Stop & Shop Coupon Match Ups 08/31 – 09/06

Stop & Shop Coupon Match Ups 08/31 – 09/06

Make sure you check out the Stop & Shop Coupon Policy. Note that these prices are based on circulars from Northern NJ. Some area may have slightly different prices so please check your circular.  Also, some areas have gas rewards instead of instant savings deals.

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NOTE: If your catalinas do not print, the best thing to do it to contact Catalina Marketing. Their info is: 1-888-826-8766 or via email

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  • Jill

    Thanks Cindy!

    Does anyone else have an issue printing from Betty Crocker or Pillsbury website? No matter what I try, it never seems to work…

  • Jill

    Thanks Cindy!

    Does anyone else have an issue printing from Betty Crocker or Pillsbury website? No matter what I try, it never seems to work…

    • Sheri

      I have trouble printing from the Pillsbury website when I use Chrome. Internet Explorer usually works.

      • Jill

        Thanks Sheri! I tried with Chrome, Firefox and Safari…on different computers.
        Maybe it’s because I’m using a Mac?

        • Laura D.

          I have a Mac, I’ll try to print it. Update in a moment……

          • Laura D.

            I was able to print off of both websites with my Mac. There are “Need Help Printing” tabs on each website, it can help you troubleshoot your printing problem. I use Safari. Sorry ;(

        • Jennifer S

          I have printed from the Pillsbury website on 4 different Macs. I use Safari. Sorry you are having trouble. 🙁

        • michelle

          I can’t ever print smartsource since I did some kind of update on my Mac.

          • Traci

            I cannot print redplum since I installed Lion software on my Mac

      • CE

        I’m having trouble printing from the taster’s choice website.

  • Sapa

    Wisk is only $1.99 with the $2 coupon! And wheat thins fb page has $1 off coupon making them $1 each with you buy 3 and have 3 coupons!!

  • Mark

    Thanks for the match-ups.

  • ns

    Does anyone know if the lunchables w/ the smoothies are included in the sale…thnx

  • pamela


    Any reports on whether or not the Chef favorite or whole grain are included in the Birds Eye Vegetable deal??
    Enquiring minds want to know! 😉

    • MeganChipp

      No Chefs favorites included at Stop and Shop!

      • Michelle T.

        Megan, did you notice if the rice varieties were included? Thanks!

        • MeganChipp

          Yes, the whole grain rice, other than that just vegtables.

  • Jess

    question regarding to S&S buy X instant save $X.

    I went to S&S couple weeks ago to do the cracker deal. Buy 5 instant save $5. I had my $1/2 coupons. $5 didn’t come off. So I went to the CS. At first the guy was trying to figure out the price and all those business. I kept pointing at him that the tag on the shelf said “buy 5 instant save $5”. I also double check it’s the correct item. After awhile (it had to be longer than 15 mins), the guy gave up and gave me back the $5. But before he gave me the cash, he told me that “because you used coupons the $5 didn’t come off. When we have promotion, you can’t use coupons for t5hat promotion. If you purchase $40-$50 items, then it’s ok. But you don’t. So the $5 didn’t come off.”
    I said I came here couples weeks ago and used my coupons for other items and it came off.
    The guy said “it’s different promotion. Just we don’t allow coupons with promotion like this. We don’t make money if you do that.”
    I left with kinda upset about this. Yes, I got my $5 saving. But nowhere it said I can’t use coupons when S&S have promotions.

    Is it true? Did anyone have problems? Just want to make sure before I am heading over for the Birds eyes deal.
    Thanks in advance

    • liz in RI

      When people at S&S don’t understand why a computer didn’t do its job they like to make stuff up like, “it didn’t work because you used coupons”. You can always use a coupon with a promotion! They only time it makes a difference is when it is a dollar amount to get the savings…for instance save $3 instantly wyb $15 worth of products….and then you read the print below and it says, “$15 must be met after all coupons and discounts have applied”. All that means is that you have to buy something like $19.00 worth of product, use your $4 worth of coupons to bring the price down to $15 and then you can get your $3 instant savings.But when they run a promotion that says you have to buy 5 to get the instant savings the coupons you use don’t effect the outcome of the instant savings, it’s just a computer error or you grabbed some variety of the product that isn’t part of the promotion by accident. If you double checked and the employee agreed you had the correct product then it was a computer error. The guy was just being a jerk, move on proudly that you saved your money! Always bring your copy of S&S coupon policy with you so you can double check your elegability and know that S&S always makes their cut of the profit when it comes to coupons….they get their $ from the manufacturer not from our wallets! But same amount of $ goes to S&S no matter where it comes from!

      • Erin

        I’ve had similar experiences at S&S when a promostion doesn’t work. I was even told a few weeks ago that it didn’t work because I used too many coupons! Who knew?!I was also told once that I didn’t get the promotion because I used reusable bags!! They really do make up anything. Print out the coupon policy for your Stop & Shop and bring it with you. I enjoyed pulling mine out and looking it over with sarcasm asking them where it says the promotion won’t work if you use reusable bags. It’s ridiculous.

        • Rocky

          Hi, Erin. Sorry I didn’t see your comment, earlier, or I would have replied sooner. Oddly enough, from what I understand of how instant savings work, both the ‘too many coupons’, and, the ‘using reusable bags’ CAN affect whether or not you get the instant savings, however, it doesn’t seem to have been explained very clearly, how or why it can happen! I’ve already posted a similar response to someone, below, but, in case you scan your comment, wanted to bring this to your attention, also.

          Each occurance of an instant savings (and, each bag credit) is considered a…’coupon’ in the system. Every coupon needs to attach to something. IF you had a coupon for every item you bought in the transaction (I don’t know if you did, just posing the scenario), the instant savings and bag credits will not have anything to attach to.

          If you did, for example, two different instant savings deals and used two reusable bags for credit in your transaction, you would therefore need four items in your transaction that did not have any other coupons used against it. So, it is similar to Walgreens in that you may need…fillers.

          This is what I learned from this site. As for me, I don’t shop at S&S too often since it is out of the way for me. But, when I do go, I invariably have more items than coupons, and, I never use bag credits (yes, I know, shame on me…), and, I’ve always had my instant savings come off.

          Not sure, of course, if this would pertain to your order, just something to think about, or, test on your next trip!

    • yolene

      this also happen to me few weeks back with violla deal didnt come off i was told i have to reach the amount after my coupons

    • Renee

      No matter what your issue is with stop & shop here in CT the policy is no hassle or its free. Both S&S in my areas stand up to that policy. And the coupons work with all those deals

    • Laura D.

      Unfortunately this is a YMMV situation. I go to one S&S and everything comes off fine, every time. The other S&S if you do a Buy X instantly save $X and use coupons the register will “automatically” increase the price once the coupons are applied. That stores CS swears all S&S are like that and using coupons with any promotion is NOT allowed. There is no point in trying to win an argument at that store. So guess which store I prefer to shop at! 😉

    • Dahlia

      I shop at a S&S in MA, and whenever the register kicks out the instant $$ off savings, they tell me to go to customer service desk to get my $. They always check over my receipt to make sure that my purchases met the criteria, then give me cash. They’re always apologetic, saying the the registers will often apply the instant savings, but then it removes it when coupons are used. This easy-going attitute may be store specific, but I’ve got a store that is phenomenal about honoring the instant savings. Check with the manager.

      • Annie

        Every single time I do one of these deals my instant savings comes off, then my coupons go in and the instant savings gets taken away. Every time I have to go to CS and get the hassle. I always get my $ back b/c I always make sure to read that it doesn’t say “must be met after all coupons and discounts…” but I have found that I lose the instant savings whether it’s a spend x$ or buy x items deal. Even though I always get my $ back the manager in my store always seems just a little snotty saying things like “you didn’t actually spend $15, you only spent $10. That’s why it didn’t come off. But give her the $4 anyway.” and then she just hurries away. (I’m in CT too.)

        • Rocky

          From what many folks have reported back on, here, the instant savings needs something to attach to. So, if you have a coupon for every item in your transaction, you will need to pick up one or more (if you are doing more than one instant savings deal in a transaction) items for that instant savings to attach to. Some folks buy just a single piece of fruit, etc. Like Walgreen’s, you can’t have more ‘coupons’ (instant savings are looked at like a coupon in their system, I guess) than items, so, you need a filler.

          Also, bag credits will do the same thing, so, you have to cover them, also.

          So, if you can cover the bag/s and the instant savings with the same number of extra items, it should work out better. It may still beep at the register and have to be overridden, but, it will still actually come off at the register.

          • Laura D.

            Oh, good idea! I will have to try this next time. I wonder if this will also work at the store that is closer where I always have such a hard time. That would be nice! Thanks Rocky! 😀

            • Rocky

              Laura, you’re welcome, and, o course, Good Luck!

  • Nicole

    I’d also like to know if the Birds Eye deal is working. Gonna head out in a couple hours anyway but that’s the main deal I’m scouting for! Thanks!

    • Jess

      Yes. I want to find out too~~~~~

  • jenn

    On the wisk, if you use the 2/1 isn’t the final price 1.99?

    Also, does anyone notice it seems like more and more you need printable coupons for the really good deals? My neighbors are nice enough to give me their newspaper coups but it seems like those aren’t as good… Guess I am just tired and always semi to be out of ink…lol

  • Angela

    The bird’s eye does not include the Chef’s favorites or the Premium ones but at Stop and Shop in Wallingford CT at least the brown rice, and white rice with vegetables were included. I did not see or I missed the plain white rice so I do not know if they were out, don’t carry it or it is not included. I tend to make paste when I make rice so for me the rice with veggies is just as good.

    • Johnna

      YAY!! Another Wallingford shopper 🙂 Im glad I saw this I was just about to head over there lol

  • Two things I noticed on my trip today:
    1. Birds Eye Chef’s favorites or a ton of coupons don’t get you the $3 off. I bought 7 rice varieties and 3 chef’s favorites and used about 7 coupons and didn’t get the $3.

    2. The 3 for $6 cereal doesn’t work right with coupons either. I bought 3 boxes of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and used 3 $0.50 coupons. They rang up at $3.69 – $0.69 – $0.50 – $0.50 = $2.00. At the end of those 3 transactions, they took $1.47. But if you think about it shouldn’t it have been $6 – $3 = $3. So instead of paying $3 for 3 boxes, I paid $4.53 for 3 boxes.

    • Michelle T.

      Mark, unfortunately, the Chefs Favorites are not part of the sale :(.
      For the Cinnamon Toast Crunch, only the 12.2 oz was part of the sale. If you bought the right size, you can go to CS and get your money back. HTH

  • maggie

    hi everyone is got a couple of $5 off $50 for this week at S&S, would like to exchange for some birds eye coupons. Since I can only print 2, only one computer. anyone interested? I also have teh super coupons for Shoprite….

    • Anonymous

      How many do you need? I think it’s not enough time to mail them. Where do you live?

      • Maggie

        I live in NY metro area. Pelham. I need 4. Or I would like 4 to be able to do the deal. I can put the $5 off $50 today on the mail. Email me directly if u want to to it. Thanks

        • Kate

          Oops,I didn’t mean to do Anonymous. I live in CT. I would do it if we had more time. Now it’s really late, sorry 🙁

  • CS

    There is a Stop & Shop Meal Planning 101 booklet in a stand near the front doors that has a $1 off Hellmann’s coupon in it…making it $2.50 each.

    • Anonymous

      In some of the CT stores there is also a store coupon on the flyer for $1.88 making them only 88 cents!

  • Christi

    If you’re using the “Scan It” try scanning a yogurt– even if you’re not planning on buying it. The “Scan It” may pop up with the offer- “Get one Yoplait Greek Yogurt Free”. This isn’t visible when you scan through the savings at the beginning. A nice surprise 🙂 It only works once a day, so I’ve been stopping in every day to get a little somthing!

  • Anonymous

    The Yoplait simply yogurts are on sale for 80 cents this week. There is a 40 cent coupon on making them free!