ShopRite Coupon Match Ups 10/14 – 10/20

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ShopRite Coupons & Deals for the week of 10/14/12

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  • Andrea

    Thank you!!!

  • Laura D.

    I think there is a $1/1 Solo coupon in the inserts awhile back. It would make it $0.47 each.

    • Reesey B.

      Do you recall which insert the $1/1 Solo Detergent was in a while ago? Can’t find it in LWRC Database.

  • kristen

    Do the catalina deals actually work with presale prices? I’d hate to spend money and not get the catalina 🙁

  • jessica g


  • Kim

    The movie ticket offer for the juice expires on 10/15/12.

  • Debbie G

    Thank you !! so excited about the Suave Deal .. got lots of coupons !

    • Julie F.

      I could not find any Suave coupons in my 10-14 Redplum, I checked in all 6. Anyone else?

      • diane

        None for me either 🙁

      • Linda

        I got the Suave but mine were only $2/2 for the lotion and $.25 for the deodorant. Not great coupons for this sale.

  • robi

    can u use a 3- 1/2 ragu coupon for the 6 pack of ragu

    • Kim

      Nope because it only considered one product unfortunately

  • Ryan

    Nabisco Chips Ahoy Cookies – $1.99
    $0.50/1 Nabisco Chips Ahoy Cookies, exp. 10/31/12 (ALL YOU Sept ’12)
    as low as $0.99 after coupon

    The coupon from all you is DND so YMMV

    • Massiel

      nasbico ritz at shoprite has peelies for $1….!!

  • Sarah

    FYI – None of the Hefty slider bag coupons are available anymore.

    • Candice H

      cant find any either

  • Mark


  • Lori

    Not impressed with this week at all. Even the P&G doesn’t seem to have many coupons to go with it. I am excited about the suave deal because I always need more kids shampoo and I am assuming it is included, it is usually is. This past week was so much better.

    • mary

      I agree. Not much to get excited about this week at all.
      Oh well. Last week was great though!

    • Shari

      Ok I have a Crazy Q spend $100 get $25 off. Motivated buyer but I can’t seem to find anything !!!!! Slow Week !!! I think this week they start the Thanksgiving Free Turkey deal. Last week saved $350.00 -Thankyou LRWC

      • Anonymous

        Where did you get that coupon?

  • Keena

    There is also a coupon available for $.35/1 Pillsbury Toaster strudel, scrambler,or pancake

    • from where? would like to know! love these

  • Melissa

    Lady speedstick is .99 there is .50/1 making it free

    • Hi … where is this coupon? Thanks!

    • kabby

      I cannot locate this coupon in the database…anyone know where to find this one? Thanks.

    • Laura D.

      I’d like too know too please!

  • Joe

    There was a $1 off nabisco chips ahoy coupon from the Facebook page a few weeks ago. I believe it’s NLA though

  • karin

    Why is the lipton deal says the .75/1 is a limit of 2. Why is that. If I have 2 computers, can’t I print 4? wasn’t sure of the breakdown.
    Thanks for the help

    • Laura D.

      Hi Karin, It’s the restriction on the coupon. It reads maximum of two (2) identical coupons allowed in same shopping trip, ugh. I thought the same thing until I read the fine print, oh well. HTH!

    • Christine R

      Hi Karin,
      Some of the coupons actually say that there is a limit of 2 identical coupons per transaction. Since you only get the cat if you purchase all the items in one transaction the deal was broken down to use different coupons in order to comply with the manufacturer’s stipulation. HTH!

      • Christine R

        And my computer just refreshed and Laura D’s comment answering your question appeared! Sorry to be a broken record! LOL

        • Karin

          Thanks.printed all just didn’t look at fine print. I should have assumed Cindy knows all…..since she usually does. Thanks ladies for your input also.

    • LindsayG

      what if you do self check out? will the coupons beep or could you get away with using more than 2?

      • Christine R

        I wouldn’t risk it. The transaction and coupons can be traced to your price plus card.

  • stephgugs

    You can also do suave 1 shampoo 1 conditioner and 1 style product use bogo and 1/2 q spend 2.54 oop and get 2$ cat. So .54 total!

    • Brooke

      I think that coupon is for the Professional line and those are $1.77 each which works out to about .50 each.

  • Jasmin

    The Suave coupons r a limit 2 for the lotions & Deodorant.. is there another coupon your using to get the deals?

    • Christine R

      Cindy may not have noticed the small print on the coupons. You can do 2 body lotions and 1 deodorant for $1.65, get $2 cat, make 35 cents. Or do 2 deodorant and 1 lotion for $1.83, get $2 cat, make 17 cents.

  • Lady J

    Does anyone know if that Play Doh Disney Princess prettiest castle is still $9.99? And, if so, where is an SR that has one? (I’m in central NJ but don’t mind driving a little). Thanks.

  • Donna D.

    Ryan…..I’m sorry, don’t understand your abbreviations for the Nabisco ALL YOU q’s. Please explain…I don’t remember seeing it in my issue!!

    • Cuzzie

      DND means it says Do Not Double

      YMMV means Your Mileage May Vary ie you may or may not have a cashier who lets it double.

      It’s a long coupon across the bottom of the page.

  • chris


  • Laura N

    My RP coups are different:
    Suave Body Lotion is $2/2
    Suave Body Wash is .75/3
    Suave Deodorant is .25/1
    Suave Pro Styling is .50/1
    Suave Pro Shamp/Cond is .50/2

    • Linda

      Mine too. I was disappointed!

      • Brooke

        I’m even more disappointed … I didn’t get any 🙁

    • Mary P.

      All my Suave coupons are the same as well except the deoderant coupon. Mine is .50/1. I wonder why they do that?

      • Mary P.

        Oops! scratch that…..the body lotion is $2/1. I just looked! I’m in Mays Landing, NJ

  • Jess

    I received a flyer this week, there is a coupon for $5 off $40 and one for $10 off $70. I’m wondering if you can somehow use both coupons since they are printed overlapping? I can see doing two transactions but there is no way o cut them apart without cutting the bar code. Thought?

    • Kim

      There is no way to use both coupons on one order. I work at a Shoprite and if you give them both to the cashier just tell her you want to split it into 2 different orders so you can utilize both coupons. Most cashiers are very receptive and will do it with no problem. Just make sure you are not calculating like milk gallons into the total because those and any alcohol do not count towards the total purchase you must have to use the coupon. The best way to do it is do all your catalina triggering items first to get the $40 coupon used and then use your catalinas to ease down the 70 dollar total.

    • Rachel

      I got the same flyer. I used the 10/70 last week. I cut the coupons so that each one had a barcode. I will try the 5/40 this week and hope it works! The coupons looked funny when i cut them, but I think it is fine since they each have their own barcode.

    • Jessie

      No, unfortunately when they overlap the bar code like that it means that you have to choose a coupon. You can only use one or the other 🙁

    • jen

      I cut them around each other and the cashier said it was fine. She actually did use both of them (ShopRite in Forest Hill, MD). I asked her if it was ok and she said “sure, it took them!”.

  • Angela

    Usually when coupons print overlapping like that I thought it was an either or situation.

  • linda

    i just got back from shoprite and they took three like coupons for the suave deals…nice…thanks lr

  • kerry

    I can’t find the Redpack coupon. Anyone find it that can help me? THANKS!!!

  • Renee

    Check coupons INSIDE pampers boxes if you’re doing the diaper deal. I had 3 $2 off pampers boxed diapers and a bunch of $1 off 1 bounty pack from prior pampers purchases.

  • Kera

    Is the butterball turkey bacon a sale price?? I saw it on here so I ordered some coupons off ebay but now I cant find it in my sale flyer and they said its against company policy to give me a price over the phone ?

    • kabby

      My shop@home price is 2/$3.00…hope that helps you answer your question.

    • Janelle S

      It’s in my flyer under farmland bacon(pork $2.99) the Butterball is a sale price for 2/$3

    • Kera

      Forget it I called another store a few towns over .. he gave me the price on the phone! you were right as always!!! thanks!

  • heads up.. the bounce dryer bars are not giving cats based of the shelf price.. you need to buy 5 not 4 to get the cat.. Is it me or does it seem that cats are not printing off of sale price any more.

    • Cindy

      The only time I have found the sales to work on sale price is with P&G products. Otherwise, it usually is the pre-price plus price.

  • ronni walsh

    in my p&g inserts for 9/30 and 10/4 the bounty Q is $100 off 2 – so that changes the deal- does anyone have a .25 one or is it just my area?

    • ronni walsh

      i used to get the .25 off in my P&G and now I get the $1 off 2 as well. i think it all relates to our customer loyalty cards. They can now use the data to determine where they need to get volume up. This does change the deal . I am getting 4 -6 pack of towels and using 2 $1 off Q’s – I need to roll my catalinas and given I need towels, its the best deal for that -I have a second card and I am also doing 4 cascade action packs and 2 pks bounty napkins- that works out pretty good as well. the shelf price total reaches $26.74 (?) but my out of pocket is $19.94 – 4/$1 off cascade and 1/$1 off 2 napkins =$15.94 – $5 in cats from last week = $10.94 for these products and another $5 cat so im good with that. my figures could be slightly off as I don’t have calculator for exact numbers.

  • Holly


  • Timika

    Shoprite has chapstick 2 pack on sale for 99cents

  • A

    The Lipton deal worked like a charm. I also bought (2) packs of Charmin 24 rolls and received the $5 cat so it worked off of shelf price for me.

    • Laura D.

      Thanks for posting the Charmin is working off shelf!

  • frany

    I just did the Lipton tea deal. I purchased 9 Lipton tea for 1.99 and I was able to use 3 of the .60/1 Lipton tea coupon from RP 09/09/12, 4 of the .75/1 Lipton tea printable and 1 of the .60/2 Lipton tea printable. Total of 17.91 less 10.80 in coupons = 7.11 OOP and got the $7 catalina. What I been doing is picking a male cashier since men most of the time don’t read the coupons.

  • Laura D.

    There is a rebate form in this weekends paper that is for the Keurig brewers. There are many listed and rebates range from $20 to $50. Receipts from 9/25/12 – 10/28/12 accepted plus original UPC from box. Must be in by 11/28/12. Limit 2 brewers per household. There is also an additional rebate if bought with purchase for Accessories and K cup packs. Pretty decent if you’ve been thinking of purchasing one.

    • Lady J

      is that rebate for the one sr has on sale? i didn’t get the impression it was.

      • Laura D.

        Ut Oh, the #B44 is not listed on the rebate form. Sorry, I didn’t check the ad first, I’m not interested in purchasing one. Oh well.

      • Prudence

        There was a large sign at my Shoprite saying that the B44 is part of the B40 series and therefore IS included in the rebate.

      • Jessica

        I just got off the phone with Keurig and YES Lady J, the B44 Classic is included in the rebate. It is the same as the B40 Classic, which is #11 on the rebate form. This is the box you should check when mailing in.

    • Jasmin

      for those of you that have that $10 off $70 even better!!

  • Ashley

    Can anyone find the Dannon Cruncher Coupon? Thanks in advance 🙂

    • Ashley

      Nevermind, found it under 77380

  • kabby

    Purina Alpo Brand Dog Food (Must Buy 10) – $0.70
    $1/8 Purina Alpo Brand Dog Food printable
    as low as $0.60 each after coupon wyb 10

    There is a $1.50/10 shoprite e coupon
    stack with $1.50/10 manufactures coupon (
    = .40 cents a can when you buy 10

  • karen

    just an FYI the twinings coupon that is linked above has an expiration of 08/30/12…

  • Qpon Jenn

    Is Warminster SR still doing triples or did it end now?

  • Jennifer K

    Don’t forget that the Lipton tea’s qualifiy for the Savings Star Unilever deal, so if you spend $20.00 you get $5.00!

    • Kate R.

      Do you know if this could be a possible double dip on savingstar? For the Unilever AND the Lipton bottled teas? I planned on buying the jugs that are on sale so since they are both Unilever and bottled lipton teas. Do you think would that work?

  • adriene

    has anyone checked if the Ricola Sugar Free Menthol Fresh couch drops are included? Thanks.

    • Nancy

      They are! I got three bags today.

      • adriene


  • Laura D.

    Has anyone seen the S&S Healthy Holiday Book yet? Just checking to see if they are out there yet. TIA!

  • Thank you for the information on the Keurig Coffee machine sale. I had the rebate already and used the SR super coupon! The net amount was about $75 saving over $35!

  • Dee

    Does anyone know if they Red Pack coupon is still available because can’t find it?

    • Melinda

      When I was doing the matchups it was available. Try using 77477

      • Dee

        The link in the matchups brings you to the Red Pack website. Am i suppose to do something on the website?

  • Joanne

    Be careful of these prices. My Shop Rite (Hainseport NJ) will only double until the discount is $1, ie. $.75 is not $1.50. They will add only $.25 to make it $1 off

    • guest

      Joanne, Sometimes, if the item is priced at $1.00 and you hand out the $0.75 coupon, they will double it only for extra $0.25 to make the item free. May be that was the case for you?

  • Anonymous

    does anyone know if the lunch catalina is working off shelf prices? TIA

  • guest

    Hi, can anyone help me find Lipton recipe secrets? Which section should I look at? Thanks guys.

    • Aileen C

      It’s in the soup aisle.

  • Marjie

    Can I do this deal?
    1 Suave Professionals Shampoo – $1.77
    1 Suave Professionals Conditioner – $1.77
    1 Suave Styler – $2.49

    Use $0.50/2 Professional Shampoo/Conditioner
    Use B2 Professionals Shamppoo/Conditioner and get 1 Styling Suave Free

    Total OOP: $2.54 and get $2.00 Catalina?

    Thanks for any help with this!

  • Laura D.

    The P&G deal is NOT working off shelf price in Paramus, though in other stores it is 😉

  • Amy

    Don’t know if this was mentioned already…but:

    Yoplait Simplait Yogurt (delicious by the way) is 10/$6.60 and there is a $.30/1 coupon in the GM insert from 10/7 (date?) making them $.06.

    Also, buy 3 or 4 Lipton tea & honey and 4 Skippy P-butter using 3/4 lipton coupons and 2x $.50/2 skippy coupons and you are paying about $12 and getting $7 back. That’s $5…enough said!

  • Ruby L

    I’m seeing you guys talk about $5 off of $40 and $10 off of $70 coupons from flyers…but I am so confused! What flyers?! I am so jealous!

    • Anonymous

      those coupons come as mailers (postcards) and are only sent out by select shoprites…so if you live in their area you get them.

  • cris

    shoprite in mt laurel (nixon dr) worked for me on shelf price for P/G. I did 6 Cascades ($4.99) sale $3.49 (I bought 2 different “flavors” because it is limit 4 per variety) I had 4 $1 coupons from the paper and 2 .50 cent coupons (which doubled) to make the deal even sweeter. Cost me $14.94 and got the $5 cat. Came out to $1.65 each when you deduct the $5.

  • Julie

    For the Lipton Tea to Go deal, I had found some peelies at Stop and Shop for .75/1 (limit 2 per transaction like the others). S&S wouldn’t accept them so I’ll use them for this deal!

  • Meli

    Hi random ??? anyone in Orange County NY do you ever drive to any SR’s in NJ and if so which ones are good?

    I was thinking it may be worth the trip for taxable items. TIA!!

  • Dave

    Hi, has anyone managed to get the Mam Anti-Colic 5 ounce Baby Bottle $5 coupon? I see the $2 one, but can’t find the other. Perhaps it’s NLA?

  • Meenakshi

    Dave, even me. I tried so many times at different hours and day for $5 coupon but it only shows the $2. Even I think. may be its NLA.