CVS Coupon: Possible Free Olay Face Wash

CVS Coupon: Free Olay Face Wash

You can get Olay Face Wash for Free this week if you received the $3/1 Olay Facial Skin Item Coupon from the Red Coupon Machine.  I got one myself while I was away last week but I didn’t have my coupons with me.  But, I did check out some prices.

The Olay Foaming Face Wash is priced at $4.49.  Stack that awesome new CVS Coupon with the $2/1 Olay Facial Cleanser Coupon in the 9/30 P&G insert making it free!

Here is your deal:


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  • Sandra K321

    Last week when I was there I got the $3 Red Coupon Machine coupon and they had a pad of $2 off tear offs next to the Olay products.

  • Stacey L

    Hope the Red Coupon Machine at my CVS is fixed soon. It’s been broken for awhile. 🙁

    • Suzanne

      @Stacey L., if one coupon machine is not working always check the other machine in the store.

      • Erika

        I did not know there is another machine besides the Red Coupon machine at CVS. Please tell more. TIA:)

        • Bill

          Sometimes they have one at the front of the store and one in the back by the pharmacy. Have you spoken to the manager about the machine being broken? Sometimes they’re just too lazy to look at it and only fix it when someone tells them about it.

    • Sebsa

      One time when the MCM was down at my store, the cashier scanned my extracare card into the register and printed the coupons for me. HTH!

      • Meenakshi

        Red coupon machine had not been working a couple of times before and I asked the cashier and the manager both that since it happens every now and then, is there any other way I can get the Coupons printed. and they always replied me no….there is unfortunately no other way. But today hearing this reply, Sebsa I am shocked….Then why did they reply me so and not one time but on different occassions but still negative reply. I also spoke to the Customer Service and they also didnt guide me to the other option.

      • Bill

        You don’t get nearly the number of coupons at the register that you do at the machine.

  • Susan

    There is also a Buy 1 facial cleanser, get $2.00 off 1 bath bar or body wash

  • Anonymous

    hi Cindy,
    Can you post an update to the Dermasilk debacle? I sent my husband to shop
    for it yesterday at CVS and he saw what others were seeing, nothing for $19.99, the lowest he could find on sale was 29.99, making it 9.99 after
    $10 coupon and $10 ECB, not free. curious, did you do this deal personally or was it just based on what prices you saw online? Nobody seems to have posted a successful transaction.

    • Meenakshi

      even I didn’t find the Dermasilk any of the $19.99 price. there was one trial size pack of Dermasilk night repair for $19.99 but then Before doing the transaction I tried to confirm with the manager if the ECB will print out for this item. She said no for trial sizes .25 z also she didnt let me do the Schick razor and refill deal saying I cannot use two manufacturer coupon for one item when the razor is free. I tried explaining her that so many people are doing this deal and its the coupon policy that allows two coupons for two products even if one is Bogo. but she refused to accept the coupon.

  • Meli

    ooo i got this last week i will be going back for it!

  • jennifer

    Thanks for the head’s up! I have both of those coupons!

  • Denisew

    My NY P&G only has $2 off body wash when you buy facial wash. Am I missing the coupon?

    • Laura D.

      Denise, there should be another coupon for $2 off of the cleanser. Check out the back page (back cover) of the insert, it is on the bottom. It is with $5 off pro-x, and $3 off Total Effects. Good Luck!

      • Denisew

        Thank you Laura – didn’t look at the back page!!

    • kabby

      DeniseW…check the very last page of 9/30. My insert has 2 different olay coupons on 2 different pages. The one Cindy is talking about is the one on the last page….
      But now that you pointed out the other coupon….could we also use that coupon to add to this above deal a bar of olay soap or body was, or in shower lotion…going to clip both and check it out. Hope this helps.

      • Denisew

        Thank you kabby!! Got it

      • Denisew

        Thank you kabby, got it!!

  • Linda

    THis morning I had gone to CVS without reading this post first. I ended up getting the Olay face cleansing cloths for free. They were also on sale for $4.49.
    By the way, PA is a great place to shop. I live in NY but was in PA this morning. They only charge 6% tax and AFTER coupons. I only paid 18 cents tax for several items. In NY, we pay tax on the price BEFORE coupons. My free items are not always that free.

  • Janell

    I think this will count for the new P&G Rebate. (Spend $50 get $15 back)???

    • Michelle

      That’s exactly what I was thinking! A nice free product toward the rebate! You have to love that 🙂