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  • jasmin

    i dont know about this week. im just doing the cat deals.

  • Michelle J.

    It’s a shame that our coupons take away from the free turkey earnings!Did all of the shoprites up the amount to $400.00 – or just on Long Island?

    • Erin

      Live in central jersey & it was upped. 🙁

    • ashley

      live in glen burnie md and it wss upped but im only about $15 away from it.

    • Sabine

      I live in upstate NY and our turkey promo is $400 but its before coupons, at least for me

      • Aileen

        I’m in Kingston and it appears to be calculating after coupons. 🙁

    • Christine R

      I live in SJ and it was upped here too. 🙁

    • Julie

      It’s upped in CT, too.

    • stephanie

      ct is upped too

    • Fran

      All Shoprite’s upped the promotion to 400.00 (south jersey)

  • kelly

    Is the kraft deal buy 10 items or $10? thanks

    • Melinda

      It’s buy $10, get $3.00 Catalina.

    • kabby

      INCORRECT!!! It is buy 10 items NOT spend $10. That is from my circular.

      • Lori G

        same here in CT…10 items, not $10

        • Laura D.

          Hi, Kelly, Kabby and Lori, when I first read this post I was thinking the same thing, Buy # Get $. I rechecked my circular, (thanks to Cindy posting the pic) and I now realize the Buy 10 Get $5 is the Hunts deal on page 5. The Spend $10 Get $3 is the Kraft deal on page 11. I think that could be the misunderstanding. Just a thought. 🙂

      • Cindy

        The Kraft Deal, according to the circular, is Buy $10 Get a $3 Catalina. I looked through many different circulars including stores in CT and they are all the exact same offer…Buy $10 in Kraft Cheese Products and get a $3 Catalina.

  • Christina

    Are the coupons not valid with the fresh take Catalina? I just printed some the other day which would make these free but I don’t see coupons listed in the deal idea

    • Melinda

      Yes, coupons can be used on the Kraft Fresh Take Catalina Deal.

      Deal Idea Sunday Only:
      Buy 4 Kraft Fresh Take, $2.50 each
      Subtotal: $10.00
      -(4) $0.75/1 Kraft Fresh Take Printable
      Pay: $4.00
      Get: $3.00 Catalina (Kraft Fresh Take ends 10/28)
      Get: $3.00 Catalina (Kraft Cheese Catalina 10/28-11/3)
      as low as 4 FREE + $2.00 Money Maker!

      • Did the Kraft Fresh Take deal. Only had two 75 cent coupons but still a good deal. Catalinas printed out for $3.00 Kraft Fresh Take and $3.00 Kraft cheese. Got 4 packages for $1.00. Shopped in the Bayville Shop Rite.

    • Linda

      I have the same question .

      • Cindy

        The answer is above and it’s listed in the deals in the match ups. Hope that helps.

  • Joanne

    The Hainesport, NJ also raised the amount for a free turkey to $400. I’ve found some Christmas gifts that I can buy at Shop Rite so I can kill 2 birds (so to speak).

  • Mark


  • sharon

    Do the ecoupons apply only once? Thanks.

    • Melinda

      Yes, eCoupons are good only once.

      • Sobeida

        I added to coupons to my card but I dont see they came off (in the receipt) why would that be?

        • Kimberly Clark

          I am wondering the same thing. I thought I had seen CELLFIRE listed before on the receipt but I haven’t seen anything the last few trips I have made.

  • mandee
  • mandee

    the dog chow if you go thru the link in post and watch video (after you sign in) you can get a $1.75 off coupon makes it $10.25 a bag 🙂

  • Kera

    Printed 6 of those Fleishmanns Homestyle Bread mix.. 2 from each link!! 🙂

    • Lady J

      i only printed one so I can get the free one. Now, I haven’t tried it yet, but the pack says just to add water. Everything else is in the box. For .50 a box, I am stocking up on this. You can’t buy a loaf of bread for .50. I never thought I would ever maked homemade bread the didn’t come out of a refigerated can, and now I can’t wait to give it a try. Anyone tried this, is it good?

      • Julie

        I’ve tried the multi-grain and it’s good! It is heavier, slightly more crumbly, and goes stale a little quicker than a store-bought loaf as it is homemade. I have the other 3 varieties and can’t wait to try them too!

  • Ted

    Already hit my free turkey today. Manufacturer coupons definitely counted towards total. Spent just over $190 oop over about 8 various trips this month.

    • Lady J

      mq’s count. sq’s do not count. the doubled (or tripled) value of the q’s do not count – only the face value. hth. I’m finally over $300, and I know I didn’t spend that much.

  • Winnie

    I use a lot of the Eagle Brand condensed milk. It’s on sale for 1.99 but I think it’s normally 2.99 each. Would I need to buy 8 cans (1.99 x 8 = 15.92) to get the $5 cat or would it be based on shelf price and I can maybe buy just 6 cans (2.99 x 6 = 17.94) to get the $5 cat? Anyone know? TIA.

    • kabby

      It looks like you should use the $1.99 price.(No little red box next to the price…unlike the Folgers has the little red “you save” box)

      • Winnie

        Ahh, you may be right Kabby. I can’t make it to Shoprite until Wednesday, so if anyone buys it, please let me know how that goes! Thanks!

        • Ruth

          Did it work based on shelf price? TIA

          • Winnie

            Sorry Ruth, didn’t get a chance to make it out of the house due to Sandy. Both my young kids are off from school and I didn’t want to rish taking them out and also waste whatever gas I have left in my tank. I’m hoping to make a trip tomorrow and just pick it up at sale price. Since I use it all the time, that would still be a good price to me. I’m hoping all my LRWC friends are okay during this time.

  • Karen

    Nothing happens on my phone when I click to e-mail my shopping list? A new window opens up, but nothing loads…

  • Jessica

    our turkey promo is before coupons as well. We re in upstate ny

    • Sherry Z

      The Pocono’s in Pennsylvania… also $400…

  • Lesley

    With the Kraft Fresh Take deal….I did it this morning and only a catalina printed that said “Thanks from Kraft Fresh Take”. So I am not totally sure which catalina did not print…I am assuming that since it said thanks from “Kraft Fresh Take” that this is from the one that ends today. The one that ends today is only for Kraft Fresh Take. The catalina running for ShopRite this week is for a variety of Kraft items. If I did get the catalina from Kraft that is in the ad this week I would guess it would say “Thanks from Kraft”. I did the Hunt’s deal too and it said “Thanks from Hunt’s” or “Courtesy of Hunt’s” and I bought cans of tomatoes and ketchup.

    Anyone else have the same problem with the Kraft Fresh Take deal??

    • Anna

      I had the same issue this morning as well. I only got one as well. I did go to Customer Service and was told that this deal does take coupons into account (meaning out of pocket should be $10 not $4). I don’t see why this deal would but who knows. I just noticed up at the top of the comment section, people were going back and forth saying that it was “buy 10 items get $3” but my circular does say “buy $10 get $3” so I’m not sure what the deal is.

  • Lesley

    Yeah, the circular says spend $10 get $3. Someone commented on “ShopRite: Kraft Fresh Take Money Maker {10/28 Only}” page that they did receive both $3 catalinas: one that said “Thank you from Kraft Fresh Take” and the other said “Thanks from Kraft”. I tried to get customer service and the woman I spoke to on the phone from SR customer service that the catalina I got is NOT the one from the circular this week. The one from the ad this week should say “Thank you from Kraft” since it is on a variety of items. They did not seem to get that and I did not have the catalina print out where it says there is a Kraft Fresh Take catalina that ends today, so they could not just give me $3 giftcard or whatever. I will let you know if I hear back from the catalina company. Maybe if you call ShopRite will get the picture that someone is wrong with the catalina from the circular this week.

    • mandee

      I just did it at about !:30 in orange county NY and both catz printed.

  • Amanda

    Leslie, Anna – which exact varieties did you buy? Thanks

    • Anna

      1 – Smokey Mesquite BBQ, 1- the Lime one (forgot the name sorry haha), 2- cheddar bacon.

    • Laura D.

      I did NOT get the 2 cats. I bought 2 – Italian, 1-Rosemary and 1-Smokey Mesquite BBQ.

  • Lesley

    Smokey Mesquite BBQ, Savory Four Cheese, Southwest Three Cheese, and Rosemary & Roasted Garlic.


  • Erica

    I got both the Fresh Take and the Kraft $3 Cats. Bought two Italian Parm, one Southwest Three Cheese, and one Cheddar Jack & Bacon. Of course I did not get the $5 Hunts Cat (bought 3 diced tomatoes, 3 crushed tomatoes, 4 Snack Paks)

    • Alan

      Ya know what…I did buy the new BBQ flavored Fresh Take the first go around. Second time I didn’t and got both cats…

      Wonder if the new BBQ is not in the system yet.

  • Ted

    Did anyone by chance by 10 Hunts pasta sauces today, through self checkout, and get or not get the $5 CAT? Please let me know, important. Thank you.

    • sandy

      Why do you ask? Just self check out is your concern? I’ll update when store reopens

  • Donna

    i did it this morning and got both catalinas. i bought four of the cheese & bacon.

    • ann

      I received both $3 catalinas. I bought 2 Italian and 2 lime.

  • Tags

    When you try to check your SR points is anyone getting a message “This Connection is Untrusted… uses an invalid security certificate…If you usually connect to
    this site without problems, this error could mean that someone is
    trying to impersonate the site, and you shouldn’t continue.

    • Betsy

      I got that too using Firefox. I clicked on allow an exception so that I could continue to the site.

  • Melody

    Bought 4 of the CG lip product but I did t get any Catalina back..What do I do? Thank for the help

  • Andrea

    I have a dumb question. I have a super coupon to get ellio’s pizza for $.99. Can I get more than one box of pizza with one super coupon? I want to get 4 boxes and use 4 $.75/1 to get 4 boxes free.

    • Prudence

      The super coupon will only be good on 1 product. And you can only use one per transaction.

    • Alan

      Depends on what the super coupon says but almost always is on one item. Occasionally it will say two but then it normally goes like: 2.99/2.

      • Lady J

        like the Super coupon for the candy says 3 for $6.

    • Mary C

      Where did you get the super coupon. Neither my Hamilton Square nor Sayreville fliers had a super coupon for Ellios.

      • Andrea

        Thanks for all the answers guys. Mary C I live in upstate ny near Albany and it came in the paper with the ad.

  • Anonymous

    Just an fyi, Warminster ShopRite is STILL having triple coupons!

    • Alan

      I have had a few negative experiences with Warminster. It is hit or miss but there is a generally negative vibe when I have gone concerning coupons…

      They should be used to couponers with triple coupons.

      I have gone 5 times and 3 out of the 5 I have gotten a hassle with my coupons. The other two times I had a helpful checker and manager…so it does depend.

      • Anonymous

        Its my neighborhood store & I have never had a hassle. I just go to young male cashiers, Tom,Billy, Chris, Nick to name a few who do not hassle. I had a negative vibe back in May but as time has gone on it has really dissappated. There is one cashier who gave me a big hassle long ago, Lisa. I avoid her at all costs.

      • Lady J

        I went once during triples. The prices were more expensive then my double q’s SR (aside from what was in the ad). The cashier was fine with me, but I saw another cashier and a manager getting into it with someone who had a coupon binder. I do not bring a binder to the store. I don’t like to advertise will I shop, so I pull the q’s I plan to use and bring just them and q’s for items I always look for.

  • Jaye

    Has anyone done the Nature’s Bounty spend $30 get $5 oyno? Is it going by shelf or sale price? Thanks

    • Laura D.

      I did it a few weeks ago when the cat first started and it worked fine on shelf. HTH!

    • Jaye

      Purchased 2 Natures Bounty Optimal Solution Protein Shake Mix, Shelf price $16.79, Price plus price $ 8.39. I did not get $5 oyno catalina. I guess it’s working on price plus price :-(. Oh well, after 5 days of no heat, it’s no big deal. I’m just thankful to have heat & electricity. 🙂

  • Lady J

    does anyone know if any of the other stores are doing a free turkey (holiday item). Usually all of the stores do it, but I haven’t seen any other ads mention it.

    • Erika

      I actually dont see it advertised in this weeks ad, but i remeber seeing it in last weeks ad. This year its spend $400 and recieve a free turkey or ham. Here’s a link i found on the shoprite site, hope it helps.http:

      • Erika

        Actually its advertised on pg 2 in the ad.

  • Sister James

    I would like to take this time to personally thank you for your labor of love, your couponing blogs have been very instrumental in helping my family save a lot of money whether we’re grocery, and clothes shopping,as well as, eating out, with coupons. Sincerly, Sis. James

  • ruth anne

    Free 20oz cont. ShopRite Kitchen ShopRite Soups, Any Variety, $5 Minimum Purchase Coupon

    Free 20oz cont. ShopRite Kitchen ShopRite Soups, Any Variety, $5 Minimum Purchase Coupon

    Free 20oz cont. ShopRite Kitchen ShopRite Soups, Any Variety, $5 Minimum Purchase Coupon

    Forgive me….I was so excited to find this in my ecoupons today…I just had to repeat it and pass it on………

    • Jennifer K

      i have it too!!

    • Bill

      I got it a little while ago but when my son went to look for it he did not find it. Is it gone or just not available on his card? I’m in NY, he’s in DE.

  • Becky

    You have the brownie mix listed as part of the buy $15 get $5, but it looks to me like only items on the lower half of the page would qualify. Can anyone confirm the brownie mix works?

    • marie

      i was wondering the same thing because on the circular it says on items below. hmmm

    • Jenn

      I thought it was part of the deal so I included the brownies in my order. I did not receive a catalina.

  • Jennifer K

    I don’t know if anyone mentioned this but

    Northland Cranberry Juice (Must Buy 2) – $2.50
    $0.55/1 Northland 100% Juice Blends printable
    as low as $1.40 each after coupon wyb 2

    There is also $1.00 off 2 shoprite ecoupon
    Making them .90 cents each

  • Momof4

    Anyone try the brownie and cake mix deal yet?

  • Deana

    Dont know if anyone has posted it yet but theres a $1/2 jet-puffed marshmallow coupon on at zip 77380. Could you use that with the sale mentioned above?

    • Bill

      I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.

      Sadly, my wife only likes Princilla yams and does not want to do the deal with Bruces.

  • Carol D

    I know this is the end of the week, but I just wanted to post that my 10/7 SS has a $1.00 off of 1 Baily’s Creamer.

  • Matthew

    After having quite the positive experience at the Wharton, NJ Costco getting gas this a.m., I headed across the street to the Wharton shop rite for milk, eggs, cheese and other frozen/refrigerated items. Hands down, THE best shopping experience in my life. Fully stocked shelves, ample employees and a large amount of quantity on hand. I also had a $5 off your purchase from the 2012 ‘Kids Book’. check plus gold star high-five to the WHARTON NJ shop rite!