ShopRite Coupon Match Ups 8/19 – 8/25

ShopRite Deals for the week of 8/19/12

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  • Holly


  • RobinMW

    Thank You for the match ups.

  • Annie

    Just a little heads up the gogo squeeze apple sauce coupon states that it Does Not Double sorry 🙁

  • Alan

    Another site seemed to show that you can double dip with the Nabisco Cat and the Kellogs Back to School Cat using Kellogg cereal…dosen’t seem likely but thought I would ask..anyone?

    • mitchell f

      What site?

    • Laura D.

      Not seeing it, googled and no luck. What is the transaction that is supposed to work???

    • Christine

      I used the $5 off back to school supplies yesterday and it worked just fine along with my coupons. The service counter told me that cereal, peanut butter, jelly, Eggo’s, etc. were considered back to school supplies. I tried using another $5 off school supplies on my second transaction, but it didn’t work because I only had one box of cereal. I’m not real clear on everything that is considered “back to school”, so I just try it and see what happens.

      • mike

        i used my $5 off on “back to school” items with no problem. in my transaction i bought cereal, wet ones, lunch meat, super pretzels, and turkey burgers. The cashier didn’t even inquire much about it. they just had to get an override because the coupon was for $5 off, which is always standard at my store.

  • MaryL

    thanks for the matchups- Shop from home is excluding the kozy shack bread pudding from the sale not sure if that is telling or just hasn’t been changed yet.

  • Gwen

    Thanks cindi! Lol but I think the arm and hammer softener is a Lil over priced at 199.00! 🙂

    • LRWC

      whoops 😉

  • Mark

    Thanks for the match-ups.

  • amanda

    Thanks! So excited for the tresemme and pupperoni deals.

  • Jen

    Has anyone had any luck finding the .75/1 coupon for the Nabisco cheese nips? I have checked almost all of the clipping services and ebay. I found one for .50/1 but it states its a commissary coupon and I don’t think ShopRite accepts it. All I can find is .75/2 but I would rather score them for free 🙂

    • Alan

      No luck at all… Nothing on any of the 3 clipping sites I use..nothing on ebay..nothing. No 75/1 at all. If it wasn’t for the trustworthiness of the people who are saying it exists…well…

      Anyway…do like me…move on…cause they don’t seem to be available anywhere.

    • Tiff

      I’ve only seen the .75/1 Belivita coupon from a few weeks ago. The .75/1 Nabisco coupon from 8/05 must be a unicorn.

  • Jen

    That’s what I’m about to do Alan. Using a .75/2 coupon is still a stock up price for me. Just hoping it would be for free but oh well. Like you said, just moving on! Thanks Cindy for the matchups! 🙂

  • justme

    thanks a million for the matchups, I just wish shoprite would allow you to do 2 transactions back to back

    • Valerie

      Does your store have self check out? Maybe try doing it there. Or go to your car to unload and then go back in if the deal is worth it.

    • Erin

      My shop rite has allowed me to do up to 4 back-to-back, it was very quiet @ 7 am. Maybe it was just the cashier, try again.

      • Daisy

        I work at the ShopRite Lawrenceville and we do back to back transactions all the time.

    • Lady J

      My SRs don’t allow you to do 2 transactions back to back, but if you have a reasonable sized 2nd transaction, they don’t mind it horribly as long as you go to another register. You could always bring stuff out to the car and then come back in.

      • Jessi

        I usually just take my first purchase out to the car and then go to a different register. If it’s busy they definitley don’t notice!

    • Dawn Holgersen

      I’ve shopped at the ones in Bordentown, Willingboro, Delran, and Cinnaminson,NJ. And they’ve all let me do back to back transactions. I try not to do more than three transactions.

    • Kim D.

      My store was really not very coupon friendly, but even they let me do 2 back to back. My 2nd transactions are always really small, maybe that’s why they allow them? I’ve even had people behind me and insisted that they be taken before my second transaction and the cashier wouldn’t let me go to the back of the line!

    • meg

      when i do 2 transactions…. i do small one first and then the big one! so i dont hold people up

  • Russ

    I can’t find the Pup-Peroni e-coupon.

    Also, I see the $2.00 Cat is WYB 2 or more. So wouldn’t it be better just to buy 2?

    • Russ

      Nevermind. I see it’s a $1.00 Cat WYB 2 and a $2.00 Cat WYB 3.

      • Alan

        Yep… 2.00 when you buy 3. Worked perfect for me. I got 6 in basement now 🙂

    • Russ

      To further the mystery of the Pup-peroni e-coupon, I don’t see it when I look at my e-coupons online from my laptop, but DO see it when I look at my e-coupons from the ShopRite app on my Droid. Strange….

  • Rose

    I always click on every ecoupon available & I’ve never seen that one or if it was available it must have expired, and Cindy what paper did you get the 75/1 nabisco coupon in alot of us in NJ have checked every site and if it exist we cant locate any clipper

    • Cindy

      Hmm, it was in the database. Possibly it was put into the database in error. Let me check further.

  • Christina

    The Green Mountain K Cups 12-ct – $5.88
    $3/2 12-count boxes of select brands K-Cups Packs, exp. 9/16/12 (SS 08/12/12)
    should actually be 8/19 SS

    • LRWC

      Thanks, Christina, I’ll fix the date on that!

  • Corine

    I can’t find the SuperPretzel shoprite ecoupon on or cellfire! 🙁 It must be gone!

    • LRWC

      Yep, it probably is by now if you haven’t saved it yet. When doing the matchups, I included eCoupons that were available previous weeks as long as they haven’t expired yet, which is why sometimes they’re available and sometimes they’re not. My best advice is to log onto every Sunday morning to “clip” the new eCoupons each week to ensure you don’t miss anything!

    • kristen

      Just FYI I do have it so it was available at some point. I go on every week to clip them even if i dont plan to use them just in case a sale comes up


    Question about the $5.00 “back to school supplies” cat…the term “school supplies” seems pretty subjective to me, anyone know details on what it can be used towards?

    • Alan

      You can use the back to school Cat on anything. Last week I bought 4 granola bars, gallon milk and an Oil diffuser and it counted as “back to school”.

      Others are reporting same thing.

      I also had no problem using the Ziplock cat with zero ziplock items in my checkout. No beep etc.

      • Eileen

        I couldn’t use the Ziploc Cat without any ziploc items in my cart (cashier wouldn’t allow me). Will try again this week.

        • Shari

          Bring your receipt to Customer Service

    • Lady J

      I used a $5 cat on 1 bx of crayons and 2 pks or pens (and I had q’s for those) and some fruit snacks which were stored in the BTS aisle in special BTS displays. The cashier asked about it, and I explained as I did above and it worked. Worse case scenario, buy 2 pks of paper = $4.98, use your $5 cat and you have free paper to print q’s on.

    • Betsy

      Does anyone know if you can use larger cats, like the BTS and Ziploc ones, when using self-checkout? For some reason, sometimes the larger ones beep when the cashier scans them, even when there’s no restrictions on their use. I’d like to use the Ziploc one in self-checkout and not buy any Ziploc. I just don’t want the cashier who assists at self-checkout to have to get involved.

      • Alan

        nope… I know 5 dollars kicked off the override on self checkout. Not sure if under will.

      • Jessie

        I recently used the $5 school supplies cat at a self-checkout, and had no problems.

      • Ashley

        I had no problem using the Ziploc catalina at self checkout.

    • Jodi

      I think it depends on the cashier. Last week one gave me trouble because I had 10 notebooks = $2 and nothing else she considered school supplies (she said it had to be things like pens and notebooks). I told her last year they told me it could be things like granola bars, plastic containers (ziploc, rubbermaid, etc) for packing lunches and the like. She called over the supervisor who told her to put it through. Other cashiers at the same store (East Windsor, NJ) don’t even look. Frustrating….

  • armando

    i know everyone including me is excited about the tresemme coupon but this is the wording on the actual coupon “save $3 on any tresemme styling product with the purchase of tresemme shampoo or conditioner” wouldn’t that mean that when i buy a shampoo i save $3 off the styling product? thanks

    • Stacy M

      Armando, I’m pretty sure you and I posted the same question at the same time….hopefully someone has an answer before the morning….I’m hitting the store early!

    • Lady J

      Hmm. It would seem to me that only the $1.99 that the product rings up would come off. I think they would price adjust this rather than give the whole $3 since it on the styler and not on the styler AND the shampoo/conditioner

    • Teresa M.

      My coupon was reduced to 1.99 by the cashier because that was the sale price of the styling product I purchased with the shampoo.

  • Stacy M

    Ok, I think I’m missing something. (I’m still new to couponing!) With the tresemme deal, I have the 3.00 off a style product with the purchase of shampoo. Since essentially the styler will be free, and the shampoo is 1.99, won’t I essentially be paying 1.00 each and not .49 cents?

    • Marie

      Hi Stacey,
      I would agree that it may be $1, if the coupon value is adjusted down to $1.99 for the styler. If it’s not, you would pay $1.99 for the shampoo and $1.99 for the styler = $4 – $3 coupon = $1 for two (or $0.49 each). I will be doing this deal in the morning as well – either way it’s a great deal!

    • Cuzzie

      You are buying one shampoo @ 1.99 and one styler @1.99. Total 3.98-3.00 MFQ = .98/2 = .49 each

  • elizabeth Harwood

    Just did the cereal deal and didn’t get a cat. Oh well, I used 4 of the .70 frosted flakes coupons, so I got a good deal(last day to use if you have them.) I also noticed that the regular frosted flakes appear not to be included

    • Lady J

      did you buy the regular frosted flakes and that’s why you didn’t get the cat? Or, did you buy the correct frosted flakes and still not get the cat?

    • jmc

      hello, can you please tell me where to find the .70 coupon on the frosted flakes?

      • Laura D.

        From the Red Plum insert 7/08/12, it expires today.hth.

      • Alan

        It was a print coupon… They were several. Frosted Flakes, Krave and Raisin Cinnamon. All going bye bye today.

  • Janelle S

    Thanks for the Match-ups

  • Brenda

    Good morn,

    I just went to Shoprite and did the deal with 4 apple jacks, 3 frosted flakes and the catalina did not print. I went to C/S she said I did not spend the correct amount. It may work later on today but this morning not working.

    • Debbie

      I did the same transaction and did not get the catalina either. I went to customer service and was told the same thing.

    • Laura D.

      I had the same problem. I realized it was because of my shelf price. The FF were $3.63 but the AJ were only $3.39 which doesn’t meet the $25 requirement. I was able to go to CS and purchase one more box of FF and use the $0.70/1 and she gave me the balance ($5.00 – $0.48=$4.52) back in cash. Not the best deal. You may want to check your receipt and go to CS if that is the case. HTH!

  • Matthew


    Stridex $1.99. Use $1/1. Product insert–NO expiration. $0.99 each!

  • Jim

    CONFRONTED AT SHOP RITE DURING CHECKOUT BY TWO (2) MANAGERS!!!!! It was my 2nd visit of the day. Visit #1 was a strong $$ saving visit using $40 in coupons. The cashier was very very particular about the DND coupons (as she should be). There was one DND coupon for Helluva Cheese that she set aside — at that point I opted not to purchse the Helluva Cheese. She wasn’t rude but I could tell that she was a bit up-tight. The transaction was then closed out and then I went home. ONce home I realized that I should go back and ROLL the $4 ziplock since SATURDAY was the last day to get the $1.99 sale price. 4 hours later was visit #2 — I bought a pizza from the appy dept (at full price), more ziplocks (different variety), and Milky ways. BEFORE the transaction began the two managers approached me and my wife calmly asking if we had been in earlier using coupons — I calmly responded YES and waited for their next question. They then said that they have policies. I continued to wait for a question. They explained only 4 purchases of like items per day. I continued to wait for a question. They looked at my couple of items and coupons and told the cashier that we were OK.. I continued with my transaction. All went through with no problem. Another $4 ziplock coupon printed, I then handed to my wife which it rolled for her ziplock purchase. Then we went home. Wife was somewhat embarrassed. We reflected back and reaLIZED THAT cashier from visit #1 spotted us in the aisles and reported us to the manager. Not sure what she reported, but I think that she was jealous b/c we saved nearly 80% on the visit#1. Thanks for reading my rant.

    • gia

      I had similar experience last Friday in warminster shoprite I did my 1 transation was include the zip bags and back to sc hool everything was fine.I left put my stuff in the car then I went to Ross rigth next door then I decide to go for more because I had drove 17 miles I just want to roll the cats.on my 2 transaction the manager came up to me and say that he could allow me buy any of the items that I had previous bough because is only 1 a day I also say is for my mom a diferent card she still took my ziplog bags and my cookies. I was very embarrass also my 8 year was asking what so we do wrong for this to happen. I learn my lesson 1 transaction a day.

      • Laura D.

        A way around that would be to have your daughter do a transaction right before you with her own PP card. Then you can get 8 of an item per day. Don’t the stores realize that if they keep that policy people will go and shop elsewhere.

      • Alan

        I got the 3rd degree at today also at the Hatfield Store. I knew they were going to be uptight today as its the first day of a 2 week tripple coupon promotion.

        Second transaction I had a nice manager and the transaction went very smooth.

        • janice


      • Lady J

        they are particular in warminster. The one time i was there for triples (not really worth it) I saw them giving someone with a binder a hard time. I never bring a binder. Why bring attention to yourself, expecially if you aren’t doing anthing wrong. I don’t have the time to shop with a binder anyway, but even if I did, I wouldn’t want to advertise.

    • Laura D.

      Geezzz……. that’s awful! Definitely stay away from that cashier from now on! I would call corporate on the “you can only buy 4 like items per day” and question it. I’ve never seen that one in writing. You may want to consider changing your stores. I drive further that I have to just to avoid a non-coupon friendly SR. Good luck in the future.

      • Carla

        I was so embarrass you had to see my daughters face : mom what happen to my cookies? Later I went to other store and got her cookies.

      • mario

        Use two different cards, my girlfriend and I both have a card and do the same transactions sometimes with no problems.

      • Gia

        They are friendly but the other ladie I don’t know her position in there apologize she said its because they been issue a lot rain checks for people that really paid full price instead couponing..that was embarrass.

      • carrie

        I had a similar situation last week when I went to do the ziplock and nature valley deal. I was doing back to back transactions, but had different ziplocks, different nature valley bars and no more than 4 like coupons, even when combined with the 2 transactions (some were the .50 off and some were the .60 off). The cashier threw a temper tantrum when he saw my coupons (started slamming things) and called the front end manager over before he even started to scan my order. She told me that they have rules in place for a reason and she cannot let me use this many coupons again. I asked why and she advised they don’t always get reimbursed. I again asked why and what makes my coupons different then the person behind me and she couldn’t answer me. I left feeling so angry because I try to follow all the rules. I had no more than 4 “like” items (even in 2 orders combined) and had no more than 4 of the same coupons (i only have 2 computers and can’t print any more than that). I think I am going to have to call customer service. She is the only manager in the store that treats me this way..the rest are wonderful.

        • ZOMBIE

          Time to start secretly videotaping these nasty cashiers and send it to the corporate office. Let them see what their valued customers have to put up with. Gotta get some of those hidden spycam eyeglasses.

    • Sonya

      Hope you feel better! lol Only on this website, we understand completely how you feel. 🙂 I don’t know why the cashiers care so much! You are right, she was completely jealous. Don’t sweat it, you save your family money and you are doing it all right, so who cares about some silly cashier. Have a great day!

      • Jodi

        great point! Like I always tell the cashiers if they give me grief, “Take it up with corporate headquarters, not me!” I am following the rules. They are just jealous of the awesome savings!!!

      • Lady J

        the cashiers care b/c at the end of the day, if everything doesn’t add up, it counts against them and they can lose their jobs. For as many people that do the right thing there is probably another person intentionally doing the wrong thing, or trying it even though it’s not for the item they’re buying, because who cares? The cashier who loses their job – that’s who!

        • Alan

          Lady J…

          I think the question contextually was…why do cashiers care if I follow all the rules and get something for free or near free…

          Why do some cashiers take it as a personal insult to them when I use coupons (and follow all the rules correctly)?

          Why do some managers / cashiers feel the need to create new coupon rules spontaneously to protect their company from a “thief” like me?

          At least that is how I read the question..contextually speaking 🙂

    • MARY

      Which store? It sounds like the one near me that I AVOID.

  • Faith

    any update on Tresemme and catalina for kelloggs?

  • Laura D.

    Here is some good news and bad news from my trip this morning. The good news is the Pup-Peroni worked perfectly! I was also able to use the $5.00 school supply cat with just purchasing some notebooks, and using the remainder towards the rest of my order.
    Two pieces of bad news.
    1-The $0.20 Wirebound Notebook on sale with the minimum $10.00 purchase will deduct, BUT once the coupons deduct down below the $10.00 the register automatically adds $0.49 on for each notebook purchased and it prints below all of the listed coupons on the receipt! Bummer!
    2-The $5.00 cat didn’t print for me when buying 4 Frosted Flakes & 3 Apple Jacks. I had checked the shelf price on the FF ($3.63), but didn’t catch the AJ shelf price of $3.39. So my total was only $24.69 and I didn’t meet the $25 requirement.
    So I did the walk of shame to CS and bought one more cereal and they gave me cash for the cat (even better!) I also got back the $1.47 the register added back on for the notebooks. Only because I held my position of “it was not stated in the circular that using coupons would removed the discount.”

    Good Luck everyone!

    • Russ

      You’re right about the $0.20 notebook! I purchased it yesterday as a filler item knowing my subtotal was above $10, and wondered why the final bill wasn’t exactly what I expected (I always go to the register knowing what the bill should be). I, too, noticed the ADDITION of $0.49 listed at the bottom of the coupons.

      It wasn’t worth making a fuss over, but was indeed interesting.

    • I had the same thing happen to me with the notebooks a couple of weeks ago. The cashier couldn’t figure out why my total was going up instead of down after she did my coupons. Long story short but it was all fixed in the end.

    • Kristine

      Same thing happened to me, but customer service gave me the difference back! 🙂 I guess good karma considering they were all being donated to help in a mission our church is doing providing needy kids with backpacks filled with supplies 🙂

  • Jen

    I had the same problem with the shelf price of the cereals. I realized I was $.45 or so short. I bought 4 apple Jacks and 3 chocolate frosted flakes. I went over to customer service as well, bought an additional frosted flakes and the first cashier said I did not qualify for the promotion since it was under $25. I politely talked with him about the shelf price usually working, and he got another member of customer service and they gave it to me. I may have gotten lucky since a line began to form. Watch out for shelf prices!

    • Russ

      Thanks for the update. I’m glad I wait until Sunday afternoon to go shopping so I can read about the issues that everyone else is having and try to avoid them.

      I’ll just buy 4 Apple Jacks and 4 Chocolate Frosted Flakes. Will make each box $0.26, which is still a great deal!

  • lauri

    Am I the only one who cannot find the frigo coupon in the 8/12 SS??

    • Russ

      No. I don’t have it in mine either.

  • jasmin

    thanks now i know to get 8 cerials!

  • meli

    thanks forceverything

  • April

    Not sure if these were mentioned in the comments yet or not..

    There is a $1/1 Perdue Disney Cars printable, and they are on sale for $2.99 each. (The coupon in in the LWRC DB)
    There is a $.75/2 refridgerated nugget coupon in the 8/19 SS and they are on sale for $2.19.
    Also, the whole fryers are $1.09/lb so a great deal with the $1/1 Perdue coupon.

    • Alan

      Careful on the Disney Cars. I did 3 of them…and I was ok with it..but

      11.2 Oz for $2.00 isn’t exactly cheap.

    • justin

      Was the breaded chicken in the flier?

      • Alan

        Nope..just part of the 40% off Perdue. All Perdue…

  • April

    Oh and I forget, there is a $1/1 Kikkoman on Smartsource too.

  • Amanda R

    Just got back from the store. A couple notes

    – the tresemme coupons came off fine $3 no beeping or adjusting needed
    – the $1 e-coupon for the twin pack of colgate optic came off when I bought 3 of the single tubes for the cat (which i got) so it comes out
    $2.99 (3) – $.75q (3)- $1 ecoupon = 3.47 – $2 cat = $1.47, $.49 each

    • I think getting the full $3 off for the tresemme coupon depends on the cashier. The cashier I had this morning scanned the coupon the full $3 came off and she stopped for a sec and said “Wait these are on sale for $1.99 right?” read the coupon looked at the add and then said she had to adjust the coupons since they were on sale for $1.99.

      • Massiel

        That’s exactly what happened to, me this morning…bummer!!!

  • Just want to say Shoprite Warminster, PA still trippling coupons. thanks cindy.

    • Laura sanders

      I’ve been there twice already and what an awesome shopping experience! Can’t wait to go again.

  • Stacy

    I just got back from SR and purchased 2 boxes of Apple Jacks and 6 boxes of Fruit Loops but no cat printed for me.

    • Russ

      That seems like it should have worked. Shelf on each is $3.39, so $27.12 after you buy 8. Maybe something to do with the Limit 4 on the Fruit Loops?

    • Jennifer K

      I am surprised they let you buy 6 boxes of fruit loops, usually most sales say 4 per variety. Did you get charged full price for 2 of them? You needed to buy 4 apple jacks and 4 fruit loop. That’s just my guess. Everyone else is buying 4 of one kind another, I don’t know if that is why you didn’t get your CAT.

  • Bill

    Unless the Purex OYNO deal isn’t working on shelf prices (which would be very surprising), I don’t see why you wouldn’t just buy 7 Purex (make sure not to buy more than 4 of one variety). Even if you can only use 4 of the $1/1 coupons is still only comes out to $9.93 less the $5 OYNO. Of course if you need body wash it’s not a bad deal to buy that as well.

    • D Gilkes

      Bill … do you get the $1 off purex from website or the newspaper thanks

  • dawn

    has anyone had luck with cat printing on cereal ? if so how many boxes and what flavors ?

    • elizabeth Harwood

      I only bought 7 boxes the first time and no cat. Found 4 more .70 coupons and went back to buy 8 boxes (4 Apple Jacks, and 4 Choc Frosted Flakes) Got cat no problem!

    • Russ

      Worked for me just fine. Bought 4 Apple Jacks and 4 Chocolate Frosted Flakes.

  • karin

    I got a shoprite weekly flyer saying triple coupons at lincoln park shoprite. although I swore to never shop there again (they told me all my coupons were conterfit and I told them they could remove all the groceries from my bags because I didn’t want anything..that was fun)I may have to go stick it to them for triple coupon week. Let you know how it goes.

    • elizabeth Harwood

      They always have triple coupons up to .50! I have never had a problem there, but maybe I just been lucky. CS is great with returns and gives me back my coupon value which I have never experienced at any other SR.

      • karin

        I decided not to go. I just always have issues and if it isn’t up to .99, then It is just too much to plan. Thanks for the heads up.

      • Laura D.

        Is there a limit to how many coupons per transaction? I’m not referring to the “4 Like” coupons per transaction. Oh, also, do they allow you to do more than one transaction per day? Meaning can I do 2 in a row, or go outside and drop off my packages then go back in? TIA!

        Karin, I know exactly how you feel! I’ve had to do that twice at WM just because of a certain FEM. Plus, I had coupons from the Newspaper inserts that she rejected! Just yesterday I was there and she was talking about me (and my coupons) to another cashier as I was checking out! All I could think of was “Oh, crap! Wait until she notices I have a total of $0.00 after the canvas bag refund.” I did get the contorted face. rolling eyeballs, and loud “Blaaahh” when the $0.00 total came up at the register. She didn’t come running over this time. Maybe I’ve warn her down!! 😉

        • christine

          I shop Lincoln Park several times a week & have never had a cashier tell me any of my coupons weren’t good. I do profile cashiers & avoid the cranky ones, but that’s it. They do triple all coupons valued up to .50, including printed coupons.(meaning a .50 coupon is worth 1.50) They do limit 4 identical coupons per check out. They do limit 20 coupons per checkout. You CANNOT do separate orders back to back. You need to put items away in your car and come back in. My husband & I did 5 transactions Sunday with the cereal/barilla coupons that were expiring. For me the coupon savings are worth checking out multiple times.

          • Laura D.

            Awesome, thanks christine! I agree, the savings are worth checking out multiple times.

        • Michelle T.

          I have found out that you can only do 4 transactions per day with your Price Plus card. I tried to do a 5th a few weeks ago and the register would not take it. Just something to keep in mind 🙂

          • Laura D.

            Thanks for the heads up, Michelle T.! I will definitely make sure to stick with the four. 🙂

  • Is anyone else having trouble printing the Colgate Optic White toothpaste coupon? It says i have printed already but i haven’t.

  • Meli

    any one know why i am not getting responces on this i have tried all 3 of my emails 2 are msn and 1 is gmail please help i can not live with out all of your great comments.
    yes i checked my spam.

    • Laura D.

      Did you try to unsubscribe then restart your subscription? I had problems last week with the “My List” coming up as a blank white page. It must have been a glitch because it did come back and is now fine.

  • cdsandd

    Stopped by the ShopRite in Neptune, NJ yesterday to pick up a few items. There was a sign posted by the POS terminal (they are not so much ‘cash registers’ any more) that stated one must give the cashier coupons before the transaction starts other wise coupons will not be accepted.

    I personally always give the cashier the coupons before the transaction begins and she or he usually puts them down until everything has been scanned.

    The ShopRite nearest my home used to be very difficult when it came to using coupons. They were taken over by a different ShopRite chain of ownership and it is like day a night now. They accept coupons no questions asked, no hastle. Makes it all very pleasant.

    • Russ

      At both the Garwood and Clark ShopRites they ask you to hand over the coupons when the transaction starts. I always do, and always put them in the same order as things appear on the belt in case the cashier wants to look them over before scanning everything. Most of the time they do the same thing you said – just set them down and worry about them after the transaction. Every once in a while, though, a cashier will check everything out first. I don’t mind, and I don’t usually get hassled either.

      • ZOMBIE

        Hey Russ, I shop those same stores. We must be in the same area. Would like to swap coupons?

  • Nicole F

    Am I the only one that cannot find the Tresseme coupon? I have 3 SS for 8/12/12 and not 1 coupon in there for this! This is the only brand of hair stuff I use and always try and stock up when there is a good deal!!

    • Rocky

      Don’t know where you are located, but, in NJ, it was in the Star Ledger SS insert with the Ken’s Steak House coupons on the front cover. Just a thought, but, if you are unable to come up with any, you might want to consider ordering from one of the coupon clipping services like Coupon Dede’s, or, Klip 2 Save.

  • Karen

    I have a question. I am confused about what price to go by when doing the catalina deals. For example, spend $25 on certain products and get a $5 catalina back. I don’t know if I go by shelf price, sale price, or price plus price. It is so confusing! I don’t know if it differs by store. I go to the one in Glassboro. Any help anyone can give me with this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks =)

    • Laura D.

      Hi Karen, I saw your post a few days ago but didn’t have the time to respond. So, first things first, all stores are different! Let’s stick with SHOPRITE only for this example. I am not familiar with the Glassboro store, but I have had to figure out stores in my area on my own following this websites advice.

      Let’s stick with the assumption your store will trigger the Catalina on “shelf price”.

      Now, let’s use this weeks weekly ad for the example. Page 2, the Kellogg’s/Keebler Get $5 OFF WHEN YOU BUY $25 BACK TO SCHOOL SAVINGS AND FREE SCHOOL SUPPLIES section.

      “IF” your store works on “shelf price” the prices will be calculated as follows: Let’s look smack in the middle of this ad area at the Sunshine Cheeze-It’s, the “bold price” is $2.49, next to this is a “red””YOU SAVE” box with a $1.00 value inside it. The “shelf price” is calculated by adding the “bold price” $2.49 plus the “YOU SAVE” price $1.00 = $2.49(sale) + $1.00(YOU SAVE) = $3.49(SHELF PRICE) this is the price we use to calculate the $25 needed to trigger the Catalina. Let’s do another one like this, the Keebler Town House Crackers are listed as being on sale for $2.69, (YOU SAVE) $0.80, so, $2.69 + $0.80 = $3.49(shelf price)

      The next scenario is a tricker one. Let’s look at the Kellogg’s Cereal, in this section it is listed as being on sale for $2.99, now, the RED BOX STATES “SAVE UP (UP) TO $1.20” that “shelf price will differ for each product!!! YOU need to check your stores shelf price against the UPC code on the box to calculate the $25.00 requirement for this deal. We also know that the cereal on the front page on sale for $1.88 is included in this deal. If you were reading through the comments and following Cindy’s posts you would have noticed the update from purchasing 7 boxes to 8 boxes. The Frosted Flakes were $3.63 but the Apple Jacks were $3.39!!! Every penny makes a difference!

      A few things to keep in mind while mastering these. Always check the UPC number on the product with the UPC number on the shelf sticker.(MY store is awful at getting the correct product in the correct place) At the same time check “your stores” shelf price. Compare it with your shopping list Catalina deal. You can always price check your item before heading to the register. Again, check the size and product with the product in the weekly ad.

      That concludes this specific Catalina deal.
      There is more to it, check out the next reply I left. I separated them because of the length and the items included within the deal to lessen confusion. If you are completely confused by this point, start with small deals, you will get it!

    • Laura D.

      Let’s look at the next Catalina deal on Page 2 of this weeks ad. It is directly underneath the Kellogg’s/Keebler Cat and has Purex & Dial products mostly listed and states “SPEND $20 & SAVE $5”

      Now, we already went over the “YOU SAVE” red box, and how to figure out the math with that scenario.
      For example the Purex Ultra Laundry Detergent $1.99(SALE) + $1.00(YOU SAVE) = $$2.99(Shelf Price)

      Now if you take a close look, you will notice that some of the products, Soft Scrub Cleanser, Renuzit Adjustables 3-Pack, Zout Stain Remover, Dial Complete Hand Soap, Purex Liquid Fabric Softener, Dial Liquid Hand Soap Refill, ONLY have a “BOLD PRICE”!!! This price is the “SHELF & SALE PRICE” which YOU “MUST” double check at your particular store to make sure it is the same!

      I hope this information will help you, it takes time to learn. Start with the smaller deals and quantities. Don’t include them with your larger order for easier learning. It definitely pays off in the long run taking the time and effort to really figure out these deals along with your store. Good Luck! 🙂

      • Karen

        Thank you so much, it was helpful. I have been going by the sale prices and not by the shelf prices just to make sure, and I still have had some catalinas not print. I did not know if I was doing something wrong. I guess they would not have printed either way. I did read about other people having that problem and calling the catalina company, but I have just gone to customer service up to this point. I guess since I have used sale price they could not argue with me. I will have to brave it and see if I can get it to work using shelf price. The only part I did not understand that you were explaining to me was the “SHELF & SALE PRICE which you must double. I have no idea what you are talking about there. Thank you so much for helping me to clarify some things!

        • Laura D.

          Whoops, sorry about that, you don’t double the price. You need to “check your stores price very carefully” to make sure it matches the price Cindy lists.

          So the products I was referring to have ONLY ONE price listed, it is in BOLD print. There is no “red box” next to it. For this type of advertised product when there is only a bold price, that is the price you must pay (before coupons), it is also the price you will use when calculating up to the required dollar amount needed to trigger the Catalina. I hope that clears it up and is a better explanation. They are tricky but Soooooo worth the trouble to figure out!

          Plus don’t worry about the “symptoms” you’ll get during the first few times, you know, rapid heart rate, sweats, nervousness, anticipation that the machine will print, etc. They will eventually go away and turn into pure joy!! 😀

  • melissah

    Although the $5 off enfagrow is NLA from couponnetwork- you can still get it from the enfagrow website I believe. So if you still have the ecoupon you can still do the deal.

  • Anonymous

    Nicole F –
    There were 2 ISSUES of the Smart Source 8/12 I found my Tresemme $3 coupon in the one with the 3 Kens salad dressing on THE COVER of it. Its not in the one with the Ziploc cover ok Hope that helps

  • Kate

    What is everyone using as a stock up price on peanut butter this year? Last year it was around $0.50 but this year the $1.77 Peter Pan is actually looking pretty good.

    • Laura D.

      Last year my stock up price was $0.28 per pound. I haven’t started PB shopping yet. HTH!

    • April

      I plan to buy 4 of the Peter Pan this week. I bought 4 of the JIF for $1.99 the last time they were on sale. Last year we did really well with PB coupons, getting it down to about $.50 a jar, but this year they seem almost impossible to find for regular PB.

      On another note.. Ugh, the new site layout does not like me. Every time I click ANYWHERE on the page it jumps me up to the Tressemee listing and adds it to my list and then locks my browser. :/

      • Rocky

        Hahah! I thought it was just me! I had the Tresemme do the same thing to me/my list! I figured there was some reason I just had to REALLY buy this product [wink!].

  • Laura D.

    My stock up price last year was $0.28 per pound for PB.

    • Alan

      Giant and Shop and Save…not sure where else.

      Buy 5 get 5 off select items:

      Platers Peanut Butter 2/5
      Platers $1/1 coupon
      .50 cents a Jar. Natural, Smooth and Crunch are included.

      Best deal I have seen this year. I jumped on a few other deals. I kick myself now.

      Like last week Shoprite 2/1.88 shoprite brand peanut butter. Lol..that wasn’t a deal at all. I guess us newbs really need more experiance to know what a buy price is. I thought under 1.50 a jar was good. I was basing this off the Costco price which is lower than anywhere else..per pound.

      I was off by a good amount. I am learning though. Now that my stockpile is big enough for me to live off of…I can wait out just about anything.

      • Laura D.

        Actually, before coupons my stock up price was $1.67 per pound, just a bit lower than Costco. I still have the membership, but rarely go anymore.

  • Christine

    Very exciting week at Shop-rite! I live in South Jersey, near Atlantic City. Our coupon for Green Mountain K-cups was $3/1. that made each box only $2.88. I got 13 boxes total. I also had seventeen coupons for .70/1 box of Chocolate Frosted Flakes (8) and Raisin Bran (9). My store did not get the advertised 12oz Raisin Bran, so they were allowing customers to use either the 14oz Cinnamon Almond raisin Bran or the 18 regular Raisin Bran. I chose the Cinnamon Almond because I had 9 coupons for them. I had to do 3 transactions, but who cares. the cashier and the manager certainly didn’t. the manager is the one that told me I would have to split my order to get the best benefit. So all 17 boxes of cereal were only 88 cents each. I love my Shop-Rite and their employees!

  • Jen

    Question on the Pup-peroni catalina and package sizes. When I went in today, the small size were the ones half off, and the medium sizes where the ones that listed the catalina deal. I went to CS and asked if the catalina was on all the sizes and she walked over to the isle and told me that the cat was only on the medium where the tags were listed. Does anyone know if this is true? Are the catalinas only on the medium size or all of them? I scoured the flyer and couldn’t find the listing of the cat deal.

    • Alan

      Actually I think the Cat deal is on both sizes if you check again.

      Either way the small size worked just fine. I did two deals of it. 3x each of small size = 2.00 cat.

    • Laura D.

      I bought the small bags $1.89 each, there wasn’t any shelf sticker under them either. The larger bags had the sticker. I purchased 3 and the $2.00 cat printed without any problems. I did this twice. It should print for you also. Just make sure the cat machine light is green! Good Luck 😀

      • Lisa

        I bought three small bags yesterday, but the catalina did NOT print for some mysterious reason. I guess I should call Catalina… strange, though.

        • I went on my lunch break to one location (Stratford, CT) and it printed… then after work I went for another round of deals at Shelton, CT and it did not print…. not sure why but CS gave me slightly hard time since it wasn’t “an advertised catalina” but they credited me $2 anyway. Still not sure what made the difference as I bought the exact same items (the small $1.89 bags)

  • Laura D.

    I had to go out late tonight so I stopped by SR real quick on my way home to buy some Perdue.

    An extra $2.00 came off my order and it located in the coupon area.

    It says “MC PA 2.00 OFF ORDER 2.00-F” I have no idea what this is from. Has anyone else had it appear on their receipt. It appears to be a Manufacturer Coupon, but this is additional to what I gave the cashier. And, the “PA” I’ve never seen before. Hmm……

    • Rocky

      Hi, Laura! I have seen them from time to time, but, don’t recall what prompted them, so, I realize, this is not very helpful! I have one for $3.00 (everything else listed same as you have above) on a receipt from the middle of May. I don’t recall being surprised by it, though…Maybe this is one of those glitch coupons that come off, every so often, for buying something totally unrelated? My purchases on that receipt consisted of Heinz ketchup ($1.47),Diet Pepsi, Pam spray, Safest Choice Eggs, Zest soap and Lays Chips, all of which I got for a total of $5.20. Not sure if that would trigger any memories of something going on at the time!

      • Laura D.

        Hi Rocky! I’ve never had it happen before. The only thing on my receipt were 4 packages of Perdue breaded chicken. 3 nuggets and 1 breast. I used 2 of the $0.75/2 and 2/$2.00 cats and 1/$1.00 cat which after she finished scanning the extra $2.00 came off. I know she didn’t mistakingly scan a cat an extra time. I was thinking of asking one of the “smarter” CS people, or maybe calling corporate and asking. I was also thinking would it come off if I did the same transaction again? I already used my family points, $10 & $4, but I’d love to know what the “PA” code means. If you have it too, the “PA” must have a meaning. If I figure it out I’ll post it. Thanks for your help!

    • Alan

      Not a friends and family point coupon for 2.00?

      • Laura D.

        Nope. The Family points are coded with a “TC $XX SHOPRITE FAM $XX.XX”. It gets weirder, I just pulled my family points receipt and I found more receipts with the PA code, but it is from the Suave cat deal which I was rolling and I know that was from the Suave cat. Last night, i was watching her every move (this cashier ALWAYS forgets to scan a coupon, she has also called over a FEM in the past to say “I shouldn’t be allowed to shop this way because I get so much for such a low amount of money” the FEM looked over the order and told her coupons are allowed, 1 per item.) and it came off at the very end with nothing being scanned. Unless it’s a glitch? I’m happy about it but who knows?

  • Jasper

    Is anyone else not getting the Earthbound Farms ecoupons to work? They’ve been on my card for awhile and I’ve purchased Earthbound Farms products several times since they’ve been on my card and they never come off. This is the first ecoupon that hasn’t worked for me.

    • Rocky

      Ecoupons are very specific, so, unless you get exactly what it says, it will not deduct. Usually, you can’t tell from the ‘add to card’ screen what the details are, you have to either go into Messages & Savings, or, your Shopping List. I don’t have it open as I write this, but, the 3 Earthbound I recall were something like 5 oz Kale, 11 oz PowerGreens, and…something ounce (!) Grape or Roma tomatoes (one of the small varieties). Not sure if you got those actual items, or not? The only one I’ve purchased, so far, is the tomatoes and my ecoupon did come off.

      • Laura D.

        I purchased the grape tomatoes and baby kale, at separate times and both came off. Mine are item specific also. I’ve also purchased baby romaine and spring mix which didn’t prompt an ecoupon to come off. For me the $1.00 price was great because I mostly eat organic produce.

      • ZOMBIE

        I called customer service about the Earthbound farms ecoupon not being specific where you click to add it to your card, but then on the shopping list it shows specific items. I didn’t see that and bought baby lettuce which did not trigger the ecoupon. She said they already know about that problem and are trying to get it fixed. She said she would be sending me some coupons in the mail to make up for it. She said she had made the same error herself. Oh, and i asked can we use a manufacturer’s coupon with the ecoupons and she said no because they are both manufacturer’s coupons.

  • missg

    Getting ready to go shopping, just wanted to say thank you Cindy. Have a great day.

  • Since everyones talking customer service here, does anyone go to the Milford, CT store? I will be moving this weekend and my normal store is Shelton, which I rarely ever have problems with and they are friendly (as opposed to Stratford). Just curious if I will be needing to make Shelton trips instead of Milford….

    • Brooke

      Before ShopRite in Stratford opened I traveled to Milford. They are very coupon friendly too 🙂

      • Awesome, I’ve only been there once but the kid who rang me out didn’t give me any issues. I’ve found going to the younger male cashiers helps 🙂

        • Alan

          Lol..yeah I profile too… Young males = best. Older, Career Retail women + Biter personality = BAD!

          Young Male Managers with something they are trying to prove = BAD

          I normally have to take normal checkout lanes rather than self check…so I try to avoid problems when I can.

          Not that I have anything to “hide” but sometimes people can make up spontaneous coupon rules on you…and you have no choice but to spend time and effort later to correct them.

          Examples of real life things said,

          “We don’t take internet coupons. You print those out at home. That is just like you printing cash at home. We don’t allow it”

          “We limit you to four like coupons.” Yes…I know I specifically got two different varieties and am using 2 different coupons …one is .50 cents off and one is .60 cents off.” Oh…we limit four coupons per product per day not variety or type of coupon. Ok..that’s a new one on me.

          “We will price match, but we don’t accepet coupons n Price matched items.”

          “You can’t stack two coupons on this. It is not allowed.” But it is a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon. ” We don’t allow that.”

          Target “We only take Target coupons.”

          Etc etc…lol..try to avoid that stuff if possible. Often times it isn’t.

          • I agree with the older bitter women cashiers… One time at Big Y (before I even began couponing) my roommate and I went to stock up for a party we were throwing, so we decided to split up the cart between us. I didn’t remember if i had a Big Y card since I had just moved to this town and hadn’t been to one in years so I just asked to scan hers. Wow the older woman cashier had a huge fit like we were trying to steal things. And we didn’t even have any coupons! Then I found my old Big Y card in my wallet and she thought i was lying and made a huge scene. It’s amazing sometimes the difference a cashier can make!

  • Jackie

    Has anyone taken the Shoprite $5.00 catalina for school supplies and not used it for school supplies? I’m thinking/hoping they don’t really check….

    • chris

      I’ve used 4 so far on everything except “school supplies”
      Peanut butter, sandwich bags, juice boxes, ect.
      No one complained but I only use one coupon per checkout, just incase

    • April

      I used it on Monday and bought paper towels and Kleenex, which happened to be on my son’s preschool list of “school supplies”. I brought it with my just in case but it was never questioned.

    • Kaycee

      I just used four $5.00 cats from last week. The cashier told me I could use 4 per transaction. I did buy 2 of the .20 cent notebooks.

    • Stacey L

      I used one fine on an order of non-school supplies. The second time I tried to use one the cashier said no right away when I handed it to her. It was the express lane and I only had 4 items — laundry detergent and some fresh veggies. I told her it had worked for me on a different order but she said she had to follow the words on the coupon. YMMV I think it really depends on the store and the particular cashier you get.

  • chris

    I don’t know if anyone noticed this yet or not, but the Dixie napkins are also listed as $1.78 in the 4-day price break. Pair it with the coupon for $.55 from and they’re only $.68! 🙂

  • Shari

    Ok Kelloggs Deal- I bought 8 boxes of cereal- NO CAT…. CS said since my coupons brought the price to $7 …….. I needed to spend $25 OOP. My total bill was $ 24.88 – Seriously they wouldn’t give it to me for 12 cents. I just want to make a 12 cent donation to Kelloggs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Laura

    I don’t know why I’m not getting the Kellogg’s cat and I’ve done the deal twice now! First time I bought 2 regular fruit loops, 2 with marshmallows, 2 chocolate frosted flakes and 2 raisin bran. Then just now I bought 4 fruit loops and 4 apple jacks. No cat! Tomorrow I’m going to CS with both receipts. I’m afraid they’re going to tell me I didn’t spend enough b/c of the sale price and coupons. Any advice on what I should say?? TIA!!

  • Laura D.

    Hi Laura, First recheck the sizes of your products against the sizes in the ad to make sure you have the correct products! My store ALWAYS has the wrong product above the sale sticker!

    I have Fruit Loops(regular) 8.7 oz box, Fruit Loops (marshmallows) is 9.4 oz., Chocolate Frosted Flakes is 14.7 oz., Raisin Bran 13.7 oz., that’s the first one.

    For the second it should be Fruit Loops (regular) 8.7 oz box, Apple Jacks 8.7 oz box.

    If everything checks out, and CS gives you a hard time, that particular ” family store” may only trigger on sale price. I would try a different store next time if that is the case just to check it out. Male sure it is owned by another family.

    Also, when asking for the printouts of the catalina, Just state that your total was $XX.XX and the Catalina didn’t print. Maybe they won’t examine your receipt with a fine toothed comb.

    Good Luck, let us know how it turns out for you! Also, which store did you go to?

    • Laura

      Thank you Laura! ( I’m also a Laura D, lol). I shop at Edison Shoprite. I checked the sizes and prices and it definitely was the right ones. I even had them run my PP card after they rang up my order to see if that would do it. I’m surprised because I never usually have a problem with shelf price on cat deals there, and they are very coupon friendly. I’ll keep my fingers crossed they don’t examine my receipt with a fine toothed comb! Thank you for the response and advice!!

      • Anonymous

        Lol! I’ve always been around so many other Lauras but meeting another Laura D. is a first!

        I am unfamiliar with Edison SR, it would be nice to know if others have had the Cat printout successfully with this deal.

        Good Luck with Customer Service!

        • Laura

          Oh well, I tried. CS looked over my receipt and said I didn’t spend enough to qualify. The woman even said that it counted after sale price AND coupons. I know that’s not true but I didn’t want to argue with her b/c I shop there all the time. I’ll pick my battles I guess! Thank you Laura D for all your help!!

          • Laura D.

            Oh shoot! I was really hoping that would work out for you, Laura. Oh well, the next great deal is ALWAYS just around the corner, and you are right, you need to know when to pick your battles. Better luck next time!!

  • Sherry Z

    Please tell me why the purchase of three Pup-Peroni Dog Treats is causing a Catalina? I received $1 instead of $2 and Customer Service has no info on any Cat for the deal nor could I locate anything about it in the circular. Please reply because they know me and, for the first time, think I was trying to put something over on them.

    Thank you much!

    • Cindy

      Here is the info on the catalina for Pup-peroni:
      Pup-Peroni 5.6oz dog snacks
      8/6 – 9/2/12
      Buy (2), Earn $1 OYNO
      Buy (3), Earn $2 OYNO

      Pup-Peroni, 25 oz or (2) $10 oz
      8/6/12 – 9/2/12
      Buy (1) 25 oz Get $2 Catalina or
      Buy (2) 10 oz Get $2 Catalina

      You can see the details by going to and clicking the “your bucks” offers.

  • Mel

    The cereal deal (frosted flakes, apple jacks) does give a catalina but its the “buy $5 worth of school supplies” catalina, not a regular $5 catalina. Would have been nice to know this before preparing a second order where I was planning on using it.

    • Jennifer

      I’ve been using the “school supply” CATs on grocery items! No worries!!!

      • Mel

        Tried but didn’t work…they wouldn’t even let us use 2 different catalina’s on the same transaction.

        • Rocky

          If you still have the cats you can try again by referring them to page 5 of this week’s circular where they have a whole section of SR “Back to School” items that are not the typical BTS items – like, umm, carrots?? Yep! Also, most SRs have one or more aisles or sections marked BTS and they include all sorts of grocery items, etc. So, they can’t say no if SR itself is promoting a whole bunch of non-traditional BTS items!

    • Holly

      I know it’s frustrating when things don’t go quite as planned. My SR doesn’t have the small sunny d’s but I bought the jugs because it was a good price for them, just a thought.

      Also, next week there will be glue sticks for .49. So I plan on buying one pack per order. I haven’t tried using the cat without a school supply attached to my order but I may next week to see what happens but then have the supply with me just incase. Of course I use shoprite@home and they are usually awesome about this stuff.

      I do sometimes go into the stores and the customer service there is awful so I usually only do the transactions that have little issues with them. And I make sure I have the school supply to cover me. Guess it depends on your store though.

      Good Luck! Keep your chin up!

  • Mel

    I don’t know what shoprite everyone else is shopping at or which one the matchups are based off of but ours (Somerville) does not sell the small sunny D’s in that size separately. They only sell them in packs, which makes the deal not work. Another busted transaction…

    • Rocky

      We’re all shopping at different SRs, and, as I’m sure you’ve seen, from all the comments, we all encounter stores that do or don’t carry certain stock, or, do or don’t go by shelf prices, etc. The best shopping experiences happen when you learn the pros and cons of your own and make a determination as to whether or not you will stick with that store, or, go a bit out of your way to one that serves you better. It’s a bummer, but, since SRs, or, groups of SRs are owned by different folks, it isn’t a one size fits all store.

      Cindy’s matchups are based on Northern NJ ads. She hasn’t noted that lately on the SR matchups, but, that note is still in her matchups for other stores.

      And, while my store does carry the little Sunny D’s, they are not in the area with all the other Sunny D stuff and many of the people who work in the store don’t know it! They are in a separate floor refrigerated case near the juices, but, that holds weekly o.j. and egg sales items! But, my point is, although my store does have this deal item, I remember months ago, when it seemed that everyone and their brother was able to get the small, 1 oz (or 2 oz, don’t recall) pkgs of Kraft Parmesan cheese that ended up being free after using the coupon out at that time. My store didn’t carry them, but, there was a SR about 15 min. away that did. So, if I wanted them that badly, I had to go to another store.

      You may not want (or be able) to do that and that is totally understandable. But, just keep in mind that no one is able to get all the deals, the same way, all the time. That’s why we all share our experiences, to let others know where things are, or, aren’t working! The good thing, though, is that there is always another deal around the corner!! Umm, actually, tons of deals!!

      Hope your shopping experience improves. I feel for you, Mel, sounds like it’s been a rough week…

  • Trina G.

    I used the ziplock cat and 2 $5 school supply cats on regular groceries and it came off!