New $0.50/1 Eagle Brand Condensed Milk Coupon = $0.99 at ShopRite

Eagle Brand Coupon

There is a new Eagle Brand Coupon available.  The coupon is for $0.50 off any Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk product.

Print: Eagle Brand Coupon

ShopRite sells Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk for $1.99, so only $0.99 after fully doubled coupon!

Here is your deal:


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Note: The link above is a direct link to the coupon.  If you don’t see the coupon, try switching browsers.  For some reason, some browsers do not seem to be working lately.  I am checking into that today.

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  • Rita S.

    I cant find it..

    • Anonymous

      it worked for me. printed 2

  • Eden

    me neither…zip code?

    • Rita S.


      I tried a different browser….

  • Joanie

    Can’t find it – what zip code is it under?

    • Rita S.


      I was able to find it under a different browser..

  • Karen

    Thank you!! I’m starting to buy my baking supplies for Christmas and the coupon is great!

  • Joanie S

    Thanks, Rita! It didn’t work with IE, but worked with Firefox!

  • Fowzia

    Hello friends…….I cannot find mine either, did you find them at another zipcode? please…..

  • Jen

    This is Awesome!

  • Erika

    It didn’t work in Safari but worked in Firefox.

  • Ruth

    Nothing in Safari. Appeared in firefox but won’t print. Been trying and switching back and forth since coupon came out. Help before it becomes NLA. TIA

  • Eva

    I have figured it out! You need to delete your cookies first. Then click on the link and it worked for me! You can search on google how to delete cookies on your browser….

    on IE you go to safety… deleting browsing history…then leave only cookies marked and VOILA!I hope that helped I will be doing this from now on if I can not print a coupon 🙂