ShopRite Ad for the Week of 10/28/12

ShopRite Ad Scan for Week of 10/28/12

Here is your ShopRite Ad Scan for the week of 10/28.  A big thank you to Melissa for the ad scan!

Feel free to post any deals you come up with in the comments below and make sure to check the LRWC Coupon Database for any coupons to match with a sale.

View: ShopRite Preview Ad Scan 10/28/12 

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  • Erika

    Thank you for the preview.

  • Sha


  • Elaine

    A BIG thanks to Melissa and Cindy, love the color! I have to say not one single thing is standing out this week. Last week I was ordering several coupons, this week nothing! Maybe I am missing something good, that is why I need Cindy 🙂

    • Anonymous

      8020 ground beef is a dollar 1.99 a pound

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know what it says next to the 8020 ground beef that’s on sale for a dollar 1.99 a pound

  • Melissa

    Sorry it’s so blurry. Had to use my camera instead of scanning the ad this time.

  • Cuzzie

    I saw a few good things. BarS hotdogs for .24 after coupons, Nestle tollhouse cookies for 1$ each, and I cant wait to see what can be made of the OYNO’s.

  • Ryan

    1.99 for ground beef 🙂

    • Melissa

      Sparta residents (North Jersey) are getting a supercoupon for .99 ground beef!

      • Melissa

        Oh, and 3.99/lb Extra Large EZ Peel Shrimp!!!

        • Melissa

          Actually this started this week. Not sure if it’s for next week as well.

      • Ryan

        Sweet live tri state area so I will get that

  • Janelle S

    Thanks for the preview

  • Caroline

    Is the quaker medleys on page 4 limit 4 per variety or limit 4 offers?

    • Melissa

      4 offers

  • jennifer

    There’s the matchup for those Ellios coupons!

  • Anna

    The only thing I am interested in is Smart Balance milk. $1.50 with a coupon.

  • Angela

    Thanks for the ad! Should be interesting what pops up deal wise on Savingstar and ShopRite ecoupons as both have several expiring soon.

  • Donna

    Does the Ronzoni exclude the lasagna noodles AGAIN? Can’t make it out… with all the ricotta and mozarella sales, I SO need lasagna noodles : )

    • Melissa

      Yes, I think it’s always excluded.

  • Lady J

    I love that the ad is in color. I have color vision issues, so I don’t see colors the way everyone else does, but still, it is easier for me to see the ad in color than in B&W.

  • anonymous

    coupon for marcal products here for 1.00 off.. just printed one

    • Christine R

      Thank you! I soooo need napkins. I just volunteered to send in all the paper goods for my kids Halloween parties next week and that will empty my stockpile.

      • kabby

        Just so you know the coupon prints $1/1 for most paper products but you must purchase 2 napkins.

        • Matthew

          Order coupon on eBay if there’s any left. $1/1

  • Cynthia F

    There was a 75/1 Fleishmans Simply Homemade Bread Mix (I think it was SS/RP 10/14) .50 each after q! On sale for $1.99- $1.50 (if your store fully doubles) = .50 each!! Stock up price for me!! I literally just finished making a box a few minutes ago annd I love it!!

    • Christi

      How did it come out?? I’m interested, but dubious!

  • barbara

    There will be a double dip with the kraft Fresh take Sunday only

    Buy 4 =$10 sale
    get $6 oyno back

    If you have any of the Catalina coupons that have been spitting out left and right..or any of the non inserts floating around you will break even..

    The Fresh take Catalina deal ends sunday the 28th though You only have 1 day to do this..

    That nivea body wash is that buy 3 to get $3 ???

    • barbara

      Also.. the Hunt;s deal.
      Buy 10 Get $5 catalina offer

      It you have any of these coupons 9/16 SS ( these were regional)
      Again another quick 1 day deal on the tomatoes
      $.40/3 hunts 11oz+ X10/28
      B3G1 free snack packs X10/31
      Hunts pasta sauce .50/1 ( inside banquet meals)

      Frigo cheese heads $1.89 -$.55/1 9/30 SS

      • Karen

        Thank you.

  • Cynthia F

    Fleishmans Simply Homemade Bread Mix on sale for $1.99 use 75/1 = .50 each! If your store fully doubles! Stock up price for me!! The q was in either SS/RP 10/14.

    • Laura D.

      There is a $0.75/1 eCoupon also, I clipped it when I saw it so I don’t know if its still there. Check your account!

  • Alan guys and I see the same stuff!

    I have the following:

    Fleishmans Simply Homemade Bread Mix 1.99 w/ .75/1 coupon = .49
    Hunts buy 10 get $5 cat = 10 Sloppy Joes @ $1 = 10 – 5 = .50 cents a can
    Birds Eye @ .77 (dont see coupons but still a decent price…need to look at a few coupon sites to see if I can buy some)
    Reach Tooth Brushes .66 each with $2 off 2 still printable = free.
    Pillsbury Cake Mix and Brownies Classic .89 and .99 (I got a fair amount of tear pad $1/2 any Pillsbury product coupons which makes this a good deal)
    Frigo String Cheese at 2.99 – .55×2 = 1.89 each
    Muller Yogurt 10 for 10… At Giant this week I got a nice bunch of $1/2 tear pad coupons. Have not tried this brand …will give it a whirl.
    Ellio’s 9-Slice Pizza 1.99 (Printable coupon I think NLA $3/2 Ellio’s so .49 each)
    Perdue Breaded Chicken Cutlets 3/$10 ..have some .75/1 and some .75/2 coupons. I may got for this..they are taste but only 11 oz per pack.

    There were some other decent deals but my stockpile is high high now so I dont need too much. Waiting for super coupons to see what else I may pickup.

    • Lori G

      Heads up that the Reach coupons exclude the Crystal Clean variety, so no free toothbrushes 🙁

      • Matthew

        Not valid on those toothbrushes. Bummer

  • Meli

    Thanks for the preview!