ShopRite Ad for the Week of 9/30/12

shoprite ad

ShopRite Ad Scan for Week of 9/30/12

Here is your ShopRite Ad Scan for the week of 9/30.

Feel free to post any deals you come up with in the comments below and make sure to check the LRWC Coupon Database for any coupons to match with a sale.

View: ShopRite Preview Ad Scan 9/30/12 

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  • Jasmin

    YEY !!!

  • Thank You!!1

  • Holly

    Any good deals? For some reason I can not see it at work!

  • Jessica

    awesome thanks!

  • Mark

    Thanks for the preview.

  • Betty

    Thank you!

  • Anonymous

    Can anyone read the fine print on the Steamfresh veg for 99 cents? I still have a bunch of those 50 cent off coupons so free if it includes Steamfresh Chef Favorites.

    • Melissa

      Exclusions listed are Cut Green Beans, Corn, Peas, Broccoli & Mixed Vegetables. I guess just the mixed varieties are on sale, which should include the Chef’s Select.

  • janie

    I am glad the Sorrento cheese and Progresso Soups are still on sale next week, I bought lots of coupons for those! has coupons for the Magnum Ice Cream bars, making them only $1 and the BC Cookie mix, making each pouch $1. Need to find Purex coupons!

    • Melissa

      Me too! 😀

    • Melissa

      And there was just a $1.50/1 Purex coupon that showed up on, but it has a K-Mart logo on it. I know some stores don’t accept them.

      • Melinda

        That coupon is for 60 oz or larger. The Purex on sale at ShopRite next week is sizes 43.5-50 oz. We need to ask the coupon fairy to bring us coupons before next week is over!

  • Melissa

    All Week Price Breaks:
    Wesson Oil 64 oz 2.77
    Snicker’s, Hershey’s, Nestle Fun Size Candy 1.97 (probably the lowest of the season)

    Other Front Page Deals:
    GM Cereals (Cookie Crisp, Lucky Charms, Kix, HN Cheerios,& Trix 8.7-12.25 oz) 1.99
    Yoplait Light 20/$10
    Folger’s 2.49
    Tropical Select OJ 1.88
    Pills Grands 1.24
    Greak Lakes Chunk Cheese .99
    Bumble Bee Solid White 4/$5
    WW Smart Ones 1.77
    ]Birds Eye Steamfresh .99
    Turkey Hill 2/$5
    Purex Detergent 1.99 (part of a spend $20, Get $5 Catalina)
    Eveready Gold 2-8ct batteries 1.49

    Four Day Price Breaks
    AJ Waffles .99
    Bird’s Eye Box Veggies .99
    Banquet Sausage .99
    Simply Potatoes .99
    40-48 oz Perdue frozen Boneless Chicken Breast 4.77
    Celeste Pizza .88
    Popsicle Firecrackers 8-ct .88
    Pudding Cakes 1.88
    Palmolive 25 oz liquid 1.88
    Duraflame logs 6-pack 17.99

  • anonymous

    if simply potatoes steamables are included there is a 75 cent coupon off 1 here

  • Kim

    Anyone else not able to see the ad???? What am I doing wrong?

    • Laura D.

      What are you getting when you click on the link?

  • Jenn

    Half of the scans are cut off with a big black area on every other page. Anyone else seeing this?

    • Laura D.

      I just checked, it’s fine for me though it is loading slower than earlier today. I don’t have any large black areas. I’m also using my old mac currently with safari. Did you try a different browser?

    • Cindy

      I think it’s was just a problem loading. It happened to me but it’s seems fine now. I’ll keep an eye on it though. I have been working on a better way to load them each week so I’m hoping to have something new soon.

      • Christine R

        I can’t open the ad at all now. I opened it briefly a little while ago but had to tend to my kids. Now I just get a pink screen and it’s freezing up my computer????

  • Jenn

    It’s loading okay for me now. It was loading very slowly and half was cut off with black areas but it appears to be cleared now.

  • Holly


  • mike

    the ad is not loading for me at all. i’m using google chrome

    • Christine R

      How can I tell what I’m using??? And how can I change my browser to see if that’s it?

      • mike

        mine is working now

      • mike

        you would have to know what browser you are using. It’s either internet explorer, safari, mozilla, or google chrome.

        to use another browser you would have to download it online.

  • Leslie D

    The Snicker’s, Hershey’s, Nestle Fun Size Candy 1.97 is a pretty decent deal combined with the 1.50/3 Bags of candy from 9/16 Smart Source insert (I think that’s where I got it from) expiration date 10/31