Shop Your Way Members: up to $20 Reward for Hurricane Sandy Victims

Hurrican Sandy Donation Locations

Shop Your Way Members: Hurricane Sandy Help

If you’re a Kmart or Sears shopper and are a Shop Your Way Member, be sure to check your e-mail or check your account to see if you received a $10-$20 Reward to help with Hurricane Sandy Relief.  Only members who lived in an area impacted by Sandy have received this reward–(parts of Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Maine, Massachusetts, North Carolina, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia and Vermont).

I received $10 in my account, however I did not receive an e-mail notifying me it was there, so be sure to check your accounts at Shop Your Way to see if you received a reward.

The reward must be used at any Kmart or Sears by tomorrow, 11/8!

Here is a sample e-mail received:

In the wake of Superstorm Sandy, I want to extend a hand during this difficult time on behalf of Sears Holdings Corporation.

In addition to the 100+ truckloads of supplies we are sending to the communities impacted by Sandy, we have added $10 in free Points to your SHOP YOUR WAY REWARDSSM account. Please use them toward whatever supplies you need from Sears and Kmart through November 8. It’s a small gesture to help our SHOP YOUR WAY REWARDSSM Members.

Thank you, and stay safe.

Thanks Karen & Melissa!
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  • Purvi

    I got 10 dollars in my account and used yesterday to buy thermal ware since we don’t have power yet. Thanks to Kmart. I think you have to use it by certain date.

  • Melanie

    I was so excited when I saw this in my email. I received a $20 credit and I was able to get some items to donate to the victims of hurricane sandy. I live very close to LBI and they could definitley use some help!! Kmart did a great job helping their customers when they are in need!!

  • Jen

    I received an email which is how I knew I had money in my account. I would suggest calling customer service first to verify. I called to verify the amount and found out I had another account which was merged and had $10 on that account too. So with all said and done, I had $26.60 to use by 11/8. Also, beware, the customer service rep said I needed my pin to use the reward money, but at the end I didn’t need it at the register. To be safe, you can change your pin online at and log into your account and then pin which is where you can change the pin that is provided. Great way to buy an stocking stuffer for Christmas!

  • Liz V

    I got $10 and used it today. I also had $6.80 in rewards for a total of 16.80. I bought my growing baby a warm hat and gloves. It was nice getting those essentials for free. No issues at all-they scanned my card and the cashier told me my reward amount.

  • Dee2

    I’m in CT along the coast. I got $10 in my account. I’ll go to Sears tomorrow to get something to donate to hurricane victims. I’m very lucky – never lost power, didn’t flood and only lost a few pieces of siding. Of course, we’re getting a Nor’easter right now. Warm socks sound like a good use!

  • VWalker

    How do I ise the reward? Can use it online or only in store?

    • Myrah

      I would like to know if I can use it online as well. I rec’d $10 that expires tomorrow and because NY has a gas crisis (all my gas stations are out of gas), I can’t just jump in my car to go to Sears or Kmart.

      • Laura D.

        Go into your Rewards Account and there is a section about how to redeem your rewards. I think I remember reading you can redeem them online. I was going out today and was passing right by the store, so I chose to use them there.

  • Robin D

    I received $10 and used it online to buy a Maglite flashlight – I’m tired of not having a working flashlight when I need it. (of course with the 3 – 6 inches we’re getting now I may need it tonite!)

    • Laura D.

      I finally found new D batteries to replace ours with. The roads are covered already, ugh, and I was thinking the same thing!

  • Tina C.

    I received the email and received $10. Didn’t realize I also had $6 in my account til I got to the register. Was very happy to be able to use it on onsie pajamas and warm clothes for my daughters!

  • Winzilinie

    FYI, if anyone is unable to get to the store, you can purchase a gift card and have it emailed or mailed for free.

  • Tammy

    I live in Tennessee, I got $5. It will cost me $10 in gas to go spend it. I looked on the site, only found Kmart gift card for $25 and a Walmart card for $10. May buy the Walmart one so I don’t lose it.

  • Dawn Holgersen

    I used mine today at Sears to buy a baby outfit for a family who lost their house. The more interesting part of my shopping trip was a sweet reward from a stranger. I was at the register, when a man walked by. He looked at these giant $20 boxes of Whitman’s chocolates and said “Are these free?” I joked and said “I wish”. He proceeded to take the box of chocolates, place them on the counter in front of me, took out a twenty, and put it on top of the box,said “Here, for you”, and walked away. As he’s walking away, I asked if he was sure, he said “No, I’m John.”

    • evonne B

      Thats a great story, so nice to hear these things still happen 🙂
      (wheres the like button)

  • Lisa

    Thank you so much, i have $20 and would have never known. I hope the weather is better tomorrow so i can take advantage of it.

  • Lisa

    How do you purchase the giftcard Winzilinie?

    • Travis

      I just tried to do the giftcard – it says gift cards are ineligible for rewards redemption… unless I’m missing something… guess I’ll be heading to Sears tomorrow!

  • barb

    i got mine and just bought some boots for the kids online did not use the rewards though I will when I pick them up tomorrow if they are open with the rain we were supposed to get (we got snow instead 8 inches so far) anyway the kamik boots 39.95 were buy one get one free!!

  • amber

    I rec’d $10. I used it to purchase some warm clearanced clothing items to donate at the nearby shelter that is housing some town residents who, like myself, still have no power.

  • jt

    thanks lrwc! just used $10 in shop your way rewards points (that i didn’t know about) at with cindy’s posted coupon code of 30% & free shipping (LOVEWINTER1 Pin: 1012)… adding in my rewards balance of $.43, got a sale fleece jacket for $.04. also, things can be returned in sears stores. thanks again.