Couponing for Hope & Recovery – Help Families Recover from Hurricane Sandy

Couponing for Hope & RecoveryCouponing for Hope & Recovery

Couponers are naturally a group of givers.  We stock up on so many items for our own families and we are able to give from our stockpiles to those in need.  After Hurricane Sandy, so many of you have offered up food, cleaning supplies, baby products and more from your stockpile.

With the vast devastation from Hurricane Sandy, there have been many levels of devastation.  Most families, that have been hit the hardest, are using food banks and donation centers to help them in this time of need. Your continued support to Couponing for a Cause is one of the best things you can do.

There are also a lot of people that, although they have not lost their homes, have lost major amounts of food from flooding or power outages.  For some people, the option to restock their food is financially not an easy task.  And some may be taking in and feeding multiple families that are without shelter causing an additional financial burden on those that are already hurting.

So, with that said, my goal is to provide for those that are trying to rebuild their food and grocery items by supplying them with coupons to help make the process easier and less expensive.

::Brands Supplying Coupons

I have reached out to some brands that have already been generous with supplying awesome coupons for this cause.  To date, here are the brands I have already received coupons and gift cards from:

A big thank you to these brands and my hope is that this list will grow.  If you are a brand and would like to supply coupons for Couponing for Hope & Recovery, please email

::How You Can Help

Now for all the LRWC readers that would like to help, please send any coupons you will not be using or would just like to donate to:

Living Rich Media, LLC
Couponing for Hope & Recovery
PO Box 34
Lincroft, NJ 07738

Please no Internet Printed coupons and be sure that the coupons do not expire for at least 30 days prior to mailing them.

If you know someone that could benefit from these coupons, please send them this link.  Also, you can follow the progress on Facebook at Couponing for Hope & Recovery or on twitter at #Couponing4Hope

Also, if you have Bed Bath & Beyond coupons you would like to donate, you can do so by checking out Beyond Sandy: Helping Families Return Home

::I Need Help

For those of you that are in need, please submit your information below and we will be mailing out batches of coupons to help you get back on your feet.

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  • Laura D.

    WOW!!! This is AWESOME!!! Would you like the donated coupons paper clipped together and divided (ex. food/non-food/pets/babies)? What is the easiest for you?

    • Cindy

      That would be awesome to do that but simply putting them in an envelope would be fine as well.

    • Cindy

      And thank you!!

  • Lauren m

    I would love to donate some coupons would you like them clipped or whole?

    • Cindy

      Either way is great. Thank you!

  • Allie

    You are awesome, Cindy! Great way to help serve those in need! Thanks!

  • CJ

    Awesome idea! I’ll send an envelope.

  • dee mcneely


  • Kara F.

    Cindy I am in tears right now at the generosity.

  • Lauren

    Cindy, what a fantastic idea. My husband, 2 little boys and I lost our home on Long Island due to flooding and we are so mentally, financially and emotionally overwhelmed and exhausted. Before this happened, I used to be an avid user of coupons, but just don’t have the time or energy to clip them and plan out shopping trips. This would make it easier for me to start trying to shop and rebuilt our destroyed stockpile for when we rebuild our home and help us to save money during a very difficult financial time for us.

    Thanks so much for helping families like mine. Gestures like these and my 2 little boys are the only things keeping me going right now.

  • Tina C.

    This is such an awesome thing you are doing. Brought tears to my eyes. I wish I could do something to help out more but things have been very tight financially lately. Having to spend on unbudgeted things for the storm and having my dad here made things a bit tight also. But I will be sure to look through my coupons for extras that I can donate. The only thing thats a pain is that coupons these days have such short expiration dates. I wish they would to back to the ‘back in the day’ ‘no expiration date’ coupons 🙂

  • Barbara A

    Darius Rucker, the singer, is offering to donate $10,000 in toys to a worthy community. Someone has started a Facebook drive to get votes for Toms River. Please follow this link — — and vote. The Zip Code for Toms River is 08753.

  • kim

    thank you!!! This is such a generous thing to do, especially since you have to restock too!

  • Denise

    that is wonderful every bit helps thank you so much

  • Barbara A

    Sunday I got to go over to my Ortley condo for the second time. The first time was by police escort on a bus. This time we got to drive our own cars and could stay half a day to gather possessions, meet with adjusters, etc. The car ride took us past the Ortley First Aid Squad where a group of volunteers handed out free cleaning supplies, water, food, etc. I am a couponer so had no need for cleaning supplies and unfortunately my condo is beyond the point that cleaning supplies would be of any use. But I loved the thought and the effort made by this group called the Northern Ocean County Bucket Brigade led by a very energetic incredible young woman who grew up in the area. (She went to the same high school as my children) If any one would like to support her effort her site is



  • Barbara A

    Another organization…..

  • deb m

    Hi Cindy I am sending you out this week 40 of each of the coupon packets from 12/2 and some from the past two weeks. I hope these will be helpful!!!

    • Cindy

      Oh wow! That will be awesome. Thank you so much!!

  • Gennaro

    Like many others, we also lost much. In these hardest of times it is difficult for my husband and I NOT to be able to help others in our community w/ our shared bounty. I am hoping to return to couponing by Jan or Feb so that we can continue some of the relief that has been offered here on the Rockaway Peninsula (Belle Harbor), but with three children under four that may prove difficult. In any case, this program seems AWSOME! What a great idea really!

    All our thanks to all the couponers that helped in this effort!

    • jacqueline

      My sister, her husband & 3 boys are also from the rockaway, neponsit, community & staying with mom in brooklyn. Been searching the internet for any assistance to share with friends& family hoping to relieve someof the daily stress of the rebuilding process. Amazing community spirit gives us the strength to continue, thanks to all.

  • Kudos to all of you for helping those affected by Sandy. We are so glad to help.

  • Gennaro
  • Gennaro
  • Caity

    I am not one to ask for help but I asked a neighbor for their coupon inserts the other day and just today he came and dropped off four boxes of toiletries and nonperishables. Thank you to all the wonderful and generous people out there willing to help!!- Brick NJ

  • Tina Silvers

    Finally have internet since we moved into our apartment. Our Home for now.. This is great:)))))) Thank you so much for your help!!!!! I have to say as many above asking for help is tough. I think we are all still in denial that this really happen to us. I will say this is the scariest financial time I have ever faced… We just have NO answers with insurance or Fema… Very unsettling. The stress is unreal. You take care of one thing then it is another. You think you get somewhere and the 10 steps back. Thank you for doing this for us:)

  • Pam

    Hi everyone…it’s really great to see that we are all giving back…to our Hurricane Sandy victims. My husband and I took two truckloads of our stockpile of goods and supplies down to the people in Long Island City in Queens. The New York Irish Center in LIC sorted and made sure the goods got to the people in need.

    I promised that I would do a free workshop to teach friends, neighbors and anyone affected by Hurrican Sandy how to coupon. The New York Irish Center said they would like very much for me to do a workshop there. I told them I am only two years in to couponing and that I am a mom/grandma (not professional) who has learned to coupon and has saved a lot of money couponing. I took one of my Shoprite receipts and showed them the tally on how much I have saved this year. At the time Hurricane Sandy hit…I had saved $9,000 just at Shoprite. Buy my end of year total was $10,500 at Shoprite.

    I had gallbladder surgery last Friday, but I promised to do a free workshop over a two-day weekend…when I recover from the surgery. They are excited and so am I. It’s my way of giving back and to help the people in that area affected by Hurricane Sandy to learn to coupon. It will improve their quality of life and enable them to use the money saved…to help rebuild.

    I would never have been able to do this without the help of Cindy and LRWC! I have learned and saved so much, so thank you so much Cindy. You are the best! My husband lost his job in July…but I have grown my stockpule again and am now only shopping for the items I can get for free. Who doesn’t love free?

    So I am so proud of you all and how you are helping others in need.

    Living Rich With Coupons is a lifesaver for my family. Thanks again Cindy!!

  • beth perez

    Wish I had seen this earlier… lost a good portion of my stockpile during sandy…we are port monmouth section of middletown. I have restocked quite a bit… waiting for ziplocks & wraps to go on an awesome sale…lol and my freezer is still pretty empty.. but my stockpike is slowly growing. Thanks for all y ou do