ShopRite Coupon Match Ups 9/30 – 10/6

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ShopRite Coupons & Deals for the week of 9/30/12

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  • lina

    Thank you!!!

  • megan

    thanks! quick question on tesemme shampoo and conditioner. how do you get it to $1.49. the coupon is B2G1(buy shampoo and conditioner, get styler)

  • Mark

    Thanks for the match-ups.

  • Elaine

    Do you think we are ever going to get coffee mate Cat??? Last year I could fill the swimming pool with them.. Oh well I guess I will keep praying! Thanks for the matchups!

    • Laura

      I miss those deals!!! I paid full price for coffeemate today and i just about thought I was going to cry.

    • Alan

      I got a cat today at Bottom Dollar on Coffee Mate. There wasn’t any special deal…they were 3.12 for the 32 oz. We got two and had a 1 dollar cat.

      We got a special coupon they sometimes send via mail $10 off $20 dollars. So that stacked with coupons..even though they don’t double…on top of some price matches…equal beautiful.

      • Christine R

        Hi Alan,
        You got the $10 off $20 Bottom Dollar coupon in the mail? I got them when the store near me opened a few months ago. Hopefully they’ll be in my mailbox today!

      • Christine R

        Hi Alan,
        You got the $10 off $20 Bottom Dollar coupon in the mail? I got them when the store near me opened a few months ago. Hopefully they’ll be in my mailbox today!

  • Natalie

    *Just to let everyone aware shoprite now only limits 5 transactions per day per card(number).*

    • frink

      Um, huh?

    • Amanda

      This is store or owner specific, not systemwide, right?
      Some stores limit to one transaction per day per card number

    • Alan

      I don’t think I have ever come close to that number. I think my max is like 3…maybe 4.

      I just don’t have the energy to go through that many times.

      Just in case though…I do have 2 card numbers 🙂

    • Quazi

      my shoprite in uniondale Long Island never let’s you make two order is this the case everywhere?

      • Dee2

        Milford, CT only allows 1 transaction per card per day.

        • Shari

          Go to Another register- Or I got my 4yr old his own card in Milford

          • Dee2

            Shari.. LOL!
            I usually go put my first round in the car, then go back in with the card Shoprite sent my 26-yr old son who hasn’t lived in CT for 6 years.

            Although, the manager let me use my card for 8 transactions in a row once. We were buying gift cards to buy a grill at Lowes when you got $10 for every $50 gift card. We needed 8 $50 cards to get a $400 grill.

            • shari

              Love that Dee
              I hear ya with the gift cards. I got $500 in gas
              CARDS – my husband has a service business. But we got $100 in free Catalinas

              • audra

                LOL – I love hearing about the Milford stores! I use my mothers card too – they can be quite tough in Milford with coupons…you have to be careful who you check out with – I usually do Shop at Home so much easier without my kids!

                • Lisa

                  Love hearing about the Milford stores too and seeing fellow CT shoppers comments – we should all get together for some coffee and coupon trading – is it me or has Ct coupon selection been a little sparse lately.

                  • Sarah

                    I’m down in Fairfield, but I think the selection has picked up the past 2 weeks or so. I’m hoping for that trend to continue! The Fairfield ShopRite is awesome, by the way. They just opened a little over a year ago, and all except one cashier are very patient with my coupons – some even get excited when I hand them over a stack!

      • Christine

        The shoprite in Commack lets you split your haul into as many orders as you want. You can use your shoppers card 4x per day so I have two cards making it possibke to do 8 separate transactions per visit. Most other shoprites limit you to one or two orders per visit. At least out here on the Island they do

    • Eileen @QponPrincess

      this is always a store specific thing, my shoprite (waretown and the other local shoprites that are all the same franchise “perlmutter”-lacey and manahawkin) ALWAYS lets me do as many transactions as I want, I just use the seperator bar to keep them seperate, and fyi I think they have to let you, because sometimes I have WIC transactions and they HAVE to be done seperately, so how can they limit transactions…In general when your personal shoprite states a new “rule” it is a ymmv situation, that doesnt always affect everyone

  • All4Savings

    How do you print the dial coupon? I only get to download the “Dirty Statement” but no coupon. 🙁

    • Mary

      It says they have run out of coupons

    • Alan

      Coupon is dead for dial 🙁

  • Jessica G


  • Kristin

    Has the Daisy cottage cheese Q been removed? Can’t find it!

  • Phillyfashionista

    Thanks I hope the Palmolive Fresh infusions coupon works on the 2oz bottle, the coupon states 16oz. Keeping my fingers crossed since I have a bunch of them 🙂

  • Phillyfashionista


  • Meg

    Did anyone find Worlds Best Cat litter coupon? Can’t find it.

    • Allyson

      I printed it out yesterday from the link above. It’s was on last page for me.

  • Sue

    There’s a Scott e-coupon in the Hispanic Heritage part of the Shoprite e-coupons for $1/1.

    • Denise

      Awesome! Thanks for the heads up. I have a Super coupon this week in my store for 2 scoots mega packs for $9.98….plus I have 2 $1.25 each pack coupons that I printed from the Scoot webpage a while ago. Plus the ecoupon…makes for a cool deal

  • cris

    having a problem finding Pine Sol coupon…link takes me to site, but I can’t seem to find it there..thanks!

    • barbaraj

      When I got my pinesol Q I had to register and write a review.

  • jasmin

    anyone know if the yardley deal will be working tomorrow?

    • mel

      i remember seeing yardly deal was only good through 9/29 at my SR here in DE

    • lindsay in pa

      Its still on sale at SR in NJ for 88 cents. Not sure if the deal is still working though. Did you try it??

  • linda

    Thanks for all your hard work! Much appreciated.

  • darlene

    The Brachs coupon says ‘not valid on holiday products’

    • meagan

      I remember reading on a blog about Brach’s made a statement on their Facebook at some point recently stating that certain candies such as the Candy Corn do not qualify as “holiday” candies because some stores sell them year long, and that the coupon qualifies for them.

    • Steven

      Cindy posted previously that the candy corn was not a holiday product as per Brachs.

    • April

      Sometimes with the Brachs- they consider the candy corns as seasonal and not holiday…just a thought!!

    • Dee2

      I had no problem this morning using the Brach’s coupon on candy corn at the Shoprite in Milford, CT. I also used one at Rite Aid last week without an issue.

  • Liz

    The Happy Baby is giving me “out of prints” on all my computers. It may be NLA.

  • Jennifer

    Just did the Purex deal this morning and it is working off shelf price. Bought 3 detergents and 4 fabric softeners, used (3) $1 off coupons and $.75 ecoupon = $.74 each after coupons and catalina.

    • Theresa

      Yahoo! Thanks for the heads-up!

    • Leslie

      Hi Jen, thanks for your report. One question do you mean the shelf price or the pre price plus card price? Thanks.

  • Debbie

    where on the buitoni page can you print the coupon. my family loves the ravioli and it is hardly ever on sale. i signed up but can’t find where to print.

    • Melinda

      At the top of their site you should see a button that says “join or login in.” You need to join and then you will be able to print a Bricks coupon.

  • Crissy

    where can I find the purex ecoupon (hispanic heritage)?

    • kabby

      go to where you add the shoprite ecoupons…then click on the banner/ad that states “Hispanic Heritage Month”…this brings you to additional ecoupons…Hope that helps.

      • Nancy


      • Eileen @QponPrincess

        for some reason in the middle of clicking all of the hispanic coupons, it just STOPPED turning grey, and I only got halfway through and all the good stuff is at the bottom…any idea why? is there a limit to how many digital coupons are allowed at once?

  • Dee2

    Thanks, Cindy!! Love weeks like this… $35 oop today, saved $60. And I’m going back for more.

    You and your crew are amazing. Even with grieving your grandma, the site didn’t miss a beat this week. Hugs all around to the LRWC team.

  • Alejandra


    Brillo 10ct ($1.99) – $1.49
    $.55/1 of any 10ct,18ct,singles or Heavy duty brillo soap pads exp. 12/1/2012 (RP 09/30/12)

    as low as $.39 after coupon

    might be even cheaper/free if you get the singles..I just bought the 10 pack cause I needed them!

    • A

      Thanks. I’d like to get those too.

    • mike

      coupon states do not double

  • amyjk

    i can’t find the printable betty crocker cookie mix through either link… anyone else?

    • Cami

      Try again today. All the coupons reset and I was able to print from as well as betty crocker and pillsbury (which are $.60 off rather than just $.50, so a better deal if your store doubles up to $.99)

  • Alan

    There is a new .75/1 Bahlsen coupon this week in in RedPlum. They are on unadvertised sale this week at Shoprite for 1.99. At my Shoprite they come in Dark and Milk chocolate covered Buttter Biscuits. Pack size is small only 4.4 oz but not bad for .49 each.

    Since my store is tripling.. I get it free. I can’t help rubbing it in. Say bye bye to triple again this Saturday 🙁

    • Liz

      Which store is tripling? I have to be in Westchester two days this week so fingers crossed for one of these. TIA!!!

    • Toekneeface

      Guess what Alan, I just got next week’s ad for Warminster October 7 -October 13 & they are still tripling. They were out of the Bahlsen’s so maybe I’ll get a few

  • Janie

    Cant find poland spring coupons. I only see deer park.

  • Alan

    Few heads up:

    The Lysol Power And Free spray was not on sale but the wipes were…

    All cats are confirmed to be working off shelf prices.

    Palmolive Fresh infusions is no go at Hatfield…not in store yet…maybe midweek.

    Birds Eye Chef Favorites is on sale for .99!

    Nasoya Tofu light varieties are included in sale… Does not matter for match up but I like the light if I can get it. (Not that I eat tons of Tofu but I dabble in it once in a while. > Meat eater still :))

    Nature’s Path granola bars on sale…1.50 each…are very tasty…1.50 is a tad high but worth it IMO for these. (Never tried them before today.)

    That is about all I can think of at this point.

    • Kera

      Thanks so much Alan!!

  • Crissy

    thanks Kabby!

  • mark

    I am not sure what you mean about the in-ad coupon for the progresso soup

    • Melinda

      There is an in-ad ShopRite Super Coupon in the circular.

  • andrea


    • Liz

      Yes, I was there Saturday. It says it ends this week, but the cashier kinda laughed when I asked. He seems to think they will keep tripling for the rest of the month.

    • Alan

      Hatfield is a go for triple till Saturday this week.

    • Toekneeface

      Just got my Warminster ad for the week of 10/7-13. Triples are still on. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Janelle S

    Thanks for the Match-ups

  • Trina

    The $1.50 Purex coupons, worked at shoprite. I was able to get 2 purex for >49cents each, and then I got 1 for .24 cents, with the All For You $1.00 off coupons, and the .75 Hispanic Hertiage Month Shorpite e-coupon!

    • Bill

      Do you mean the KMart ones on

      • Denise

        My Shoprite will not accept this coupons because of the logo printed on the coupon. They insist they are coupons meant just for that store. So I would say it depends on your stores coupon policy

        • Bill

          I contacted about this once and they told me that all stores are supposed to accept these and gave me a number to have them call if I had problems. Of course, a policy memo would be even better. It would be nice if someone from this site could come up with something official from that we could carry around for cases like this.

    • Melinda

      Did you buy the 60 oz bottle?

    • Jennifer

      Was the 60 oz purex included in the sale? I would love to get some if it is included!

    • Daniele Gilkes

      Hi Trina:

      Did you go to self-checkout? I used them but the manager had to override.
      Not sure if a problem with the new UPC

  • Amy

    I tried to get the Pure Simple milk using my printed coupon and the EC on my SR card.

    The register didn’t add my EC and I went to check it out with the costumer service, they said that I don’t have it.

    As soon as I got home I checked again and it’s clipped on my card.

    What can I do when something like this happen?

    • Cami

      Pull it up on your phone (if you have a smart phone) to show them. You can email yourself a printscreen as well so you can show them that you do in fact have it on your card. My customer service is great and they will even print you a catalina if it didn’t print with the cashier if you show them your receipt.

      • Amy

        Thanks, I tried to do that and one of the girls gave me the amount in Catalina, another guy got super angry and didn’t want to do anything about it, and some other lady just said that I didn’t have my coupon. This is a real pain in the *** 🙁

  • Sarah

    If anyone wants to do the P&G deal for the cookware set you can do the following. I did this deal yesterday and I received the print out.

    4 Pantene Shampoo:$13.96
    4 Pantene Conditioner:$13.96
    -4 BOGO coupons 9/16 SS
    Total: $13.96

  • Allison

    What happened to the Zantac ecoupon?! I loaded it to my card when it showed up last week, and now it’s not in my account…

    • Lauren

      I believe it expired 9/29 🙁

  • Trina G.

    yes bill the Kmart ones

  • Trina G.

    It depends on shoprite I go to for coupons with other stores names on it. It sad to say but more urban shoprites dont give you a hard time. If I go to one near my house in suburbs, they give me a hard time with all my coupons. To the point where they ring up items, and then print out receipts, and then take each coupon and look at receipt then take coupons off if it applies, HTH.

  • tina

    is cookie crisp cereal part of general mills to get free saute pan?

  • Beth

    Is anyone having a problem doing the cookware deal with the Cover Girl? Even going off of sale prices my total is over $30, but no cat. I got four eyeshadows and two eye liners, along with four bottles of Pantene (two shampoos and two stylers). I used the $3/2 Cover Girl and BOGO Pantene.

  • Nancy

    Is anyone else having trouble loading the ecoupons onto their PP Card? I have been trying since yesterday but they aren’t sticking. Any help/contact info would be great. Thanks & Happy Shopping!

    • Laura D.

      If you have 88 coupons loaded you cannot load anymore onto your card. I read if you go to the shopping list section of your account you can remove the unwanted eq’s. I haven’t tried this myself yet, hth!

      • Candy

        I try this every Saturday and they never get removed! Very frustrating. I’ve learned to load only the ones that I am absolutely going to use.

  • Leslie

    My ecoupons never work. I still clip but they never come off. I stopped going to cs to correct problem. I just do not count on them. On the other hand the Savings Stars ecoupons work very well.

    • Dee2

      Mine never work either. I don’t know why they bother when the system is so wonky.

    • shari

      Agreed !!!
      very few times do they work
      then they tell me my other Q disqualified them

    • christina

      E-mail Shoprite corporate headquarter’s customer service. I did and they sent me coupons to make up for their error.

  • Audrey

    I had a coupon for buy 10 weight watcher meals and get 3 dollars off… could I use any more coupons with this deal? Or is it like the BOGO and you have to look at the bar code to see if attaches to one or all?

    • Michelle T.

      Audrey, you’d have to buy more than 10 to use another coupon. Also you could use any kind of store coupon (like at Target) or digital coupon (like a Shoprite ecoupon, none of these right now). There is a $2/4 Smart Ones printable Target coupon which you could use two of with the $3/10 Manufacturers coupon. I don’t know how much they are at Target right now, they’re not in this week’s ad.

  • Andrea

    I don’t know if this was mentioned yet or not but there is a $.40/1 Yoplait Simplait Yogurt Cup 6oz on the same site as the $.60/1 miur glen coupons and they are only $.89 so after a doubled coupon they are only 9 cents. They are really yummy btw!

    • Alan

      I concur…the Simplait are very yummy. Even the vinilla which I normally dont like is YUMMY!

      They are a tad high in calories and not being greek more sugar and less protein but these are more like a desert than part of a meal and as desert are great!

      Love em.

      • Andrea

        They are only like 30 calories more than original but I agree if someone is really watching their calories they should be careful.

  • Alan

    I mentioned this before but right now Shoprite has Bahlsen Biscuits on sale for 1.99 and there is a .75/1 coupon both on site printable and in ad this week which makes them .49 cents or free if triple this week. (19440)

    The link above then the zip change is the only way I can get this particular coupon to come up. They come in butter biscuits milk and dark chocolate. They are only 4.4 oz packages but still…mighty tasty.

    • Eva

      Thanks bunches for the link! They are for free at Wegmans supposedly 🙂

  • Kathleen

    I’m wondering why the yoplait coupons are not valid in NJ? They always were before!

    • Michelle T.

      Me too, and it’s not ALL milk products. Confusing 🙁

    • SuzanneC

      Same here. Especially since I got a yoplait coupon in my newspaper weeks back that also said not valid in NJ. I’m pretty far over the border….

    • Lady J

      actually those coupons haven’t been valid in NJ for quite some time. You’ve just never noticed before.

  • Karen

    My $1.50/1 Simple e-cpn expired, but I have a $2.50/2 Simple e-cpn which you can pair with two of the $2 off any Simple product cpns that were in Sunday’s inserts and I just saw a tag under the makeup remover cloths advertising a $2 catalina when you buy any two Simple products through 10/6 making them $1.48 for two or $.74 each! 😀

  • Michele

    Wanted to let everyone know that my Shop-rite did accept the $1.50 printables with the K-Mart logo. I bought 7 detergents, used 4 $1.50 printables plus the .75 e-coupon, and got the $5 Catalina. $3 for 7 bottles of detergent is a great deal.

    One of my best Shop-Rite trips ever. I can’t believe how much stuff I got for around $60! (I had $70 plus in coupons and Catalinas.)

    One thing – the Bahlsen cookies weren’t on sale here in Staten Island. (Oh well, I don’t need the calories!)

    My kids are all adults, but I picked up a lot of the Gerber toddler foods that were nearly free with coupons and brought them into work to give to a friend whose church runs a food pantry. Food pantries volunteers should get into couponing!

    Thanks so much, Cindy. It was so much fun to see all that money coming off my grocery order last night – the young male cashier was very impressed (and he was one of the best ones I’ve encountered, really taking the time to be sure none of the coupons stuck together.)

  • Dave

    Lots of problems today and really hoped someone could help.

    Is there a special zip code needed for the Gerber Grabbers coupon? I also can’t find the Gerber Yogurt Melts. I’ve gone through all pages and can’t find it.

    Does anyone know what happened to the Robitussin $3/1 coupon?

    The site for the Wasa coupon also has an invalid digital certificate. Has anyone else noticed this and know of another way to get the coupon?

    The Sorrento coupon is also not in my 6/24 SS as stated. Any idea why?

    I also can’t find the Welchs 7/29 RP coupon. Any idea?

    Has anyone managed to get the Popsicle Firecracker coupon on the FB page? It just goes in a circle and you never actually get to the coupon.


    • Cansy

      Sorrento expired 9/30
      I don’t think Wasa is still avail. I used 2 today with no problems
      Robitussin coupon is no longer avail but was in RP 9/30

      Don’t forget, coupons are regional. Some you get and some you don’t !

  • Allie

    Does anyone know if the simply potatoes steamables are included?

  • Al

    I am having trouble gettingthe Nestle Ultimate Cookie dough cooupon for $1.25 is anyone else having this problem? If not how do I get it off facebook – it just keeps going to the ultimate swipe page.

  • zombie

    On the Chef Boyardee pasta, does that E-coupon include the lasagna too? The ecoupon lists everything else and omits the lasagna but then says “any variety”. So do they mean any variety of the listed pastas or any variety of any Chef Boyardee?

  • Sue

    Did anyone else have issue using the Tostitos coupon? I tried today to use it to purchase 1 bag and the cashier wouldn’t allow it, saying the coupon says 14oz bag or larger but the bag that is $3 is only 13oz and “I don’t even think they make a 14oz bag”. Not the first time I’ve had issue with something like this- the coupons don’t match the size of the item actually in the store.

  • Peter

    Did anyone have a problem with the steamfrsh coupon from smart source? Mine printed but didnt have all the bar codes at the bottom. Happend on 2 computers.

  • Does anyone know if carmex lip balm .30/1 coupon is still available and at what zip code I can find it? Thanks

  • Veronica

    Hello, I live in southern cape may county, my SR doesnt double Q the same as the matchups u show. Does anyone know which SR would double .75 to 1.50 in this area?