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ShopRite Deals for the week of 8/26/12

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  • Russ

    My favorite post of the week!

  • Mark

    Thanks for the match-ups.

  • Dawn K

    Hey Cindy! There was a coupon for $1/1 of any Pyrex Glass, Bakeware, Prepware or Storage in the 08-26-12 SS. I’ll take a $.99 pie dish!

    • Cheri

      Pies for everyone this Christmas ! Thank-you !

    • Michelle J.

      You’re so lucky!I hate when they don’t put the great coupons in my inserts.I have the ss but no coupon for pyrex!

      • crystal

        I have a couple would u like them?

        • Kim

          I would like them if you would send them to me please. My ss didn’t have them either:)

  • Alan

    Pyrex coupon is in Smart Source for me:

    Save $1.00 on any ONE (1) Pyrex Glass Backware, Prepware or Storage expires 12/31/12 Limit one per perchase.

    I live in PA. The ad for Pyrex was front page of my SS.

    • gia

      thanks Alan!! i just saw .IM in PA too.

    • Nadyme

      which newspaper in PA? i live in eastern PA

  • dana

    As far as the double dip deal,I was wondering. Could I do 2 shredded cheese, 2 OM deli meats, 2 Velveeta and 2 Kraft mac and cheese? Would that qualify for the $5 and $10?

    • Alan


      To start that is only 8 items and the Kraft takes 10 items to = $10.

      Only the Deluxe Mac and Cheese is a double dip — Did you mean the Deluxe?

      I want to also point out we are assuming the $25 dollars is calculated on shelf prices…this may not be the case (probably is..but still)

      As long as you get 2 more craft items that fit the kraft cat…then you should be good to go on this.

      • dana

        TY Alan!

      • jen

        I’m hoping the $1 off coupons for shells and cheese will work on the deluxe mac and cheese, I don’t think they have deluxe shells and cheese. Can anyone confirm?

    • Steven

      It has to be 10 items to qualify for the $10

  • Anonymous

    the coupon for the kraft singles is for $1 off wyb 2 so the deal idea wouldnt work out unless Im not understanding correctly?

    • Laura has a $1 off coupon for 1 Kraft singles

  • Alan


    Hatfield, PA Shoprite Fully TRIPLES Coupons up to .99 — Last Week!

    Limited to four like coupons per transaction (register will catch it!)

    Must purchase 8 dollars to get triple but that is pre-coupon prices.

    This is my “home” Shoprite and I have always found them to be very well stocked on sale items …and pretty much everything in store. It is a VERY new Shoprite so very nice store overall.

    Although with the Triple coupons I think we are testing their limits. For the first time there was limited items on shelves for Hormel Completes Kids and Zone Bars …most of the week.)

    — Tangent (I know have 30 Kids Hormel Completes – Kids like them…Wife loves them. .55/1 x 3 = 1.65 on sale for 1.66 each = .01

    As far as being “coupon” friendly…It is hit or miss here. I would give them a 7.5/10. I normally have no problems but I have had some difficulties too.

    Bag credit of .05 applies here…I think that is standard at Shoprite.

    ATTENTION VETS: 5% Vet discount EVERY DAY. Need DD-214 or other evidence of honorable military service.

    Does anyone know if Warminster Triple is finally dead? Did they extend again?

    • Sonya

      Warminster is tripling until the end of the month, so this is supposedly the last week but they have extended it so many times that I won’t be surprised if they extend it again.

    • Anonymous

      Extended till the end of August 🙂

    • Sad to say but Warminster Triple coupon is fully dead. i went there today for my last trip, and i confirm.

      • Gia

        Today was last day? Or the 31 ? Tia

        • Lynn

          I called customer service this morning (215 328 4700) and they confirmed that the triple coupons ended yesterday, 8/25. The woman I spoke to, Susan, did not know when the store would have another triple coupon event. 🙁 Hopefully it will be soon!

          • Gia


          • Sonya

            oh, noooo! Well, it was good while it lasted. Thanks for the heads up.

    • Qpon Jenn

      Thanks for posting this Alan. When I called and found out Warminster ended their triple couponing on the 25th, I headed to this SR and pretty much got everything on my shopping list. Ended spending $35 on a $167 worth of groceries and got back $18 in cats. Not a bad shopping day.

      As for the double dip, I did the following which worked off shelf prices:
      2 OM deli meats
      2 Velveeta shells
      1 Crystal Light
      2 Capri Suns
      3 Kraft Singles
      2 Kraft Shredded Cheeses

      2 – $1/1 OM deli meats
      2 – $1/1 velveeta shells
      1 – $1/1 Crystal Light (tearpad)
      2 – $1/1 Capri Suns
      3 – $1/1 Kraft Singles
      1 – $1/2 Kraft Shredded Cheese

      Total OOP- $ 15.94
      Got back $5 school supplies cat and $10 Kraft cat

  • Su

    Does anyone know if you can do the Kraft/Nabisco get a school cat more than once? thx

    • Alan

      Did multiples of the Back to School Cat. I think I did 3 of them last time it came up 2 weeks ago.

      • Alan

        That was 3 in 3 separate transactions.

        • Su


  • Alan


    The Kraft Cat only double dips with Velveeta Shells and Cheese not the “Kraft Velveeta Diner Kit”.

    Velveeta Diner kits are not a variety of Shells and Cheese and should not work either with the $1/1 coupon or with the Kraft Cat (It will work for the $25 / 5 Cat deal though.

  • loves coupons

    Would this deal work
    (4) Velveeta
    (4) Kraft Shredded
    (2) Kraft Singles = $21.94
    Use (4) Velveeta, (2) $1/2 Kraft Shredded, (2) $1 Kraft singles
    Pay 13.94, get back $5 cat for school supplies and $10 kraft cat

    I’m planning my trip and would love to do this if it will work.Any help is appreciated thanks

    • Alan

      I am running some things I may be wrong…

      But the Singels and the Shredded are NOT part of the 20/5 deal as far as I can see. They are part of the Kraft Cat deal though.

      So as far as I can see..this will not work.

      • loves coupons

        I can’t seem to find out exactly what is included in the Kraft catalina. Here is another deal I was thinking of
        (4) Capri Sun
        (4) Velveeta
        (2) Kraft Mayo
        pay 15.98
        does that qualify for the double dip. Thanks in advance

        • loves coupons

          nevermind doesn’t look like capri sun is includedin the kraft catalina…bleh…

          • April

            I’m with you, my little one can’t drink juice.. it uhh.. doesn’t agree with her. 🙂 So we live on Capri Sun Roaring Waters in my house, so getting them for $1 each is a great stock up price for us. I have to make a few trips to use up my coupons (and rainchecks for Nestle Splash from last week) and I’m trying to find the best way to use the $10.76 shelf price total from the Capri Sun to hit at least the $5 cat each time I go.


    I hope the $20/5 and the Kraft $10’s both roll….anyone know if this is the case?

  • Laura N.

    Hi Cindy & Fans:
    Will the following work? Sometimes I over-think these things.
    Tide Detergent 150 oz – $15.77
    Buy 2 Tide 150 oz Get 1 Free Rubbermaid Flex Tote Instantly ($9.99 value)
    -$2/2 Tide Detergent or Downy, exp. 8/31/12 (P&G 07/29/12)
    $31.54 before PP
    Pay $29.54
    Get a $10 Gift Card by mail
    Get a $5 MIR
    Get 1 Free Rubbermaid Flex Tote Instantly ($9.99 value)

    • Laura N.

      Update: yes, it worked. I did have to go to cust serv to have them print the catalina for the $10 options card & also requested a duplicate register receipt to submit for both deals.

  • Kim B

    Everyone keeps saying ‘Spend $25 get $5’. It’s actually spend $20 get $5. Don’t over spend when you don’t need to!

    • Alan

      I am one of the ones that probably started mis-quoting is 20 / get 5…

      However…I would like to stress no one is positive this is off sale prices or shelf prices. Normally at Shoprite this is off shelf prices but we have been surprised a few times in the past.

  • Brooke

    Since Capri-Sun has been mentioned a bunch here thought I would share a deal I saw. At my Walmart (Shelton CT) I saw Capri-Sun for $1.78. After the printable coupon that would make them only .78!!! Super good deal. If anyone has extra coupons for this they would like to trade please let me know!!!

  • Holly


  • April

    Ok, so I have ammased a collection of P&G booklets, mostly from Pampers boxes, so I have several different $1/1 Bounty 6pk or larger coupons.

    That being said, I’m pretty sure this will work..

    Buy 5 Bounty Basic Big Roll 6 pack $5.88
    Buy 1 Iams Cat Food Can $0.79
    Total: $30.19
    -(5)$1/1 Bounty Coupons (3 diff.)
    Pay: $25.19
    Get a $10 Gift Card by mail
    Get a $5 MIR
    Bounty ends up being $1.38 each after coupons & rebates

    I’m just not sure if I’m better off using my stash of Bounty coupons as CVS, where the regular bounty 6Pks are on sale for $5.99 and doing the same deal minus the cat food and winding up with a $10 gas card and the $5 rebate.

    • Jen

      The Bounty Basic 6-pack has a limit of 4 at Shoprite.

    • Lady J

      I don’t think this will work b/c you are using 5 q’s to get $1 off ea Bounty. You are limited to 4 like. In this case, your $1 q’s are coming from different sources, but they are still all $1/1 Bounty which means that they are 5 like coupons.

      • nikki

        at my store as long as the coupons do not look the same they aren’t considered like coupons…for instance if I have 4 $1 off clipped from the paper and another 4 $1 off that I printed online for the same item I can use all 8.

        • Alan

          Same here… As long as the bar codes are different all is good. Same bar code from two different sources means the register will kick it back and with triple days going on…management is on it like a fly on rice.

          • Jessica H

            same here (at least at the Southington, CT store…), as long as they don’t have the same bar code, you’re good 🙂

        • Lady J

          my SR’s consider them the same. But they are good to me, so I really can’t complain.

  • meg

    Hi Cindy…

    just wondering if I can do this for the Kraft Cheese singles… since it says that you can get $10 catalina if you buy 10 and more…

    Kraft Cheese singles (10) x 1.99 = 19.90

    Coupons: (3) $1 for every 2
    (4) $1.00/1

    OOP: $12.90 (get $10 Catalina — $0.29 each)

    • Alan

      Limit of 4 according to Ad…so nope…cant do 10 singles.

      • meg

        thanx alan!

    • Jennifer K

      Actually you can buy 10, ad says 4 per variety, not 4 per purchase.

  • Gail

    Does anyone know what is included in the new Kraft catalina (buy 10/get $10), and where do we find that information? Thanks!

    • Anonymous

      Couponnetwork click on details

    • Michelle


      Participating products

      (16OZ +) • KRAFT SHREDS (8OZ +) • KRAFT SINGLES (12OZ +) • MAXWELL HOUSE 1-3 LB (10.5OZ +) • MAYO/MIRACLE WHIP (12OZ +) • MIO


      Buy 3-5 items Get $2 OYNO
      Buy 6-9 items Get $5 OYNO
      Buy 10 or more Get $10 OYNO

      • Alan

        Here is the deal I worked just to help anyone out.

        I don’t need much Mayo or Miracle Whip, Lunchables or Hot Dogs…so this deal is catered to what I can use. This is a very good deal if I figured it right but may not be the best deal out there…it is the best deal on items I actually plan to use though 🙂

        3 Kraft Singles 1.99 each – (3) $1/1
        3 Kraft Deli Fresh 2.99 each – (3) $1/1
        4 Kraft Velveeta Shells and Cheese 2.50 each – (4) $1 / 1

        Note: Because the singles are NOT part of the $20/$5 deal I have not yet hit $20 — Here my deal gets a little skewed due to the power of Triple coupons.

        4 Fresh Take 2.50 each – (4) .75/1 — Due to Triple Fresh Take is .25 each

        So total out of pocket = 15.94 – 10 Kraft – 5 20/5 = Total .94

        • Vanessa

          I don’t see in the ad where the Kraft singles are included in the -5 20/5 cat deal. I know they are included on the “buy 10 get $10 cat” Kraft cat. Where is it posted about the Kraft singles? Thanks.

        • GIA

          my kraft single is 1/2 where did you got those?tia

          • robi

            couponnetwork has the $1/1 coupon

      • Gail

        Thank you, Michelle! Sorry took so long to get back!

  • Anonymous

    i got the eggo coupons in my email…but what is $.75 off milk all about? am i missing something. i am usually right on top of things but this one is eluding me. thanks!

    • Stacey L

      Glad I am not the only one who doesn’t know! I am looking through the comments to get the answer to the same question! Where does one find the “Start School Like a Champion Booklet”???

      • Dawn K

        I found my booklet on a large school bus cardboard display in both ShopRite and Stop & Shop. HTH!

  • lisa
  • jen

    Does anyone know if either the kraft or $5 towards school supplies rolls?

    • Alan

      Yep…you can roll it. Limit one per transaction.

    • Lady J

      when I’ve used mine previously, they always check to see if you have some BTS item that costs a little more. If you buy one of those .49 calculators or .88 pens, they wouldn’t let you use it. But if they see you have I’d say $2.50 worth of stuff, they let you use the cat. Just my experience. Of course, the cat itself never beeps. It’s just up to the cashier (and whether or not they are still training).

  • Jen

    Thanks for the list Michelle. Does anyone know if the Planters P.B. is included in the Kraft deal? I’m hoping to buy Velveeta, Capri sun, planters P.B. for the back to school Catalina and then adding Kraft singles to my order for the Kraft Catalina?

    • Alan

      PB is NOT included in the deal. Now there is a brand new NUT-RITION PB that maybe…but I sort of doubt it would be.

      • Jen

        Thanks Alan! I will try to work out a different scenario then.

    • Anonymous

      yes, Planter peanuts (16 oz)is part of the SR school and Kraft deal.

      • Jennifer

        I don’t see the peanuts as part of the SR school deal, only the Planters peanut butter. Did you try it and did it work for both catalinas?

      • Alan

        Are you sure…because the I bought 10 – 16 oz Planters and no cat. I see that Planters 16 oz is included but it says Peanuts not Peanut Butter.

      • Jennifer K

        Planter nuts is part of the 10 deal and the peanut butter is part of the 20/5 deal

  • Karen

    The Cookie Crisp shortcuts coupon is a savings card coupon only, no printable 🙁 Also, forgot the price for Colgate toothpaste 🙂 htp!

  • debra

    First Thank you Cindy and team this is a great week, also don’t forget to use the last Shoprite $5 off $75 coupon from Kids Stuff book. It’s good starting today 🙂

  • Christi

    If you get Fitness Magazine there is a $1/1 Turkey Hill Ice Cream coupon in there!! $0.89 ice cream!!

    • Stacey L

      LOL I enjoy the irony of an ice ream coupon being in Fitness magazine! 😉

      • Alan

        Stacey u funny… That made me laugh when I asw it too..and I laughed again when someone else saw the irony.

        • Stacey L

          🙂 And I laughed at you laughing ! lol

  • Anonymous

    the $5 back to school cats, can they be used on anything or do I have to buy something for back to school?

    • Jennifer

      It seems to depend on the cashier. I had one cashier in Marmora tell me I couldn’t use it, but then had no problems using them in Vineland with multiple cashiers.

      As an aside, sometimes cashiers have to get mgmt approval on coupons $5 and up, which is annoying. I always feel “lucky” when I get a cashier who can process the high value coupons without having to call for backup!!

      • Meggan

        Hi Jennifer,
        You said that you go shopping at the marmora shop rite and that’s the one I use. I was wondering if you tried any of the deals that Cindy puts up that are spend $25 get $5 cat… or things like that. She normally does her totals by the SHELF price to total the amount spent, not the sale price. I know a lot of southern jersey shop rites do the addition of the total BEFORE coups but AFTER price plus card discount.

        I was wondering if you or someone could let me know if marmora I can work the deals like Cindy lists or if I have to adjust prices to the sale prices. If you could let me know that would be great 🙂

        If you

    • Jennifer

      I used it this morning for items that were not for back to school, and the cashier scanned the cat with no beeps or overrides.

  • terry

    lunchables with smoothies are not on sale.

    • terry

      They are $3.99 each. 🙁

      • taraD

        I was so disappointed this morning.

  • terry

    I purchased
    3 Mio
    4 Velveeta shells and cheese
    2 Elmers glue sticks
    3 Kraft singles
    I received both catalinas

    • A

      Thanks for the update Terry.I’m heading to SR now.

    • A

      Thanks for the update Terry.I’m heading to SR now.

    • terry

      I paid $16.50 and received $15 in cats.

    • Alan

      All my cats worked great:

      4 Take Fresh
      4 Velveeta Shells
      3 Oscar Lunch Meat
      3 Singles

      Rolling the 5 I did

      1 Capree Sun
      2 4 Pk Mac Instant
      4 Take fresh

      X 3 rolls.

      • terry

        Awesome!!!!!! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Anyone know any other deals for the 10 and 5 dollar cat that don’t include the lunchables or mayo?

    • Lady J

      ditto. Mac and Cheese is good for me, and I would be interested in Capri Sun if it works too. I don’t have lunchables q’s and don’t need mayo or salad dressing. Has anyone used such a scenario that worked?

      • Kim D.

        I was having the same problems with a lot of the scenarios- don’t drink Mio or Crystal Light, don’t want any more mayo or dressing and didn’t have any lunchables coupons. Tonight I bought 2 Velveeta Shells & Cheese, 2 Maxwell House, 2 Capri Sun, 2 Singles, 2 Shreds, 2 Oscar Mayer, 1 Fresh Take and 1 Elmer’s glue sticks and got both cats 🙂 Realized once I got to the coffee aisle that my coupon was for a larger size, so I ended up paying full price on the MH. Still not too shabby though, paid about $20 and got $15 in cats.

        Plus… can never have too much cheese. 😛

  • Laura

    Does anyone know if it is working on shelf price? TIA

    • Alan

      Yep…shelf prices are working. I would have been short like 1.90 ish if they were off sale prices. My cat printed fine.

  • Lisa

    Anyone have any great deals for the $5.00 Kimberly Clark & $5 Colgate Palmolive cats from last week?

  • shita

    i did total deals.
    4 Velveeta shells and cheese
    4 Lunchable fun pack
    2 shredded cheese
    total: $22.92
    after coupons OOP $14.96
    got both $10 & $5 cat

    4 OM FreshDeli meat
    4 KF singles
    2 Bic pens (add this for SR $5)
    2 KF shredded cheese
    after coupons OOP: $17.88
    got both $10 & $5 cat

    I have no problem using $5 school cat for none school items. Yes, must cashier profile.

  • jen

    What a fiasco today!!! The lunchables with smoothies aren’t included and the coupon for the shells and cheese didn’t work on the deluxe which were part of the kraft $10 deal.
    so I had to re-work all of my deals.
    Also none of the $10 cats from kraft printed out and my shoprite didn’t have any note what this catalina was, never heard of it!!! So I tried to explain and they said maybe it’s only tied to certain price plus cards….so I left with 2 orders and no cats!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Oh no! What ShopRite Jen? I’m planning my trip now, and want to make sure I get all my cats.

      • jen

        Cinnaminson. I just got back from the one on rt 73, I think it’s Marlton, and everything went perfectly!

    • Alan


      You knew you were pushing that Deluxe deal with the Shells and Cheese Coupon. It was pretty clear that working was a very long shot. (More hoping on human error than thinking the items fell under different Varieties.

      • jen

        I know, I didn’t even try to use the coupon, when I got there and saw the pic and what was really included in the kraft deal, I knew it wouldn’t work and reworked my order before I went to the check out.

        • jen

          Edited to add, don’t worry I’m not shady, and wouldn’t think to try and push a coupon through if it didn’t match the pic and wording.

    • Susie

      You can contact Catalina Marketing. They are the ones who do the catalinas. You can email them all your info and they will mail your catalina if you met the requirements. I can give you their email and all the info needed if you’d like.

      • jen

        Thank you, thank you….yes please give me the e-mail address, I was getting no where with customer service today, they knew nothing about the Kraft buy 10 get $10 deal…and I couldn’t push the issue since it wasn’t in their circular.

  • Amanda R

    Just got back from the store I got
    4- Crystal Light
    2- Velveeta and Shells
    2- Capri Sun
    2- Kraft Singles
    2- Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Lunch Meat
    4- Franceso Rinaldi
    4- Stayfree
    2- Turkey Hill half gallon tea
    1- Gallon Skim milk
    2- Shoprite bread
    2- Birds Eye Voila!
    1- Eggo Waffles

    Baby Bucks $10 off $50
    $5 cat from last week
    $2 cat from last week
    2- $1 off Capri Sun
    2- $1 off Velveeta and Shells
    2- $1 off OM Deli Fresh
    1- $.50 off Eggo (doubled to $.99)
    2- $1 off Kraft singles
    4- $.50 off Francesco Rinaldi (doubled to $1)
    4- $2 off Stayfree
    1- $1 off 2 Turkey Hill tea
    2- $3 off Birds Eye Voila

    Total oop -$12.66 – $10 Kraft Cat and $5 Bts Kraft Cat = $2.34 mm

    • Laura S.

      Great Job! Where did you get the Francesco Rinaldi coupons?

    • jasmin

      thanks lots of great tips

    • LRWC

      Were your Francesco Rinaldi coupons from the 8/5 RP that said “Cannot Be Doubled” with the new barcode? Just curious if those coupons are doubling or not. Thanks!

      • Amanda R

        Yes they were. They doubled for me last week too.

  • Laura S.

    I’m not sure I understand, are the Velveeta Shells & Cheese not part of the double dip? I might be missing something…is that different than Velveeta Deluxe?

    • Alan

      Kraft Deluxe and Velveeta Shells and Cheese are both part of double dip.

      Instant Kraft 4pk and Instant Velveeta Shells and Cheese are not part of Kraft cat but are part of the 20/5 cat.

  • Alan

    A few updates:

    The Cat for the Hewbrew National says “1 dollar off next Hebrew National Purchase.”

    Shelf prices for cats are working.

    Scotts Flushable Wipes sale carried over and are still 1.99.

  • A

    Kraft double dip was a success today. Yay!
    Here’s what I did
    1st trans
    4 Kraft singles $1.99( Use 4 $1 q)
    4 Oscar Mayer $2.99( Use 4 $1 q)
    2 Velveeta shells $2.50( Use 2 $1 q)
    OOP: $14.92
    Received: $10 kraft cat and $5 SR cat

    2nd trans:
    2 Kraft singles $1.99( 2 $1q)
    2 Oscar Mayer $2.99 (2 $1q)
    2 Velveeta shells $2.50( Use 2 $1 q)
    2 Kraft shredded chees $1.99 ( 1 $1/2)
    1 Planters PB $2.50 ( 1 $1/1)
    2 Crystal Light $1.99
    Used $15 cats from transaction #1
    OOP: $2.79 (includes tax)
    Received: $10 and $5 cats
    It’s like paying $2.79 for everything. Score!
    Received $10 and $5 cats

    • terry

      Great job!!! 🙂

      • A

        Thanks Terry

    • Anonymous

      What kraft singles did you buy? Regular?

      • A

        Yes, I bought the regualr. Fat free and 2% are excluded in the sale and someone reported that they don’t produce Kraft cat.

    • Sheila

      Wow, the Kraft Singles worked for the $5 School Cat? I didn’t see them included. Thanks for the heads up.

      • Michelle T.

        The Kraft singles are not part of the spend $20 get $5 deal, but they are part of the buy 10 Kraft get $10. So if you do the spend $20 deal, and didn’t buy enough Kraft products, you can get some Kraft singles to up your Kraft product quantity 🙂

    • brittany

      how did your first transaction produce the 10 dollar and the 5 dollar? I thought the singles were not part of the spend 20 get 5? Am I missing something?

      • A

        Hi Brittany,I got the $5 cat for buying 4 Oscar Mayer ($3.99×4= $15.96) and 2 Velveeta($2.50×2=$5), total $15.96+ $5 = $20.96. Since the OM worked off shelf price, I was able to qualify for the $20 get $5 cat.
        I added 4 kraft singles so I can qualify for the Kraft deal which is Buy 10 get $10.

  • KB

    Would this work
    2 Oscar mayer cold cuts
    4 Velveeta & shells
    4 Bic cristal pens
    2 Kraft shredded

    Would this work for getting the $10 & $5 cats?

    • KB

      I think I figured it out:
      2 Kraft shredded cheese
      2 Oscar meyer lunch meat
      4 Velveeta and shells
      2 planters PB

      This should total at 24.96 after q’s 15.96 and I should get the 10 and 5 cat.
      What do you all think? This should work right?

      • A

        Hi KB, you need 10 Kraft qualifying items to get the $10 cat, from your list, only 8 of them qualify ( Planters PB is not included), so you will only get $5 from Kraft and $5 SR cat( for OM, Velveeta and 2 Planters PB. HTH

      • Alan

        I will be 1000% shocked if the PB works. Please let me know. I bought 10 PB and got nothing. The wording of the cat would also seem to indicate that it will not work.

  • K

    What crystal light is everyone buying? Are the energy included?

  • Stacey L

    Does anyone know — For the Eggo deal– where do you get the “Start School Like a Champion” Booklet??
    Thanks in advance! 😉

    • carrie

      They had it in my store attached to a keebler display filled with cereal bars and cookies.

      • Stacey L

        thanks… I will have to look for it. I haven’t seen it yet

        • Jessica H

          I found the booklets at Stop and Shop as well in the front of the store on a display 🙂

  • k

    So I could do
    6 kraft shredded (different varieties)
    4 kraft singles
    – 4 $1 IP’s Singles
    – 3 $1/2 IP’s
    = Sale price subtotal $19.90 after coupons $12.90
    get $10 and $5 catalina

    • Anonymous

      I dont believe this would work for both cats. You would get the $10 kraft cat. The Kraft singles and kraft shredded cheeses are not part of the school supplies cat.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t believe the cheese is included in Shoprite’s Catalina deal.

    • A

      Hi K, you’ll only get $10 cat because the shredded and singles cheese are not part of the SR cat.

      • Kim

        A, I thoughtyou posted above that you got both cats?

        • A

          The $5 SR cat was for buying Oscar Mayer, Velveeta, Crystal light and Planters PB and they’re also part of the Kraft catalina deal (except for Planters PB). Shoprite and Kraft are running 2 different cats, that’s why there’s a double dip. If you check SR’s ad, the Kraft shredded and singles cheese are not part of the Buy $20 get $5 cat but part of the Kraft catalina deal.

  • Nancy

    A-You weren’t required to use the $5 SR cat on “school supplies?”

    • Matthew

      No one defined ‘school supplies’. LOOPHOLE!!!!!!!!!

    • A

      Hi Nancy, I asked the cashier first if I can use the $5 cat toward my purchases and she said yes.

  • Other deals not part of the Kraft Deal:
    Free Eggo Waffles: On sale for .99 // .50 Eggo coupons from the Kellogg’s site. I received an email and was able to print two.
    Free Mennen Speed Stick deodorants: On sale for .99 // Had coupons clipped from SS, I think, that expire 9-1-12.
    Pretzel Crisps: Buy two, get free SR Hummus // had two Pretzel crisp coupons that I printed and are probably NLA and expire 8-31-12. Great deal to take to a party next weekend!

    • LRWC

      Karen, the only coupons I see for Mennen Speed Stick from a recent SS insert excludes the size on sale for $0.99. Just be careful to read restrictions on coupons. You might of had a different one, not sure, but just a note to be careful 🙂

  • Yesenia K.

    I just can’t seem to wrap my head around the CAT deals this week!!! You guys rock that go out and try all the deals. Maybe someone or Cindy can break it down with the lowest oop.

  • A.R

    Please clarify if Kraft Catalina can be used only on Kraft brand items? Appreciate ur response!

    • terry

      It reads.. Save $10 on your next shopping order thank you from Kraft foods.

      • A.R

        thanks terry, looks like its just a regular catalina from Mfr which can be used towards any purchase.. pls correct me if my understanding is wrong..

        • terry

          You are correct. 🙂

  • Chris

    Thanks for the matchups.

  • Matthew

    Paid $29, after coupons of course. Received $10 Catalina from Kraft and $5 back to school also from Kraft. THANK you Kraft! …and the LRWC ladies (and/or men???)….

  • Laurie M.

    Does the Kraft deal have to be done in one purchase, or does it track??

  • A

    It should be done in one purchase.

  • A.R

    can someone plz share the link to $0.50 off Eggo coupon? thanks!

  • Keri

    I am having trouble with when I put in the zip code in the local tab the only coupons that show up are restaurant coupons. Example the lawry’s coupon in zip code 44501

    • Kim D.

      Hi Keri- to get zip code specific coupons, you have to enter the zip in that tab and then click back over to printable coupons, then they should show up 🙂 Hope that helps!

  • china

    hi i’m might b moving to Milford MA. and i was wondering if the coupons in that area are better the NJ area. also if any one knew what newspaper should i buy over there. i don’t know anyone over there that buys newspaper or coupons so i’m out of the loop there. if u live around that area can u please help me out thanks.

  • Jennifer

    I have no idea what I did wrong, but I only received the $5 SR CAT and a $5 Kraft CAT (instead of $10). My brain is fried from trying to figure it out though, so I’ll just be satisfied with what I got! LOL!! I also got the $5 Gerber CAT, and $10 in Baby Bucks, so I have $25 in CATs to use next week, so can’t complain too much!!

    Thanks again to Cindy for all that you do!!! Thanks also to the frequent posters on here, as I learn so much from reading your comments!

  • Kait

    Hello everyone! Not sure if this will work for everyone but here is a link to the 50 cents off 1 eggo product. It will work great with the deal at shoprite this week so you can score free waffles!

    ~Just remember this coupon states one coupon per purchase

  • stacy

    I printed the Philadelphia Indulgence coupon that is on sale this week but is says redeemable at walmart…it’s a manufacturer coupon though, can I use it at shoprite?

    • Alan


      Welcome to the ethical swamp of Store Specific Coupons.

      The short answer is…no. You can’t use the coupon. Shoprite policy clearly states they do not accept coupons from other stores.

      That being said… I think most people take a …try it and see approach.

      I have asked this question in the past and still can’t understand why this sort of gentleman’s agreement exists between stores where one will not use another one’s manufacturer coupon if it has the other store’s name or logo on it.

      From all I can gather the store will still get paid by the manufacturer for said coupon.

      I have seen deal after posted deal from official members and unofficial members of this site listing matchups using store specific coupons at stores which specifically state they do not accept these coupons.

      CVS coupon for Clorox at Shop-rite is just one example.

      Most manufacturer coupons will work in the system regardless of logo on coupon. So basically a cashier has to be watching close enough to see it and this is somewhat dependant on how noticable the competitor’s logo or name is.

      Some people can argue it depends on the wording next to the competitor stores logo / name. For example some say “May be purchased at your local SuperCenter.” or available at “X store”, “Some will say “Redeemable at ACME Only.” and there are other variations.

      Allot of people go through self checkout to avoid this chance…

      However, according to the posted coupon policy…if the coupon has another store’s name or logo…Shoprite (and most other groceries) will not take officially take it.

      I have heard from multiple people that although officially all the big pharmacies will not take competitor manufacturer coupons in reality most of them say “if it scans will take it.”

      Bottom line: This question basically rests on your own moral compass…and the risk of you buying something for more than you budgeted due to a coupon not working.

      • kc

        It depends on the wording of the coupon. If the coupon states Redeemable only at ___, then it can only be used at that store. If it says redeemable at or available at and it is a manufacturers coupon, then you should be able to use it at any store. Cindy has addressed this question in the past.

  • brittany

    4 velveeta shells and cheese 10.00 (sr and kraft)
    2 kraft shredded cheese (kraft)
    4 deli fresh 2.99 (sr and kraft)
    3 kraft singles (kraft)

    does this work for the 10 and the 5?

    • Alan


      That works.. If you need it all ..then all is good.

      It looks like you are basing the $20 / 5 on sale prices though. You may be able to shave something if you compute using shelf prices. Example Deli Fresh Shelf Price is 3.99 and Shells are like 2.63 (dont quote me on exact shelf prices but you get the idea…)

      • Shanta

        Hi Alan, is it confirmed that the Kraft Singles are a part of the Shoprite Cat?? TIA!!!!!

        • SR Emplye.

          Uhm, just got to the shoprite main page and it’s all there for you! Alan doesn’t work at shoprite.

        • Alan

          As far as I know Kraft Singles are NOT part of the Shoprite Cat only the Kraft cat.

          Going off Brittany deal though…

          She can probably do something like:

          4 Velveeta Shells (2.62 shelf) = 10.48
          2 Shredded
          2 Deli Fresh (3.99 shelf) = 7.98

          Total = 18.46 + Filler

          Totally up to the person trying to maximize the deal not just from a numbers perspective but also a “I can use these items” perspective.

          Sometimes we all get caught up in numbers maximization instead of use maximization though 🙂 Me included.

          • brittany

            Thanks so much Alan..after I read your post I did not realize I did not use shelf prices so thank you! It also made me realize I dont REALLY need 4 things of deli meat I did your deal above plus a jar of peanut butter and that puts me over 20 dollars by like 46 cents.

            • brittany

     the 3 kraft singles if people are looking to double dip since you need 10 kraft items and that is only 8

        • Beth

          Unfortunately they’re not, but if you mix your items right you can still double dip. Crystal Light and Mio are both $3.99 Shelf Price at my store, and qualify for both Cats.

  • Lisa

    Hi. Does anyone know if any of the Shop Rite stores in the Toms River area work on shelf price? I shop the new one on Rt 37 because it’s close, but they use the sale price. Thanks!

    • NS

      @lisa…..I went to the Shoprite on Fischer yesterday and everything worked based on the shelf price

    • Dawn K

      Lisa, I shop there too! I thought I was the only one with that problem. Maybe I’ll go to Manchester instead, that’s my 2nd closest SR.

  • Diane F

    There was a shelf tag for the Lunchables with Fruit noting they were on sale for $2.50. There is also a peelie on them, $1 off 2. So I bought 2 as part of the Kraft deal. Register rang up regular price ($3.99), went to customer service and they gave me the difference. For some reason, the name of the product on the shelf tag does not match the SKU.

  • gia

    Thanks Cindy, Alan and all of the great pleople that take their time to share information . I just got back from Shoprite and was great!!!Got $10 and $5 cat.

    have a good evening everyone!!

  • Meghan

    Can you please help me with this? At Shop Rite tonight in one order I bought 2 of the 24 pack Charmin toilet papers for $12.88 and 2 of the 15 roll Bounty for $12.88. My total was $49.52 and my rebate form for the $10 gift card printed. I also had a 2nd transaction for 2 of the tides on sale for $15.77. Should either one of these qualify for the spend $25 get a $5 M.I.R.? I didn’t get anything for that on either order. Thank you. Meghan

    • Laura

      You have to download and print the $5 MIR. The link should be above in Cindy’s match-ups. Im not sure of the exact details of the rebate, but the link should provide that info for you. Hope that helps. 🙂

    • Laura D.

      The second transaction will qualify for the $5 MIR, the 2 Tide. You will need to print the form from Cindy’s link above.

  • jen

    Wish I could figure out what I did wrong, didn’t get the $5 cat. Anyone figure it out?
    2 Kraft Deluxe- $2.62 each shelf price = $5.30
    4 Crystal light- $2.49 each shelf price $9.96
    1 Philadelphia cooking creme -$1.67
    4 Bic pens .88 each = $3.52
    I’m coming up with $20.45 on shelf price….but since I didn’t spend that out of pocket since they were on sale, I didn’t go to the customer service desk b/c I know it’s really supposed to be on the sale price. But just trying to figure out what I did wrong. Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Can you please help me with this? At Shop Rite tonight in one order I bought 2 of the 24 packs of Charmin toilet paper for $12.88 and 2 of the 15 roll Bounty for $12.88. My total was $49.52 and my rebate form for the $10 gift card printed. I also had a 2nd transaction for 2 of the tides on sale for $15.77. Should either one of these qualify for the spend $25 get a $5 M.I.R.? I didn’t get anything for that on either order. Also the liquid tide on sale does NOT qualify for the $10 MIR correct? Thank you. Meghan

    • Laura D.

      The Tide in the second transaction will qualify for the $5 MIR. The reason why you didn’t get a second $10 Options Gift Card with your second transaction (Tide) is because you already received it with the first transaction. The ad states “Limit one per household”, so it is most likely attached to your pp card. HTH!

  • Meghan

    Also even though I got 2 Tide liquid detergents for $15.77 each & that totaled more than $30, that is not included in the $10 MIR correct?

    • Laura D.

      Yes, it is included but you can only get it once. The ad states “Limit one per household”. Since it printed on your first transaction with the Charmin, it did not print on your second transaction with the Tide. It was a one shot deal. HTH!

  • Alan


    Can you look on your actual receipt and see what the Pre-Price Club price is according to your shoprite?

    I know that everyone else was reporting the Keebler cookies ot be 3.29 and my shoprite computed the Pre Price Club Price ot be 2.99 …for whatever reason.

    According to my limited number crunching…you should have got the cat. In fact, you were pretty darn conservative because you only counted the Bic pens at sales price.

    Could be that the Cat had a hickup too… I *think* that all shoprites compute the cats in the same way too…its vaguely possible (but I dont think likely) that specific shoprites or even regions may compute the cat differently Shelf vs. Sale?

  • Anonymous

    Is it a better deal to use the Kraft coupons at Walgreens or Shop Rite this week?

    • Kim B

      I used some of my Kraft coupons at Walgreens. I got (4) boxes of Velveeta shells, (4) bottles of Kraft Italian Dressing, and (2) Jars are Miracle Whip. Paid $9 OOP, got $10 RR. So it was a money maker. It all depends on what kind of Kraft products you are looking for.

  • Meghan

    Ok I figured out the part about the $5 MIR after I went back & looked again so my question is just about the tide. Also is it better to use the Kraft coupons at Walgreen’s or Shop Rite? Which deal is better? Thanks!

    • Laura D.

      If you are looking to get both the $10 Options Gift Card and the $5 MIR from P&G (the second $10 rebate didn’t print because it is one per household) you will need “Original Receipts” for both rebate forms. The first transaction with the Charmin should be filled out for the $10 Options Card and the second transaction’s receipt from the Tide should be filled out for the $5 MIR. HTH!

  • Micki

    I have multiples of this weeks Shop Rite Super Coupons, would love to trade for Capri Sun, or maybe others:

    80% lean ground beef $1.98/lb.
    10 to 10.5 oz Herrs chips $1.48
    1 lb. Shop Rite butter $1.98
    Pepsi 12 pack 4 for $7.98
    18 pack Shop Rite eggs $1.98
    4 to 6 lb average fresh pork spareribs $1.78/lb
    5 lb bag russet potatoes $1.98
    Tastykake family pack $1.98
    Dietz and Watson american cheese $2.98
    Maier’s Italian bread $1.48
    California nectarines $.98/lb
    Bounty basic big roll 6 pack OR Charmin Basic big roll 12 pack 2/$9.98 – mix and match

    THE FOLLOWING do not require an additional purchase:
    Tillapia fillet $4.98/lb
    50 count Live littleneck clams $12.98
    2 lb bag Prince Edward Island mussels $3.98
    under 15 count fresh colossal shrimp $9.98/lb
    21 to 25 count fresh jumbo shrimp $8.88/lb
    fresh bay scallops $5.98/lb.

    • Noelle L.

      Micki- I would love the ground beef coupon. However, I only have 2 Capri Sun coupons left. Would you still be willing to trade?

      • Micki

        Sure, Noelle. Thanks! Email me your address and I will get it in the mail today. Do you only want one? Any others? I have multiples of all of them.

      • Micki
  • Flora

    For Lisa. In Toms River I have found that the new SR on rt 37. Does not operate on shelf price. Also they are not a coupon -promo knowledgeable store. Go to Fischer bay. Great store and this promo works on shelf prices. Also Manchester. is good for shelf prices Good luck!

  • Jillian

    Just wanted to report that at the ShopRite on Nixon Drive in Mount Laurel, NJ I bought:
    -4 velveeta shells
    -2 Oscar Mayer Deli Cuts
    -1 Kraft Mayo

    Should have printed a $5 SR catalina for school supplies and $5 for 7 Kraft products. Neither printed. Went to customer service and they calculated the $5 SR catalina on the sale price (not shelf) – said I was .03 cents short, but gave it to me anyway. They knew nothing about the Kraft catalina and they looked through their binder with all the catalinas, but there was nothing there, so I left. The catalinas are so annoying – especially the separate ones that are run by the specific brands because the store people usually don’t know what you’re talking about when you ask.

    • Michelle T.

      Jillian, contact Catalina Marketing. You are entitled to a $5 Cat from Kraft. They have a form that you fill out online with your register details and they will check it out and mail you your Cat.

      They are great at sending out Cats that didn’t print. 🙂

      • Jillian

        Wow! I didn’t know that – thanks so much for your help!! That’s awesome 🙂

  • Beth

    Another way to double dip (if you have enough tearpad coupons) is with the Mio and Crystal Light. I had tearpad coupons for the Crystal Light Pure, Crystal Light Energy, and the Mio Energy, so this is what I did:

    (4) Crystal Light Pure (Shelf $3.99) @ $1.99 = $7.96 (Shelf $15.96)
    (3) Crystal Light Energy (Shelf $3.99) @ $1.99 = $5.97 (Shelf $11.97)
    (3) Mio Energy (Shelf $3.99) @ 3/$9.48 = $9.48 (Shelf $11.97)
    Total: $23.41 (Shelf $39.90)

    (4) $1/1 Crystal Light Pure
    (3) $1/1 Crystal Light Energy
    (3) $1/1 Mio Energy

    Total: $13.41
    Rec’d: $10.00 Kraft Cat & $5.00 Shoprite Cat

    Not sure if there are $1/1 for the regular Crystal Light, but I know there are $1/1 for the regular Mio; everything expires 12/31/12.

    • A.R

      Hi Beth, Where did you get the Tearpad coupons from? Thank you..

  • Meggan

    Can anyone tell me if rio grande or marmora shoprites works off of shelf prices or sale prices for Catalina deals?????????

    • Jennifer

      Marmora is shelf prices!

  • Be

    Hi everyone, I just want to share this. This works beautifully if you were able to print $1/1 coupons for each of the items. I printed them in the last few days.

    Total was less than $15.94, minus $10 Kraft CAT and $SR CAT. NET OOP 94 cents. WOO HOO.

    (4) Velveeta Shells, $2.50@
    (4) Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh, $2.99@
    (2) Kraft Singles (counts as Kraft CAT but not SR CAT), $1.99@ (on sale at 40 cents off, elsewhere in SR flyer)

    Used: (8) $1/1 coupons.

    Both CAT printed fine.

    Also, as others have said, Hammermill papers are on sale at $2.49 each, you can use the SR CAT for 2 packs. I don’t have school age kids anymore but who can’t use more paper?

    Hope this is helpful.

    I wish I can print more coupons Deli Fresh coupons. That’s the best deal regardless: on sale for $2.99, original price, is $3.99, after coupons $1.99. A deal even without the CATS.

    Happy shopping.

    • Alan

      Well…the lunch meat is sort of a deal. If you call 2.00 for 9 oz of meat a deal.

      Just saying all lunch meat is stupid expensive. Lunch meat is more expensive than steak really…its plan stupid if you ask me (which ya didn’t)

  • Does anyone know the shelf price on Philly Cooking Creme? My store has it on sale for $2.00 (not $1.66) so not sure if it would even be the same just trying to figure out a deal for the cat and don’t know shelf price…

    • Kim B

      Shoprite @ Home for my local store (Cherry Hill) says $2.99. Though weirdly enough the Creamy Pesto and Savory Lemon & Herb varieties are listed as shelf price of $1.67. No idea what’s going on there. But hope that helps.

  • Anon

    Had a great trip to shop rite and was able to take advantage of the double dip deal going on right now.

    Heres what I got…

    4 Velveta Shells and 2% Cheese Kits
    3 Kraft Light Mayo
    3 MiO Water Enhancers
    4 Pepsi 12-packs
    1 5lb bag Russett Potato

    Coupons Used…

    4 $1.00 Velveta
    3 $1.00 Kraft Mayo
    3 $1.00 MiO
    1 Pepsi Super coupon (saved $2.08)
    1 Potato Super coupon (saved $0.52)
    1 Reuseable bag refund (saved $0.05)

    Paid $27.92
    Recieved $15.00 in catalinas
    Like paying $12.92

  • I got a printout with one of my previous orders that states there is a Catalina for Mighty Dog from 8/6 – 9/2:
    Buy 6-11 get $1.00
    Buy 12-23 get $2.00
    Buy 24 or more get $3.00

    After manufacturers $1/6 coupon paired with the Cat they would be $.29 each

  • Kim B

    Does anyone know if the Crystal Light Mocktails are included in the sale? They are the same size as the other Crystal Lights, but I just wondered if anyone saw them as part of the sale in store.

  • Kim B

    From the looks of Shoprite @ Home, Crystal Light Mocktails are not part of the sale (darn, cause I love those things! lol). So I have changed my trip. As Follows:

    Kraft Shredded Cheese 8oz x 2 = $3.98
    Crystal Light x 8 (max 4 of each variety) = $15.92
    Capri Sun Drink 10ct. x 2 = $4
    Kool Aid packet x 1 = $0.20

    $1/2 Kraft Shredded Cheese
    $1/2 (x4) Crystal Light
    $1/1 (x2) Capri Sun Drink

    Total OOP: $17.10
    After Catalinas: $2.10

    Catalina explanation breakdown:

    For the Shoprite $5 wyb $20:

    Crystal Light x 8 = $15.92
    Capri Sun Drink x 2 = $4
    Kool Aid packet x 1 = $0.20 (added to get from $19.92 to +$20.00)
    Total = $20.12 –> earns $5 Shoprite Catalina

    For the Kraft buy 10 get $10:

    Crystal Light x 8
    Kraft Shredded Cheese x 2
    10 items –> earns $10

    Hope this works out! Can’t wait to go out tonight.

  • Kim D.

    I’m hoping that there is something wrong with the Shop @ home site, but I’m feeling pessimistic. My store (Poughkeepsie, NY) has a number of things priced higher than what Cindy posted. 🙁 Usually, they are exactly the same! Mangoes, iceberg lettuce, Betty Crocker frosting….they’re all at least 30 cents higher!

    • Kim D.

      Oh, silly me. 😛 Lettuce and Mangoes are 4 day sale….

      But that doesn’t explain Betty Crocker! 🙁 Dumb price hikes.

  • A.R

    Someone please tell me where to find the Crystal Light Tearpad coupons. thanks in advance!

    • Brooke

      I wish I knew!!!

    • Kim B

      I got my $1/2 Crystal Light tear pad coupons from Acme. There was a little stand up display at the very end of the aisle.

    • Brooke

      I found mine at walgreens. HTH

  • terry

    There is a coupon for Joy ice cream cones….55 cents off one on their website. Coupon starts with a 5. These are usually .99 cents at shoprite. Free cones! An ad prints after the coupon.

  • Kara

    Not sure if this has already been posted but the ShopRite in Warminster is no longer offering triple coupons 🙁 wahhhhhhh I was hoping they would continue it

    • Lady J

      Hatfield, PA SR has triples – if that helps.

  • Susie

    I did look at all the posts really quick, but I’m not 100% sure since I didn’t notice a positive yes or no….. can the cats for both the SR cat and Kraft cats be rolled over. I’d like to do 2 different deals, providing I can save more rather than doing everything in 1 transaction and not getting as much. I’d like to go tomorrow morning if anyone can help before than! 🙂 Thanks for helping me out!!

  • Susie

    another question – I did notice that the SR cat is working off shelf price. However, I don’t understand how you can tell. Another words, would you have your SR card scanned after all your items are scanned or does the register already track it? See, I’m afraid that if I work off shelf price and I don’t get a cat, that I’ll have to go to customer service and I’ll feel silly! I know that alot of times the cats don’t print until after you’ve paid. I wish it didn’t do that! Anyway, again thank you for helping me out in this!

    • Lady J

      The SRs I go to insist on scanning the card first. There’s not really a way of knowing if something will be based on sale or shelf price until someone tries. However, with Shop Rite, it usually is shelf price. Every other store by me is sale price. Some stores by me are even sale price, and after q’s. But Shop Rite is pretty good.

  • anonymous

    I have a couple of questions. Can i use an in store coupon + e-coupon (shoprite) + Saving star all at once? I bought a few things today (waiting on the Kraft/Shoprite double dip til i hook up my laptop to a printer). I bought GM Cinnamon Toast Crunch and the only thing that came off was the physical coupon i used (even though there was a e-coupon). Same thing happened with Betty crocker mixes (e-coupon didnt work) and the Kleenex shoprite e-coupon failed to come off. I also bought Marie’s yogurt dressing and only that e-coupon worked. I know Saving star takes a day or so to work but I dont see the e-coupons in my accounts anymore so how can i contact shoprite/cellfire to fix this?

    • Cuzzie

      Sometimes it works and your e-coupon comes off and sometimes it doesnt. Contacting cellfire/shoprite wont do any good, they will tell you that you cant use them together. Give your SavingStar a day or two and if you dont get the deposit then contact them, cause that shouldnt be effected.

      • Bill

        That’s ridiculous, since the Cellfire coupon comes off before you even scan coupons!

    • Rocky

      The easy answer is…yes…and, no! For all of them to work you have to clip them in a specific order, and, your ecoupon account must not have any glitches, and, you need to have been logged in, and, you need to have purchased the right size/version of the product. So, it is yes if you have done all that and no if there was a problem with any of the previous areas/steps.

      – Cellfire and SR ecoupons are, for the most part, one and the same (other than for, say, SR products). If you have it clipped in one, you cannot clip it/load it in the other, at the same time.
      – Recently, if you have a coupon clipped in either SR ecoupons or Cellfire, the SavingStar system will not allow you to also clip it there (you will get a message saying it is being used in another service). If you are clipping fast, you may not realize they are not actually activating. But, you may be able to clip it first in SavingStar and then clip it in SR/CF, so, yes, you could conceivably get all 3 (ecoup, SS and manu coup).

      Re: your SR ecoupon account:
      – Try going into your SR account profile and re-entering and submitting all of your information, again, even if everything is the same as before. Reader Laura D. has had very good success with this. It seems to re-set things and gets everything working properly again.
      – When you clip/add these, make sure you are literally signed into your account before clipping. It is easy to forget to do this and it will look like it is working, anyway.
      – Check to see if you have purchased the right size/version/flavor of the products. You can’t always see the restrictions from the screen you add from. While the CTCrunch doesn’t have restrictions, the BC and Kleenex ones, do. From something you said, though, I tend to think it might not have been added properly, to begin with. You said that you don’t see the ecoupon in your account, anymore. They don’t usually drop off immediately after you use them. Quite the opposite, they seem to remain in your account waaay beyond the date you used them – I’m talking about in your ‘shopping list’, or, the ‘messages & savings’ tab, not the main Add to Card screen. But, if they weren’t added properly, there is a good chance they wouldn’t be showing on your Add to Card screen, anyway, and you might not have realized it.

      At any rate, I would consider this trip a learning experience. Try the steps above, for your ecoupon account and see if you notice any difference in your next trip (but, make sure to verify that the ecoupon is really showing in your account before you buy something you think it is there for!). Good luck!

      • Rocky

        One more thing to try if all else fails, ask the cashier to sub-total your order before scanning in your manufacturer’s coupons. A number of readers have reported that, since doing this, they no longer have problems with their ecoupons (assuming they bought the right product, of course!).

  • I don’t see the velveeta shells & cheese coupons. Are they still available under a diff barcode?

    • I meant zip code… LOL

      • Rachel

        I can’t find them either..I think they must be NLA.

  • Terry

    Joy ice cream cones website has 55 cent coupon. If any one needs it. Bar code starts with a 5 so it will double. 🙂 Free if your shoprite doubles. I sent the link but it is still waiting moderation

  • debbie

    Anyone know what happened to the link for the lays potato chips, it worked for me from the first computer but its not working now from the second computer or the first computer, the link seems to be dead.

    • Lady J

      Cindy put up a post about not using the one you could print this morning.

  • Lady J

    What’s the shelf life on the OM Deli Selects lunch meat? I know with deli meat, it really is 3 (to maybe 5) days. But this is sealed, right? So it should last a little while? Or, does it have a short date? If anyone has bought this, just let me know what the date on the pack is. Thanks.

    • Ann

      I bought 2 packs and they both say Nov.1 2012 and I specifically looked for ones with exp.dates that are far from today’s date.

  • Debbie petrides

    Your weekly listigs are quickly becoming an obsession of mine ! 🙂 I did a 51.76 shooping trip today at shoprite for 12.57′, thats a 76% savings! I used 13 coupons + 1 register printed catalina to buy as follows:
    3 kraft singles 12 oz
    2 whiskas cat treats
    I keebler cinammon cookies
    2 oikos greek yogurt
    1 philadelphia indulgence
    3 butterball turkey bacons
    1 gallon milk
    2 eggo waffles
    1 roll of bread
    1 nivea lip balm (free coupon procured on FB a while back)

    Not bad at all!

  • Debbie petrides

    I forgot there was a n arnold whole wheat bread in that list as well

  • Lori

    Can we freeze the kraft shredded cheese and the singles? I’m pretty sure cheese freezes well, but I want to be sure its been done successfully!

    • MomOfFour

      Yup, I freeze cheese all the time! Consistency stays the same with shredded or sliced.

  • terry

    If anyone is buying the Mio, the blueberry lemonade is sooooooo good!!!! 🙂

  • Trina

    The Kraft deal worked for me, paid $10 after coupons and cats, got back $15. Thanks Cindy!

    • Lady J

      what did you buy?

  • Lady J

    Just a Heads Up for anyone buying the Febreze Noticeables Warmer Kit:

    If you were intending to give this as a gift, you should note that the pack doesn’t include any fragrance – only the plug in unit.

  • adriene

    I just got back from Shoprite and I bought the Mrs. Cubbison’s crutons and my coupon beeped, I was just wondering if anyone else had that problem

    • Lady J

      don’t know about beeping, but I have heard others said that it didn’t double. It’s a DND-5, I believe.

  • Anonymous

    are the regular kraft mac n cheese dinner boxes included in these CAT deals??

    • Rachel

      For the school supply cat only, not the Kraft. For the Kraft deal you need to buy the Deluxe mac and cheese or the velveeta shells and cheese.

  • Laurie M.

    PLEASE help me. For the $5 oyno school supply cat, it’s working off shelf price, right?? So the glue is actually counting for $.99 toward the deal, and the capri sun counts for $2.49. Is that correct???

    • Laura D.

      Hi Laurie M., The deal has been confirmed to be working off shelf price. You are correct with the prices for the glue and capri sun. However, you will want to check “YOUR” stores shelf prices and make sure they are the same as listed here. IF they are different you will need to recalculate your total prior to checkout to make sure you are reaching the $20 requirement. This one is super tricky! Good Luck 🙂

  • Trina G.

    i brought 2 velvetta shells and cheese, 4 kraft sginles and 4 oscar meyer deli meat

  • Shari

    What Happened – I was rushed out of SR- Bought 10 Kraft Fresh and 4 Kraft singles – got a $2 Cat ???????????????????
    Used 10 1$ Q for Fresh and $ 1$ for cheese- is it because of the Q’s

    • Be

      Fresh is not part of the Kraft CAT. You got the $2 CAT for the 4 Kraft singles.

    • Be

      FYI. Oscar Mayer deli FRESH is part of both CATs (thus the double dip) but Kraft Fresh Take is only part of the SR School supply CAT.

  • melissah

    If you shop at the SR on dolson ave in middletown, NY, be advised that the silk brand fruit and protein quarts are on special for $1.07- if you printed the $1.50 off one THEY ARE FREE! Spent $9 on groceries tonight, saved $180….couldny have done it without this site. thank you

  • lisa

    Hello, has anyone bought the libbys peaches for 59 cents?? I checked 2 SR and found them priced at $5 for 4, making them $1.25 each. Thanks.

  • Winzilinie

    The Libby’s peaches on sale are the sliced peaches in syrup, NOT fruit juice or water. It’s a specific item out of the Libby line that is the sale price.

    They are .69 at my local Westchester County shoprite.

  • Janeen

    Has anyone done the Kraft foods catalina deal with Planters Peanut Butter?

    • Rocky

      The peanut butter is not part of the Kraft catalina deal (just the SR 20/5 deal). A few people have reported that back on some of the various posts about this topic.

  • Tami

    Is anyone having problems with internet printed coupons. At my Shoprite the cashier can not get them to scan so always has to call for an overide.

    • Aileen C

      I used to, but the problem was my inkjet printer was printing the bar codes way too thick. I now have a laserjet and no longer have a problem.

  • jess

    Shopping really late this week…I can’t find the CApri Sun,Kraft Singles and SunnnyD coupons. Are they under a certain zipcode?

    • Kim B

      I think they are no longer available to print.

  • Tami

    Thanks, my brother has a laser printer so I will try that.

  • gumy

    my shoprite did not have the Del Monte Fruit cup snacks for 1.00…they were 2.69 and i didnt see them in the flyer either,,,i wanted to go back today to double check. anyone know where i can really find them? i checked the aisle with the fruit snacks…nada.

  • Luz

    Ok so im fairly new to couponing and i would like to do the kraft and the buy 20 get 5 school supply catalina deals but these are the only coupons that i have available:

    2- $1/1 kraft mayo
    2- $1/1 velvetta shells
    2- $1/1 kraft singles
    2- $1/1 kraft shredded cheese

    does anyone have any suggestions so that i can get the best deal? I read cindy suggestions but since i only have 2 of each coupon, her deals will not work for me.

  • missg

    Hi Cindy, I just began printing coupons and need some help. On one site I printed Post Cereal coupons, but just realized the coupon states (redeem at Walmart) Then I was gonna print the Post Cereal from above (your Shop Rite list), but it came up a Target site. I was little weary, and confused. Will they be accepted in other stores like Shop Rite?
    Thank You,

    • Cindy

      The coupon from the Target Site is fine to use anywhere. It’s just a regular manufacturer coupon.

  • missg

    Thank you Cindy. This site is such a great help. Enjoy your Friday.