Pathmark and A&P Gift Card Deal – Up to a $60 Money Maker

Pathmark Gift Card DealPathmark and A&P Gift Card Deal

I know a lot of you have been very busy with the holiday and Black Friday Deals so I wanted to point out an awesome Gift Card Deal at Pathmark and A&P this week just in case you missed it.  This giftcard deal has the potential to be up to a $60 Money Maker depending on the value of the giftcard you buy and the type of card you buy.

The breakdown is as follows:

  • Buy $50 in select gift cards Get a $5 Catalina
  • Buy $100 in select gift cards Get a $10 Catalina
  • Buy $200 in select gift cards Get a $20 Catalina
  • Buy $500 in select gift cards Get a $60 Catalina

The cards included in the deal are:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Lord & Taylor
  • Lowes
  • SpaFinder
  • Toys R Us
  • Plus 2 others that I can not make out in the image

The only cards that have activation fees are the Visa and Mastercard and those run around $5.95 although there are $500 packs that have multiple gift cards in them with an $8.95 activation fee.

If you have been around here a while, you know that I love these gift card deals.  These are a great way to take money from your budget envelopes (if you have them) and pick up a gift card.  The catalina is just like free money to use in the store.

Here is a way I am using the giftcards this time.  I have money set aside in my checking account for the next payment of my son’s college tuition.  I will take $500 of it and buy a $500 gift card, pay the activation fee of up to $8.95 (depending on which set my store has), use the gift card to pay the bill and I have a free $60 to spend on almost anything I want at A&P.  My only cost was the $8.95 activation fee.  So, my profit is $51.05!

Of course, if you buy a store card like Toys R Us, there is no activation fee which would make for a $60 Money Maker.  I am not planning, at the moment, to buy anything at any of those stores so the Visa and Mastercard gives me flexibility.

Here is a breakdown of all the deals if you were purchasing a Visa or Mastercard:


If you have any questions, please ask.  A lot of people take advantage of these offers and if you haven’t done them before, I want to be sure you completely understand the benefits of doing them.  I know a lot of people on here would be more then happy to answer questions if I don’t get to them.


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  • Liz

    Shoprite also has this deal. Spend $100 on gift cards and get $20 catalina.
    Good thru 11/24. Great deal!

    • lisa

      Read the Shoprite ad because it for specific gift cards as well. But a great deal! We are remodeling the bathroom and picked up the Lowes gift card and used it immediately. I was so happy to save 20%.

      • Danielle

        I was hoping to do the Lowes deal at ShopRite today, too. Did anything print out from the register to show the $20 would be loaded onto your Price Plus card? I just don’t want to go there next week only to find out the money isn’t on my card.

        Thanks in advance.

        • lisa

          Sorry Danielle that I didn’t respond sooner. The Shoprite gift card deal from last week did load directly to the card and didn’t print out anything at the register. However, I had no trouble using the $20 this week and it came off automatically when my grocery totalled $20. I did go to the store with last weeks ad plus my receipt which showed I purchased the lowes card — I was prepared in case the $20 did not deduct. Shoprite has always been very good with making good on their offeres if they don’t work properly so it was not a concern for me. I actually liked the fact that I didn’t have to remember the CAT!

  • Michele A

    It often turns out with these gift card offers that many more gift cards are included than the ones pictured in the circular. Unfortunately it takes trial and error to figure it out!

    Last year my brother, sister and I chipped in to get Mom a new stove using $500 in Home Depot cards, and used the $60 to fill up her fridge! It was a great deal.

  • jennifer

    Is this deal until Thursday?

  • Kris

    Cindy the 60. Catalina …..I have to spend 60 at one time in the store! You taught me so well …my bill never comes to 60 bucks…but id like to take advantage of the free cash. Could I use the Catalina to buy a&p gift card? That way I can spend my profit a little at a time. Thanks for ur help.

    • Cindy

      I don’t believe you can use the $60 catalina to buy gift cards. I am going to use the gift cards to stock up on meat. Plus, they have gifts they sell at the stores like Keurigs, toys even Christmas decorations like wreaths, etc.

      • Kristine

        Cindy the $60.00 catalina I will need to use at the A&P in a single transaction?

        Thanks I just want to be sure b4 I spend the 500.

        • Cindy

          Oh it turns out they print out as (3)$20 Catalinas which is even better.

          • ND

            yeah killed me last night…, i bought stuff for 60 and cashier had to void the stuff… ( i was only able to use only 1 $20.00)

    • Jude

      Hi Kris. I did this deal yesterday and received 3 20.00 cats that expire 12/20/12.

      • Kristine

        awsome!!! Thank you so much everyone!

  • Hi does anybody knows if i buy visa or mastercard, can i use the gc to pay bills online? Cell phone or others?

    • Steve B.

      I pay for my Verizon home and cellular services by credit card. I would guess there are monthly bills you could pay by credit card. Be sure there is no additional fee for paying by credit/gift card though!

    • Michele A

      Yes, you can pay bills with it. I would only pay bills over t phone, it feels safer for me.

      • Michele A (SI)

        A lot of people feel that way, but if you’re using a Visa gift card, rather than your credit card, I wouldn’t worry. Once the gift card is depleted, it’s of no use!

  • Winnie

    Does the Visa or Mastercards have expiration dates on them? Also, I have never purchased these types of cards so wondering how is the activation fee $8.95 on the $500 bundle pack? Do they charge a one time fee to activate all the cards at once or does each card have an activation fee? tia.

    • ND

      nah, they don’t have exp date normally… also, it takes me 2 months to use 1 out at the max…. so, this is the best deal….

    • gina

      It is a one-time activation fee. Like Cindy said: “Activation Fee $5.95 (multipacks are $8.95)”. Happy shopping!

  • Linda

    When does this deal end at Pathmark? Headed up there on Monday-11/26.

  • Adam

    2 notes…

    1. When I purchased yesterday at my A&P in NJ, the catalina did not come out (customer service eventually gave me the coupons manually).

    2. If you do the $500 option, the $60 in catalina’s should come as (3) $20 ones, so you don’t have to spend the $60 in one trip.

  • Anonymous

    Can you use the Visa to pay online bills? Do you just submit the info as if you were paying with your own Visa debit or credit card? Thanks in advance.

  • bobie

    Can I buy with my credit card or have to have cash?
    I remember shoprite did not let me buy once with credit card.

    • Michele A

      It really is hit or miss. I never carry that type of cash n most people these days r t same so I usually just say I’m using my debit card then “mistakenly” hit credit.

      • bobie

        Thank you,

    • Michele A (SI)

      My Pathmark last year required either debit card or cash for more than $100 in gift cards. This may vary from store to store.

      (Just noticed there is another Michele A here, so I added SI to my name!)

      • Ellen

        hi michelle, i assume the “si” is for staten island? im also in SI and was wondering which pathmark you are referring to.. because i would much rather pay by credit card as i dont normally carry cash with me. lol thanks for your help!

        • Michele A (SI)

          Ellen, it was the Pathmark on Amboy Rd. in Bay Terrace.

          Of course, as we all know, these restrictions are often dependent on whoever happens to be in customer service the day you shop!

  • Tink

    Has anyone tried this yet? I am going to try and use either my credit card or debit card and last year one store gave me a hard time about that. Hopefully it won’t be a big deal this year.

    • ND

      they loose 3% if u use credit card… they will ask for debit or cash

  • Laura D.

    It was suggested last night on the Pathmark match ups to get a Visa or MC and then use it to purchase the gc at Shoprite and double dip the rewards. $XX.xx at A&P (depending on which one you purchase) and also get the $20 at Shoprite. It hasn’t been tested yet.

    Last year I took some of my son’s college tuition and put it into the A&P deal using a credit card with rewards. I called the Bursar’s office and bookstore to make sure they would both take them.

    Awesome deal!

  • RoseP

    the 60 catalina that we are getting when we purchase $500gc do we have to use all in single transaction

  • Cristine

    Acme is also doing a similiar deal (buy $100, get $20)– I haven’t figured out if any Visa or Amex ones are included, but Kohls is! and if you do seperate transactions, you can do the deal more than once. I did it before black friday so I got $20 of free groceries for buying stuff at kohls on BF. Awesome!

  • Jennifer

    Can we purchase the visa gift card and then use the visa gc to buy more gift cards?

  • Nikki

    I did this last year and it was awesome. I was able to budget with the $500 gc and it lasted for almost 5 months. Definitly doing this and the Shoprite deal!

  • Jim

    I have done this and works as follows:

    1. MasterCard and Visa work. Activation for $500 mastercard was $5.95. Look for the ones that allow any value – they do exist. (check the packaging for the amount of activation fee)

    2. You get three $20 Catalina and they work immediately.

    3. You can use the cards anywhere.

    4. On Long Island, they are advertising the Shoprite deal as $10 back on $100 and only once. Maybe the ad was wrong – have not been in store.

    5. Can use credit to pay for it. I did it at Cust Service – mine has a cat machine there – just make sure yours does before transacting.

    6. You can use the MC/VIsa to buy more – but the store may give you a prob if you do back to back. I would suggest trying to get different people.


  • Kathy

    When do the Catalina’s have to be used? Has anyone done this yet…it is a great deal? I want to do multiple if the Catalina’s last a long time

  • Ueen

    Did deal twice and got 3 $20 cats for both transactions.

  • Lisa

    I just did this deal 2x.

    I went to 2 different pathmarks

    at each one i purchased a $500 visa. Paid with my credit card – had to show drivers license – for each i got back (3) $20 catalinas – they expire 12/20

    • Laura D.

      Which Pathmarks will take credit cards? TIA!

  • claire

    I did this 2x for the $500. Got 6 $20 off cats. Be warned they say 1 per person per day, so be sure to split up your orders when using. I used the first $500 to pay my cell, internet, and gas bills for this month and next month. Then I used $100 from the second to get two $50 lowes from shoprite for the $20 off on your purchase next week. I will use the rest for gas and other incidentials this month. So in total 140 in groceries, or about 128 money! I used 4 of the 20 off at pathmark and now my freezer is full of meat, plus a full cart of weekly groceries. All the meat was manager markdown today so even better!

    • jessica

      Claire- awesome! I plan to do the same!! Woo hoo

  • Tink

    Ok so I just got back. 1 Store I went to had NO $500 gift cards on the shelf… hmmm Pretty sure they took them off.

    2nd store had a sign posted at the register- if you buy $200.01 or more in gift cards you have to use cash or debit card (they must put pin # in)

    Then if you do $200 gift cards you can use credit or debit but you must show your ID.

    I just tried to just a credit card to pay for the $500 gift card and had to use my bank card instead. Be warned- they aren’t super willing to hand out $60 in cats (3 x $20 cats)

  • gregg

    Pathmark in Howell has big sign saying “Sorry, Visa and MC debit cards not included”. Can others verify that the Visa and MC are wotking? Thanks

    • Lisa

      That doesn’t surprise me, I try to avoid the Pathmark in Howell. Every time I go there for a deal there seems to be an issue, or they make up their own restrictions.

      • Michele A

        Regardless of what they prefer franchise overrules so I would call corporate n complain. The CEO Sam, doesn’t like when these individual managers make up their own rules.

    • ueen

      Yes Visa and MC are working.

  • Anonymous

    Just an FYI, at a&p I bought the $500 mastered with the green box on it and did not get the cat. Thankfully they returned my $.,went down the road to pathmark bought the silver visa that u could choose the amount u load. Had them put 100 on it and out popped the 10 cat. I do plan on getting a $500 just was afraid to gamble again

  • Frugalsuz

    Dump that variable load card right away. It’s not covered by the same gift card laws as the others. The variable load cards like Paypower normally start charging a fee ($5.95) after 30 days!

    Confirmed this works on gas cards. I bought 4 x $25 BP cards and got the $10 cat!

    • ueen

      @Frugalsuz: Do you have a link to the info about “variable load cards which charges 5.95 after 30 days? This is interesting info.

  • Lisa

    When does this deal end at Pathmark.

    Like i mentioned above, i did this deal 2x yesterday but think i’ll do more today!

  • jessica

    Can u buy visa at a&p and use it to buy mastercard at acme then use it to buy gas card at shoprite? Hmmm

    • Laura D.

      I used the visa yesterday to buy Lord & Taylor and Lowes at Shoprite to get the $20 from shoprite. No problems at all, smooth sailing!

      • Cara

        How did the $20.00 from Shoprite…I don’t see anything on my receipt to say I have the money on my priceplus card.

        • Laura D.

          It should be loaded onto your price plus card to use on 11/26. There wasn’t any written verification, we’ll have to see how it goes. If it doesn’t work on the 26th I am sure they will be bombarded with phonecalls and emails, lol!

          • Cara

            Thank you for the info….will keep an eye on this.

  • dee

    The shoprite does show on your price plus card online, under points.

    Anyone verify that PM can be done again by rolling that $500 card into another $500 one?

  • Claire

    I did the same Cara and Laura. I will hold onto my reciept and ad and have it with me for the purchase.

    • Laura D.

      Good thinking! I will bring the ad and receipt along also. It’s better than having them cancel out the transaction! We all know that’s never good.

  • Sheena

    I went and bought the $500 Visa gift card at Costumer Service and the CAT DID NOT print. They were saying how the fine print said, whats pictured may not be whats really on sale and then they said that the fine print said no Telecom or Debit cards. I told them I bought what was pictured and ALL of the Visa cards they hard in the gift card section said debit on them, even the Visa gift card that’s pictured.

    Called the store manager and he claimed he couldn’t do anything without calling corporate. So they made a copy of my receipt, took my name and number and will call me tomorrow. S

  • Sheena

    I went and bought the $500 Visa gift card at Costumer Service and the CAT DID NOT print. They were saying how the fine print said, whats pictured may not be whats really on sale and then they said that the fine print said no Telecom or Debit cards. I told them I bought what was pictured and ALL of the Visa cards they hard in the gift card section said debit on them, even the Visa gift card that’s pictured.

    Called the store manager and he claimed he couldn’t do anything without calling corporate. So they made a copy of my receipt, took my name and number and will call me tomorrow. To say I am upset would be an understatement. I will contact Corporate myself and demand they give me whats due to me. This is why I dont usually shop at that store in the first place. I would think a store manager would be able to solve issues like this without having to have a customer come back another day.

    • CE

      The same thing happened to me. I bought a $500 Amex giftcard, the one with the purple box on it. I also purchased it at customer service and when my cat didn’t print they told me Amex giftcards are not included. I told them it’s pictured in the ad and they said it was a typographical error! And when I asked them which cards are included, the woman at customer service couldn’t even tell me! She just said some of the mall cards! I asked for a refund and they wouldn’t give it to me. I am definitely going to call Corporate and request the $60 cat.

      • sheena

        I emailed corporate last night. Must’ve called that store cause when i called at 9:45 this morning and the manager said they would have a $60 rain check coupon waiting for me at customer service. I went to pick it up. It expires 60 days from today! Awesome!

  • hanna

    Whoot whoot 🙂 I just did it ! Went to pathmark in bklyn and bought 2x visa $25 , 2x toys r us $50, 2x mastercard $100, 1x $50 lord and taylor and 2x lowes $50. Total $519.80 and 3x catalinas for $20 each and i used one of the catalinas immediately. Ps, i pd a lil extra cause i had specific visa ones i wanted to get. Good deal overal.

  • dee

    I was able to roll the $500 visa I bought yesterday into another $500 visa, paying the 5.95 in fees in cash. Cats printed with no problem. I did it at customer service. Gal knew exactly what was happening and barely looked at my driver’s license.

    Plan to try it again tomorrow….. Now I have $120 in food to get.
    Not a big fan of this store, however.

  • Staci

    Just purchased a $500 visa giftcard and received 3 $20 catalinas. Thanks for the great deals!!!

  • Jaime

    Just bought a variable amount Visa debit card from A&P (Patterson, NY). I had $500 put on it, but the Catalina did not print. It was the exact silver Visa debit card that is pictured in the ad. The enlarged ad was posted above the cards, and I compared them. (BTW, the two other cards no one can make out in the tiny ad are Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack). I went to Customer Service and they were reading the fine print on the ad. None of them knew anything about the deal. They gave me the phone number of A&P’s corporate office. I’ll call them later today. This is my first experience with these gift card deals and it is a big disappointment!

    • Laura D.

      Did they scan your A&P card? It won’t print unless you scan your card first. Sorry you had such a bad experience the first time with this.

      • Jaime

        They scanned my card first thing. I called the corporate customer care line (1-866-44-FRESH), and they told me they will be sending me the Catalina through the mail. So it did work out in the end, but still it was kind of a hassle. I had a feeling it would be after reading all the comments here, but how can I resist $54 in free groceries?

        • Susan

          Jaime, I am going to try it at the Patterson, NY store tomorrow. Thanks for the info. Hopefully it will work!

          • Jaime

            Susan, do you live nearby? I’d love to compare notes on local deals. Good luck on the gift card deal. Despite everything, I am thinking of trying again, but buying only store gift cards w/o activation fees (Home Depot, Kohl’s, gas cards, etc).

            • Susan

              Jaime, I live in Stormville, work in Carmel. I plan on going to the Patterson store tonight after work. Just curious, how did you pay for it? I normally grocery shop at Shoprite, then hit Riteaid and CVS on occasion. LRWC has helped me tremendously over the years!

      • Dave

        That’s weird because I paid at Cust Svc and they did NOT scan my card. I actually forgot all about it but my CATS did print. (3 $20 for $500 Visa)

  • I was buying a gas cards breaking transaction on 2 for $50 each to make sure its will work. First time I got $5 cat from $50 and than buying another $50 cards they sad I have to get something else like a gum to make transaction trhu. And I bought another gas gard paying for all $75 but of course got only $5 cat . CAN I RETURN and repurchase card ? of coure they will say that gas cards do not include on a deal… And is that deal works for Hess gas cards ?

  • Amy

    fyi – A merchant cannot refuse a transaction if you choose not to produce identification, and a merchant does not have to ask for additional identification when presented a signed credit card.”

    • Amy

      If you’re a Visa cardholder and a merchant presses you for an ID, Visa says you should notify your card issuer. In the case of Amex, notify American Express directly. MasterCard customers should report the violation by visiting the company’s merchant violation web page

  • deb

    Did two transactions over two days – 1st was two $100 visa cards with each @ $5.95 transaction fee and got $20 cat.
    2nd was gift cards for Lord & Taylor and Nordstrom totalling $200 and got $20cat.

    I really want to get a VISA or MC at a higher $ amount but the two A&P stores that I went to only had the variable load cards (both managers told me that there were not included) and the highest single $ amount was only $100.

    Does anyone know which stores in Bergen County have the higher $ amount cards?

    Also, has anyone tried the Bed, Bath & Beyond cards? I could really use it for xmas gifts.

    Thanks for any info that anyone has.

    • Laura D.

      The variable load cards work at Pathmark. There is one in Fairlawn and Hackensack in BC.

  • Dave

    Where did you find this gift card offer? It’s not in this week’s regular circular, nor was there any information at my local Pathmark. If my catalinas don’t print, I’d like something to refer to. Thanks!

    • Laura D.

      It’s in the circular. It is a very, very, very small section on the left hand side of one of the inside pages, close to the centerfold. The ad is very thin this week. HTH.

      • Dave

        Thanks. Yeah, no “normal” shopper is EVERY going to see this offer! I’m off to Pathmark. Hope it works.

        • Laura D.

          LOL, very true! Good Luck!

  • claire

    Have done this 3 times now with the visa variable load by adding $500. So far 180 in coupons! My ad says it is good next week. Is that true? I get paid next week and am considering doing it one more time. Last night I spent one of the 20 coupons and got 6 lbs of chicken breast (manager markdown to 99 cents lb), 6 PM brand apple juice, 2 boxes of cereal, and a big bag of cat litter (markdown 50% off) for 2.39. Paid using the giftcard. Also, I tried using part of one of the gifts cards, $300 and my debit to buy a new card. They said not possible because you can’t use a gift card to buy a gift card. Anybody have any luck with that? If so, how did you do it?

    • Debbie

      did you buy the variable load at pathmark or a&p?

      • Laura D.

        As of yesterday, the $500 variable load still isn’t working at A&P. At Pathmark it works without any problems.

        Corporate even sent out a letter stating all gift cards were included until 12/6/12 and that the problem was fixed, but my cats didn’t print. My store called corporate again.

  • claire

    It was at pathmark