ShopRite Coupon Match Ups 8/5 – 8/11

ShopRite Deals for the week of 8/5/12

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  • Doubled Coupons: All coupons $.99 and under are doubled in these match ups. If your ShopRite doubles differently, please adjust the final price accordingly. Make sure to check out the Full List of ShopRite Double Coupon Stores.
  • Coupon Variations:  Keep in mind that coupons may vary from regions or even newspapers.  Other areas may have additional or different value coupons.  All coupons, from all regions are shown in the match ups.
  • Do Not Double Coupons: All coupon match ups below are shown as doubled. Some coupons will state “Do Not Double” on the coupon. This is a YMMV situation.
  • ShopRite eCoupons: ShopRite eCoupons usually disappear quickly however once they are clipped, they are in your account until they expire.  eCoupons shown in the match ups may only be available to those that clipped them already.
  • Catalina Deal Ideas:  All catalina deal ideas are calculated on the Pre-Price Plus prices.  Although these deals almost always work this way, at the time of the posting it has not been confirmed.  You can watch the comments to see if others have had success. Also, when doing the deals, please be sure to check your pre-price plus prices as they may differ from those posted here.  If your total is not met or if you have bought an incorrect product or size, your catalina will not print!

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::Unadvertised Deals

Note: Because these are unadvertised deals, prices may vary by store so please check your prices before you head to the register.




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  • Eve

    Thank you for all your hard work and all the match ups. I truly appreciate it. You have cut my grocery bill in half !!!

  • David

    On how do I put in the zip code? It appears the website was re-done and I don’t see an area. Thank You

    • Laura D.

      I hope this will make sense. Go to the top menu bar on their site and click on the “savings card” tab next to the “coupons” tab. On that page you can enter the zip code you want then click back onto the “coupons” page and you will notice the change. You can tell by the total amount of coupons available. Really a pain though! I don’t like it 🙁

      • Michelle J.

        Are those coupons gone? I can’t find the blue bunny or cadbury.

    • rachael

      when u go on u go to local coupons and u can put the zip in. then u click on the go button then after that u click at the top where it says coupons.

      • Jenn

        The Local Coupons tab is no longer there.

    • Mary

      Good question! I’m wondering the same thing! Please help if you where to put the zip code. Thanks!

    • Danielle

      click on local coupons, put in the zip and then click back to coupons (HTH)

  • A.R

    Both Magnum & Magnum Minis on sale? or only the Magnum ones? TIA!!

  • Dana C

    Not too many great deals this week, which is ok as I’ll spend my $50 in catalinas on meat and produce 🙂

    • Alan

      Not sure what you consider “not many great deals…but”

      I know this outlook is also heavily dependent on Shoprite super coupons and our store fully doubles BUT

      Hefty Trashbags almost free 1.34 – .55 * 2 (doubled) = .24
      Ice Cream – Breyer (if super coupon) 1.49 – .50 x 2 (doubled) = .49
      Blue Bunny Novelties – 1.88 – .75 or 1.00 …either way its .88 or .38 cents
      Cereal (if Super coupon) 4 / $6 = 1.50 – .70 * 2 (doubled) .10 a box (BEFORE Cat deal which may work on pre Price Cut prices) — Even without Super Coupoin its not bad at
      Thighs or Drumsticks Perdue — Super Coupon .17 a pound!
      Free Organic Lettuce
      So very reasonabily priced Paper Towels at under 5.00 for an 8 pack (Sparkle is even lower and they have a super coupon on Sparkle as well)
      Ok…So Yoplait great Yogurt is almost always good but at 40 cents each plus possible eCoupon stacks…good deal

      Not to mention the Shampoo at $1 each…etc.

      So When you say that there are no good deals I think its highly subjective. I found this week to be a great week over all…but then again I shop at Multiple places each week (Acme was awesome, I did some Price Match at Walmart from a local Grocery that is a little out of the way), Giant gave me some store coupons to stack…and couldn’t resist that…anyway…eye of beholder and all that 🙂

      • lori

        I wish we had those super coupons. That would definitely get me excited. We rarely have super coupons. we did this past week and they were great but the upcoming week all of our super coupons are geared towards the hispanic aisle which is great for some but not so great for me. I can almost bet that because there were super coupons 2 weeks in a row we won’t have any for awhile now.

      • Dana C

        I didn’t say there were no good deals; I said there weren’t many. I have 12 things on my list, including the items you copied from Cindy’s list. Usually I have at least 2 pages for my SR list (last week for Dollar Days I had 6 pages…lol).

        It’s all good though…I’ve been couponing for quite a while and have a substantial stockpile so I really only shop for stockpile priced items, meaning free or near free.

        • Irishsaver

          I totally agree with you not like the good old days..

      • matthew

        Meat and produce sounds better to me, too! Can’t eat hefty bags and don’t want ice cream nor cereal for dinner!! Lol. Ha

      • Irishsaver

        Wish I got those super Q’s in our area and were in the land of the fully double coupons.. I agree too great deals to be had but not like they used to… Happy hunting…

  • Brooke

    Thanks for this! I can’t wait until tomorrow to find out if these deals are rolling on the pre-price plus prices. We should rename that PPPP lol.

    • laura n.

      Great idea!

  • Mark

    Thanks for the match-ups.

  • Janelle S

    Thanks for the match-ups

  • barbaraj

    I am having the same problrm with, Can any one help?

    • Alan

      My wife started having problems with too! We just installed google Chrome and it fixed it. Well not really a fix but a work-a-round.

  • michelle dean

    Hi does anyone out in couponland have any exta of the $3/2 Cover Girl Lipgloss coupons that their willing to part with? I was away and was unable to get the papers I needed for this deal, and the way I go through lipgloss I could really use the savings. Not to sound greedy but I need 3. I’d be happy to trade for another coupon I have that you may need. If you do great! Please email me!!
    Happy Couponing,

    • debra

      if your still looking I have a few u can have, both the $3/2 and $1/1

  • On my last 2 trips to the Shoprite in Middletown NY I received “Plus Perks” catalinas. Lots of great deal for free items. This is the only Shoprite that I have seen them at. Has anybody else ever received them?

    • Jake

      I got Plus Perks on Oral Care $1.00 off and Household Cleaners for $1.50. Best part is that they’re Store Coupons and they stack with Manufacturer Coupons!

      • Andrea

        I got them at the Niskyuna shoprite. I got a ton of them like $.50/3 bottled juice or drink,$.50/2 cleaning product, $.50/2 facial tissue, $1/2 bath tissue, $.50/3 cereal,$.50/6 yogurt and $.50/2 paper towel.

    • Ali

      i alwaaaaaaays seem to get them for baby items here in DE, can`t complain though since im stocking up for baby 3 LOL who wants to shop with a newborn in the snow

    • Lexie

      I get them at Shoprite in Monticello, NY…Not too far from Middie.

  • Kristi

    As always, thanks for the matchups!!

  • Alan

    Small correction. Rayovac printable is dead. So please put NLA.

  • Holly


  • Theresa

    I am so incredibly grateful for your website. We save so much money on groceries now. I have had the opportunity to share my stockpiles with people in need. May god bless those that help others be good stewards of their finances while instilling it in others. Thank you, Cindy!

    • Alan

      This is a great week to donate! So many Cereal deals… I am not sure how the super coupons work but for me I got a 4 for $6 super coupon on the Kellogg ceral. That makes the cereal 1.50 each. Since I have 4 .70 coupons …that’s .10 a box. We are SO over full on cereal its not funny.

      My family does love Krave but at 20 boxes in stockpile …I am resisting.

      I did the Acme deal this week too because it had a few kinds we like (Raisin Almond, Rasberry Mini Wheats and Crunchy Nut. So… These 4 boxes go straight to charity.

      I literally could not look at an ad this week without seeing multiple deals where cereal was under .75 cents a box.

      Several other very cheap deals like Libby Veggies at Acme, Ice Cream at Shoprite, Trash Bags at Shoprite…

      Anyway…DONATE! Even if it is just to rotate your stock piles some because you have slowed down eating “X” after the 72nd free box 🙂

      • Laura D.

        where did you get the $4/6 super coupon from??? TIA!

        • Alan

          It was from the ad pack that we get in the mail each week. Normally it has a RP, and most of the Grocery store and Drug store adds. Some of the chains put their own coupons in this pack…Shoprite is one of them.

          Without the Store Super coupons…shoprite would only be so so… Some of their super coupons…are well…super.

          Doing a search for something a couple months ago …I did see people sell them on ebay for cheap 🙂

      • Leslie

        I keep a brown paper bag opened in my pantry. I always coupon for free or almost free items in shoprite even if my family does not use those specific items. Then when I get home and unload groceries, I place my free or almost free items (.50 cents or less) in the brown bag. When the bag is full I donate the groceries to a local church which supports only one food bank in our area. As Alan suggested, I also donate items I coupon for which down the road my children dislike (such as 7 – 4 packs of sparkling grape soda which was not a hit in my household after the first package). I recently purchased 12 squeeze bottles of baby food for $0 eventhough my children are no longer babies. When I donate these items I always know there must be someone out there who needs a hand and truly it is just a little extra effort on my part.

    • MamaBates


  • Nic

    Thanks Cindy~
    If anyone gets to ShopRite in the morning can you post if the deals are working Pre Price Plus costs 🙂

  • I got an email from SR today saying they loaded an ecoupon on my card for a free box of the new kelloggs raspberry fruit in the middle mini wheats that I can get this week!! I also got coupons on a display rack for Kelloggs so I may end up with some good deals 🙂

  • Meli

    thanks your the best!

  • Staci

    Just curious which shoprite does Allan use because at my local stores in Paramus, NJ I have not seen super coupons

  • I always donate to friends, family and shelter, I cant use all this stuff I get free, so I just give it away.

  • jocelyn a

    Thank you so much! my family and I really appreciate you and what you do!

  • Andrea

    If you are going to get the Yoplait yogurt make sure you check the new shoprite ecoupons. I just got one for $.50/6. Every little bit helps!

  • anonymous

    don’t see this listed and think reset as i printed one a few days ago and today it printed 2 coupons

    birds eye steamfresh 1.77 – 50 coupon here..if it doubles will make it 77 cents (has the new barcode)
    click special offers and login

    • Laura

      Thank you! I printed these as they are my favorite and great for my diet!!

    • Jenn

      The .50 coupon say Birds Eye Steamfresh Chef’s Favorite. The Birds Eye on sale for $1.77 are not the Chef’s Favorite – not at my store.

  • Lady J

    i heard yo9u can print super q’s from somewhere, is this true? If so, where?

    • frink

      There was a site that had them up a few weeks ago, but they no longer have them posted.

  • susan

    Are the ecoupons at Shop Rite different between different areas of the state of New Jersey? I live in South Jersey and there are many times the coupon does not exist or am I doing something wrong?? Thanks for the help.

    • Cindy

      ShopRite eCoupons disappear quickly so if you so it in the match ups, it was available but may have disappeared. If you have clipped it then it will still be available in your account. Be sure to check out all the new ones this morning and clip them so you’ll have them.

  • Jenna

    Has anyone confirmed that the Sparkle spend $20 deal is working off of shelf price?

    • Leslie

      Hi Jenna:
      I just came back from shoprite and had an awful trip. I expected 4 catalinas and nothing printed.
      The Sparkle deal did not work for me at my shoprite. I purchased two sparkles and one mardi gras paper napkins. Went to customer service who of course said this was not based on pre price plus prices. I had to buy another package of brawny to make the $20 mark. This was not the deal I expected. Also I purchased exactly what Cindy said with the exact UPC code for 4 reach toothbrushes. I expected a $4 cat alas no print. CS would not honor. They said I needed to purchase 2 – 2 packs not 4 singles. I also purchased 2 truvias (the baking kind) and the glade no catalinas. CS only honored those because the tags indicating the catalina were posted on the shelf. LOL not a great day.

      • Cindy

        I would contact Catalina Marketing on all your issues. It seems like maybe the catalina machine may not have been working at your store.

        • arizia

          Yes, catalina always resolves my issues very quickly and mails out the catalinas with a quick turn around. Even if SR CS doesn’t take care of you, catalina company usually will.

        • Maria D.

          Hi Cindy:
          I also did not receive expected catalinas. I made the cashier check to see if she had paper in the machine. Since I’m a “regular” they were surprised that nothing printed out for me. Can you just confirm that it is working on shelf prices this time around. If so, I will call Catalina Marketing.Thanks a lot.

          • Cindy

            Which product are you referring to. The Brawny is confirmed working on shelf prices but people are having issues with the Sparkle.

  • Michelle T.

    Anyone in NJ know about the dairy coupon restrictions? I haven’t been printing all those that say void in NJ, and now Yoplait has coupons in my SS! They say void if altered….or where prohibited…and includes NJ 🙁 !!! Are they just torturing us by putting coupons we want to use and are not allowed in our paper?!!!! We eat a lot of yogurt in our house and this is not cool 🙁

    I am also with those that say not so many deals at SR this week, no good super coupons for us in Central NJ. But since I have a great stockpile, I need a slow week now and then 🙂

    • Dana C

      Michelle, I’ve never had a problem with my yogurt coupons going through, even if they say void in NJ. I don’t know why they say that though. I agree it’s silly when they put them in our papers!

      • Michelle T.

        Thanks, Dana 🙂

      • loyal reader

        you realize that is illegal right? there are LAWS that prohibit the use of dairy coupons in the state of new jersey FOR A REASON. why are you encouraging someone to do wrong? I sometimes wonder about people…

        • Dana C

          Really? If the stores didn’t want to accept them, the register would beep when the coupon was scanned. The stores don’t care so why should I?

          I sometimes wonder about “loyal readers” who ride on high horses.

        • Maureen

          Before you chastise someone, understand the milk law. The milk law (no coupons or selling below minimum) applies only to milk not altered. Smart Balance, yogurt, etc – coupons are ligit

          • Kelly P

            Looks like ‘loyal reader’ needs to get THIER Story straight…ahah.

          • anonymous

            Maureen: if that’s the case then why is it printed on the YOGURT coupons? Chobani coupons state it more clearly:
            “Coupon offer is void where prohibited by law (CA, LA, MN, NV, NJ, ND and TN).”

            This means if you use your coupons in a state where it is prohibited by law the supermarket will not get reimbursed by the manufacturer. And eventually when the super markets “eat” enough of these coupons they’re going to start tracking them to the consumer via their loyalty card. Supermarkets have fraud teams that do that in case you weren’t aware.

            Dana C: The barcodes scan because they are legitimate barcodes that can be used in other states. And you should care because of the reasons I listed above. Couponing is a legitimate way to save money if you do it the right way. Dishonesty is why a lot of stores are changing their policies and getting more strict about coupon usage. This also is why you should care.

            • Dana C

              Sorry to inform you, but each SR’s computers are programmed for that particular store, hence why some stores fully double and others don’t. If the coupon wasn’t legit in NJ, the computers for the registers in NJ wouldn’t accept them.

              And that would also explain how supermarkets have their own exact ecoupons for things like yogurt, right? LOL For example, SR has had ecoupons for yogurt…the same coupon that comes in the inserts and the printable. Why oh why would they do this if it was illegal? LOL

            • Dana C

              Also, have you ever used a coupon that states “Do No Double” and the store doubles it? As the coupon police, I hope you haven’t because according to you, that would be ILLEGAL! LOL

              • Jennifer

                Doubling is up to the store. If the coupon says it’s void in your state, then you can’t use it. Please follow the rules printed on the coupon. Using coupons for what they aren’t intended making couponing harder for the rest of us and gives couponers a bad name. Many legitimate coupons beep for the item they are intended and many coupons do NOT beep if you use them on a product they were not intended for.

                For example I purchased the Beechnut Fruities 2 weeks ago at SR. I purchased exactly what the coupon stated and even exactly what was pictured and the coupon beeped. The cashier read the coupon, looked at the item, and manually entered it.

                Please use coupons as they are intended.

                • Dana C

                  Jennifer, thank you for confirming what I’ve been saying. It is up to the store what coupons they accept and how they accept them. Because it says Void in NJ does not mean they won’t accept it, anymore than a coupon that says Do Not Double, gets doubled.

                  I do use my coupons as they intended, thank you very much. I buy exactly what the coupon states I’m allowed to buy. I will continue to use my yogurt coupons at my stores until my store tells me they no longer will accept them (and my store does accept them regardless of what it says, so thank you, but I’m doing nothing wrong 🙂 Have a nice day!

      • china

        when did this start?

    • Cindy F.

      Michelle, whats a super coupon? im new to couponing and ive heard that term a lot this week. im asking you cause i think we are neighbors and probabley shop in the same stores:)

      • Michelle T.

        Cindy, super coupons are ShopRite store coupons that are in the weekly ad. The coupons vary by region/owner and sometimes they come in the mail on a postcard (alas, but rarely). couponclipper(dot)com had printables on their site for a while when the new store opened in Somerville, but they aren’t there anymore 🙁

        Loyal reader, I wasn’t looking to be yelled at, I was looking for clarification on this law against dairy coupons. I am confused that they are supposedly not to be used in NJ, but they are in our local delivered papers. This is a friendly forum and I am looking for friendly advice. Thank you all who are so nice here 🙂 Thank you, Maureen.

        • Jennifer

          The coupon inserts are distributed to multiple newspapers. On the spine of your insert it might list another paper that’s not in NJ. Or they know that NJ shoppers sometimes shop in other states.

      • Michelle T.

        Cindy F, what store do you shop at? I shop at North Brunswick, it’s nice to see fellow couponers in the area 🙂

        • Cindy F.

          Michelle, i shop in North Brunswick too! I reside in north brunswick and this website is wonderful. Just found out about it a month ago.

          • Michelle T.


  • claudia

    Can you do this weeks Catalina deals multiple times? IE: the Georgia Pacific Brawny deal.

  • Rebecca

    hello all! I live in NJ and my one yogurt coupon worked fine however my second one beeped. the cashier just ended up putting it through. Also I tried the sparkle paper towel deal (2 paper towels and 1 mardi gras napkin) and I did not get the $5 cat. I did get the Brawny paper towel $5 cat

    • Mariele

      I believe its because both paper towel deals are part of the same promotion (buy 20 get 5), so if you do both deals in one transaction, you would only get one cat. it worked for me, but you have to do 2 separate transactions. HTH!

  • trina

    Does the covergirl lip gloss work preprice plus

  • Cassandra

    My ShopRite advertised a 5 pack of their Macaroni & Cheese for $1.99, $1 off compared to buying 5 singular product. I don’t know if this is all of them, but for a couple of the Shoprites around me it is true.

  • Irene d.

    I tried the link for the Blue Bunny coupons. It brings me to the page, but I can’t find the spot where you enter the specific zip code. They seem to have reformatted the site. Does anyone know how to enter a specific zip code. Thanks

    • staceypunk

      Click Local Coupons, then you will see where to enter zip code, then go back to regualr coupons page.

    • carrie

      You can change it by going into local coupons or savings card.

  • Is the covergirl lip gloss working???

    • Ali

      i had a total of over 20$ before the sale price, and did not get a catalina once the discounted price rang up,(no lipgloss in my store (DE)) hth :]

  • Dana C

    Can someone tell me where in the circular the Puffs Multipacks are please? I wanted to double check how many are in the pack as my coupon is only for a 6 pack.

    • Hi Dana,
      Sadly, it is the four pack that is on sale…still a great deal, but unable to use the P & G coupon.

      • Dana C

        Thanks Theresa! 🙂 I still can’t even see it in my circular though…lol

    • Nicole

      If you have the P&G savings books from the Pampers boxes, they are in there as $1/2 Puffs Products.

  • K

    I bought 2 Sparkle and 1 Mardi Gras napkin used 2 $1 sparkle IP’s and received the $5 Catalina 🙂 so its working on shelf price.

    • Leslie

      Just reported above Sparkle did not work at my Shoprite. Do not go to Bernardsville.

    • Maria D.

      Thank you for confirming. I just sent an email to Cindy asking about it because my store did not print one out for me. I asked th ecashier to check to see if the machine was working and it was. I will call Catalina marketing and let them know what happened. Thanks for posting.

  • Monica

    I received a $2 catalina from Post. I bought 3 Post cereals (Honey Bunches of Oats 14.5 oz).

    • Leslie

      Purchased the same in Bernardsville. No cat printed there.

  • Dawn

    Can anyone confirm if the Covergirl lip gloss and the brawny paper towel deals are pre priceplus? TIA

    • Dana C

      Cindy made a post about the Brawny deal working on shelf prices but I haven’t heard about the Covergirl deal.

    • Michelle T.

      Dawn, I did the Brawny deal just like Cindy posted, with the 2-.75 printed coupons, the $1 SR ecoupon (preprice plus 10.38X2=20.76, sale 6.88X2=13.76, minus $1 ecoupon and two .75 coupons=9.76) and got the $5 Cat. Yay, thank you Cindy!

  • Laura

    Has anyone found the lip gloss that Cindy listed in the deals? Cheapest lip gloss I saw was 4.99 and even that was sold out. Please let me know if you we’re able to do this deal anywhere! Thanks!

  • Amanda

    No Covergirl deal for me. Covergirl lip gloss was 4.89 – NOT on sale 2.44 and I scanned 5 different varieties. Other than that cheapest was lipstick on sale 4.99 (reg. 5.99 save 1.00 with price plus).

  • W-N

    thanks for the matchups,, but there was couple things that didnt work this shopping trip,, one is the Earthbound Farm salad,, the ShopRite e-coupon didnt go because its for different kind and the second thing is the post huney punches coupon didnt scan,, so they cant accept it (internet coupon policy), but i still got $5 cat.. not bad

  • Alan

    Cat Stacker!

    Post Cereal —

    1.88 on Honey Nut Cluster Cereal sale price (all varieties)
    1.88 minus printable 1 / 1 coupon = .88

    Cat = Buy 3 get 2 Cat = .64 four 3 boxes or .21 each!

  • Bill

    There was a 55c/1 coupon for Sweet Leaf Iced Teas that was expring today. I bought some on ebay and went to use them today .They beeped as no matching item. Required an override, and it doubled the full 55c so it was an $11c money marker. I went to self-scan for the rest of my orders (since I had 15 coupons) and my store requires the cashier to scan coupons there and could override the rest. The cashier did all of them, but at the end told me that they’ve been instructed not to allow multiple transactions anymore. My store has always been very coupon friendly but apparently this is a corporate thing, or so she told me.

    • Laura

      The last coupons I purchased from eBay also beeped st Shoprite as no matching item. Very strange. I decided not to buy coupons any more.

  • trina

    Amanda do u live in nj

  • china

    has anyone in jersey tried the cover girl deal?

    • Evonne

      Cover girl did not work For me it scanned at regular price , the manager manually entered the sale price and I did not receive the Catalina, I contacted Catalina marketing and am awaiting a reply

  • Sherry Z

    To those in NJ, celebrate what you do have. I relocated from northern NJ to PA. They double only to $1 but, more importantly, prices are much higher. In addition, MORE often than not, the inserts don’t have any of the coupons for these deals. So, I print the coupons for deals only to get to ShopRite and find that pricing is so high that the deals are no longer bargains. So, I devote so much time preparing and get to buy very little of what I expected to purchase. It’s getting worse here; not better. I am homesick…

    • Laura D.

      Sherry Z, are you close enough to a NJ store that a once a week road trip would be beneficial? I often shop 1 – 1 1/2 hours away from home. For me it is because I need to “coupon along the way” and fit it into my schedule. I have even shoved a huge cooler into the back of my SUV and filled it with ice packs to get frozen items home safely. Plus the Shoprite closest to my home is not very coupon friendly, some FEM’s will find any reason why they won’t let me use a coupon, at this point it seems to be just a power trip because if I go at night I don’t have as many problems. In addition, other readers have posted buying coupons it better than purchasing their local papers. Maybe it is time to re-strategize. Just feelin’ your pain, sorry…….

      • Sherry Z

        Thank you for your reply.

        I return to northern NJ every 4 – 6 weeks and return to ShopRite as well as to Trader Joes and other errands. I have not found anyplace here for a great manicure and pedicure and the place I love in Hackensack is not only $20 on certain days (for both!) but they do a fantastic job! The gas prices and the distance don’t warrant more frequent trips.

        I recently stopped purchasing newspapers whereas, until recently, I purchased
        our every Sundauy

        I virtually stopped purchasing newspapers whereas, until recently, I purchased
        I virtually stopped purchasing newspapers whereas, until recently, I purchased

        • Marisa

          Hey Sherry,
          I feel your pain! I am a Bergen County girl now living in the Poconos. So many better deals in NJ because there is more competition!

          • Sherry Z

            Marisa, we should spend a day going to the closest NJ Shop-Rite together. It would make sense.

            I am wasting so much time preparing my list and coupons and then wasting ink printing my coupons only to get to the store and find that the prices are so much higher that the deals are no longer sensible. I am so homesick for my fabulous NJ Shop-Rites!

            I will get to the Brodheadsville store that opened this past Sunday, the world’s largest Shop-Rite. It looks like fun but the coupon policies and prices are no better, it seems, than the other Pocono’s Shop-Rite.

            Marisa, do you go to Mount Pocono or to Stroudsburg? Let’s head to, maybe, Hackettstown NJ?

            • Marisa

              Hey Sherry, I shop at the mount pocono shop rite. I saw that the new shop rite opened in broadheadsville but have no real reason to go all the way out there. I did enjoy the couple extra super coupons in the pocono record for it! I still go back to Bergen county every 2 weeks faithfully to let the kids see family & friends. Plus my husband works in nj and has a shop rite close to his job that fully doubles. But sending him to the grocery store is Russian roulette, never know if he gets it right or how much extra stuff he’ll purchase!! Not to mention the countless Catalina’s he miss places!! Lol

              • Sherry Z

                Oh, Marisa, we are alike! I go back to NJ every 4 weeks. Manicure and pedicure for $20 and better than any I’ve ever had anywhere and in the same strip mall as the Hackensack Shop-Rite! I return to my favorite SRs and want to kiss the floor! And eyebrow threading in North Bergen for $5! And Farmer’s Market on Rt 17! Bought gorgeous cherries for less than half the price here in Mount Pocono and countless times bigger and better. Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! And I also go back to see friends…..

                Have you noticed the recent dramtic change in policies at Mount Pocono’s SR? And do you find that the Sunday inserts don’t have the coupons we need?

    • Alan

      Depends on Store if they fully double or not. Ours recently changed their policy to fully double (Landsdale, PA.)

      Have to remember that Shoprite is really a franchise… independently owned but sporting the same name. So you will see a good amount of variation between one Shoprite and another.

      As for the high prices…not sure about NJ versus PA. All I hear from my NJ friends is the Taxes on their house …are not pretty. Sides that I never heard someone say that our food prices are much much higher… It is interesting if there is a large variation given the minor geographic difference.

      • Sherry Z

        Because I have so many logins svaed to Roboform, I have to use an old version of Firefox and it’s giving me so many problems on this site now that Cindy made format changes. I am having difficulty posting this message! I was unable to type more??? Anyway, I used to buy 4 papers…. no more. I have weeks with 10 inserts and none of the coupons I needed.

        As far as properties and taxes…. I live in the Pocono’s, a resort area. My house was considerably less than my condo in northern NJ but my property taxes here are $7800. PA lacks $ so everything but the cost of the house is much much higher than it was, even in northern NJ. Had I known that, I’d not have relocated. And the price of groceries is much much higher, often more than double. ONE MORE TRY TO SUBMIT THIDS MESSAGE

      • Jenn

        Alan fyi.. Warminster location has been tripling coupons since may. It was supposed to end yesterday but they extended for 2 more weeks! I unfortunatley found this out a month ago, wish I knew from beginning of promo but already saved closed to $1000!!

        • Sherry Z

          But aren’t the prices in Warminster’s SR quite inflated?

      • Jenn

        Alan fyi.. Warminster location has been tripling coupons since may. It was supposed to end yesterday but they extended for 2 more weeks! I unfortunatley found this out a month ago, wish I knew from beginning of promo but already saved closed to $1000!!

        • Melissa

          I also shop at the Lansdale store. What’s the deal with Warminster tripling? Are they tripling all coupons (even the $.75 ones?), or only up to $.50? Thank you for the heads up!

          • Jenn

            Posted my reply at the end of the chain 🙂

      • Sherry Z

        Alan, I am told that the Pocono’s prices are so high because it’s a tourist area. Well, PA doesn’t have money and I notice that everything except the actual purchase price of housing is more expensive than NJ. I was not prepared….

    • Lady J

      it’s true. I’m in Jersey, but everyone was making such a huge deal about triples in Warminster, so I stopped in one day. It was okay for the items in the ad, but I bought other coupons with me for items I know would have been free at my SRs if we had triples, but these items were so much more expensive, that it was cheaper to buy them at my store with only doubles.

  • Alan

    Holy Cow Batman!

    Just got done running back to my local store (only 2 miles away). Just did the Brawny deal x 3.

    I will get some more tomorrow. If this is working on Shelf prices…I wonder which other Cat deals are too?

    Any input? I am fairly new to coupons…been doing it 9 months and I thought I knew the rules but this Store Shelf for Cats just blows me away. I wonder how long I have been doing this WAY wrong?

    I always computed the Cats on Store Sales prices before my coupons. I probably WAY over bought on allot of cats. Just today I had penciled in 1-8 Pack Sparkle and 3-Brawny to get $5 cat. I decided I didn’t need paper towels that bad and just went with the 1 Sparkle and Store coupon which made the 8 pack 1.88… Live and Learn!

    How often do Cats get computed on Shelf Prices?

    • Bill

      > How often do Cats get computed on Shelf Prices?

      Almost always?

      • Laura D.

        Well, it USED to always work on shelf prices! It was like hitting a mini lottery at the register every time!!! Unfortunately, now, we have to test it out and see if it is based on shelf or sale price. If you read through the threads, a lot of people here will post what is and what isn’t working. That is if Cindy hasn’t beat us to it! 🙂 Getting the lowest Out Of Pocket (OOP) has become very strategic. Over the past few months readers have posted specific stores that shelf price deals are no longer working, only sale price, the same with the ecoupon problems. While others are still finding stores that shelf price deals will still work. If you follow the threads, you can duplicate a transaction that has worked for someone else at your store to see if your store will work the same. At this point it is a crap shoot. If you have problems at “your go to Shoprite” you may want to try another, even if you have to travel. Hope that Helps!!!

    • Bill

      Also, how did you come up with this: “just went with the 1 Sparkle and Store coupon which made the 8 pack 1.88”?? If you just bought the single 8-pack of Sparkle and got the $5 Catalina you must have bought something else. If not, then THAT’S a deal.

      • Alan

        No..I didn’t get a Cat for the 1 Sparkle. It was a Shoprite Super Coupon — Store coupons they send out each week. One of the ones they sent this week was One 8 Pack of Sparkle Paper Towels for 2.88 …it comes off as a store coupon. I had a manufacturer coupon for a buck…so …it was 1.88 for one. The store coupons only work on 1 item and you have to buy 25 dollars or more to use them.

  • sheryl

    in the newspaper it states that the 25.00 kellogs deal gives back 5.00 on school supplies. In the Living Rich Sight it says a 5.00 catalina. Did anyone do the 8 boxes of cereal and doesm it give back both ? Also does it seem to work on shelf prices?

    • Janelle S

      Sheryl, The $5.00 on school supplies is the $5.00 Catalina you only get 1 back

  • Haseena

    The Sparkle deal is a no go.
    I bought 2 Sparkle Paper Towel 8-Pack, $5.88 each ($9.08)
    and 1 Mardi Gras Napkins, $1.99 ($2.29)
    Total: ($20.45 Pre-Price Plus Price) $13.75 sale price
    -(2) $1/1 Sparkle Paper Towels printable

    I did not get the Cat. Went to CS and as expected they told me I had to spend $20 before sale prices so I was short $6.25, and my store did have any Drawny 🙁

    • Bill

      That is very odd, since the whole deal should be working on pre-PP prices. Maybe the Catalina printer was broken at the register you were at? Unfortunately, CS will almost always tell you that it has to be on the post-PP prices (even if we all know better), so they won’t help you (of course if you could have scanned 2 Brawny and shown them that it printed, that might have shut them up).

      • Haseena

        I am not sure if the Cat printer was working or not and in my original post I meant to say my store did NOT have any Brawny, I wish they did so I could show CS, but I guess its worth another try since I am on my last roll of paper towel.

      • Lady J

        In my experience, stores will need scan items to help your prove your point.

    • Anonymous

      Is it possible your shelf prices were actually lower than what Cindy posted? I’m not sure from what you wrote if you actually checked them, but, since there was only 45 cents to play with, if they were under, that can skew a deal, also.

      • Haseena

        No, I double checked the shelf prices and they were a match to what Cindy posted.

    • Jean

      I did the same exact deal and it worked for me no problem.

      • Haseena

        Thank You for confirming this, I will give it another try.

  • lupnk

    I have been using for over a year now. It appears that the website has been recently changed. I do not see the tabs on the side anymore. Nor do I see the menu tab. I do not know how to change the zip code to access other coupons. Has anyone else not been able to find where to change the zip?

    • Laura D.

      You can change the zip code by going into “local coupons” or “savings card”.
      You can get to the next page by scrolling all the way down and clicking on “more coupons”

  • Alan

    Yep. Can do it multiple times.

  • Meli

    has anyone tried the kellogs deal?

  • Kim

    FYI, I DID receive the $5 catalina for buying 2 Sparkle and 1 mardi gras. So it did work on shelf price at my store.

  • Lady J

    Okay, for some reason last week, I earned a $5 off school supplies. I know there was a deal that included it, but I was going for it. It was this nice little bonus. I got $120 worth of groceries, $25 in cats, and $5 Saving Star for $1.25 – so I’m really not complaining.

    Does anyone have a scenario using a $5 Back to School cat. I do have 2 of those Mark-it! q’s. My SR didn’t have that product, but I can check one of the other SRs in my area.

    Anyone know, do I need $5 worth of BTS stuff after q’s, or before q’s? Or, is it one of those things where I only need to buy 1 BTS item to use the cat?

    • Laura D.

      Cindy had posted there were no restrictions on that $5 cat. It states $5 off your next shopping order so it can be used for anything. 🙂

      • Lady J

        My cat specifically says school supplies.

    • Leslie

      Lady J;
      I also got a 5 cat for school supplies for participating in Market Days. I used my cat on two packs of Hammermill printing paper. I go through that like water!

  • Neely

    The Sparkle/Mardi Gras deal is working at Upper Deerfield. I also did the Honey Bunches of Oats deal, buy 3 get $2 Cat (I bought one of the Fruit Blends in case anyone is wondering if they’re working too). I will be going back on Wed to roll the Sparkle cat into the Brawny deal and to get another $2.99 watermelon!

  • Lisa

    Is anyone else having trouble printing the list? When I click the print option on “my list”, I get “You did not select any items to print.”, but I can see them in the my list section on the bottom right hand corner. just wondering…

  • cris

    look out for .55 cent peelie coupons on the boxes of Truvia..which will double for the deal 🙂

  • Erin

    Anyone remember the website that had ShopRite printable super coupons? I think it was a newspaper site.

    • Michelle T.

      Erin, they used to be on couponclipper(dot)com, but I don’t think they’re there anymore. If you find them, let us know! 🙂

    • Lady J

      I also remember a newspaper having a place to print Super q’s. But I don’t remember the site.

    • Yesenia K.
      • Yesenia K.

        This was the site but no super were posted =(

  • Alexandra

    Can anyone confirm that the Brawny or Sparkle deals are working on shelf price in Philadelphia (specifically Oregon Ave. and/or Snyder Ave. stores)?

  • nicole costa

    does anyone know if the lip gloss is working the buy 6 ??


    • shari

      no – Not even close :0(

  • Jenn

    Melissa, they triple up to .99 cents!! So a .75 coupon would triple to $2.25!!! I can not even tell u the amount I have saved!! It’s going to be a very sad day when that promo ends!! It was supposed to end this past Saturday but they told me on the phone they extended it two more weeks!!

    • ANA IRIS


      I know I have saved so much too!!! Every time they seem to say they will be ending it, they keep extending it… Maybe they will keep it for goood 🙂 (Wouldn’t that be nice)… I just wished they would keep a better stock seems every time i go most of everything is gone…

  • John Kowalski

    ****Triple Coupons**** at White Plains, NY this week!!!!!!

    • lina

      thank you

    • Bill

      Wow, not at the othe Westchester stores. White Plains is a pretty nice store. Scarsdale is awful.

  • Liz F

    I just bout 4 Covergirl wetsticks. Shelf price was 6.59 each and price plus was 3.59 each. I did not receive the catalina. Customer Service says its on price plus price only.

    • Lady J

      try catalina marketing. You’ll want to have your receipt with you when you call.

  • Alexandra

    I haven’t had any luck finding the $6.88 Brawny Paper Towels. My next stores to try are Bensalem, Fairless Hills, Levittown, Warminster, and Aramingo Ave. in Philadelphia.

    Has anyone found the correct paper towels for the Catalina at any of these stores? Thank you in advance for your help! 🙂

    • Anonymous

      I went to Shop Rite on Oregon Avenue at 7:30 this morning and they only had 4 Brawny paper towels. Seems they are only putting a few out at a time.

    • shari

      I found them in CT – Brawney worked!!!

    • ANA IRIS


      Def. go to the Warminster they have 11 pallets full of them went today and I actually called last night!!… if i were you before driving around to different shoprites call before you go so that way u wont waste ur time! hth!!

  • Kathy

    Pompeian olive oil (large bottle) is $3.49 after coupon. This makes it 10 cents/ounce versus 16.9 cents/ounce for the other one listed here. Here is link to coupon..

  • Jenn

    FYI – Blue Dog Bakery Dog Treats are $1.84 this week – usually $3.69-$3.99.
    I couldn’t find a coupon to go with them though. :o(

  • Trina

    So the Brawny Deal did not work for me, cause they rang up $8.99 so they cashier changed price is $6.99 the cat did not print. I cant even take them back cause I used my other cats from Reach, Truvia, and Glade and cost with other groceries only came to $11 dollars, so I guess that was good deal. I was looking forward to that CAT to bring bill down to $6. oh well. I managed to get salad, 2 cantalopes, vitamins, 2 blue bunny, tipila, 6 Yogurts, Summers eve, protein bars, and 2 packs of paper towels for $11

    • Cindy

      You have to be sure to get the correct Brawny packs. I have updated the picture above with the details of the exact Brawny packs. Buy any other Brawny packs will not produce a catalina.

      • Cindy

        Sorry, not the picture above. The picture on the Brawny deal post.

      • Maria D.

        Thank you for the update. I did purchase the correct size. I just checked my receipt and it listed the price as $10.38. I will call Catalina Marketing tomorrow morning. Thanks again for your response to all our questions. I really appreciate it.

      • Lisa

        The Brawny packs in my store were also 8-packs and I thought they looked exactly the way they were supposed to look, but they sold for $8.49. Why in the world run a Catalina deal with a product that looks exactly like another one that is not part of the deal?! I figured I didn’t want to risk it, so I stayed away from them and got the Sparkle and Angelsoft instead.

      • shari

        brawney was places on the end cap

  • Lisa

    I was going to do the Truvia deal, but the small packages (40-ct) did not have the catalina sign posted under them (but the baking kind did have the sign on the shelf), so I was wondering if the 40-ct for $3.29 each actually trigger a catalina? Has anyone tried that deal??

    • Laura D.

      Yes, they do! At my store the catalina sign was not underneath the 40 ct either. The catalina still printed at the register. Yay for free Truvia!

      • Lisa

        Great!!! Thank you!

      • Cathy

        Could you please advise what you bought and what your received.
        I did one transaction of 1-40 ct and received no cat.
        Did another transaction of 2-40 ct and received 1-$4. cat. The shelf under the larger size said, Buy 2 get $8. but I did not get $8 for the 2 smaller size.
        Thanks for clarifying.

        • Laura D.

          Cathy, I bought 2 boxes of the 40 count, used 2-$0.75/1 q’s and received a $4 cat. It worked out exactly as Cindy had posted. HTH!

        • Lisa

          I did exactly the same thing as Laura (and Cindy) and I got the catalina! Thanks! 🙂

  • Trina G.

    the sure do for the 40ct truvia I got $4 back! Imma do again. I also got the cats for the reach toothbrushs, and honey bunches of oats. I also brought the glad sprays. I had $16 in cats after only spending like $10

    • CE

      For the reach toothbrushes, did you buy the single packs or twin packs? They only had the twin packs at my shoprite. I’m wondering if it will work on the twin packs.


    Does anyone know if the shoprite ecoupon would come off if you buy more than what the ecoupon states. for example if the ecoupon stated xx off of 2, and you ended up buying 4 products will it still trigger it to come off???….

    • Eileen @QponPrincess

      it will come off but only once so if it is a $1 off 2 and you buy 4 you still only get $1 off total

      • ANA IRIS


  • Yesenia K

    Did anyone try the Kellogs cereal deal that Cindy posted? I was curious to see if the cat printed.

    • Ali

      yes, but it`s 5$ off of SCHOOL SUPPLIES, lol so you can`t just use it off your next groceries unless school products are in your cart :]

  • Trina G.

    I brought the singles for $1.24 it was only four left. Then I brouht the kids reach it worked on that.

  • Qpon Jenn

    I couldn’t find the singles at my store but I did buy 4 of the Kids Reach twin packs that were on sale for $1.39 each(price checked it)and got the $4 cat back.

  • Kim D.

    Has anyone had trouble with the Blue Bunny Champ coupon? I’m going tonight and I just noticed that it says “mini swirls” and those aren’t on sale.

    • Eleanor

      I bought them last night on sale. They are the “Champ Mini Swirls – Birthday Party.” THey look like mini ice cream cones with sprinkles and my kids LOVE them!

  • Heather

    Hello everyone! I was just wondering why it says you get money back when you use an ecoupon along with a printed coupon, IE the enfagrow toddler ready-to-drink? Does the extra money come off of your other items you have purchased? Thank you for your time :).

    • Michelle T.

      Heather, yes, both the ecoupon and paper coupon will come off, just make sure you have other stuff in your order so you don’t end up with a negative balance 🙂

      • Heather

        Awesome! Thanks for the reply michelle 🙂

  • Heather

    Ok I have one more question :). Could I get the sparkle deal and the brawny deal in the same transaction and get a $5 cat for both?

    • Cindy

      no you can only do one at a time since they are in the same deal.

      • Heather

        Gotcha thanks 🙂

  • Sherry Z

    It is 02:28 AM and I’ve devoted hours to preparing for my Shop-Rite trip. Out of ALL the inserts for deals this week, the ONLY coupons that were even in our Smart Source and Red Plum going back to 05/13 was the one in P&G! I am not going to continue purchasing any Sunday papers – no less four! Further, with the small pickings I’m left with, I’ll get to the store and find the prices to be so much higher than those Cindy demonstrated such that I will again discover that I am wasting my time.

    Is the solution a $50 gas expense to go to NJ to shop? I think that if four of us – or even 2 or 3 – from the are could connect, we could travel together and that would be effective.

    This is crazy. If the real estate market improves, I may return to northern NJ. The Pocono’s is too costly!

  • Trina

    Finally got the right Brawny, and received the $5 back! Now on hunt for more toothbrushes.

  • Chris

    Both deals worked at the Commack store on Long Island. I did two transactions, but received the $5 cat for Brawny and another $5 cat for getting:

    1 Angel Soft
    1 Sparkle
    1 Mardi Gras

  • Jenn

    SuperPretzel is on sale for $1.99 and there is a $.35/1 coupon on Red Plum.

    • Jenn

      It’s a printable $.35/1 coupon on RedPlum. I just printed it.

    • Qpon Jenn

      What zipcode did you use, I can’t seem to find it.

  • Jenn

    I just Googled SuperPretzel coupon. It came up under Atlanta, GA (it says it at the top) I’m not sure of the zip code. I tried to post the link but this site didn’t allow it to go through. I’ll try to post it in the next comment and see if they let it through.

    • Jenn

      The comment with the link is still ‘awaiting moderation’. If you Google
      ‘redplum super pretzel’, it comes up first. It’s offer offerid 88882 at the end of the link. Hope you can get it.

      • Qpon Jenn

        Got it! Thank you very much!

  • Jenn
  • Annon

    that coupon savings club is such a racket, charging for printable coupons.

    • Bill

      Agreed. Fortunately I (and many others) got a free year’s membership during a promotion several months ago. I’d never pay for it.

      • Kim D.

        Me too! I got in when they had the promo to get a year for free. Love it, but would definitely not pay for it!

  • Lisa

    I just wanted to say that I’ve made some AMAZING deals this week, which I didn’t expect a few days ago, and I’m SO excited when I see how much I saved in my two shopping trips! Truly amazing! Thanks, Cindy. 🙂

  • Ali

    In my SR I found the Sundown Vitamins for 1.09 ! They are the folic acid ones (great since i am pregnant) making it 1.51$ in overage if you had the Ecoupon and 1.60/1 cpn and .82 cents with JUST the 3$/2 cpn, the aisle was better than what they had in the display box in the front

  • brittany

    Can someone tell me which shoprite locations are selling kettle brand chips for 1.99?? I keep seeing 3.69

    • Michelle T.

      Brittany, I found them in North Brunswick, but my ecoupon did not come off 🙁

      • Laura D.

        Michelle T., I just tried a new ecoupon trick yesterday that another reader suggested AND it WORKED!!!!
        I forget who it was, but I always look at the register to see if the ecoupons are coming off and yesterday I bought the 4 Met RX bars, and nothing. So I asked the cashier “To SUBTOTAL my order BEFORE I handed him the coupons” and BOOM ……. they magically appeared 🙂 It was such an easy fix! I was so happy it worked!!! I hope it will work for you too! 🙂

        • Michelle T.

          Thanks Laura, I’ll have to remember that next time 🙂

  • Colleen

    Anyone try the P&G Deal? Bought 3 Aussie at 2.99 and 3 Herbal Essence 3/7.97 and no cat printed 🙁 If it is pre PP then I’m sure I spent $20

  • Annie

    Yoplait CAT printed for me yesterday even though it’s supposed to be dead?

  • Alan

    Funny! I just told my wife the same thing. It is cheaper to look at the early scans of the ads…then go out and pay a clipping service for the coupons we want.

    We have a good stockpile now. So we can target. Since we can target…we dont need a wide range of coupons we need only a few specific kinds.

    Now I know it is probably cheaper to trade coupons etc…but it is an aweful lot of work too. Pretty easy to go to coupon dede or ebay and just hit buy now.

    My two cents at least.

  • Jess

    Does anyone know if that Go for the Gold reward has expired yet? I qualified and misplaced my gift certificate:( I want to see if customer service would replace it. The cashier I asked didn’t seem to think he could just key it in himself and I was in a rush during that store trip, so I didn’t have a chance to stop by customer service.

  • jet

    Hi Cindy,

    just want you guys to know – great deal right now with the Truvia catalina…I found a lot of peelies of $0.55 coupon + catalina of $4 back…

    Buy 2 Truvia sweetener, 40 ct – $3.29 each
    -(2) $0.55/1 peelie
    Pay $4.38
    Get a $4 catalina
    only $.038 for both and the catalina rolls!