American Express Small Business Saturday – Registration Open!

American Express Small Business Saturday 2012

American Express Small Business Saturday 2012

Starting today, 11/18, you can Enroll your eligible American Express® Card to GET $25 BACK ONE TIME WHEN YOU SPEND $25 OR MORE at a qualifying small business location on Small Business Saturday, November 24th.

Enrollment is limited so be sure to register your Amex card right away.  Prepaid and Corporate Cards are not eligible.

To receive your credit, the transaction must equal $25 or more.  Multiple transaction of less then $25 will not qualify however you may purchase multiple items that together equal $25 or more but you must purchase them in a single transaction to receive the statement credit.

Register: American Express Small Business Saturday 2012

Be sure to check out the Shop Small Map to find participating small business locations near you.


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  • Karen Mariner

    Worked great last year – glad they are doing it again.

  • Sebsa

    I did this last year. I bought a $25 gift card at my hairsalon. Worked great! I just enrolled again. Love Small Biz Saturday!

  • Marjie

    I did this last year. I ordered a pizza from a local restaurant and received a $25 credit on my american express statement. I think it took a month or two for the credit. I love this deal!

  • Michele

    Great promo. Check your store cards – you may have an Amex branded card and not know it. Macy’s switched theirs from Visa to Amex a couple of years ago, so that gave my husband and me 3 Amex cards in total. Got $75 worth of free wine/liquor last year using the 3 cards.

    • MaLu

      Lucky… Macy’s would nt give me the $25 credit …

  • Jess

    Wine store, that is a perfect idea, thanks

  • Donna

    Hi All, Does anyone know if I have an Amex for me and one for my husband, same bill but different account numbers….is that considered one or two $25 rebates? Thanks!

    • Sebsa

      I think I read on a blog somewhere that if it is different account numbers, then you will get a $25 credit per card. (But I could be wrong…I only have one card so I didn’t pay that much attention). You might as well register each card and see what happens. I don’t think you’ll be penalized if it doesn’t work…my guess would be if both aren’t accepted then the credit will go to the card either first registered or first used.

    • Steven

      Yes, you should be able to get two $25 rebates. I know…my wife and I are in the same situation as you are and we got two $25 rebates last year.

  • Amy

    Can someone help me out? This year’s promotion seems to be different from last year’s. If I am reading the AmEx Small Business Web site terms correctly, a qualifying merchant is one that is listed on the AmExSmall Business Saturday site ( which is the site Cindy linked to on which I registered for the promotion) or a merchant that is listed on the AmEx Square site ( Purchases made at a merchant not listed on one of those sites will NOT qualify for the $25 back. I searched using the search option on those sites and there and very few merchants in my area that are participating.

    So, assuming what I read is correct, then we better be careful where we shop this year if we want $25 back.

    • Stacey

      Amy it appears that you are right. They have changed the rules this year. I am going to try to call and get some clarification. I hope that’s not the case though. I looked at the map for my area and I don’t want to shop at any of those stores.

      • Amy

        Stacey, I hope you can get clarification and will let us know what AmEx says. I asked AmEx on Twitter, and here is the reply:

        “@AskAmex Hi…same offer.Not all merchants are listed on our site.If it is a small biz the charge will qualify, ie many
        restaurants are small biz’s.”

        This reply from AmEx on Twitter contradicts what the AmEx Web site says.

        • Stacey

          Thats good news! Thanks for checking Amy!

      • Stacey

        I called a representative at 1-800-235-8916. This is a number for Merchants but the lady was way more knowledgeable than the rep I reached at the toll free number on the back of my card. She stated that it is the same as last year. If they qualify as a small business and you registered, you will get the credit. She said not everyone is on the map. I didn’t get her name but you can call for more info. Maybe if they get several calls they will change the confusing wording.

        • Amy

          Glad you were able to reach a rep who confirmed, Stacey. I just asked on Facebook and got the same answer you did.

  • Melanie

    I had applied last year for the $25 credit on my amex and thought it was only good for one card. I found out this year that as long as you have different amex cards with different #’s you can apply each card for the $25 credit. I received a confirmation for each card. I was able to get 3 for me and one for my husband. I was able to find restaurants, liquor stores and many other local merchants!! If you have the Macy’s Amex that can work for you too!! “Happy Spending this Small Business Saturday”!! 🙂

  • Amy

    In case anyone is interested, it appears that only certain small businesses are “participating locations” and eligible for the $25 statement. According to the AmEx Web site,, “Small business locations that do not appear on the Shop Small Map or that do not accept American Express through Square will not qualify for the $25 statement credit offer.”

    I can find very few merchants in my area that qualify. It seems this year’s promotion is different from last year’s in this regard.

  • Harry

    I see a listing for 6 ELEVEN CONVENIENCE Stores in the amex map. If these stores sell gift cards of other big box stores, then this could be one way to make use of this deal if you have no other things to buy from local small businesses. Have to stop by one of these stores to see if gift cards are sold.

    • Donna

      Great idea 🙂 I guess it would work if I bought gift cards at listed restaurants & gift shops too, great for xmas gifts!

  • DK

    I got my two credits on the regua Amex card but not the one on the Macys Amex. I called the number and they said thatcardis fine and should see a credit between now and 8 weeks….I knw some people didnt have luck with this card so I have to keep checking the balance. Did anyone else get a credit on Macys yet? Thanks!! 🙂

    • DK

      sorry I meant “regular Amex card” lol