ShopRite: Georgia Pacific Catalina Deal Update

ShopRite: Georgia Pacific Catalina Deal Update

Update: As of today, 10/10, Angle Soft appears to be working for the catalina offer.

I just wanted to update you guys on the Georgia Pacific Catalina Deal at ShopRite this week.  The deal is Buy $20 and Get a $5 Catalina.  From reading through comments and emails, it appears that it is working on Pre-Price Plus Prices however the Angel Soft does not seem to be working.  Usually when this happens, something has not be put into the system properly.  Which, I’m guessing is what is happening here.

If you have tried the deal you can contact Catalina Marketing and let them know that you did not receive your catalina.

For those that have not tried the deal yet, I would highly recommend to not choose a deal that includes the Angle Soft.  So far everything else seems to be working fine.

Here is the deal that was posted in the ShopRite Match Ups:


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  • Jessica G

    I did:
    2 Mardi Gras Napkins
    6 dixie plates (I used 2 each of 3 different sizes)
    -(2) 55/1 Napkins q
    -(3) 1/2 Dixie plates and got the $5 Cat

  • Mar

    it did not work for me…3 angel soft and 3 mardi gras, but i went to customer service and got my $5 catalina

    • anoni

      My 2 year old didn’t “want to wait”. I emailed Catalina marketing. I got 2 TP & 1 napkin. Figures.

  • Michelle

    I thought something was up. I got 2 Sparkle and 1 Angel today and I didn’t get my Cat

  • Phoenix

    I bought 2 angel soft and 2 sparkle it didn’t print because cs said I needed 4 more cent total came to $19.96!!! 🙁 tomsriver shoprite they have poor customer service some time lady was real snappy

  • jasmin

    thanks for the heads up!

  • Christine R

    This would figure! I was going for the Angel Soft!

  • Kim B

    Do you mean the Angel Soft isn’t triggering the Catalina period? Or it’s not triggering it at shelf price?

    • Matthew

      What does it matter? End result…NO Catalina!

      • Kim B

        …There is a big difference in fact. I DO NOT go by shelf price, I go by sales price. Hence why I asked. If the problem is shelf price, then it doesn’t affect me. If the catalina isn’t printing period, then that’s kinda important.

  • Cheryl

    Darn, I really wanted the Angel Soft. Do you think they’ll fix it or is it at least working on sale price? Can you do the Catalina more than once in the week? Sorry to ask so many questions, and thanks in advance.

    • Leslie

      Hi Cheryl:
      In most cases you can do the catalina more than once in a week but only once per shopping trip. Good luck!

  • kabby

    So to clarify…the Angel Soft is NOT counting at all??

  • Barry

    I bought 3 Angel Soft ($26.97 shelf/$14.97 Price Plus)and no cat. CSR gave it to me anyway when I went to complain.

  • Larrina

    Found a display this morning for dixie $2/2 dixie bowls 🙂

  • went to the Waretown Shoprite tonite and bought 2 Sparkle and 2 Angel Soft…got the $5 catalina….

  • kabby

    Can anyone else confirm the Angel Soft is now working? I see only 2 posts that included Angel Soft to work since last night. Thanks.

  • Jennifer

    I would like to know also if the angel soft is now working – if anyone can confirm that would be great! Thank you 🙂

  • Jennifer

    It appears that the problem with the angel soft is fixed now – I went to shoprite this morning and purchased 3 angel soft, and the cat printed for me! In a separate transaction I also purchased 2 sparkle and 1 angel soft and got the cat both times! 🙂

  • Janelle S

    Is this Cat rolling??? I purchased the 2 Sparkle and 1 Mardi Gras and got the cat and I would like to use the cat to do the deal at least 2 more times

    • Jennifer

      I didn’t try rolling it, I just saved both cats for next week’s trip. It did print twice for me in 2 transactions though, so you can definitely do it more than once!

    • Jennifer

      I didn’t try to roll it – I just saved both cats for next week’s trip. It did print for me twice in 2 transactions though, so you can definitely do it more than once!

      • Janelle S

        Thank you Jennifer….I’ll just have to try and see