that before printing. 🙁

  • Claire

    Anyone have trouble with the eQs this am? I could see them but when I clicked (tried on 2 different computers) they wouldn’t add to my card.

    • Susan

      Hi Claire, yes, me too. I put on the first few, but once I got to page 5, they will no longer load. I tried two different computers also. Bummer!

      • Meli

        Me too it stopped on page 7 … msut be on overload ..we are all trying to get them at the same time lol.

    • Janice

      Same here. I tried 2 different computers and 2 different browsers. No luck 🙁

    • Christine R

      Cindy posted a note on her ecoupons post this morning that there’s a maximum of 88 ecoupons that can be loaded on your card at any given time. Once the ones you’ve used come off/expire you’ll be able to add more. I haven’t seen this problem before but if you recall a few weeks ago there were about 35 awesome ecoupons to be loaded and I think that’s what put us all at our limit. There are a bunch expiring on the 18th so hopefully the ones we want this week will still be available next Sunday, along with the new ones. Also, someone else commented that if you can’t load them through the SR site then load them through the cellfire site.

    • Megan

      i had to fight with it today as well… i found when i signed in it will let me add ecoups from PAGE 1 only then i had to use the bar on the left side and go to specific catergories and it let me stay logged on. You will see on the left upper page it will say Hello/welcome back (insert name) hope this helps

    • Su

      Only some of the eQs worked for me. I tried regular internet and Mozilla Firefox. Neither worked for three or four of the eQs….soooo frustrating.

  • Lady J

    For the Spend $30 on Select BTS ites, get $10 cat, can you use BTS cats to pay for these items, or are the BTS cats really only for paper and pens and such?

    • Vanessa

      If I remember correctly, I used the BTS cats to pay for ANYTHING. I was getting food and snacks for the kids lunches and realized I didn’t get any “school supplies” when the cashier joked that everything in the store was used for back to school!:)

  • brittany

    can anyone please confirm for me that the nature valley protein bars are included in the sale?

  • brittany

    nevermind..i see its a part of the four day sale, guess i will have to wait!

    • Alan

      Yep. I just read the cat not 60 seconds ago. 4 dollars off your next ziplock purchase.

      Also…the cat on school supplies does say school supplies but gives no ther details. What is a school supply? I say 4 pounds of chicken and a candy bar are school supplies 🙂

      Will have to see on that one.

      A few things… Lancer Crackers…I dont see creations on sale. The whole wheat Lancer Crackers should be on sale but Customer Service is telling me they are not part of the sale. They came up 3.29 each. They did Price Match though based on the ad said any variety and the wheat fell within the weight limits.

      The I did all the cat deals and they all came off shelf prices not sale prices. So that is good news!

      It was a tad bit of a mess as I noticed that the Nature Valley bars were put on sale at 1.88. Now..I thought ..humm. I bet that isnt right and the goofed up some how.

      Sure enough…they range up at 3.29. Keeping in mind this would probably happen I went ahead and bought one of each variety so that they all would have to be free.

      Can also confirm that both flavors of Protein Bars will be on sale as part of the 1.88.

      Kids Sauve Body Wash is on sale.

      Another bit of good news…my ecoupons came off this week!

      Dont forget to do the Fisher Boy Deal of the day when you can. The free items goes against that item not the Fisherboy so you can normally make money on that deal.

      I did get a Cat message that if I buy one box of Fiber Plus cereal …I get a 2 dollar cat. That is off One box. That’s a good deal. Not sure if it is targeted but I highly doubt it.

      • Cindy

        The Fiber Plus Cereal cat is target. Great deal if you received it.

      • Liz Harwood

        Did the ecoupon for the Suave kids item come off? I was thinking of doing 2 deodorants and a kids body wash for the deal.

        • Alan

          Kids body wash worked… I bought 3.

        • Lisa

          I bought two Suave kids body wash and one Suave deodorant and both the body wash ecoupon and the deodorant ecoupon came off – in addition to my manufacturers coupons that fully doubled. I paid $1.67 for the three items and got a $2 cat back. Nice!!

  • Heather

    So I recevied my newspaper this morning and the Lance cracker coupons were not included in the SS 08/12/12 packet. The Kellogg’s FiberPlus Antioxidants coupon in the RP 07/29/12 packet was for $1.00/2 and not $0.75/1 and I couldn’t find the Keebler Mini Chips Delux coupon for $0.55/2 in the RP 07/29/12 packet. I never found the Herr’s Tortilla Chips coupon in the SS 0/15/12 packet.


    • gia

      I order from ebay 0.55/1 Keebler cookies i got 20coupons for 1.00.

    • Cheri

      looks like we have the same coupons 🙁

      • Cheri

        sorry, my reply was for Heather

  • Holly


  • Jennifer S

    I noticed in the ad it says the cat from ziplockbis good on your next ziplock purchase can anyone confirm this? I was looking forward to using it toward my other purchases not more ziplock. Thanks a bunch also there is a kellogs insert floating around keebler displays for $1 pp off milk when you buy 3 keebler cookies 6.6 or larger works out great with the .99 keebler mini chips.

    • MaryL

      the cat does print with “off your next Ziploc purchase” hth

    • Carol B

      FYI: In 8/12/12 RP has save $1.00 on milk (any brand, flavor or size) when you purchase any 2 kellogg’s special k cereal bars, pastry crisps, granola bars and/or KELLOGG’S FIBERPLUS antioxidant bars. Use 2 when you do your Kellogg’s buy $25 get $5 deal and buy 4 of the Kelloggs FiberPlus Nutty Delights. I used mine on 2- 3/$5 Hershey choc milk.

      • Darlene

        Thanks! I had 2….Yay!!

  • jess

    i bought 8 boxes of the ziplock, and got no Catalina’s back! i’m so bumbed!!!

    • Alan

      Strange! Now if you read the Ziplock cat it does say limit one offer… So I am guessing…and it is just a guess…you have to roll these cats that multiples will not work?

      However I just bought 4 boxes and I got the 4 dollar cat …4 dollars off your next ZIPLOCK purchase.

      • Jess

        I know I don’t know what happened!

      • Anonymous

        same thing w the Alpo cat a few months back. Get a $1 ziplock item and use the rest toward anything else!

        • Shanta

          exactly what I was thinking:)

  • brittany

    does anyone know when the glade fragrance mist catalina deal is ending? I noticed my Shoprite took the “buy one get 1 dollar back” tag down from the other day but it still printed out the catalina. Wanted to do this again in a couple of days but wanted to make sure the promotion isn’t ending soon.

    • Lauren

      Not sure when it’s ending, but it did work for me today.

    • Davey

      Saturday 09/01/12

    • Kim B

      Was the Catalina only on the Mist or was it also on the Oil Diffuser? Because the Diffusers are now on sale for $5.50. If the Catalina is for ALL Expressions varieties that would be a money maker on the Diffusers too now.

      • Christine R

        Kim, I was actually just coming on here to post that I received cats for the oil diffusers, mists AND each of the corresponding refills!!!! I bought 16 Glade items (in 2 shopping trips, today being the 2nd trip) and I went to self check out and did separate transactions for each item and kept rolling the cats! I now have 8 teacher Xmas presents for my kids out of the way!!!

        • Kim B

          Brilliant! Thank you for confirming. 🙂
          Wish we had a self check out at our Shoprite. I hate holding up a line with multiple transactions. :/

        • Kim B

          Darn it. I went to the Shoprite closest to me (not the Shoprite I priced checked via Shoprite @ Home) and everything was more expensive. 🙁 I’m hoping tomorrow to go to the Shoprite I originally price checked and find the correct prices. Otherwise the excessive transaction hassle isn’t worth it.

          • Kim B

            Update: The Shoprite that had the sale listed on Shoprite at Home was even more expensive than the other Shoprite I tried. Annoying.

      • nishaa

        How is it money maker on diffuser?

        • Kim B

          The Diffuser Starter is listed as $5.50. Use the $5/1 coupon. Pay $0.50 OOP. Get $1 Catalina. Ends up as a $0.50 money maker.

          • nishaa


  • Ann

    Can I use the $4 cat from ziploc with ziploc coupons? The top of the $4 cat says store coupon. The $1 cat from the glade mist expressions say manufacture coupon. I’m confused? Thanks!!

  • Sherry

    I don’t see the Tyson Grilled & Ready in my sale flyer so I’m guessing this is an unadvertised deal. Any idea if its the big bag or the small bag?

  • Trina

    So I got the $2 cat for the suav, the $4 for ziplock, but it says off your next ziplock order, so do you have to use it on ziplock. Also, I got $5 for school supplies, does it have to be school supplies?

    • Christine R

      Yes and yes. HTH!

      • Bill

        No, it doesn’t HTH because you do NOT need to use the school supply Catalina for school supplies.

  • Alan

    Recycle Bank has a Ziplock container coupon for 1.50 / 2 (as noted in the matchups..but not sure it mentioned that it is now only 30 points…it was 40 points before.

    So makes for a decent deal if ya need them that is.

  • Kim B

    I’m seeing comments saying that the $5 General Mills Catalina is actually saying ON School Supplies. I don’t need school supplies…are there any specifics on it? Or could I get away with buying regular groceries using the $5 and say they are college student “school supplies”? lol

    • Anonymous

      I work at Shoprite and the coupon goes through even if you dont buy school supplies.

      • Kim B

        Thank you! Thanks great to know. 🙂

      • Alan

        I bought Milk, Granola Bars, 2 boxes of Ice Cream Cones and 4 boxes of Ziplock bags and it counted as School Items 🙂

  • Sibel

    There is a $10 General Mills Rebate that can be used with that great deal…

    • Kim B

      That unfortunately does not start til 8/17. 🙁 Would have been perfect for this week though, I agree.

      • Kim B

        Hah! Ignore me. I’m thinking of Acme’s sales dates. This would totally work for Shoprite this week. Sorry.

      • Faith

        shoprite’s not in the list of stores in the website 🙁

        • LRWC

          Yes it is. There is a ShopRite Coupon Match Ups and a ShopRite Hot Deals! It is in the Find my Stores tab!

          • I think she was referring to the GM Rebate Deal – there is a Shop-rite Mart, Inc. in the drop down box but not sure if that’s the same as Shoprite.

  • Kim B

    That Heluva Good product coupon is a DND by the way. Just printed it.

    • Reina

      Kim, I used the Heluva coupon today and it doubled fine bec. the code starts with 5.

      • Alan

        Yep..same..doubled no problem for me.

  • sara

    the scott deal did not print a cat. i did 3 scott towels at 6.89 pre price plus and 2 kleenex bundles at 4.99. had thee .75 off scott towels and two .50 off kleenex which all doubled. no cats spit out

  • Sheila

    the deal posted for ziploc sandwich 50 count is great but the 100ct is a better deal

    4 ziploc 100ct 8.96
    use 2 $1/2 coupons
    get back $4 cat

    $.74 each after coupons and cat

  • Alayna

    how do i know if i’ve used the shoprite ecoupons?? for some reason they don’t disappear from my account. Can i reuse them?

    • Christine R

      No, they can only be used once. I have the same issue with not remembering which ones I’ve used because they don’t disappear from your account afterward. I think I’m going to start a spreadsheet and keep a log of the ones I’m using. There’s got to be a better way though!

  • For the General Mills/Natures Valley Catalina Deal, couldn’t you use the $.75/2 coupon on the Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks that you had listed above (which I’m not sure where to find, what is GM? Is it a special newspaper insert for General Mills? Anyway with that it would total 7.88 – 7 in cats = $.08 each.

    Or if you wanted to get 3 of the fruit snacks to also use the $.75/3 shoprite ecoupon it would be $.19 each.

    • Christine R

      GM is the General Mills coupon circular that is delivered in the Sunday newspaper along with the Smartsource, Red Plum and P&G. They don’t come out that often though. HTH.

  • Winzilinie

    Shoprite ecoupons – it seems as though you can use them twice. You can only use one per shopping trip and then it sometimes might appear again to be used in a second shopping trip.

    However, if there is ANY discrepancy between the ecoupon and the item purchased, the ecoupon will not be deducted from your bill. A quick trip over to the CS desk should resolve the issue for you, so try to look at your receipt before leaving the store.

    • Alan

      At least at my store the CS will NOT help on ecoupons. They tell me to call corporate. Out of their hands etc etc.

      • Susie

        Corporate is very helpful though. My last trip they didn’t come off and I called them. Turns out somehow a different shoprite card was scanned. They are sending me a shoprite gift card for the e coupons!

  • Maria

    Hi i try to do the ziploc deal 50 ct $1.9 each
    Use (2)$1/2 ziploc and can i use my (4) $1 cat from glade mist in one transaction and get the $4 Cat from Ziploc????
    And how it say on the receipt when the ecoupon have been used???

    • Laura D.

      Yes you can use the (4) $1 in one transaction to pay for the Ziplock bags and get the $4 cat from Ziplock.

      The eCoupons are usually located within the body of your receipt underneath the product you are using it for along with the name of the product. It will have a code of TC, ECPN, CFIRE listed with the eCoupon amount. Sometimes the eCoupon comes off at the end of the receipt above your balance due. They are tough to find sometimes. They are never listed with your paper coupons. Some days they can really test your patience, good luck!!

  • Michele

    There is a cat for the Dole Fruit Smoothie Shakers – $2.00

    buy 2-3 get .75
    buy 4-5 get $1.50
    buy 6 > get $2

  • Alan

    Ok…from reading through this the Oil Diffuser is now on sale for 5.50 and you guys are getting 1 dollar cats? So = free plus .50ish MM (You pay tax in this state on these so…not much of an MM but still?!

    Anyone confirm the Diffuser is 5.50 with 1 dollar cat?

    • Christine R

      I can confirm the $1 cat on the oil diffusers; however, Shoprite from Home (online) has them priced at $6.29 at my selected location in Cherry Hill, NJ.

  • Laura

    Has anyone tried rolling the Ziploc Deal? I.E. using the $4.00 cat received from the first transaction to purchase a second set of 4 ziploc bags?

    • Christina

      Yes I did it the other day with no problems

      • Sherry Z

        Oh, I wish I’d paid close attention. I purchased 16 boxes this evening and now have 4 $4 Catalinas… wah.

  • Ashley

    Today when I used the 1.10/1 Tyson grill and ready the manager that came over to scan it through (dunce it didn’t go through for the cashier) said it was counterfeit because she has never seen one for $1.10 before. I told her that i got it from coupon network but she still wouldn’t accept it, bummer!

    • Ashley


    • Shari

      Thats when we need to have an IPAD
      To show them

  • Mar

    There’s a marcal small steps coupon on their fb page. 2 prints! The paper towels are on sale this week, front page of the flyer.

  • Stacey L

    Has anyone tried rolling the Ziplock deal yet? I’m heading to Shoprite soon and wondering if it’s going to work.

    • Christina

      Worked for me

  • Natasha

    Anyone know if the Nature Valley Protein bars ARE included?

    • A

      Yes, they’re included. I just got back from Shoprite and did the GM deal.

  • BJE

    I’ve seen the Applegate Hotdogs at a much lower price. Wait for this “sale” to be over and I’m sure the price will come down. Just last week they were priced at $4.49

  • Matthew

    ken’s salad dressing (SS 8/12) is $1/2 not $1/1. Or do other readers have different…wouldn’t want people to use the coupon in an incorrect way.

  • Amy

    Do we have a confirmation on the Nature Valley deal yet? Headed out tonight! TIA.

    • jen

      i went to shoprite today and bought 4 honey nut cheerios, 4 nature valley protein bars and two fruit snacks and all i got was a 2 dollar cat fro the granola bars 🙁

      • Michelle T.

        Jen, I bought those too and got the same thing. I just submitted a request from Catalina marketing for the $5 Cat. Could probably make a case for it at the store, since there is no dollar amount required. I went home first to look over the deal and receipt.

      • J.

        Betty Crocker fruit snack was not incuded. Picture was very misleading. If you read fine print it is only Motts and Ocean Spray
        fruit snacks that are included 🙁

    • Michelle T.

      Amy, I did the GM/Nature Valley/BC deal like posted above, except I had .75/2 coupon for the BC fruit snacks. Got the $2 Cat from NV, but not the $5 GM Cat. I may be emailing Catalina….

    • Laura D.

      I did the 4 Nature Valley protein along with 3 suave and got the $2 cats for both. HTH!

  • Erin

    Had the worst Shop Rite coupon experience today. My local Shop Rite refused to accept any of the five computer printed coupons that I wanted to use. When I asked the reason for refusal, I was told that all printed coupons needed to have a water mark and that “the dots” were missing. When I questioned what “dots” they were talking about, I was told the dotted line indicating where the coupons should be cut. (Mine still had some of the lines thanks to my shoddy cutting, but there were no dots only fine print words.) I was both embarrassed and annoyed by this. I consider myself to be a law abiding couponer. I don’t look for loopholes to exceed print limits or clear shelves. Heck, I don’t even do multiple transactions in a single visit. I have never had this issue with Shop Rite before, but am now leery of using any kind of printed coupons there in the future for fear they will think I am a coupon criminal!

    • Jenn

      Erin, which Shoprite was this? Sorry you had a bad experience.

    • Michelle T.

      Erin, don’t let a bad experience get you down. I have occasionally had a cashier that practically looks at every coupon with a magnifying glass LOL. That’s the type of cashier that manually DND’s my coupons :(. I am now more choosy as to which cashier I will go to (cashier profiling), and am usually satisfied with my checkout process. I know how it makes you feel like a criminal when you didn’t do anything wrong! I had a very nice girl today who checked every coupon, but everything scanned without a hitch and she was very nice, even apologized for so thoroughly checking everything. She said she’s had photocopied coupons before and just needs to be careful. Can’t fault them for that, just makes us show our coupon integrity! Next trip will be better 🙂

    • Kim B

      You mean the dashed line where you cut it? I always cut my coupons just inside that line. I use baseball card holders for my coupons and they don’t fit if i keep the dotted line (plus I think it looks sloppy. lol). Most IP coupons have watermarks these days (though ironically the only time I get a non-watermarked one is straight from the manufacturers website, what was the coupon for? Sorry you had a bad experience though. That’s as nit-picky as nit-picky get right there.

    • dave

      this is where you say, im going to stop and shop then, they will take them. and say you dont want any of the order.. 2 for 2 on this in CT

  • Alan

    Brief update:

    Acme has unadvertised sale on Lancer still this week…carry over from last week..2/4 including wheat and creations…so only .50 a box after .75 / 1 coupon.

    This deal did not work for me 🙁 I only got a $1 dollar cat. I am not sure why. I actually bought 5 Protein bars but no deal..only a 1 dollar cat.

    Buy 4 Nature Valley Protein Bars, $1.88 (if included)
    -(4) $0.60/1 Nature Valley Granola
    -$0.50/1 Nature Valley Granola eCoupon
    Pay: $2.22
    Get: $2.00 Catalina

    I can’t complain too badly…will break down my shoprite mid-week trip later.

    • Michelle T.

      Alan, that is strange, I bought 4 of the protein bars (used 4 .60 Q and one .50 eQ). Even though the shelf tags said buy 3 get $1, I did get the $2 Cat. I think the Cats are just wonky this week 🙂

    • Laura D.

      The deal you have listed worked perfectly for me today. Do you make sure your cat machine light is green? I know if it is blinking or red you can have problems.

      • Michelle T.

        I don’t know what happened. I did get other Cats that I was expecting, just not the $5 one. Catalina marketing says I should have an answer in two days. If not, I can always take my receipt back to ShopRite.

    • D Gilkes

      I did the 4 protein bar deal and only got a $1 cat .. that is wierd that they are printing differently at different stores.

      • Laura D.

        I bought 2 of the peanut butter and 2 of the almond. Maybe it is linked to the flavors?? :/

  • Kim B

    I just realised Shoprite will only double up to 4 like coupons. I have 4 $0.50/1 Nature Valley Protein bars from the paper, and I have 2 $0.50/1 Nature Valley Protein bars from the internet. Are they considered the same no matter what form they are in, and therefore will only double 4 of them? 🙁

    • Alan


      This is one that I got 5 answers for just recently.

      I went in late at night so it was only one Cashier and one manager. Talk about scrutinize my coupons…

      Anyway..they saw I used 5 coupons on one product. 4 were Internet and 1 was print. They had different bar codes.

      Manager said that they only accept 4 coupons per product …and that includes all varieties (I pointed out I had two different kinds of granola bars).

      I went to Customer Service…they agreed with that.

      I came back today and had zero problem with my 5 coupons doubling. Cashier did not look twice. Register rang it up with no over-ride.

      Then again..same register took my 1 dollar off Aunt J Waffles…which I decided not to buy 😛

      No ecoupons came off this trip though… I think someone was on to something when they said to have cashier Semi-Total before paper coupons are applied.

      For the record…I did tell the cashier I didn’t buy the waffles and he voided coupon on the register and handed it back to me. .50 cents for waffles are good…but freezer space is tight right now 🙂

      • Alan

        Er by two kinds I mean I had ..

        3 Peanut butter Protein bars and 3 Chocolate Almond Peanut Butter Protein bars…

        So same kind of bars just different flavors.

      • Kim B

        Well to be on the safe side I stuck with:

        (4) $0.50/1 Nature Valley Protein Bar
        (2) $0.60/1 Nature Valley Protein Bar
        (1) $0.50/2 Nature Valley Granola Bars
        (1) $0.60/2 Nature Valley Granola Bars
        & the Cellfire coupon for $0.50/1 Nature Valley Protein Bar worked as well!

        My Shoprite only doubles up to $1, so thats $8.50 in coupons.
        (For some crazy reason the register would just NOT take the $0.60/2 Q, a manager had to override.)

        I paid $10.30 OOP.
        I received a $5 catalina.
        AND a $3 catalina! I was not expecting it, so I’m not fussed about the coupon limit anymore. LOL!

        BTW that makes it $0.23/box! Love it!

        Thanks Alan. I love reading your comments. SO detailed and helpful!

  • D Gilkes

    Can anyone confirm that the $5 Catalina wyb 4 Honey Nut Cheerios, 4 Nature Valley protein bars, and 2 fruit snacks is working … I wanted to donate some items to a food bank who is asking for collections.

    • Alan


      I didn’t do your exact deal but I can confirm that the cat is working on shelf pricing not sales price.

      I did this deal 3 times this week. A few varieations including Cheerios, Bars and Fruit Snacks. Also used the light Yogurt with granola.

      • Daniele

        Thanks Alan .. I always follow your comments .. I should be able to do a combo of granola and protein bars since they are different variety .. I was just worried becdause the cat didn’t print for some people

      • Cynthia

        Alan thank you for your comments. Very detailed and helpful. you are developing quite a fan base at this site. LOL

  • Daniele

    Alan … I am inteerested in your mid-week trip to shoprite when you get a chance

  • Amanda

    So im not sure if this was posted but something interesting happened last night. I bought 8 varieties of Keebler cookies for .99 used (4) .55/2 that fully doubled and received a the $5 cat for school supplies.

    So looking back at my receipt the cookies I bought were regularly priced at 3.69.

    3.69 x 8 = 29.52 pre price club price
    .99 x 8 = 7.92 (after price club card)
    -(4) .55/2= 3.52
    and received $5 CAT for school supplies! YAY!

    $1.48 MM!!!

    • Melissa

      i dont seem to be getting follow up comments anymore.. any idea what ive done wrong? yes i checked my spam.

    • Shari

      Thankyou !!! Great Deal – Hope my Q camein the Mail today

  • Jasmin

    these granola bars are good for school lunches!

  • J.

    My $5 Catalina did not print. I was told Betty Crocker is not a part of General Mills deal. Only Motts and Ocean Spray snacks.

    • Laura

      That is not true. Betty Crocker is part of General Mills. That happened to me during the Dollar Days promotion of Buy 15 GM products, get $10 Catalina. I purchased 15 items, including Betty Crocker Muffin mixes and my CAT didn’t print. However, when I pointed this out to customer service, they printed the CAT for me. I would call shoprite’s corporate number to get CAT.

  • tracy

    Is the Kimberly Clark deal working on shelf prices?


    I wish the ziplock deal idea had indicated that the catalina would only go towards more ziplock product. I expected the catalina to be towards ANY next purchase. I already had several boxes in my stash before buying 4 more this week so i really didn’t want to buy additional ziplock right now but I’m going to have to unless I let a $4 catalina go to waste.

  • trina

    The fruit snacks cherios granola bars worked for me got $5 cat

  • Rachel

    I have a BOGO coupon question, which can’t be answered by Cindy’s FAQ section because the coupons have the new bar codes.
    Can I use the coupons for a free Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist Starter kit when you buy any Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist refill AND a coupon for a $1 off any Glade Expressions refill.

    Today I was told no at Shoprite. I was buying one Starter kit and one refill. I was told I need to buy a 2nd refill to use the $1 off coupon. I put the items back and took my coupons with me.

  • Sherry Z


    should have known it was too good to be true;

    should have known that Cindy would have posted it…

    It’s a YOURBUCKS offer so it’s not redeemable – it’s worth $4 on a future order; could have used it on our purchases last week, I assume….

  • Yente

    Seen last night:

    SR Ibuprofen – 50 tablet and 50 caplet bottles, $1.50

    Saves a trip to Target.

  • the ecoupon for the earthbound never came off, anyone else having this problem??

    • CP

      Yes. Two times I tried but it didn’t.

    • c

      mine never comes off either!
      i think it’s in the fine print that it’s eb farms kale or a specific type of lettuce that my shoprite doesn’t even carry! darn!