Pathmark and A&P – Hot Unilever Deal

Pathmark and A&P – Hot Unilever Deal

Yippey!  There is an awesome Unilever Catalina Deal this week at A&P and Pathmark.  And, I confirmed this morning that it is working on shelf price!

Here are the 2 deals I did to score all this for free:

Transaction #1:

Buy 4 I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter ($3.99) $2.29 each
Total: ($15.96) $9.16
-(2) $0.60/1 ICBINB Unilever Mailer
-(2) $1/1 ICBINB printable (32115)
-$0.75/2 Zavers eCoupon
Pay: $4.01
Get a $5 Catalina

Transaction #2:

Buy 2 Hellmann’s Mayo ($5.49) $3.49 each
Buy 2 Ragu ($3.09) $1.49 each
Total: ($17.16) $9.96
-(2)$1/1 Hellmann’s from the 11/11 RP
-$0.25/1 Hellmann’s Zavers eCoupon
-(1)$1/2 Ragu Unilever Mailer
-$1/2 Ragu Zavers eCoupon
-$5 Catalina from transaction #1
Paid: $0.71
Get a $5 Catalina

Total Out of Pocket: $4.72
Received a $5 Catalina
Final Cost: FREE

There are a bunch of deal ideas that can be done for this depending upon what you need.  Also, be sure to clip the following eCoupons for the deal:

Also note that there is a limit of 2 per transaction on all the Unilever Coupons.  And, don’t forget, if you haven’t done the SavingStar Unilever Deals, be sure to save that to your card so you can get an additional $5 back when you spend $20 on Unilever Products.

Here are some deal ideas:


Be sure to check out the rest of the items included in the deal in the Pathmark Coupon Match Ups and the A&P Coupon Match Ups.

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  • Anonymous

    there is a printable $1 off icinb product available 32115 i think…. my ad is slightly different no ragu but bertolli and icbinb is 1.99….

    • CE

      My Pathmark has bertolli too and it’s $2 each but my Waldbaums has Ragu for $1.49 each. Guess I’ll be going to Waldbaums for this deal.

  • kerry

    wow great find! i was about to do the cvs deal for the peanut butter to get it for $1.25 a jar this week – who said procrastination doesn’t pay?!!

  • tammi

    This deal is also at Food 15.00 in qualifying Unilever products get 5.00 off instantly when you spend 15.00…..10.00 off Instantly when you spend 30.00

  • heather D

    There is a money maker on the Wishbone. There was a Unliever flyer out a few weeks ago that had 50/1 wishbone coupons on them.
    I purchased 4 Dressings @ 1.99
    Used 4 .50/1
    Paid $3.96 and got the $5.00 cat

  • Winnie

    I made a boo boo today. I purchased 5 Ragus and was looking for the cat but it didn’t print. Looked at my receipt and realized that shelf price on the Ragus were $2.69 and not $3.09. The zaver $1/2 came off and I had a coupon for $1/2. Because of all these deductions, and having my 4 year old with me, and needing to pick up my other son from a play date, I didn’t turn around to go to customer service. I’ll suck it up and call it a “you live and learn.” I’ll make sure to check the shelf prices next time. 🙁

    • Lesley

      My self price was that as well, but luckily I saw it when I was standing in front of them. I am surprised that I checked because normally I get so excited doing these deals that I always mess up…either by not checking the prices or not picking the correct item! My mind goes so fast when I go shopping for great deals that I always mess up somehow. I have been trying to slow down and take my time. It did work because I bought 6.

  • Erin M.

    isn’t there a savings star on unilever too??

    • Cindy

      Yes there is if you haven’t done it yet. I will add that to the post. I did it so long ago I forgot about it.

  • Tiny

    Hi everyone, I am very new to this so I need a little help.
    When you say two transactions do you mean you rang them up separately?
    Or were these just the two deals you used to get the $5 cat?

    • Cindy

      You have to do them separately. Each transaction will give you a $5 catalina. You can use the catalina you received from the first transaction to pay for the second transaction to reduce your out of pocket. In the second transaction you will get another $5 catalina. Hope that helps.

  • Lynn

    I am new to this. What is a Unilever

    • Cindy

      Unilever is a brand that carries products such as Skippy, Hellmann’s, Country Crock, Ragu and more. You will find that sometimes the deals are done by brand. In this case it’s select Unilever products.

  • Alex

    My $.50 zavers for skippy did not come off but still a great deal. Earlier this week I bought skippy at shoprite and the e coupon for skippy also did not work- very weird because all my other e coupons at shoprite and zavers at pathmark all came off.

  • Alex

    Thank You Cindy!

  • Selle

    Hi Cindy I just want to know if Pathmark change their coupon policy for printable one’s. I was surprise bec. I’ve been going to pathmark every single week and some people take 4 and today they only took 2 same like coupon, and even though the coupon has different value but the same brand they will not take it. Thanks

  • Leah

    I got 2 skippy, 2 wishbone & 1 mayo-my skippy esavers didn’t come of either…still a super deal! My Catalina printed fine after order! Thx!

  • Stephanie

    I’m kind of new to this, so you can you do these deals as many times as you like?

    • A

      Yes, you can do these deals multiple times but the zavers coupons only come off once, so you will not have the same results after your first transaction using them.

  • A

    I bought 2 Skippy and 2 ICBINB but didn’t get the $5 cat.Both have a shelf price of $3.99. The cat machine was working and just gave me a coupon for stouffers. Lesson learned, don’t go back to that A&P store again. LOL!! On the bright side, I got lots of freebies from CVS and redeemed my free roasting chicken at Shoprite so I still came home happy.