Extreme Couponing Tip: Keep Track of Catalinas

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Extreme Couponing Tip: Keep Track of Catalinas

This week’s Extreme Couponing Tip is on keeping track of your Catalina Coupons.  As you guys well know by now, one of our favorite ways to save at LRWC is through Catalina Deals.

Do you remember the Track a Catalina Experiment post from the summer?  It’s amazing how much money we can save week to week by taking advantage of Catalina Deals and rolling them to buy products that will produce more Catalinas.  Even if you take advantage of Catalina Deals less frequently or instead of “rolling” them sometimes use them to buy products that are less likely to have coupons  like meat or produce, they are still a source for lots of savings.  It is important, therefore, to keep good track of your Catalinas!  Essentially, a Catalina Coupon–like all coupons–is paper money, so treat it like you would your cash.  Manage Catalinas in a safe place to ensure you don’t lose them!  Too often I have “misplaced” a Catalina Coupon and it is so frustrating.  I worked hard to plan a trip to ensure my Catalinas print, therefore it is all the more disheartening when I can’t find my Catalinas when it’s time to use them during my next trip.

Here are some tips on keeping track of Catalinas:

  • Upon receiving a new Catalina Coupon at the store, don’t just throw it in your bags with the receipt (like I’m guilty of sometimes).  It is too easy for them to then get lost in the process of getting home, unloading your groceries, the risk of them getting thrown out, etc.
  • Carry a special envelope or folder for your Catalina Coupons.  Even consider having one for each store.  Immediately place your Catalina Coupons in this special envelope upon receiving them and always store this envelope in a safe place.
  • Consider splitting your transactions and using your Catalinas received immediately on the next transaction so there’s no risk of losing them.  I do this sometimes.  I first buy the items I know will produce Catalinas.  I then use those Catalinas in my 2nd order if I’m not planning on rolling the Catalina and just want to use it to bring my 2nd order total down.  Note that some stores do not allow you to split transactions so consider placing your groceries in your car or bringing a shopping buddy with you.  My shopping buddy is Pat (aka Mr. LRWC)

What are your tips for keeping track of your Catalinas?

Do you have an idea for an Extreme Couponing tip you’d like to see addressed?  Leave your ideas in the comments!

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