CVS: Gillette Venus Razor Money Maker Deal

Gillette Venus Coupon

Gillette Venus Coupon

The Venus Razor money maker is working again this week.  There is an Extra Care Bucks deals for Buy any Venus or Fusion ProGlide Razor 1 ct and get a $5 ECB.  The Venus Refillable Razor priced from $5.99 – $6.99 (price may vary) is included.  Plus there is a $4/1 Venus Refillable Razor available in the 8/12 RP.

Here is the deal:


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  • Rebecca

    I was just at my CVS and it did not include the cheaper razors. I did get one that was $11.29 and then had the $4 off coupon. So, it was still a good deal at $2.29.

    • Bree

      Hmmm I wonder why because the circular does say “any” with the exception of clearance items. I’m going to check it out now!

    • Laura D.

      Do you know what the limit is? I didn’t get the CVS weekly ad in my “empty” paper yesterday. TIA!

      • Cheri

        1 per card.

        • Lesley

          Actually, I am not sure of the limit, but you can do it more than once. I did it twice on my card and it still says on the bottom of the receipt that I can do it again.

      • Rose

        I got 6 razors with my card.

    • Shanta

      Rebecca it actually did included the $6.99 razors & yes at my CVS the $6.99 Venua razor did not had the tag but the ad states ‘ANY Gillette Venus or Fusion Proglide razor’. I picked up the $6.99 Gillette Venus razor & I did receive the $5.00 ECB HTH!!!!

  • Anonymous

    love this.

  • cathleen

    I was just there and it didn’t include the cheaper ones at mine either… 🙁
    The Gillette Fusion Proglide was $10.99, used -$4 Q so $1.99 still isn’t bad!

    • Tina P.

      Cathleen, did you try it? My store did not have tags (showing $5 ECB) on the cheaper razors (I bought the blue Gillette Venus for $7.19)…it still printed a $5 ECB like it should because the ad states “Any Gillette Venus”.

      • Kaska

        Same here, I bought 2 and got $10 ecb 🙂

        • Jocelyn A

          Mines did not have the cheaper ones with a tag but got the $7 one and still got a $5 ecb

  • Amanda

    When I went today and the cheaper Venus did not have the sale tag on it saying you get the ECB with purchase. Since the paper says “any” I decided to try and it did print the $5 ECB. Plus I used the 25% coupon from my email and saved even more.

  • R

    I still have my ecb from that week, it expires on 9/26. Can I use this for payment?

    • Laura D.

      Yes! If your ECB is larger than $2 make sure you have something else to cover the amount so you don’t loose the money!

  • Tina P.

    Bought the Gillette Venus (in blue, as pictured above) in my South Jersey store for $7.19 plus tax. Still a money maker 🙂

  • katrina

    I was able to do the deal at my CVS (Chicago suburbs). I got 1 Gillette Venus @ 6.99 + 2 Kleenex @ .99 ea. Used the $4.00 off MFG and $5.00 ECB. Paid .37 (tax) and got the $5.00 ECB + $1.00 for my bag tag. Yipee!! Pity this is limit 1 or I’d go back & do it again.

  • jasmin

    i will try this thanks!

  • deb

    My CVS (Warren,Ohio) had Venus Olay for 10.49. With Q and ECB still only 1.49.

  • Linda

    I bought a Venus for $8.49 and it didn’t print the $5 ebc. The cashier called over the manager and he printed a coupon for me. The ad says ANY so they gave it to me.

  • Pat

    My CVS had the Blue Venus for $7.79 but it was still a MM. I signed up online for my double rewards and they sent me a new red card that I used today. I had also sent a 25% disc to my card online but it didn’t show up, so I said maybe its on my old card, so she had to re-ring everything. She wasn’t happy and she said it wouldn’t amount to much , but I ended up saving $5.29! Be careful about using the new cards without changing them online first!

  • Penny

    Wow…did I miss something with the double rewards. I signed up online and I also had a clerk scan a double rewards coupon from the Red Box but I didn’t hear anything about getting a new card. I’m still using the same old card I’ve had for years. Should I be worried? And, my store didn’t have the $5 reward marked on the cheaper razors either but it worked.

    • kathleen

      Same here, never heard about a special card for double rewards. I also signed up on-line. Maybe I’ll ask the manager at my CVS today.

      • Laura D.

        I received a “supposedly” new card in the mail (only one key chain sized, which I never use) I checked the numbers against my old card to see if there was a difference and it was the same EXACT numbers, just on a new key ring thingy. I did sign up online. I believe the rewards come doubled only at the end of the quarter, yes?

        • Laura D.

          Oh, wait, after reading below maybe the double rewards means instead of a limit of 3 ECB’s you can qualify for 6???

  • Laura

    I decided to try to B1G1 Venus coupon from the 8/5 RP and the -$4 Venus from the 8/12 RP and it worked in Attleboro MA and Taunton, MA! I bought 2 of the unmarked single Venus razors for $7.29 and used these two coupons. It automatically deducted $7.99 for the B1G1, even though the price was $7.29 and it took the $4 off. PLUS I got $10 ECB. So it was 7.29 + 7.29 – 7.99 – 4 for 2.59 OOP and 10 ECB! I used my friend’s card at another CVS and it worked again.

    • Linda

      Wow. That was great. Too bad I already used my card today. But…. if you got 2 $5 ecb, I am guessing that there is not a limit of 1.

      • Cindy F.

        limit is 3. bottom of my receipt showed that i have one more offer left to use.

    • Livy

      Isn’t the b1g1 coupon for disposable razors only

    • Denise

      This is great. I’m in Malden, so I am going to try this. I went to my usual CVS yesterday and couldn’t find any Venus for under $8.99. I took it to the cashier and asked him if it would trigger a $5 ECB, but he said he couldn’t figure it out. So I left the store without buying anything, but I have the coupons you mentioned so I will try locating the cheaper razors at another CVS. Thanks for sharing your great idea!! Denise

  • Susie

    I used the B1G1 and the $4.00/1 coupon… Getting 2 for a total of $2.79 plus tax in westchester, ny…. And got $10.00 ecb!!! 🙂

  • Trina

    oh i was just there, just got $5 didnt know we can do the B1g1 free, do I have to give them the BIG1 free first and then the $4.

    • Cindy F.

      the cashier used the $4/1 coupon first.

  • Trina

    thanks i use it tommorrow.

  • Cathy

    The limit is 6! 🙂

  • Gaby

    Did anyone get double ecb?

    • Qpon Jenn

      I did, bought 2 got $10 ecb back today.

    • Bill

      The double ECB is on the quarterly 2%. Not on the ECB that prints when you do deals.

  • Karyn A.

    That razor did not produce a $5 ECB :). It was only the expensive ones.

  • russ

    This morning I bought 4 of the slightly higher priced Gillette Venus Embrace 5 Blade Great Razor retail $8.29 and did not receive any ECBs :(. Could I contact CVS for get my $5 ECB?

  • Qpon Jenn

    I was able to do this deal 6 times before it said I reached my limit with each time it giving me $5 ecbs, went to a couple different stores. I did buy one Venus Embrace 5 blade, it was in an orange and yellow package and cost $8.29, that one did not prompt the $5 ecb so I went back and returned it and was able to get another of the one pictured above that gave me the $5 ecb again.

  • Cindy F.

    I received new red CVS key chain cards with a different number than the one I use. Has this happened to anyone else? What is this all about? Got these cards about a week after I signed up for double rewards.

    • Laura D.

      I received the new red key chain cards last week but they had the same exact number as my old card. Is it possible you have more than one card?

      • Cindy F.

        No, i dont. have been using the same card with same number for many years. Guess, i will have to call customer service.

  • Anonymous

    ok hear is my question the 4 coup does it have the yellow razor on it