Best Halloween Candy Deals

Best Halloween Candy Deals

Still need to pick up your Halloween Candy for all of those Trick or Treaters? Here are the best deals at all of your favorite stores!

List of Halloween Candy Deals:


List of Halloween Candy Coupons:

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  • J

    Thank you for taking the time to post deals!
    I am looking for a great Sale on Monster High Dolls.. Hope I can get one,
    Congratualtions to all your readers who got good deals on real items this week!


  • Lady J

    I opened a bag of 100 Grand (Nestle) and there was a $2/3 Nestle q in the bag that exp 10/31. If you already bought some 100 Grand and need more candy, open the bag and see if you have the q. This would work well with the 3 day sale at PM on Baby Ruth (also Nestle). This q would make 3 bags of Baby Ruth $1 a piece.

  • Weezamama

    A bunch of different kinds of candy – prob the smaller bags – are 1.99 at toys r us through saturday. Paired w/Qs above….good deal too!

  • Rosa

    Under Shoprite it says with ‘super coupon’? What is a super coupon? I’m going to SR first thing tomorrow morning and would love to take advantage of this deal. Thanks!

    • Lady J

      the Super Coupon is in the ad that was sent to the house. It won’t be in the in-store ads. If you have it in your home ad, cut it out and give it to the cashier. It won’t come off without the q. The Super coupon is a store coupon so you can combine it with the manufacturer’s coupon.

      • Rosa

        I didn’t receive the home ad, bummer! Oh well 🙁

  • Lady J

    Hey, anyone remember where the full size hershey 6-pks are/will be on sale?

  • Bill

    The best deal on candy is at CVS if you got the goodie bag they gave out last Sunday at the kids Halloween party (or if you can get an employee to give you one now). There is a coupon in the bag for $5 off a big bag of Hershey’s candy. Said bag of candy (19-30 ounces, I believe) is on sale for $5. If you are lucky enough to have 3 of these coupons and spend $15 before coupons, you get $5 ECB back. Sadly it does not scan as a store coupon so you have to pay sales tax. A small price to pay (literally).