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ShopRite Coupons & Deals for the week of 9/9/12

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  • donna

    Cindy… the Ecoupon on the Green Giant Steamers is .75/2 not .75/1 so you must buy two to get the stacked coupons….
    2 GG Steamers $5.00
    2 .75/1 IPs -$3.00
    1 .75/2 ecoupon
    total $1.25 or 63 cents each

    • Cindy

      ah you caught a glimpse before I was done working on it. The actual shoprite post hasn’t even gone up yet. 🙂

      • Michelle

        How do people get an early view of some of your stuff?? I always wondered that!!

        • Cindy

          They must search for it on the site in the search box. When it’s almost done, the actual match up page is published so it can be reviewed, corrected, updated, etc. but it’s not made public at that time. It is searchable though however. If you are viewing it before it’s “officially” published, which usually happened on Saturday afternoon, it’s most likely still a work in progress.

    • Cindy

      Oh wait, I’m just going through everything now and mine was a $0.75/1. Yours was a $0.75/2?

      • Rocky

        Mine says “Save $.75 on GG Seasoned Steamers™
        when you buy any variety Green Giant® Seasoned Steamers™”, so, it sounds like 0.75/1 for me, also.

  • donna

    Ah… my apologies! You are correct… It IS .75/1 There is another ecoupon for Green Giant VALLEY FRESH Steamers, not the SEASONED steamers. The Valley Fresh is .75/2. Been staring at this grocery list WAY to long today. Thanks for the matchups : )

    • Cindy

      Me too! 🙂

      • Rebecca


        Just wanted to let you know that the Green Giant Seasoned Steamers were not on sale (at least at my ShopRite in Harford County, MD). They rang up at $3.49 and not $2.50. I think ShopRite has the wrong picture advertised with the Green Giant Steamers (only ones on sale are those with cheese – not the plain ones). Don’t know if this is like this at all of the ShopRites, but thought I’d give everyone a head’s up.

        • Kim

          Same here. They were not on sale.

  • jj

    just got an email from shoprite saying i ca get the mallomars for .99 cents on wend they are putting a 2 off coupon oiny my card for one though per card for he 2 off

    • Alan

      Don’t the Mallomars fall under Nabisco Crackers and Cookies $1/2?

    • Kris

      Me too 🙂

    • Erin

      I was so excited when I got that email too!!

  • melissah

    dont forget- there is also the savingstar coupon for the kosher salt- .40 off!

  • Laura D.

    Did anyone else get the $2.00 off one package of Mallomars in their email today?

    • Emmy

      Got it too!! How cool is that????

    • paige

      Where was the email from?

      • Laura D.

        Shoprite, it had in the subject box $0.99 Mallomars, guess they didn’t catch on to the 4 day sale!

    • Dana C

      Yes I did Laura!

  • Debbie

    Thank you so much for the matchups. I just love reading this matchup list.
    I appreciate all your hard work.

  • jasmin

    I am so excited for the malomars is it wed yet…lol

  • Jaye

    Just got an email from Shop-Rite. $2 off mallomars added to my price plus card. What a nice surprise 🙂

    • Linda

      Me too, but it isn’t valid until Wed.

    • joan

      Yes, I got one too. Definitely a nice surprise. Too bad Mallomars are seasonal.

      • ronni walsh

        but you can freeze them –

  • Kim

    Don’t forget if your shoprite accepts the big Y dollar doublers you can get an additional $3.oo off your order when you use (3) $1 coupon. I plan on getting my ghirardelli chocolate bars for free and the malamars for only $0.49 on Wednesday, that is when they go on sale and that is when the dollar doubler coupon expires….gonna do multiple trips. Last week I asked the cashier to break up my orders because I wanted to use the dollar doublers and she said, “I don’t care how many you have or how many coupons you have, give them all to me!” I will def always go to her from now on. Tons of free totinos pizza rolls and awesome deal on Dannon greek yogurt. Looking forward to my free chocolate this week! 🙂

    • Linda

      What is the big y dollar doublers?

      • Kelly

        Occasionally Big Y will offer Double Dollar coupons in their flyer. You can give that to the cashier along with a $1 off coupon for an item and they will double it.

        • Mommy Tool Belt

          where is this fantasy shoprite that you speak of that accepts big y doublers located?? I think my shoprite (Canton, CT) would call the cops if I tried that! LOL

          • Kim

            If you have a big y in your area. Ask your shop rite. If they accept competitors coupons they should accept those from big y. Derby, CT.

            • Margaret H.

              I am going to start going to the Derby store! I have never been able to get Hamden to accept big Y coupons. They have even given me difficulty when I have a manufacturer coupon that states “available at Walmart”.

              • Annie

                I go between Bristol & Waterbury if there are Doublers from other stores – Waterbury accepts Stop & Shop Doublers and Bristol accepts Price Chopper Doublers. It totally determines which store I will shop in!

  • Matthew

    So much for rolling Catalinas this week. Oh well….

  • Suzanne

    How do I get emails from Shoprite?

    • Kim B

      I’d like to know that too. lol
      I only ever get an e-mail with the flyer. Nothing special like coupons. 🙁

    • Laura D.

      Go onto the SR website and make sure your PP card is registered so you have an account. When opening or updating (if you already have an account) make sure you include your email address and request the emails they have listed. Apply for all the programs, family rewards, your bucks, baby bucks, online coupons etc. It should kick in something.

      I have just recently started getting coupons loaded onto my card automatically and being notified by email due to a problem I was having with my pp card. When I called to fix it, I questioned why I wasn’t receiving these offers. Something must have changed. HTH!

      • Kim B

        Yeah I’m signed up for everything under the sun. But I just realized I never received my actual card in the mail. I only moved here a few months ago, when I signed up I got the little keychain PPC and was told I would get the regular card in the mail. Never got that, maybe it’s the reason I have issues? Guess I’ll have to call.

  • missg

    Anyone had trouble with the Hellman’s printable coupon?

  • arizia


  • Melissa

    Kim, what are the “big Y dollar doublers”?

    • Kim

      They are coupons that are in the big y flyer that double one dollar coupons. There are 3 in the big y paper. Shop rite accepts them.

  • Holly


  • Alan

    There are a few things I would like some general clarification on. I am still learning the ropes as I have only been doing this for about a year now. I will keep this all specific to Shoprite.

    1) Super Coupons – I only get them in the Ads that come in a special mailer that comes with other grocery store and coupons in my mail. Where does everyone get Super Coupons and how to you make sure you get on the mailing list?

    2) I saw a post card for the first time two weeks ago with additional Super Coupons AND $10/$50 for each week for the month of September. I was floored when someone told me they get these every month and they normally only go to apartment complexes and the like…

    Anyway to get on the mailing list for these. $10/$50 is HUGE and they have one additional super coupon per week. This week Breyer’s is .99 or free after coupon.

    3) I signed up to the facebook ShopRite eCoupons which gave me an extra 2.00 coupon off Hershey. How long has the facebook thing been going on and how do people know about things like this?

    Bottom line is Shoprite has what seems to be 100 different programs all going at the same time (family points, baby points, ecoupons, facebook ecoupons, super coupons in mailed ad, super coupons and discounts in post card…etc etc.

    How does one make sure they are getting everything they can? I asked our customer service and they looked at me like I grew a 4th head. They did the same when I asked for a Jewish New Years Calendar (for the store coupons.)

    Any help would be wonderful.

    • I’ve never gotten to take advantage of Super Coupons or mailers from ShopRite.

      • Aimee

        I live in Glen Mills PA and there are two Shoprites in my area. One in West Chester, PA and the other in Wilmington, DE. I go to the DE one because they are more coupon friendly. Anyway, I get supercoups in my mail every Thurs with the rest on the RedPlum circs that come. I made friendly with my awesome mailman and he puts 4 extra redplums and circs in my mailbox and says that there are usually tons on extras at the post office that are leftover and are waiting to get recycled. I don’t need anymore than 4 bc thats usually the coup policy these days but that got me thinking if you needed extra or more and you get them in your mailbox the redplums and supercoups you can probably ask your local postoffice. As for the postcard mailers, they send them out too but not to me but to some of my neighbors, its definitely to entice them back into shopping back at their stores. They are always happy to pass these postcards onto me since they find it more convenient to shop at Acme or Giant which are definitely closer then the Shop Rites. Good luck !

    • Karen

      I would love to know the answers to these questions too. The only one I do know is the super coupons can vary from store to store because they are independantly owned. I know the ones in CT are often different from what Cindy posts. My store has the flyers with the coupons at the cs desk, the ones at the front of the store do not.

      • Alan

        My store CS says they can not give out the Super Coupons. They have to be mailed to you.

        Some weeks I don’t get them…and I am just SoL.

        • Kris

          I haven’t gotten mine for several years. I don’t know why they stopped 🙁

        • Michele A

          Alan, your post office should have extras or ask your mail carrier.

    • Anonymous

      my dad lives in bordentown and he gets an postcard-like mailer every month from shoprite. he does live in an apartment but i don’t think that matters…it is from the bordentown shoprite so he just happens to get it because he lives there. lucky for me, he doesn’t spend enough since he lives alone and he gives it to me. it has two super coupons per week for each week of the month. for example, this week’s coupons were “$5 off of a $40 purchase/$10 off of a $75 purchase” and “5lb shoprite sugar for $.99”.

      • Jacki

        I get every 2 or 3 months a mailer from shop rite. It has 4 coupons for $10 off $75 purchase or more. It isn’t adressed to me, it just says “current resident” The coupons are for week 1, week 2, etc….each good for one week. I love getting them in the mail…its like getting $40 cash handed to me 🙂 Sometimes I can use one in combination with my $10 baby buck and get $20 off my order in addition to all my coupons. Love it!!!

    • Cindy

      Alan, each store is different and will have different Super coupons, coupon books, mailers, etc. For instance, at my old shoprite, which had a huge Kosher section/deli, I always found tons of the Jewish New Years Calendars. At my new ShopRite, I haven’t been able to find them.

      This is the first time that they have offered an eCoupon on Facebook and the best way to find out is to either see an announcement on your Facebook newsfeed or you can find out about it on this site.

      As far as Super Coupons go, I usually do not post them in the match ups because everyone gets different coupons in their circular or in the mail. I posted this one because I believe it’s a big promotion they are running and it will be available in all circulars this week.

      Yes, they do have a lot of programs. Trust me I know. Imagine doing match ups each week for all the deals and making sure you have covered every coupons, eCoupon, catalina, savingstar, etc. Makes my head spin. As far as keeping track, Family points and baby points are shown at the bottom of your receipt. If you get super coupons or mailers, just check the coupons against the match ups for the week to see if something you have a super coupon for will make for a better deal. Other then that, everything else is listed right here for you including, coupons, cellfire, SR ecoupons, savingstar & catalina deals.

      Hope that helps answer your questions. My biggest tip is…don’t make yourself crazy with all of it. There are so many deals that you can not possible do them all. If you try to do that your stockpile will take over your house and you will eat, breath and sleep coupons and deals. That’s not what we want to have happen. I, personally, do not take advantage of half the deals out there and I save tons of money on my grocery bill. The less stress the better I say 😉

    • Daisy

      The SR coupons you receive in the mail are sent to infrequent shoppers. The marketing dept is trying to entice you back to the store if you haven’t been in a while or to encourage you to come in more often. You can’t sign up for them.

      • Erin

        I started shopping at Stop & Shop more often since couponing & I now get a post card every month w weekly coupons, wish shop rite did the same!

    • donna


      I have been shopping ShopRite for over 20 years and STILL have many of the same questions.. sigh. Thank you SO much the heads up on Facebook! I got the $2 off the Hershey just now… I am signed up on their site, on Cellfire, on Savingstar, etc and that was nowhere else. They don’t love me enough to email me Mallomars though.

      • Kris

        I bought a bunch of mallomars last year…I think that’s why I got the coupon – perhaps it’s the same with the others who received it (?)

    • Melissa

      Alan, I know you live in the Hatfield area, too, from previous posts. I get the Shop Rite postcard in the mail, but I don’t live in an apartment complex. I don’t know how one gets on the list, either. It’s not as though they come personally addressed. One way I’ve found to get extras (and extra RP coupons) is to check the recycling bin at the post office on Thursdays & Fridays. Many people simply trash their weekly ads, including the coupons.

      FYI- The Hatfield SR had their Jewish calendars in the back aisle, roughly across from the seafood department, about two weeks ago when I got mine. They were simply in a pile on a shelf sandwiched between rows of Kedem juice bottles (no real “display”.

  • Christina

    Hi Cindy! Please note that the Horizon Organic Milk could is $1 off 2 half gallons, the .55 cent coupon is only good off single serve 3 packs.

    • Christina

      oops coupon that is

    • Cindy

      Thanks, I’ll update that.

  • Mark

    Thanks for the match-ups.

  • Theresa

    Thanks Cindy! I am always excited to see your Shop Rite match-ups!!! I had a zero balance at Shop Rite yesterday and a cart full of food…I was elated and bragged about this site being my “go to” to help keep me organized and informed.

  • Marybeth

    I can’t seem to find the Philadelphia Cream Cheese coupon. I saw it yesterday and don’t see it anymore? Can anyone else find it?

    • Anonymous

      Not seeing the Phila coupon either under that zip. Just the Indulgence spread, not reg cream cheese.

  • Janelle S

    Thanks for the Match-Ups.

  • Tara

    Is anyone having a problem loading their SR ecoupons onto their card? I tried to load the ecoupons for Hispanic Heritage Month and the cursor just keeps spinning. I tried on my cell and laptop. Any suggestions?

    • Laura N.

      It happens to me also. We just have to wait for the Sunday morning rush to be over, then the site will clear up.

    • Erin

      Must be the site bc it took forever for me to do it!

    • Etah

      I think it has to do with the fact that Shoprite eCoupons, Cellfire and SavingStar might be linked. This morning when I went to load some SavingStar “deposits” a message came up that I the coupon was already in use.

      Could it be that you loaded coupons for the items from another site?

      Also, last week I was hoping to double dip with a Shoprite eCoupon and Cellfire, but only the Cellfire came off that item. However, on another item, the Shoprite eCoupon came off so I know that my eCoupons were working.

  • Lady J

    Has anyone gotten this? Shop Rite called me and wanted me to take a survey about my local shop rite. I was busy at the time, but they said they would call back. It just struck me as odd. I’ve had a Shop Rite card since ’00 and shop their pretty regularly and have never gotten a call like this before. Also, the number came up as “Private”.

    • Laura D.

      Yes, I did a survey last year. They get your number through your pp card.

    • Laura N.

      Yes, I also completed a phone survey.

    • Lady J

      great. thank you. I don’t mind if it’s a real thing. My local SR is great, and I would love to help them out.

    • Melissa

      As a SR employee, I can tell you that these surveys are real and the results are taken seriously. Each year we have a meeting to go over the results and compare them to the previous year’s scores. Suggestions are made to improve areas in which the store has declined, and changes are made based on customer input and ratings. They are conducted by independant survey companies, not by the stores themselves, to ensure unbiased results.

  • Andrea

    The shoprite cherry tomato pasta sauce is $4.99 at my store. Has anyone else gotten the ecoupon to work with any other kind?

    • Matthew

      Shelf price was $1.99. Ecoupon worked just fine. Free item. Morris county NJ. I got the one w the basil.

      • Andrea

        Yeah I think I was looking at the wrong one. Good thing my hubby works there so he can pick it up when he goes in.

    • Alan

      Shoprite cherry worked for me. Was 4.99 – 2.00 SC and then another -2.00 ECP ..or free.

      • Alan math is bad. Stupid computer to be honest too. 1.00 off on same. Then took 2.00 then another 2.00. = Free. I really hate reading those receipts.

        It gives me a headache every time.

  • Karen

    Hi Cindy,

    The Premio sausage coupon is gone. Thanks for all you do!


  • Trina

    Went to Shoprite, and the seasoned steamers were not on sale? They were $3.49, the regular steamers were $2.50??

    • Matthew

      ME TOO!!!!! SUCH a disappointment!!! They were $3.49. Guess I’ll be getting HANNOVER veggies or picsweet veggies now!! Morris county NJ

    • Lesley

      Same here in New Milford, NJ.

  • Rubiela

    Hello everyone. I have a question: how can I sign up to load ecouponswith my card? Everytime I enter the number of my card it says that there is no card associated with that number and I can request a new one. I’ve lost out on a lot of family points and eQ’s because of this. If anyone has any info, that would be great. Thank you.

    • Laura D.

      Try NOT entering in the last number on your pp card. I think that may work if I remember correctly. There was an issue with that when I did mine 2 years ago. Good Luck!

    • Daisy

      Only put in the first eleven numbers

    • nikki

      you have to sign in to the shoprite site first. then click on the drop down for the ecoupons. i have never had the issue that you are having. hth.

    • April S

      That happened to me once and I had to call the 800 number because my name didn’t match the PP card number anymore. They are very helpful, if the other suggestions don’t work, I would call the number on the back of your PP card.

  • nikki

    ALLEGRA GREAT DEAL! click the ecoupon on the shoprite site for 5.00 off and there is a 7.00 coupon in todays paper that expires 9/15 or 17. 17.99-12.00 = 5.99
    this is a great deal. hope you all can take advantage of it. i am going again tomorrow for another.

    • Michelle T.

      Nikki, that is a great deal, but keep in mind that the ecoupon will only come off once. I would do it again if it would work, but the ecoupons are one use only 🙁 I am hoping another deal comes up somewhere else to go with the $7 coupon.

    • Marjie

      THANK YOU!

  • SR Emplye

    Slow week for comments (and deals/sales)!

  • Aimee

    Thanks Cindy for all your hard work and match ups. I really appreciate it and am so grateful for this site. Thank you!

    With the back to school cats expiring this week, what are some of the things we can purchase other than school supplies? Any food count or is this a store by store/or get a nice cashier kind of thing? Thanks hope to hear some ideas.

    • Ava

      My school supplies were the post cereals last week! Cashier said ‘oh that’ll do’!

  • Merry

    Is there a reason we can’t use the $1 off any 3 beechnut items for the babyfood that’s on sale? That would make them $.19ea (stage 1), $.24ea (stage 2) or $.37ea (stage 3). Just curious before I do my shoprite trip. I’m thinking I missed something. Thanks!

    • Aileen C

      Not sure, but I think that one hasn’t reset in a very long time. Maybe that’s why it’s not listed?

  • sarah

    I’m probably missing something obvious, but I can’t figure out how to change the zip code on since they changed the site layout. Please Help!

    • Jen

      Click on the tab that says local coupons, the page will look like the old way. Enter your zip code on the left of the screen, then you have to click on the coupons tab again and the new coupons should reset.

  • Nanci

    Heads Up!

    East Windsor ShopRite has the Mallomars for $1.49 already.

  • Barbara

    Hi Cindy!
    I want to thank you for all you do! I have saved a tremendous amount of money with your match-ups and stockpiling. I do have a question about the Shop Rite e-coupons…I did a large food shopping in the last week expecting to use my e-coupons and none of them showed up on my receipt. They have never shown up on my receipt since I signed up. Every day I check to see if new coupons come out and I add them to my card. What could I be doing wrong?

    • Laura D.

      Barbara, the eCoupons don’t show up in the area of your receipt that your other coupons do. They will show up within the “body of the receipt” usually underneath the product it is attached to. It will have a code of TC, ECPN, CFIRE (I can’t remember the rest at the moment) however, it will be in bold print. Sometimes it will be at the end of the receipt by the subtotal. It will NEVER be in the area of the other coupons. To find them, you really need to become a receipt sleuth, lol. They should be there. Hope you find them! 🙂

    • Cindy

      Be sure to check that the price plus card number you have registered for the eCoupons is the correct number and that it’s the same card you are using at the register. Also, if you give them your phone number in place of scanning your price plus card, you might want to check to be sure that the phone number is connected to the proper price plus card.

      This happened to me at Pathmark. Years ago I had a Pathmark Check Cashing Card and my phone number was connected to it. When I did away with the check cashing card, I must have registered for another Pathmark Card. I used the new card to register with Zavers (their eCoupons). None of my eCoupons were coming off because when I would put in my phone number, the register was picking up my old Pathmark Card which was not the one I registered for eCoupons.

  • Tara

    FYI I just spoke to Wakefern (SR) they informed me that my ecoupons will not load onto my card because the max allowed is 88 ecoupons. What can I do now?! Am I allowed to get another price plus card?

  • Winzilinie

    You can always remove some of the ecoupons that you may not get to use to make room for ones you probably will use soon. Once you shop and use those coupons, then reload the ones you removed if they are still available.

    Also, this is a great site, thanks as always. We moved, so I haven’t been shopping in about 2 weeks and my pantry is still full enough to support us until I get back to the stores.

    • Rob

      You can’t remove. When you click on it, it says ‘already added to your card’. Is there a remove button?

  • Kim B

    Buitoni has a coupon on their facebook for $1/1 refrigerated pasta or sauce.

    And a question: I see some Buitoni pasta listed as $1.87 on Shoprite @ Home. Is that with the 25% off? Or is that before the discount?

  • Brooke

    Is anyone else having a problem with the egg noodle coupon?

  • kabby

    My shoprite has the Mallomars already in stores for $1.49…even though the circular states that price starts on Wed as part of the 4 day sale….The email sent to me by shoprite that is suppose to work also on Wed kicked in as well(-.50 cents). I used $1/2 Nabisco cookies or crackers (found in store hanging in the cracker section). Paid $1.50 for 2 boxes of MALLOMARS!!! .75 a box!!!! Yummy!

  • Dawn

    Can someone with more coupon expirence please explain how the Progresso Recipe Starters are free? If you must buy 3, will the ecoupon only work more than 1 time? Are the ecoupons and the cellfire coupons different? Also, I’ve been using your site for a few months and its teaching more and more everyday. Yesterday was the first time I combined a catalina with a mfr coupon for an item on sale! YAY!! Thank you, thank you, thank you so much Cindy.

    • Cuzzie

      If you have 3 of the .65/1 IP coupons, it looks like this:

      – (3).65/1 doubled = 3.90
      – .50 ecoupon = free or .40 MM


  • Dawn

    Thanks Cuzzie! I knew I was missing something, now it makes sense!

    • Cuzzie

      You’re welcome. And to answer your other question, yes, the cellfire and e coupons are the same thing.

  • Jaye

    Where can I find the Lance Cracker Creations? I tried the cookie/cracker aisle to no avail. Thanks for the help.

    • Melissa

      My store doesn’t carry them.

    • kat

      my store has them back in no man’s land near the soda. I stumbled on them by accident the other day.

    • Alan

      My store dosen’t care they either. 🙁 Got stocked up at Acme when they had them on sale for like 3 weeks in a row. With the new .75 I was going to get a couple more but no dice…

    • Karen

      My store had them on the end cap of the health food aisle. Hth!

  • melissa

    Is anyone else having a problem with the $1.50/1 Tums Refreshers coupon? When I hit “Print Coupon” it comes up & says “Internal Server Error”. =( I really wanted to get these tomorrow! I emailed them to let them know of the problem, I hope they can send me a coupon.


    Is there a limit on how many $1 catalinas you can get on the Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist Starter Kit deal? I bought 3 but only received one catalina. But I did not notice a limit listed so I was expecting 3. Somebody please let me know.

    • Cuzzie

      Did you buy them in the same transaction? If so, that is most likely the issue.

      • ZOMBIE

        Yes I did buy them in the same transaction. Would it have worked if I did them separately?

    • Alan

      It is a PAIN but you only get one per transaction no matter how many you buy.

  • Sandra Knobloch

    I tried stacking Shoprite ecoupons with manufacturer coupons and it never works at my store. Last week I tried the Dentastix and it did not take off anything for the Ecoupon. This has happened with other coupons also.

    • Anonymous

      Make sure your cashier hits the subtotal button before entering your manf. coupons. Usually the ecoupons will come off then…

    • melissa

      I have ALWAYS had problems with their ecoupons. What I do is ring up each item that has an ecoupon in individual transactions. If the ecoupon doesn’t come off, I go to customer service, and I bring my printed list of the ecoupons loaded onto my pp card & they always refund me for the ecoupon value. It’s a time consuming pain in the rear end, but you end up getting the deal you should have gotten. I wish they could just put a little effort into getting them to work correctly to begin with!

    • Laura D.

      Last year I was having the same problems, thanks to a reader on this site I followed their advice and they had been working great right up until the “Enter the $500 gift card” promotion. Then they weren’t working. So I updated my account again and now they are working perfectly again! Here is what I did…..

      1. Go into your SR account and “update” your account information. Make sure EVERYTHING is filled out.
      2. Update your email preferences, make sure to pick out some newsletters.
      NOTE: In one of the above updates, there is a section for “choose a store”, make sure you pick a store so you will get the emails for the automatically loaded ecoupons.

      3. When loading your ecoupons make sure you “officially” sign in, if it comes up already signed in, click on sign in and enter your info to make sure.
      4. Call SR corporate 1 800 Shoprite, and make sure you only have 1 phone number linked to your account.
      5. Make sure you have the correct product (size, UPC #, flavor, etc) that is on your ecoupon list (You must have the longer version of the shopping list to see the specific information, it doesn’t show up on any other lists)
      6. Always use your card at checkout, not your phone number.
      7. Have the cashier hit “subtotal” before paying if you haven’t seen the ecoupon come up on the register screen underneath the product.
      8. Ecoupons are coded with a TC, ECPN, or CFIRE before the deduction, usually underneathe the product, sometimes by the subtotal but never with the manufacturer coupons.

      Last but not least, if all of this isn’t working at your current store, try another store. That could be the problem. It has happened to me. It’s well worth a try, it worked for me and it sure is fun when it all works out at the register! Good Luck!!

      • Laura D.

        Sorry to be so lengthy, one more thing, some of the ecoupons take a long time to kick in at the register. Example, the spaghetti sauce coupon this week took a long time to kick in. I only bought that and bananas and thought it wasn’t going to come off. Right before I was going to ask her to hit subtotal it showed up on its own. HTH!

    • ZOMBIE

      I read somewhere that after your items are rung up, ask the cashier to sub-total the list, that adds the ecoupon deductions in right under each item not at the bottom… then hand over your regular coupons to be deducted.

  • Kim

    I just got home from Shoprite. Picked up 8 bags of PA dutch noodles and 4 malamars and paid $1.00 for all! Used: (2) $1/2 nabisco coupons amd used (4) $1/2 Pennsylvania dutch coupons, and used 6 Big Y dollar double coupons. I did this in 2 transactions and had no problem at all. The double dollar coupon combined with 2 of the PA dutch coupons is applying overage to my cookies! The Big Y double dollar coupons will expire today so I am going back to do 2 more of these transactions later tonight with my daughter! Yay! Great week I am having at Shoprite! Also got 8 free giradelli chocolate bars for free this week. And of course I got my cottonelle! 🙂

  • Maeghan

    I just wanted to let all of you guys in on a great deal I got yesterday at my local Shoprite (NJ). I used my “free glade diffuser starter kit, when you buy any refill” coupon yesterday, and got back the Glade $2 cat! So I only paid .69 + tax for both items! Unfortunately, you have to do separate trans every time you do this deal, but its well worth it for .69!!!

    Just wanted to pass this deal on

    My family and I thank you tons for what you do Cindy 🙂

    • Maeghan

      …also i did the Kleenex deal yesterday on the 8pk pocket pack, and i received my $2 cat. thanks to Cindy. Also the register popped out a $1 cat for buying the Philadelphia cream cheese that I had the .50 coupon for which doubled, making it free after catalina!!! I was wondering if anyone else received this catalina?

  • LK

    Why can’t I enter a zip code on the website anymore? The coupons used to change depending on the zip code.

    • ZOMBIE

      Try clicking on the “Local” tab first to find the place to input your zip code.

  • ronni walsh

    I have not had a chance to read through all the comments so I am unsure if this was mentioned. On the Oreo cookie packs there is a $1 peelie of any 1 Nabisco cookie or cracker. This makes the Mallowmars .49 Thank you for all the great match ups – as usual, you do a superb job!!!

  • Lori

    I was very dissapointed to see none of my circular coupons matched up this week. They weren’t there when I looked. They must have all been regional for what I needed or the dates were wrong. I was looking for the Frigo string cheese, Ghiradelli and butterball turkey bacon :(. I guess that is what I get for waiting until the last second. I usually am more prepared for my daturday trip but I am a teacher and we jsut went back to school and I am feeling the pinch.

  • Karen

    Pop Secret 3-pk. wasn’t on sale for $2. Also, only got a $2 when I bought 3 of the Cottonelle 10-ct flushable wipes.