New ShopRite eCoupons including Arrowhead Mills, Wonka & More!

ShopRite Coupons

New ShopRite e-Coupons

There are 14 new ShopRite e-Coupons available this morning.  Be sure to clip these ShopRite coupons right away as they seem to disappear very quickly.

Here are the eCoupons you can find:

Note:  If you are having trouble loading coupons to your card, head over to the Cellfire page and try there.

I’ll be updating the ShopRite additional deals later.  Make sure to check out the rest of the Shoprite Deals for this week.

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  • Allyson

    I can only find the $1.50/3 candy ones. How could the $2.50/2 ones already be gone. Shoprites ecoupons page is becoming more and more frustrating lately.

    • Cuzzie

      I was on at 7:45 this morning and didnt see the 2.50/2 then either. Makes me think that it wasnt available for everyone.

  • Christine R

    I can’t even get on the page right now. Error message says the digital coupons can’t be displayed at this time. So very annoying!

    • Christine R

      I’m usually on at 8:00 sharp and have no problems, but I’m just getting over the flu and stayed in bed a tiny bit longer. That’ll teach me a lesson!

  • Sandy

    Cant’t get onto page either !

  • emily

    i thought this was interesting….when i emailed shoprite about the problems i was having loading coupons to my card the customer service rep emailed me back and said that it was because i already had the “maximum” number of coupons on my card nd that i wouldnt be able to load anymore until some of the expired and “dropped off”. also, she said that once loaded they cant be removed to make room for other coupon. i am waiting for a reply to see exactly how many the “maximum” is. so for now i’m only putting on coupons i know for sure that i’ll use

    • Karen Mariner

      Customer service previously told me the limit was 88.

    • Christine R

      The maximum is 88. 🙁 Cindy has posted this many times. HTH.

  • Karen Mariner

    Just got off the phone with ShopRite Customer Service. Seems was having major problems on Friday. They were told it’s accessible but S-L-O-W. Couldn’t prove it by me. I was able to get on at 7:00 AM but it has times out since 9:00AM.
    Maybe if they hear from more of us that we are unable to access the online coupons, they’ll know it’s a problem. CSR was able to access so therefore it’s a non-issue. Shoprite’s # is 1-800-SHOPRITE (1-800-746-7748)

  • Brittany

    Yay! Free Arrowhead Mills cereal! It’s $1.99 and there is a $1 ec and a $1 manufacturer coupon on My 1 year old daughter loves to snack on it.

  • Shell


    I have been posting about Shop Rite in the interest of informing shoppers visiting the Janssen SR Stores (Patchogue/Hauppauge) NOT to be disappointed when the great offers posted here do not work out the same way other SR customers get to enjoy the real DEALS on this amazing website. I tried e-deals with a manufacturer coupon. The Owner has the Computers rigged so that you will ONLY get the value of the e-coupon NOT both. It is unfair and sounds as if this may also have legality issues. But that is how customers are treated at this independently owned SR. If you go to Commack, you will be as I am always 100% Happy Shopping There where the Customer is #1.

  • Christine R

    Has anyone been able to get on and save any of these ecoupons yet???? I’ve been trying all day since 8:30 this morning!!!

    • Laura D.

      Hi Christine, yes I was on around 5 am. It was very slow in loading and changing pages. I also checked it out at 12:45 am before going to bed but it had the statement saying to come back later. Did you try calling the 1 800 number?

      • Christine R

        Hi Laura,
        I’m in now and it’s finally working! Thanks so much for your reply though. 🙂

  • Rebecca

    I’m still having problems adding the ecoupons to my card. I have to constantly refresh the pages and I’ve been trying to get all of the new coupons added to my card for the last 3 hours!!! I keep getting page errors and things like that. Every week it gets more and more frustrating trying to add these coupons to my card.

  • Marybeth

    Are other people still having problems? It won’t let me add any coupons. Nothing happens when I click on “Add to List/Card.” I only have 15 coupons saved, so I know I’m not at my limit. I’ve tried it in Explorer, Firefox and Chrome, so it’s not a browser issue.

  • DianeG

    It seems to working now – v e r y s l o w l y – How does everyone keep track of these e-coupons – is there a summary page I’m missing?

    • Laura D.

      Hi Diane,

      I print out the Shopping List and keep track from there. It’s definitely not the best method, but it works for me. HTH!

      • DianeG

        aha! Thanks