Campbell’s Natural Soup Update at ShopRite

campbell's natural soup couponCampbell’s Natural Soup Update

Last week I had posted that there was a possible Campbell’s Natural Soups Catalina at Stop & Shop.  In preparing for this week’s deals at ShopRite, I had mentioned that there was a possibility that this catalina would be working at ShopRite making the sale on the Campbell’s Natural Soups that started today (4 day price break) an even better deal then it already was.

However, that catalina does not appear to be printing at all at ShopRite so I just wanted to be sure you were all aware of that.

With that said, they are still only $0.33 each after coupon which is still a great price.

Here is your updated deal:


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  • Jo

    Thanks for the update !

  • Mario

    I was just about to write no Catalina was printing. I just got home from shoprite but still
    33 cents a can isn’t bad

  • Steph S.

    Thanks for the update. I think I’ll hold onto my coupons since the ShopRite’s near me don’t fully double. 🙁

  • Bummer! I ordered a ton of these coupons to stock up for the winter. 🙁

  • Johanna

    Bummer, but still a good price since my store fully doubles.

  • lizv

    same here. I bought 8 cans and .33 each is pretty unbeatable. sad though about the cat 🙁

  • Jenn

    still a CAT at stop and shop?

  • mark

    why I don’t see this catlina listed under stop and shop catalinas?

  • Emily

    I wonder if it’s worth holding on to the coupons for a sale at a different store? Anybody know if these will go on sale around this price at, say, Stop and Shop? And then also the catalina, maybe?

  • Cassie

    I got the cat in Derby, CT.

    • Steph S.

      Which ones did you buy?

    • Cindy

      How many did you buy? I’m hoping that this may be working for the Labels for Education Catalina deal this week. Did you buy 11 or more cans and receive a $5 cat?

      • Randi

        I got a $5 cat for buying 12 cans for the labels for education.

  • I am hoping that another sale comes around for these because I have over 100 coupons on the way that I would not be able to use if it doesn’t. I don’t know if I can bring myself to pay .58 per can. 🙁

    • Shari

      Ok –
      I do this all the Time. Buy what you liike and when you Q arrive bring them to CS anfd they will refund you back. Did that this am at ShopRite – I said remember my 4 cases of Progresso Soup- She said oh yea – handed me back$12 with out even looking at my receipt !!!!

      • Sandy

        Remember each SR is individually owned. Different rules. I use to be able to bring in my coupons whenever but now it must be only on day of purchase.

  • Cansy

    Nice $5 surprise today for purchasing this soup etc… (lLabels for Education Catalina) Buy $20 – get $5

    8 cans @ 1.08 ea.
    2 can spaghettini @ $1.00 ea
    2 Pepperidge Farm cakes @ $2.50. (Can’t resist these !)

    Used (4) .75 soup cpns
    (1). 40/2. spaghettios cpn

    Cost OOP. $8.84. – $5 CAT. =. $3.84 total

    • Cindy

      Yay! I was hoping that would happen. So, you can actually do this deal:

      Buy 11 Campbell’s Natural Soup ($1.89) $1.08
      Total: ($20.79)$11.88
      -(4) $0.75 off two Campbell’s Natural soups or here
      -(1)$0.50/2 Campbells from the 9/16 Red Plum
      Pay: $4.88
      Get a $5 Catalina (labels for education)
      Free after coupons & catalina

      I have a workshop tonight but Melinda was going to try and get to ShopRite to try this exact deal to be sure it will work. We’ll report back if it works. If someone else tries it (exactly like above) and it works, let us know.

      • Laura D.

        Awesome! Can’t wait for the update!!

  • Shari

    12 cans – $5 cat – IDK… but I’ll take it

  • christina

    Hey… Could someone please explain how this catalina works?
    I am going to shoprite in the next hour…

    • Laura D.

      I read it is Buy $20 get $5
      the $20 I believe can be based on shelf price. It is part of the “Labels for Eductaion Catalina” HTH, Good Luck!

  • Jasmin

    im going to night also please let me know if its workng

  • christina

    So is the 100% natural campbell soup also included in this catalina???

  • christina

    So is the 100% natural campbell soup also included in this catalina???

    • Candy


    • Laura D.

      christina, Cindy posted a deal above, scroll up it makes it free!!!

  • barbara


  • Daniele Gilkes

    The $2.59 shelf price campbells select 100% natural is also on sale for $1.08 at SR
    Tomorrow I will try to buy 8 and see if the Cat prints.

    Sent my husband today but he bought 6 campbells with a shelf price of $2.59 and 2 with a shelf price of $1.89 so he didn’t reach the total price.

  • Be

    Ok, I just bought 8 of the Natural (on sale starting today for $1.08) thinking there is no CAT but wanted to use 4 coupons. And a $2 CAT printed! I was very confused. On the drive home, I then remembered getting a notice awhile ago from SR (that prints on the CAT machine at the checkout) so I looked into my SR folder when i got home and found it. Totally forgot about it. It says, buy $15 of participating Campbell’s products (and the picture has all their products: regular Andy Warhol cans, Chunky, Natural, and the newer microwaveable cans), and get $2 CAT. Purchases can be made over multiple shopping trips, now thorugh 3/19/13 (yes, 2013).


    And I know why mine printed after buying only 8 cans of Natural t $1.08. I bought 4 last week before the sale. From my calculation, it’s based on actual price and not shelf price.

    Hope this helps.

  • Be

    Oh, just noticed this: It does say in RED in the upper left hand corner that “YOU HAVE BEEN SPECIALLY SELECTED TO PARTICIPATE IN CAMPBELL’S SOUP REWARDS”.

  • christina

    I bought 11 of the natural soup and my CAT didnt print 🙁

  • Jared

    I tried Enfield CT Shoprite tonight and did 2 transactions on 2 different shoprite cards.
    The first had 8 Naturals and I didn’t get any Cat.
    The 2nd Transaction
    8 more Campbells Naturals,(1.89) (8×1.08)
    2 Dannon Oikos Greek (2×1.00)
    2 Pop Secret (3.29)(2×2.00)
    Sale Price 14.64
    After Coupons 6.64
    and got the $5.00 Cat to print.

    Might try it again with just 11 soups or 8 soups & 6 Oikos (should be 5.64 OOP) if I can find more computers to print more coupons.

  • Bob

    I don’t have the SS printed coupons, only the .75 off 2 internet coupons (of which I have 12).

    Since I am limited to 4 of the same coups per transaction, and transactions can be combined using the same card, then I should just do two orders?

    I see here someone got $2 for 8, also 12 received $5.

    Does anyone have a list of how the Catalina progresses in value as to quantity? Such as for 4 cans, & 10 cans.

    • Laura D.

      Hi Bob, there are two different catalinas running at the moment for the General Mills catalina. One of them, the $2 was by invitation only and all who were picked for that offer received a catalina printout of the offer some weeks ago, this offer will track on their receipt and can be done over time, (I didn’t get that one). The second offer is the Labels for Education catalina which is Buy $20 Get $5. This offer must be made in one transaction only.

      You stated you have 12 of the $0.75/2 printables, which unfortunately you can only use 4 per transaction. If you look at the weekly ad (page 5 in my ad) there are other items you can use with the eight soups (1.89 x 8 = $15.12 shelf, TOOP $2.64, which you would need an additional product purchase of $4.88 shelf to generate the catalina). I know there are printable coupons for the condensed soups and Chunky soups on one of the links provided by Cindy on the original post of this deal. I’ve read there are also coupons for the yogurt and popcorn.

      It’s trickier, but can be done. Just be sure to check you stores shelf prices to make sure your math is over $20 so the $5 catalina will print. You can read the previous threads to read what other deals readers have done. Some have even posted all of the math with the total OOP and price per item. Good Luck!

      • Laura D.

        Whoops, the link to the other soup coupons is above, just noticed!

      • Bob

        Thanks for all the info!

        You stated TOOP $2.64. What is TOOP? lol

        • Laura D.

          Lol, TOOP = Total Out Of Pocket, the price you pay after coupons are deducted! HTH!! (Hope That Helps!) 😀

  • Michele

    I bought 8 of these during the week as .33 is a great price to begin with. Upon reading all these posts, I stopped in on my way home from work and bought 11 more cans, using 4 .75/2 and 1 $1/3.

    And the $5 DID print. (Staten Island, NY)

    I do think the Shoprites, because many of them have different ownership, may differ in how they program their system. I say this because ever since the Safest Choice Eggs were on sale some time ago for $1.99, my Shoprite has continued to carry them for $1.99. Next week, the eggs are listed as being on sale for $2.49, and last night I noticed they had changed the shelf price to $2.99 – even though I bought 4 dozen a few days ago at $1.99 using 4 .75/1 printables.