Cottonelle Moist Flushable Wipes Catalina Update: as low as Free!

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Cottonelle Moist Flushable Wipes Catalina Update

Here is a great unadvertised deal at ShopRite and Walgreens this week on Cottonelle Moist Flushable Wipes.  Last week I told you guys about a new Cottonelle Catalina Deal that’s going on at several stores until 9/30.  Here is the info again:

Cottonelle Flushable Moist Wipes, 42-ct or larger
9/3 – 9/30
Buy 2 Get a $2 Catalina
Buy 3 Get a $3 Catalina

Participating Retailers: A&P, Acme, Hannaford, Big Kmart, Kroger, Pathmark Supermarket, Price Chopper, Safeway, Shop ‘n Bag, ShopRite, Super Stop & Shop, Walgreens, Winn Dixie & More

The 10-ct of Cottonelle Wipes have been reported to be working with this Catalina Offer, even though our info is for 42-ct wipes.  I decided to check this deal out at my local ShopRite and there was even a sign on the 10-counts, which means you can score these for just $0.09 each after Catalina! I found these in the travel section of my store, and the great thing is, this deal rolls (at ShopRite)…I tested it! Yippee!   These are great to have on hand in your bag or to travel with!

It appears the Catalina is printing on the 10-ct of wipes at all participating stores.  Some have reported that 10-ct of Cottonelle Moist Flushable Wipes are priced at $0.99 at their Walgreens Store, however the 10-ct was $1.59 at my store.  If you can find the 10-ct for $0.99 at your local Walgreens, you can score 3 for Free!  Let us know what you find!

Here are your deals:


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  • Steph S.

    awesome! gonna look for these next time I’m out. thanks!

  • Jasmin

    great deal im am outta these !

  • Mary

    2/$3 or $1.59 each here in downtown Chicago? Anyone have any luck finding them at .99 in the burbs?

    • Jessica Lopez

      I found them for $1.29 in Vernon Hills

  • CT Jess

    Any coupons for these?

  • Ria

    $.99 @ my wags here Fresno, CA but it didn’t spit out any RR

    • krisib

      It didn’t print the RR because they were 99 cents probably. Usually if you purchase something like a laffy taffy with it then it will print the RR. Since the total before tax would’ve been only $1.98 it must be a purchase of $2 usually or the RR won’t print.

  • Megan Cushman

    I just tried at Walgreens in CT. It is working on the 10 count for $1.29, but it is NOT ROLLING – The clerk and I tried many times. Not sure if that is just in CT.

    • Lady J

      Well, at Wags, you can’t usually can’t roll. You would have to use the cat you have to buy something else that has a cat or RR and then use that 2nd cat/rr to buy more of the wipes to get another wipes cat, but don’t forget the filler item. I try not to bother with Wags b/c of such silliness.

      • Megan Cushman

        Yes – But the above post mentioned specially that this deal was rolling. I was simply letting people know that at least in CT at the store I tried it was not.

        • Laura D.

          I think the post above for the paragraph where Cindy mentions the deal is rolling, she is only pertaining to Shoprite in that paragraph. The second paragraph contains the information for Walgreens.At least thats how I read it. Sometimes when deals are going on at different stores simultaneously I need to read the post very carefully and remember all store policies which are usually different.

        • Kate

          I think Cindy was talking about rolling it at Shoprite.

        • Cindy

          The deal is rolling only at ShopRite. These do not roll at Walgreens.

  • Lori

    2/$3 at Walgreens in Simsbury, CT (route 44 Stop & Shop Plaza). So, $1.50 x 3 = $4.50 Get back $3 RR = $1.50 or $.50 each>>>>better deal at Shop Rite, plus at SR you can roll them & at Walgreens you can’t.

  • Alan

    Shoprite at Hatfield does not have these on sale. I did several of the Cat runs even without sale though. $1/2 seems to be best coupon out atm on these. They also have a .50/2 available.

    So if you buy 4 – it comes out to 1.02 each after cat. If you only buy 3 then it comes out to .97 each after cat.

    Not a bad deal over all.

  • Amy

    I found ’em in NJ $1.29ea

    Anyone in NYC have found them at .99?

  • Blinky

    $1.29 at my Walgreens! But still a steal!

  • guest

    Has anyone tried this at Kroger in the southeast?

  • Ruby

    where in shoprite are they? my store doesn’t even have a place for these next to the flushable wipes. btw — Thanks Cindy! 🙂


    Actually they would only be 6 cents each at Shoprite.

  • Toby

    Did this last night at two wags. Was looking for something to roll my $3 pert plus with and it was great. First store was 1.29 each and now annoyed at myself for spending $1 on so few wipes but second store was 99centd, cashier has to adjust the price to $1 so I could use the $3 RR. Here in tx, tax is adjusted to after coupons so was totally free!! Was a little upset that the september wags 1.50q on pert plus was only on the 13 oz bottle while sale was on 23oz bottle but still did it since its the only thing hubby will use. Spent $13 on 4 23 oz pert plus, 2 right guard deodorants, 2 suaves, 12 cottonelle travel packs still have $2 RR. original plan it would have been $6 🙁 therefore bummed

  • Jennifer S

    Just tried this at Walgreens & no cat. 🙁

  • Jay

    Walgreens in Marietta had them for .99 ea. Got deal with no problem last night. Tried today, no Catalina! Anybody tried today?

    • Danielle

      Yep, just tried again today (did it yesterday with 2 and it worked) No cat today. Cashier was puzzled before I even said anything, and manager happily adjusted my order for me. 🙂 They were .99 at mine, so free!

      • Ashley

        Went to Walgreens to grab this great deal yesterday and my cats were rolling with the cottonelle 10 ct wipes! It was even a manager who was ringing me up and he said that catalinas can roll, just not RR so that was a nice surprise. Tried today at another walgreens and no catalina printed at all. Similarly as the story above, before I even asked, the manager adjusted the price so they were free. He even offered to do it on a few more transactions! I almost felt badly doing it, but it was their idea not mine 🙂 I’m a happy couponer today!

    • guest

      Hmm- I wonder if WAGs has caught on and stopped the cat for the 10ct. I, too, did it last night 3x in Alpharetta with no problem and there were tons of 10ct pkgs on the shelf. Didn’t even try to roll it, however, based on the opinions given here, even though it is technically a manufacturer’s coupon, not an RR, so it should roll just fine. Number starts with a 5. The cat says redeemable only in WAGs, but since it is a manufacturer’s q, I am curious if it would work someplace else. I just can’t find anything to buy at WAGs anymore.

  • jay

    Discovered a great deal at Walgreens today. New Glade coupon came to my e-mail from Right@Home ($2.00 off any 2 glade products).

    Bought 2 Glade sense & spray (2 for $5.00)
    Used coupon for $2.00 off any 2 glade products

    Paid $3.00

    Received 2 Register Rewards / Catalina Bucks for $1.00 each (Double Dip!)

    * Making the sense & spray 2 for $1.00 after coupon and Rewards / Catalina Bucks

  • justme

    the 10 count does not work at Pathmark

  • Nikki

    FYI….10 pack didn’t work at walgreens tonight.

  • Linda

    Did not work in Deptford NJ Wallgreens last night either. 🙂

  • Linda

    I just bought 3 10-packs at SR in NY but only received the $2 cat. No idea why. Mine were $1.09 each.

    • Lynn

      I just bought 3 10-packs at SR in NJ this morning and received a $2 cat.

  • Karen

    Yep, bought 3 10-pks at Hamilton Marketplace this afternoon and only got a $2 catalina. Still went back and got the last 3 with it though cause my son goes through wipes like none other. Oh, and got just another $2 catalina.

    • Karen

      Sorry, ShopRite at Hamilton Marketplace.

  • Michelle

    I bought 3 at Pathmark and no catalina printed 🙁

  • arle

    I bought 3 a walgreen and no cat .

    • Liz

      I did it on 9/11, got cat. DId it again 9/15 NO cat! I didn’t use the card either time, so I guess they changed something.

  • arle

    i wants to know it`s working in shoprite.