Stop & Shop Coupon Match Ups 08/24 – 08/30

Stop & Shop Coupon Match Ups 08/24 – 08/30

Make sure you check out the Stop & Shop Coupon Policy. Note that these prices are based on circulars from Northern NJ. Some area may have slightly different prices so please check your circular.  Also, some areas have gas rewards instead of instant savings deals.

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NOTE: If your catalinas do not print, the best thing to do it to contact Catalina Marketing. Their info is: 1-888-826-8766 or via email

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  • Mark

    Thanks for the match-ups.

  • Sue

    I have store coupons in my Stop & Shop circular for the following:
    Strawberries $1.48 for 1 lb
    Center Cut Pork Chops value pack for $1.48/lb – Green check deal!
    Poland Spring water 24-pack $2.88
    Lean or Hot Pockets $1.69
    Tide (no size given) $9.99 — regular $11.99
    Charmin tissue or Bounty towels $10.88 (no size given — regular $13.99)

    All are limit 1 and you have to have a $25 purchase.

  • Elaine

    **** Gas Points Coming Soon to NJ ****

    Anyone else in NJ notice at the bottom of their circular Gas Points Coming Soon? Not sure how I feel about it yet! Any thoughts from those that currently use it! Also would like the feedback from those who have come into NJ to get gas and use points since we dont pump our own gas.

    I have to say whenever I am leaving the state I fill up before I leave 🙂 I once overfilled my tank in PA, it was embarrasing, and drove on fumes on the GWB just to make it to NJ so I didnt have to pump my own….lol Sorry but when you grow up never having to do it, its hard since ever pump is different, pay inside, pay outside, pay before, pay after. I like rolling down my window an saying fill it up, regular please… We are spoiled in NJ!!!

    • Lady J

      i too live in NJ. However, I’ve been watching people comment about Gas Points for a while. The majority has nothing good to say about them. S&S is overpriced as it is. I only go there to pick up things on deals. For me, Gas Points kill the deal. So, if we get Gas Points instead of Instant Savings, I probably won’t be going to S&S anymore.

      • Matthew


    • Colleen

      I personally love the gas points!! I grew up in Philadelphia and we’d always go to NJ to get their cheaper gas with the bonus of not having to pump it 🙂 I live in DE now and we have the gas points at Shell from Giant here (Owned by the same co. as Stop & Shop). I love it. You can save up to $2.20 per gallon (220 points) per visit up to I think 30 gallons. I think thats alot of savings. I recently had about 180 points available and got gas for $1.89 a gallon, which is unheard of since the 90’s! That saved me about $45 on my gas visit since my tank is about 25 gallons and I was on empty. I like it because gas is usually one place you can’t really cut back on. Good luck hope it works out for you!

      • mike

        the numbers are a little bit off here, I think; in order for you to save 2.20 per gallon you would need 2200 points not 220 (180 points would give you savings of 0.10 per gallon);

      • Shari

        Youe allowed 35 gallons- so I usually tll my husband to bring his work van so we can get every bit

    • Valora

      I happen to love gas points. When you save $3 instantly I save .30 a gallon of gas. If I get 20 gallons that is $6..if I get 30 gallons that is $9. A much better deal for me.

    • stephygugs

      Personally I see the value in the gas points my family who doesn’t coupons saves on average .50 per gallon a week. And most of them will fill up two cars at a time doubling their savings. I do them when I have the coupons available but do a majority of my shopping @ shoprite. Also my flyers sometimes have. .30 cents off a gallon for a 50$ purchase to use ontop of other gas savings and for me my gas buget is larger then my foof budget so every bit helps

    • April


      I live in NJ and my mother lives in MA where she gets gas points and I have to say- she loves them- except for the fact that they expire rather quickly so you have to keep up with the how many points you have and how long they are good for. I was with her last month and she got .80 off a gallon!!

    • Jenn

      I have been loving the gas points! At first, I didnt really see the value. I thought the prices of the products you needed to purchase to get the points were to high. Afte rcomparing prices and using coupons I no longer think the same way. I have saved $2.20 off PER GAL for a month straight because of one certain weeks sales being great (plus gas points offered). I can truly say that without these gas points my family would have been a lot more home bound this Summer.

    • Carol

      Gas points are the main reason I only shop at Stop & Shop. Not only do I save on groceries with my coupons, I also fill my tank once a month for $20.

  • Stop and shops coupon policy clearly says that will only double 4 manufactor coupons so there is no way you can do the Texas Pete hot sauce deal

    • Mark

      That is the official policy but my Stop and Shop rarely enforces the 4 like coupon limit. I’ve had cashiers double up to 12 of the same coupon, so might be a YMMV.

    • LRWC

      A lot of other readers stores, allow them to double more then 4 like coupons. It is a YMMV situation, but I have been adding the deal since so many readers stores allow it. There are additional deals for those who can’t double more then 4 🙂

      • Kate

        I think people are able to use more than 4 like coupons just because the cashiers don’t know their store’s policy! At this point I feel like using more than 4 like coupons is kind of misuse of coupons, even though it’s not quite the same thing. Anybody else feels this way or is it just me? 😉

        • Amanda

          If you go to the self-checkout machine, it accepts more than 4 of the same coupon (one time I had 10, and the floor supervisor told me to go ahead and do it, and if it stopped accepting them to call her over). So I don’t think it would accept more than 4 if you really weren’t supposed to do it. It would probably accept them at the regular cash registers as well.

          • Anonymous

            my stop and shop dont limit they take any amount and even double them all

        • As long as you are using the coupon on the proper product, I don’t see it as misuse. The store is being reimbursed for the coupons. I think it is more an issue of trying to limit sales, so that one individual doesn’t wipe the shelves clear of an item and other shoppers don’t have a chance to purchase it.

        • Marly

          My store lets you use as many as you like however the register will only double 4 like coupons in the same tranaction.

    • Dawn

      Ive used 12 of the same coupon at my Stop & Shop and they all doubled no problem.

    • Anonymous

      My stop & shop doubles whatever amount we use. It’s never been an issue

  • Matthew

    The one I go to doubles up to 12!

    • Rocky

      Matthew, are you talking about Morris Plains, or, another location? And, is it 12 at a regular checkout, or, just self checkout? Thanks!

      • Laura D.

        Hi Rocky, I’ve had 6 of the same coupon fully double at Morris Plains S&S. It was at self checkout. I know it’s not the 12, but the deal I did there the magic number was 6. This was just a few weeks ago. Pretty sweet if it doubles to 12!

        • Rocky

          Thanks for the reply, Laura! I probably can’t see me trying to use 12, but, it is good to know. I’ve just started to hit up Acme once in awhile when the situation/deal warrants it, and, I have to say, with their more tolerant policy, using more than 4 was really weird getting used to! Was trying to get a feel for what was possible at S&S for those once in awhile trips I make there, also!! Thanks, again!

  • Mel

    Just so you know, the Raritan Stop and shop does not carry the lunchables with smoothies (I know this was a part of last weeks deal but I still wanted to let you know. We asked a manager and they don’t carry them. Very disappointing….

  • Lori

    Can you freeze the bags of carrots? Not bad for a dollar for lunch snacks!

    • Laura D.

      You shouldn’t freeze them raw, they really need to be parboiled first. Then cooked before eating. hth!

  • Dana

    I love using the gas points. It saved me $29 in cash(gas) vs. $12 in the instant cash back. You have to know how to use it!! Love it!!

  • china

    There is a Milo’s Kitchen Brand Home-Style Dog Treats $1.00 coupons on red plum 8/26. it makes each bag for free.

    • The Milo’s dog treats are on sale 2/$5 so $2.50 each. If the coupon takes off $1.00 you will still owe $1.50 each for them. Or am I missing something?

      • Shari

        I got upto 16 like Q at one time

    • Shari

      Milo Dog Treats are On the Vet Hit List for making dogs Deathly ILL. I dont care what your saving but the vet bills will be outrageous. !!!! Please Dont buy Milos- return if you did

  • Angela

    Not a coupon deal but be on the lookout for Hotwheels on clearance sale for 62 cents each. There was a whole big display of them at Stop and Shop in Wallingford CT. Great little stocking stuffers. Also, odd as it is the clearance section for toys can be great too. There have been select Barbie dolls and Lego items for half price in addition to deals on PlayDoh. Crazy though it sounds deals like that go a long way come Christmas donation time.

  • Mike

    I just bought three packages of Kraft Singles at Stop & Shop in Queens and no catalina printed.

    • Rocky

      Were they the fat-free, or, low-fat 1% or 2%? There have been reports that those varieties are not working toward the cat deal.

  • Jill

    I live on Long Island and hate the gas points. First of all the Shell station is out of the way and not one I would usually go to. I always had trouble when I tried going to Shell to redeem my points…the first time my card wouldn’t go through and the attendant did it inside the gas station and it didn’t ‘take’! The next time the gas was way over priced (compaired to the other stations)so I didn’t save barely anything. Then the third time my points expired before I needed to use them.When I finally got to actually use these points I realized after all that work, I saved less than five dollars! I would much rather have instant savings or any other kind of deal than gas points anytime!!!

    • Ryan

      Gas points are terrible in Long Island. First off, Shell is about 30 cents more expensive than all the neighboring gas stations.

  • Sorry if this has been asked before, I’m semi-new to the site. What does the single R mean in the “Red Plum 6/24/12 R” mention for the Vanity napkins deal?

    • Laura D.

      Hi Mark, the “R” stands for “Regional”. Some of us get this coupon, some of us don’t. You may want to check different papers. I get 5 different papers. I usually end up with 3 to 4 different kinds of 1 insert. Good Luck!

  • Jill Y

    I just saw that, at my stop and shop gas points are starting and I am so EXCITED!! I dont understand why people dont like them. I see that people say “I dont get my gas at shell” I will get my gas at the freaking eye doctor if it means I can save a dollar a gallon. It isn’t like you cant save money by using coupons while you get gas points. Also, you get gas points on every dollar you spend no matter what the product or if you are already using coupons. That seems like more of a savings to me.

  • Dawn

    Has anyone actually sucessfully used the coupon for the nabisco go-packs? I’m curious, because the coupon states 4.05 – 27.5 oz. The go-packs are’t big enough to qualify.

  • TashawnaK

    I personally like the gas points! Living in NYC we have very high gas prices and driving over to NJ to get the cheaper price isnt always worth it due to the $12.00 toll. Stop and Shop offers alot of great deals, and its one of the very few places that doubles coupons in NYC. By doing the shopping deals your gas points can add up very quckly especially when you take advantage of the bonuses. Many times I find my gas price using the poins cheaper than NJ prices.

  • Anonymous

    The gas rewards will be taking the place of the save 5% program not instant savings programs…

  • Dana

    I live in Suffolk County Longisland and I will drive the extra 5-10 miles for a shell station because (if you know how to use the points) It saves you a whole bunch of money! It’s a little tricky to figure out at first, but you can track the points online. Not difficult once you get the hang of it. Plus, if your saving over $1 per gallon or more the .30 cents higher price doesn’t matter, your still saving!!!