ShopRite: Keurig B40 Brewer just $64.99 + Free 12-Pack of K-Cups!

Keurig Deal

Wow! Another great Keurig Brewer deal! If you are in search for a new Keurig or you are looking to get one for a gift (Christmas isn’t that far away!) then this would be a great time to get one! This Keurig B40 K-Cup Brewer will end up being just $64.99 + a Free 12-pack of K-Cups! It is originally priced at $119.99 at ShopRite or up to $149.99 at other retailers so this is a great deal!

The Keruig B40 Brewer is selling at ShopRite right now for $119.99, however look for $30 off ShopRite Super Coupons taped right to the boxes, as you can see in the picture above that was taken at my ShopRite.  There is also a $30 Super Coupon on page 5 of the ShopRite Ad for next week, and the brewer’s will still be priced at $119.99, so you can take advantage of this deal next week as well.  In addition to the awesome $30 Super Coupon discount, there is a current $25 Keurig Rebate available when you buy this brewer system before 10/18/12.  To top off this awesome deal, look for a FREE 12-count box of K-Cups coupon attached right to the boxes as well!  That’s getting a $119.99 Keurig Brewer for only $64.99 plus FREE K-Cups! Yay!

Here is the deal:


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  • Rose

    if you purchase it this week they have the $30/1 store coupon and their on sale for $99 at my store

    • Lia

      Hi Rose….where is your Shoprite? Thanks

  • Kim

    At the Shoprite I work at we have the coupons attached to the boxes already. we’ve had them on display since this past Sunday, and the rebate form is also taped to the box!

  • katie

    With the rebate don’t you have to buy an accessory or coffee with the purchase of a keurig machine?

    • Cuzzie

      Doesnt look like it. The accessory seems to be an additional rebate amount.

  • Leslie

    I did the Shop Rite deal. First I was in BJs to price them ($129)and there was a tear off pad of rebate forms so I got one. Then I went to my Shop Rite and purchased mine for $119 and used the $30 off in store coupon. On the box was another peel off coupon for a free 12 pack of K cups so I used that too. Now I am mailing the rebate form for $25. Not bad.

  • cindy f.

    Don’t bother going to the shoprite in north brunswick. someone took off all the peelies from all the boxes for the free k-cups. I had to go to East Windsor and the peelies were there.

    • Kathy

      Just bought mine at Shoprite in Edison.Got the $30.00 coupon attached to the box off…and also peelie for free k-cups. Can’t seem to find the rebate form. Courtesy desk told me it’s only available this week on Help?

      • Melinda

        The rebate form is linked right in the post above, but you can find it here: Click on the “download rebate form”

      • kathy

        I just bought the Keurig today at Edison Shoprite but mine is Model #B44 is not offered with a rebate. Did anyone else have this problem?

  • Vicky

    Hello there!! My shoprite ( Rockaway NJ ) has had the Keurigs on manager’s specials for $89.99 for months now! After coupon and rebate it would only be $34.99 !!!!

  • Hallie

    I went to Costco today and bought one in case the Shoprite deal doesn’t work out for me. It is a Platinum B70 and was 149.99. It came with a Costco rebate of $35 back and 60 K cups. I just read the rebate from the manufacturer and there is nothing that says I can’t submit that one as well. That would be $70 back making it about $80 with 60 K cups. Thoughts?

  • Jessica

    I took advantage of this deal tonight in my Shoprite. To sweeten the deal a bit I added to the savings by using 37.00 in catalinas I had from the past two weeks.
    So here’s my breakdown Keurig 119.99 – super coupon 30.00 =89.99 – 37.00 in cats=52.99 now I will mail in my rebate of 25.00 for a final total of 27.99 plus tax. I also had the peelie for a free box of K kups which we added tot the order. I am very happy with this deal I paid more for my drip coffee maker.
    I am so glad I took advantage of this to update from my single cup model. Love the savings, whoo hoo!!!

  • Julie

    Make sure you buy the b40. The one on sale at my ShopRite is the b44, which is not on the rebate form.

    • Liz

      I went to shoprite yesterday and was able to get the last one of their Keurig on sale but there was no peelie for the free 12 K-cups and was just happy to pay 89 thinking i could get its rebate. Is it confirmed that the B44 is not eligible for rebate?

    • Jen

      ShopRite sent out an email that says, “Please be assured the Classic Brewer model B44, which is offered at ShopRite, is included in the rebate offer, even though it is not included in the product listing on the rebate.” So do send in your rebate forms!

  • nancy

    Aside from the peelies on the boxes, where else can I find the ShopRite super coupon? I looked for it ar the Manahawkin SR and didn’t find any on the boxes.

    • Casey B

      Nancy: Look in your Shoprite flyer for the $30 coupon. That’s where I got mine.

  • John Cash

    Does anyone know for sure if the only model shoprite is selling, the B44, will or will not get the $25 rebate?

    • Kathy

      If you go on the Keurig website it lists all elligible rebates.

  • Leslie

    We’d like to clarify the information in the Keurig Hot Deal offer we emailed to you on October 11th. This promotional offer is available at ShopRite on the Keurig Classic Brewer, not the Elite brewer as noted in our original email.

    Our featured price on the Keurig Classic Brewer is $119.99. When you redeem the $30.00 coupon in our October 7th circular and take advantage of the $25.00 mail-in rebate offer from Keurig, your final price is $64.99. You can access the rebate offer through our website ( Simply click on “Offers and Promotions” under the “Save” tab on the red bar at the top of the home page.

    The rebate offer from Keurig is good on purchases made through October 2012. Please be assured the Classic Brewer model B44, which is offered at ShopRite, is included in the rebate offer, even though it is not included in the product listing on the rebate.

    This offer is limited to store stock, while supplies last. No rainchecks.

    We’re sorry for any confusion this error may cause. Please contact us at 1-800-ShopRite (1-800-746-7748) if we can be of assistance.