ShopRite: Free Yardley Bar Soap

yardley soap

ShopRite: Free Yardley Bar Soap

Cindy’s note:  Please remember that this is a nice deal but please be considerate of others and keep your deals to a minimum.  Remember we are the sensible couponers, not the crazy couponers 😉

Here is a great catalina deal at Shoprite.  And, like the Ore-Ida catalina deal at Stop & Shop, this one does not require coupons. either.

Yardley Soap is priced at $0.99 and when you Buy 3 you get a $3 Catalina.  Good through 9/29. Pretty sweet smelling deal if you ask me 😉

Here is the deal:


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Thanks Nathaniel and Megan!

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  • Noahsmomma

    I wonder if you can roll the cat back into the deal again?

  • lizv

    crap! that’s awesome. Better go back….will they roll????

  • maria

    i hope it rolls

  • kat

    is there a limit?

  • Nate

    This does roll! Actually, you can do multiples in the same transaction. I bought 12 in one order and received 4 $3 off cats.

  • Lori

    Where do you find these? In the regular soap isle? I don’t think I could find these at my shoprite before. Maybe they don’t carry them.

    • Anonymous

      Found them with regular soaps.

    • jt

      they are separate from reg soap in my store — with skincare and tom’s natural soap… hth

  • Megan Cushman

    Has anyone tried to see if it is rolling yet?

  • Susie

    Yes it rolls

  • nick

    Just purchased 15 and got 5 cats. Rolled fine but had to reduce cat down because it wasnt $15 it was $14.85. Great deal. Wish it was tax free

  • mary

    What shop Rite has these. Neither the Bound Brook SR nor the Somerville SR had this deal.

  • Erika

    Toms River NJ has these for $1.19. Still a good deal.

  • Erin

    Didn’t work right for me – I tried to buy 12 of these in one transacation and only got 1 $3.00 catalina. Boo!

  • Helen

    Worked for me, I got 23 bars total broken down a couple of times. I haven’t had this much fun since I did the toilet paper deal when they had dollar days. By the way the Honey Oatmeal smells incredible. Thanks for the post Cindy.

    • Kate

      They don’t have Honey Oatmeal in my store 🙁 I wanna know how it smells 🙂

  • Trina

    I got 21 bars of soap for $12 dollars by rolling, and got $12 back. I did 9 soaps, got $9 back and then went back in and got 12 soaps, gave them the $9 cat, and paid $3.42(with tax), and got $12 back.

    So total OOP only $12, plus tax and got 21 bars of soap. Think Ill go get 12 more tommorrow.

    • Raquel

      you are going overboard with the soap deal

  • maria

    wow i wish i would of read this post before i went to SR. i t did two trans of 3 aeach. gotta go for more. yay for free. thanks lrwc… u all r awesome!

  • Megan

    Please remember to leave some for everyone else. Three free is a nice treat! Six is wondeful, but think of how others feel when they cannot three or six because you took 21 and still want more.

    • Raquel


      • Jill

        That’s why I waited unitl tonight to go get them. Got 42 bars to donate to the shelter and I didn’t even make a dent in their shelves! My store had plenty!!

  • Alan

    Shelf was pretty low but had enough for me to grab 12 bars. One transaction 4 cats. Nice nice.

    I could have gotten about 20 more but its late. May try again this weekend.

    Soaps smell awesome too. Hope they work as well.

  • Lacey R.

    No catalina printed for me tonight! =( booo

  • Helen P

    Going back for more, does anyone think if it worked for me yesterday that it will not work today? What I’m saying does the Catalina (people) figure out what was happening and stop the deal.

    • Kate

      There is nothing to figure out, it says right on the tag: “$.99, buy 3 get $3 off your next shopping order”.

  • Alexandria

    Just got back from Shoprite in MD, and it didnt work at the self check out. Went to customer service and they re-scanned and i got all the cats! Thanks!

    • Kate

      Do they even have a coupon printer at the self checkout? I was wondering about it but decided not to risk 🙂

  • lizv

    Do you know if this works on the Yardley “Natural” soaps?? The regular ones pictured above are 1.19 at my SR, and I got the $3 cat. But the Natural soaps are .99. Please let me know if someone knows!

    • justme

      i don’t know but, at my shoprite in nutley, nj there was not a sticker for the buy 3 get 3 under any of the naturals so I dont think it is included

      • lizv

        see there wasn’t a buy 3 get 3 sticker under ANY of the soap at my SR, though I took a chance and the regular version worked. I may try tomorrow with the natural since it’s the last day of the sale.

    • jt


  • Trina G.

    I took all of them to the food bank down by my house.

    • jt

      that’s very nice; you reminded me of giving to a safe haven org for women that always needs toiletries called ‘my sister’s place’ in white plains.

  • christina matheres

    Worked for me. Did 3 separate transactions and got cats for all 3!
    Thank you!

  • Michele

    Thanks! I got 12 bars, and I love Yardley soap.

  • Meggan

    I appreciate the deal from Cindy and the note to be courteous of other smart coupon-ers. I’m very disappointed to read of the bulk people are buying. I have a family on 7 I help support and normally these deals are gone because of hoarders 🙁 I hope there is some left today.

    • Brooke

      Fyi … My Shoprite had a selection of at least 120 bars of soap (they also had boxes and boxes more in the back). I think it’s ok for people to stock-up on 12 or so … we don’t know how many people are in their house or if they are donating them. Isn’t this whole process about stocking up? Throwing a name like “hoarder” around is very judgemental when you don’t know the backstory.

    • Alan


      It is as simple as you snooze you loose. Maybe people that got there before you have large famlies as well… many people have called you a hoarder?

      Maybe your “hoarders” actually buy for people that are in greater need than you?

      I buy for our two of our local food pantries. I don’t normally “clear shelves” but I do buy in large quantities and I try to get there early.

      Just saying… Stop judging others and change what you can… Which is your reaction to good sales.

    • Jill

      Amen! I got 42 bars to donate to my local shelter and I am not a “hoarder”. By the way, my local SR had a ton! I got 42 bars and didn’t even make a dent in the shelf!!

  • How long is this deal good until? Anyone know? New sales start tomorrow – curious if it’ll still be going on then. 🙂 Thanks all!

    • Alan

      Not sure Sarah. I go early on Sunday (7AM) will let you know here if it is still live.

      • jt

        did you try this today? just curious…

    • Brooke

      I believe the sign said until the 29th.

  • Cindy F.

    Bought 3 lemon and 3 cucumber soaps and got only one Cat for $3. Priced $1.19 at north Brunswick with no tag. does anyone know if one of those scents are not included?

    • kabby

      I purchased the aloe/cucumber and received my cats…the lemons were at my Shop rite as well…did not purchase them…both were labeled with the cat deal at my store…hope that helps

  • Carol S

    I am so jealous, no shop rite around here, I always read about the good deals everyone gets at shop rite and rite aid.

  • elizabeth Harwood

    It seems at both the Shoprite stores I went to today had a surplus of the soaps with signs for them! I was in Hillside and Jersey City which had a huge display at the end of the aisle. I bought the baby soaps to donate to the shelter.

  • CE

    My shoprite in LI had them for .88 and still produced a $3 cat when you purchased 3.

    • Nicole M.

      This was true of a few stores in CT today today! Even better deal!

      • Nicole M.

        *today too*

  • KT

    When does this Catalina deal end? Thank you.

    • Nicole M.

      The deal ends today, as per the tag.