New $1/2 Pillsbury Cake Mix Coupon = $0.29 at ShopRite

Pillsbury Cake Mix Coupon

Pillsbury Cake Mix Coupon

There is a new Pillsbury Cake Mix Coupon available.  The coupon is for $1 off any 2 Pillsbury Baking Mixes or Frosting.

This coupon is very shy so it may not show up unless you follow the link below.  I could not see it in Firefox so you may have to try different browsers.  It did show up when I used Chrome.

Print: Pillsbury Cake Mix Coupon (zip code: 97440)

Starting on tomorrow, 9/24, ShopRite will have the Pillsbury Cake Mix on sale for just $0.79 making them only $0.29 each after coupon.

Here is the deal:


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  • Laura D.

    Thanks Cindy! It came right up for me using safari.

  • Trina

    I dont see it

  • Jaye

    Not there 🙁

  • Shanta

    I used Chrome to print it….

  • Sandy

    Found in IE, didn’t show up in Chrome ..

  • Mary Alice

    Try IE to find it.

  • Dawn H

    Thank you so much! It didn’t show up in Firefox. I got it using Chrome.

  • johan

    where i put the zip code help/

    • Lesley

      In order to change the zip code you need to do it through the “Local Coupons” tab at the top of the page. Once you click on “Local Coupons” you can enter any zip code you want (Cindy said to use 97440) and them click the orange circle with the arrow for the zip code to be processed. Once the page finishes loading you can click back over to the “Coupons” tab. You could look for the coupon yourself or you could click on the link that Cindy posted and it should automatically select the coupon for you (that is what I did when I had to change the zip code.)

      • johan

        thanks 🙂

  • NJ Coupon Mama

    Got it using Crome with the zip code 97440. Thanks so much!!

  • Anna

    Couldn’t find it in chrome. printed in IE. Thanks for the heads up to switch browsers

  • Jill

    I used the zipcode that it said to use, and couldn’t find it. 🙁

  • Cheryl

    It’s still available, I just printed one. Chrome using the zip provided. Thanks!

  • mike

    i just printed it twice. i didn’t have to change the zip at all as the link took me right to it.

  • miranda

    Didnt find it on IE its def on chrome 🙂

  • Jenn

    Printed in Firefox for me.

    • IK

      same here – no problem whatsoever…

  • Eleanor

    Found it on IE, not on Chrome.

  • Maria

    what is chrome?

    • Sandy

      Google’s free web browser.

  • jennifer

    Got it! Thanks!

  • Michele

    I printed on 2 PCs in IE. So that’s 8 boxes of very cheap cake mix – will give them to my daughter to use for all the fall bake sales at school.


  • renee

    cant find it- i changed teh zip code and treid on firefox, ie and chrome and nothing –what am i doing wrong

  • renee

    oops put wrong zip code —found it

  • Jaye

    Finally got it on IE although it took some doing!! I had to: 1) delete the zip code, 2)refresh the site(make sure zip code box is empty after refreshing site), 3) put in zip code provided by Cindy. Number of coupons in “Foods” category increased from 99 to 101 & the Coupon appeared. Whew 😉

    • Eva

      I have IE and the number of coupons is only 97 for foods for me still…maybe its gone will try my Mac safari….hmmm

  • renee

    how do you get mutiples.i printed one and then tried again and it said limit reached

  • Trina G.

    I got it in chrome, but it was a pain to get, only printed 2, so that is 4 boxes I will get for holidays that will work.

  • Lady J

    Is this NLA b/c I can’t find it.

    • Lady J

      could only find in FF

  • LindsayG

    i tried chrome and safari. couldnt find =(

  • Lady J

    Anyone know a good deal on icing. .29 cake mix is great, but I think we’ll need icing. Unless, someone has a good recipe that doesn’t require icing?

  • Jen

    I couldn’t find the coupon either. Tried several different browser…Chrome and IE. I think that it might not be available anymore. If anyone finds it in another zipcode, please let me know.

  • Erin

    How do you switch browsers? I am so clueless

    • Laura D.

      You can download additional browsers for free. Then you can choose which one you want to use. hth.