Acme Coupon Match Ups 9/21 – 9/27

Acme Coupon Match Ups 9/21 – 9/27

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Here are your match ups for the week. All coupons are shown doubled.



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  • I would like to do a deal with the Fantastik but am not sure if this is correct:

    Buy 5 Fantastik @ (3.29) = ($16.45) $9.95
    -(5) $.75/1 coupons (doubled) = 2.45
    Get a $5 Cat if deal is working off of shelf prices.

    If not working off of shelf prices then It would be:

    Buy 8 Fantastik @ 1.99 = $15.92
    -(8) $.75/1 coupons (doubled) = $3.92
    Get a $5 Cat back.

    This deal seems too good to be true even if it doesn’t work on shelf prices. Is this correct or am I not calculating this correctly.

    Thank you for your help.

    • christy

      The Fantastik w Scrubbing Bubbles is on sale today at Pathmark and if you spend 15.00 you get a 5.00 off coupon…I printed the 1.00 off coupons and I also have the coupons from the newspaper insert for .75….so if you buy 4 with the 4/1.00 off and 4 with the 4/75 cents off…your final price for 8 of them is 15.92 minus coupons = 5.92….you get a 5.00 off coupon off your next order so it’s really like paying .92 cents!

  • I apologize, I put this comment under the wrong Supermarket.

  • Laura

    Cindy, I am not able to load the rest of the match-ups on my iPhone anymore for any of the stores. Each time I click on “display all match-up” it opens up a new page and nothing happens. Not sure if anyone else is having the same issue.

    • Kim B

      Ditto. Same here.

    • maria

      me too..same problem

  • jennifer

    Same here

  • Donna

    Does anyone know if the Sunday Special Farm Fresh Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts or Tenders – $4.99 – Do these Chicken Breast come individually wrapped – or is the whole 3 pounds of breast/tenders frozen together

  • Deanna

    Same problem here on the DROID. Cannot open the rest of the matchups. 🙁

  • Pat

    on what date was the “Set Them Up For Success” flyer in the paper?