ShopRite Coupon Match Ups 11/25 – 12/1

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ShopRite Coupons & Deals for the week of 11/25/12

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  • sharon

    Shoprrite in the upstate NY area (Albany) has triple coupons this week.

    • Margie

      do you know if the Slingerlands Shoprite accepts competitors coupons? and if they would double or triple them? also if I load the shoprite e-coupons to my shoprite card, will they still accept manufacturers coupon for the same item?
      can be so confussing, thank you

      • Todd

        ShopRite does not accept comperitor coupons
        They will double manufactures coupons up to .99
        Website eCoupons and manufactures coupons are stackable

  • valora


  • Kyle

    Triple coupons in the Albany, NY market area this week. Need to get organized.

    • Laura

      Same here!! But im tired of not getting any of the good deals because they are always out at the nisky and central ave store.

      • Elissa

        I’m so excited! I’m getting my list together now to hit up the Central Ave store tomorrow! 🙂

  • Mark

    Thanks for the match-ups.

  • n

    thanks for the matchups

  • cris

    Great list, thanks for all of your hard work! Wanted to let you know that there is a catalina on Knorr Homestyle Stocks….between 11/26 and 12/30…buy 2 or more and get a $1 catalina….got it at ShopRite (from the machine) Makes the deal even sweeter!

  • jasmin


  • Eva

    Has anyone had any issues using the Manufacturer’s Coupons that state “Redeemable at Walmart” at ShopRite? I’m looking at the B2G1 coupon for Nabisco.

    • Cheryl

      All of the Shoprite stores around me will not accept them once they say “Redeemable” though they don’t mind if it says “Available”. Wish they would stop printing it on these coupons, my nearest Walmart is about 20 miles away and I wanna use these coupons 🙂

      • Kimberly Clark

        Argued with a cashier and a supervisor about the colgate tb coupons, b/c they said Walmart. My argument back is that is says redeemable not only redeem at… and that it is a manufacturer’s coupon not a store coupon.

    • Christine R

      I just used one of mine at Shoprite tonight with no problem. However, my SR accepts competitor coupons so that may be why they take them w/o questions. I haven’t tried them at any of the other SR’s I used to frequent since my store started taking competitor coupons.

    • jennifer

      I used that coupon with 2 different cashiers in Vineland, and didn’t have any problems. I’ve had problems at other locations though!

    • Todd

      Not for this coupon but I had one in the past that was questioned by a cashier. I polietly explained that it simply meant that it was “also” redeemable at Walmart and said Give it a try … If it doesnt go through no big deal. (You can always return the item). If it was “ONLY” redeemable at Walmart it would state that on the coupon.
      The coupon went through without an issue.

    • Lady J

      mine wont take them even though they are MQ’s. I explained, but they still don’t want to take them. I won’t make an issue of it b/c my SR’s are really nice and coupon friendly. They never give me a hard time or say I’m doing anything illegal. Even in situtions like this, they are very nice about not taking the redeemable at Walmart q. That is rare in the couponing world. So, this one, I let them have.

  • does anyone know if you can do this more than once in the same day? Will the ten dollar gc roll?

    • Christine R

      Good question. I have my lists set up to roll so I hope so!

    • April

      On the flyer it says ” the more manufacturer offers you qualify for the more gifts cards you’ll earn” So to me it sounds like you can get more than one on a single transaction but this morning I got the P&G offers 1,2 &3 but only the offer 3 printed out. I went to the counter and they printed them out for me there. Also My Oral-B catalina didn’t print. I’d play it safe and do single transactions.

  • Bree

    The $3 boxes of GM Cereal could work out to be the better deal because they have Movie Money Codes! 2 codes gets you a free movie ticket! I have only seen codes with the larger boxes, 16 oz.+. So for $6 (or less depending on coupons) you get 2 boxes of cereal and a movie ticket. 🙂

    • ND

      wow…. can someone please give me more details about this deall….. (how many cereals and what i need to do to make it best)

  • maria

    thanks a bunch!

  • Melissa

    Does anyone know if Westchester is included in the triple coupon promotion this week? (Hey, one can hope for another triples week, eh!?)

  • Eve

    Thank you. Looks like they are making you jump thru hoops this week!

  • marcella

    if anyone does the general mills spednd $25 get $10, can you let us know if it worked on the pre plus prices? Thanks

    • Jan

      The P&G and Nabisco worked presale price. On the Nabisco deal, the Catalinas worked on the Jello and Mio for an extra $6.

  • Matthew

    Don’t forget there’s a .50/1 birds eye out there. Not sure from which insert but mine expire 12/31!

    • Matthew

      Error. .50/2. Sorry whoopsie

  • Jessica H

    it appears both of the Tony’s Pizza coupons might be NLA. Does anyone have a zip the $1/3 still works on?

  • Jan

    A frienly reminder: The $20/purchase $100 gift card promotion’s redemption does not start until 11/26. This week’s $10 toward a gift card purchase promotion is for gift cards over $10, not a $10 card. One might need to buy a $10.01 Shop Rite card to roll the savings.

    • Cuzzie

      I dont think that is the case for the SR gift cards

    • Liz

      I don’t understand…can you elaborate?

      • Jan

        The Catalina coupon came up with an error code about the coupon being more than the purchase. I was already having other issues, so customer service gave the cashier a $20 bill to cover the 2-$10 cards I was trying to get. Did anyone else have issues exchanging the Catalinas? I have other deals to try before they are over.

  • Lisa Caso

    Does anyone know the zip code for the Dixie Cup coupon?

  • Monica

    The Barbie coupon states “Save $5 w/ the purchase of any Barbie toys by Mattel, $20.00 minimum purchase (excluding tax)”. Does this mean $20 in Barbie purchases or $20 in total purchases? FYI – “Available only at Walmart” is printed in the lower right hand corner of the coupon.

    • julie

      If it states it on the coupon it means in barbie purchases

  • Jen Steuterman

    hey, Thanks so much for the match-ups.
    I know there is a mio Catalina that ends 11/25, but i got a Catalina about a Mio offer that starts 11/26 – 12/30
    buy 2 get $1
    buy 3 get $2
    buy 4 or more get $3!!! just thought you all would like to know!

  • Laura D.

    I was in Toys R Us late last night and noticed there was a bunch of “Barbie” coupons in a pamphlet on the sign board as you walk into the store. There were at least 4 of them of nice values $3, $5 etc. I didn’t notice if they were MQ or store q’s. If store q’s, they would stack nicely with the $5 above.

    Just a heads up if you’re looking for Barbie items.

  • Daisy

    I wonder if we’ll be able to do the buy $25/get $10 deals more than once. I did one of each of them this morning and I’d definitely like to do some of them again!

  • Nancy

    Van’s Waffles are $2.50. It looks like they may have reset the coupon on their facebook page, as I was just able to print out a new one….

    • julie

      Are these the gluten free ones? New to this whole GF thing!!

      • Nancy

        They do have the GF ones. In fact, they are pictured in the flyer, as well as on the coupon. The coupon is for any Van’s product. I’ve had them before (I’m not gluten intolerant, though), and they’re good. The price can be expensive, so this is a pretty good deal – IMO.

    • Karen

      Thanks, Nancy 🙂 Wish they allowed more than one print though! Guess I can’t complain at one box for $1.50 lol.

  • Pam

    I printed a copy of the full list of items included in all of the deals and to my surprise …. On the Unilever list was Tresemme …. If this works off of shelf price it should go like this…
    BUY 6 Tresemme 32oz shampoo/conditioner @ $4.99 = $29.94
    Subtract the Price plus discount of $2.00/ bottle = $17.94
    Get the $10 gift card … Plus $6.00 (3 x $2) catilinas for the Tresemme deal on page 9 of the flier.
    Making it 6 bottles for only $2 after everything is said and done….
    I’ll be trying this today… Look at the FULL list of included items… there are more than are advertised…

    • Cindy

      LOL, great minds think alike. I was just going on over the Unilever products myself. Good deal and, my guess is, it should work!

    • Jennifer

      wow, great deal! but will 3 catalinas for $2 each actually print out??

    • Connie

      I tried to do this deal yesterday. I got the cats but not the gift card.

    • Renee

      I did the Tresemme deal and did not get the gift card. I got the ones that were included but since they are not listed in the flyer, they wouldn’t give it to me.

      My question is — should I call shoprite?

      • Renee

        I called shop rite (main number) and they are taking care of it. BUT I did notice in the sales ad that it does say “Limit 1 offer per customer, per manufacturer, per transaction during the one week promotional period. Now I did two tresemme deals but on different transactions. But on same PP card? So who knows if I will get 2 or 1??? lol

        • Laura D.

          Seems they are catching on and changing things. Will you please update what happens? Just curious for the future. TIA! Good Luck, hope you get the card!

      • ellen

        I tried the freshmen deal today also and no gift card. I came home and looked at the list online so I could print it out and bring it in tomorrow and show them. I had gone to customer service and they couldn’t find it either so I returned them(12 , I had mine and my sh card). To my surprise the supports list of participating items says….REVISED!… How can they change it during the week?…

    • Julie


      Unless something changed, I tried this today on the Tresemme and was able to get the 3 $2.00 Cats , but not GC. Was told by SR manager that the Tresemme was not listed in the circular under the Unileaver deal and was not covered. They did not have a master list of covered products under each deal. Stinks!

      • Lisa

        I had the same problem at SR in Sucasuna NJ. I returned them all!

  • Erin

    Kellogs Family Rewards has $1.50 off any cereal 8.7 0z or larger for 100 points.

  • Jill

    There is a Unilever coupon book in Stop & Shop by the registers…in there is a $1/1 Bertolli pasta sauce coupon.
    Buy 11 Bertolli pasta sauce, use 11 $1/1 coupons, pay $10.89, get back $10!

    The only thing is there’s a S&S logo on the coupon but it is a manufacturer coupon…

    • Kera H

      At My shoprite in Norwich CT you can only use 4 like coupons per transaction

      • Jill

        Thanks, Kera I forgot about that!

      • Julie

        That is the same with all Shop Rites, not just yours.


    I was so tired that i thought the pg deal would be for any of the razors. oh well now i have some more christmas presents

  • Cyndi

    Why do the Yoplait Greek yogurt coupons and Gogurt coupons all say void in NJ?

    • Lady J

      they have said tht for a long time. It has to do with some dairy law and selling dairy at a discount.

  • Lori

    now that the tresseme is confirmed I am excited for this week and for the coca-cola sale even with no coupons it is a good deal because soda is so expensive and I am an addict.

  • Lori

    oh and the nabisco one. The p&g ones don’t do anything for me, LOL

  • holly

    FYI, just did the Tressame deal at Shoprite in Middletown. Purchase 6 OOP was $12.00 after price plus and received $6.00 Cat and $10.00 giftcard. Total Free plus $4.00.

  • Monika

    Does every Shoprite does the $ 10 Gift cards?
    My one in Bel Air, MD has a promotion going on, send $ 300 get 20 % of next order!?!
    The customer service said they do not know about htis gift card deal

  • Elizabeth

    i see people listing $4.59, $3 and the $2 General Mills Cereal as part of the General Mills deal. Is that possible, because a worker at Shop Rite told me that the $3 and $2 cereals dont qualify for the deal. Wondering if maybe she is uninformed or if this really is the case. Can get a better deal for the smaller boxes but dont want to get to checkout and find out that it will not work.

    • Rachel

      I don’t know the answer, but I would like to figure out which is the best deal for Cocoa Puffs this week. The best coupons I can find is the $1/2 listed above.

  • Pam

    Starting Wednesday the P&G deal # 1 looks like this…
    Buy 4 Dawn dish soap @ $3.39 ($1.88)= $13.56 ($7.52)
    2 Febreze Fabric refresher @ $5.49 ($4.99)= $10.98 ($9.98)
    1 Febreze Air Effects @ $2.99 ($2.79)
    Total =$27.53 ($20.29)
    4- .75/1 Dawn
    2- 1/1 Febreze fabric
    1- 1/1 Air effects
    PAY $12.29 … Get $10 Gift Card… $2.29 for all or .32each

    • Will this deal work off of shelf prices? Would love to stock up on Dawn Dish detergent 🙂

      • Pam

        All of the Gift Card deals I’ve done this week have been working off of shelf price…

    • Pam

      4- Dawn = 13.56 (7.52)
      4- Air Effects= $11.96 ($11.16)
      TOTAL $25.52 ($18.68)
      4- .75/1 Dawn
      4- 1/1 Air Effects
      TOTAL After coupons $8.68 and get the $10 Gift Card $1.32 MONEY MAKER

      • MarciB

        I tried this same deal, same coupons, in Canton, CT which would have been a killer deal, but I did not qualify. Went to CS-they said they were using Pre-Plus Club prices for ALL deals. I went back and grabbed a Cascade, which put me over, and I needed it anyway, but I was very dissappointed.
        I have never seen this before in my store. The Manager was not there, but I plan to follow up on Monday with him.
        Are these deal policies set by the individual store or at the Corporate level?

        • MarciB

          OOPS, I meant SALE Price, not PPC price! 🙂

    • Jean

      My coupon is for $1 off 2 Dawn.

  • Elaine

    I seen this on another forum… TODAY ONLY… Did anyone try this???

    Shoprite From Home promo code CYBERMONDAY to save $20 off a $150 order.
    Valid Sunday and Monday only, 11/25 and 11/26.

    Works on gift cards. Ordered a $100 and a $50 Shoprite gift card for $150 total, plus $10 shopping fee = $160.
    Code took off $20 for a $140 total, a $10 moneymaker.

    That’s $150 in Shoprite giftcards for $140 total.
    Pick them up at the store, then use them to shop for whatever else you need while you are there.

    • jennifer

      I saw this, and tried to do it, but didn’t see the option to purchase a gift card in my shop at home cart?

      • Elaine

        Just type in Gift Card, in the search box on top, as you start to type the list will appear under it.

        • Cuzzie

          They must have caught on to this because I cant find the SR gift cards for my store.

          • jennifer

            Likewise at my store (Mullica Hill)

    • Jenn

      Thanks Elaine! I’m working on my list right now and adding the $50 card makes finishing easier. Have you picked yours up already? I’m wondering if there’s a glitch when you pick up the order.

      I don’t plan to pick up the order until later in the week. My understanding is that the order has to be placed today, but can be picked up by 12/1.

      • Elaine

        Jenn I didnt do this order, i read it on another forum. The Shop at home delivery for me is $19.95 (my closet SR is over 20 miles) so it wasnt a deal for me. But thought maybe someone else could benefit Good Luck!

        • Jenn

          Ah, okay. My Shop at Home does list the gift cards, so I will give it a try. Thanks for your reply :o)

      • IK

        Jenn – I placed the order with the pick up date of 11/29…hoping for no surprises at pick-up…

        • Jenn

          Yes, me too! I am also picking up on 11/29. There was an offer awhile back – can’t remember what exactly – and when I got there, I didn’t qualify because something in my order was out of stock and I didn’t have everything needed to qualify. I hope that with the gift card in the order, it will fill in the gap.

    • Lauren

      Just picked up my $150 in SR GC’s using the deal above – no problems! Even used 2 $10 off GC catalina’s I got this week doing the coke and unilever deals! Paid $120 for $150 in SR gift cards! Tried to use the $20 credit from last weeks gift card deal (get $20 when you spend $100) but I used the wrong price plus card. Oh well – still an awesome deal!

      • IK

        thank you for posting!

  • Ida

    Did the PG offer 3 deal for Luvs size 2.
    3 Luvs Diapers (size 2 has 42 diapers)$6.49
    1 Oral B toothbrush $2.99

    -$1 off Luvs Diapers(P&G 11/25/12)
    -$0.50/1 Oral-B Toothbrush(P&G 10/28/12)

    Total OOP:$20.46
    Received $10 Cat.

    Total per diaper .08 (plus a toothbrush!)

    • NJ Coupon Mama

      Love this idea! Thanks for sharing!!

  • Maryann

    I cannot find the Dixie plate/bowl coupon. I clicked on the link and searched Red Plum, then had my husband and daughter do the same on their computers. They couldn’t find it either. Then I did an internet search, and there were several links, but all led to the same Red Plum site where we can’t find the coupon. I don’t know how to get that coupon.

  • jennifer

    The B2G1 nabisco coupon (that says redeemable at Walmart) worked at the Vineland Shoprite. Cashier didn’t even question it. Had a great trip there today!

    • Nate

      Landis and Lincoln? If so, we’ve changed the policy to accept coupons like the one you stated. So we do now in fact accept manufacturer coupons with other stores logos, names, etc.

  • Taryn

    Enfield, CT Shoprite has entire pork loins on sale for $1/lb with your card. I just paid $7.67 for an entire loin, and the butcher sliced it for me too! No coupons, however this is a KILLER deal.

  • Esmirna M

    Anyone know if any ShopRites in PA are tripling coupons again? Thanks!

  • Julie

    In Sunday’s Courier Post on page 27A there is a small Shoprite Super coupon in a list of other coupons. It is for a free dozen Shoprite large eggs. The coupon is good until June 29, 2013.

  • Marjie

    The $2 catalina for the Oral B toothbrushes ended 11/24/12.

  • Elaine

    Anyone know if the Toblerone is still 2/$3.00? I just got my 20 coupons from my order last week. TIA!

  • IK

    anyone had the $20 off taken off their order from the last week ‘buy 100 in gc get 20 applied to your ppc’? wondering at what point it’s being taken off… and what if you order is less than 20?

    • Betty

      I guess you can get $20 shoprite gift card instead. Not sure, just guessing.

    • Laura D.

      The $20 comes off at the end and you need at least $20 in groceries to trigger it. You may need to ask the cashier to hit the subtotal key to get it to work. At least that’s what I had to do.

  • anonymous

    sort of confused about the 10 dollar gift card.

    so if i buy 3 maxwell house coffee (9.39)6.99 would that work for the 10 dollar gift card?

    • kathryn

      yes. That’s what i did. I bought 3 coffees and I got the certificate for the gift card. It’s a pretty good deal on coffee.

  • sue

    I was wondering the same thing. My receipt didn’t show anything when I bought the gift cards Cust. service said wait 24hrs. Another deal is going on this week too. I see amc and the visa included. Buy $100 get $10 on PPC.

    • Lauren

      Just got back from SR where I did the Tresemme deal + 6 Birds eye veggies. The total after BE MC’s was $23.09 but the $20 from last weeks GC purchase didn’t come off. Had to go to CS where they said this has been a problem. They were able to use a $20 SR GC to reduce my OOP to $3.09 plus I got the $10 GC CAT and 3 $2 CAT’s from the Tresemme. The bottom of my receipt was still showing the $20 credit. Really hope they go back to the regular catalinas! CS was great but I feel for them if corporate can’t correct the problem.

    • Ruth

      Is this working on gas cards? TIA

  • Laura D.

    I bought 3 Taster’s Choice coffee’s tonight ($8.99 ea = $26.97) minus the $1.50/2 coupon = $25.47 and nothing triggered the gift card, or catalina.

    I went to CS and she was clueless. She couldn’t scan the deal for me and print out the offer because they now “lock up” the scan sheet and only 1 person is allowed to use it. So it’s only available during the day.

    So I asked to speak to the manager and was told he’s unavailable.


  • Jason

    Hi, not sure if this has been answered, but was wondering if we could do multiple gift card deals in one transaction? For instance, could I spend $25 on coke products, and $25 on nestle products and then receive two $10 gift cards? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

    • jennifer

      Yes, it will work! I did the Nabisco and Unilever deals in the same transaction and received 2 CATS for $10/each.

      • Julie

        Where your cats just for save $10 off any GC purchase of $10 or more? I was wondering who received a regular $10.00 off Cat, if anyone?

    • Neely

      Yes! I did 3 deals in one transaction yesterday and received 3 $10 gc Cats!

  • tiffany

    has anyone found that these sales aren’t working off of shelf price? i need some of these items and milk for my kids and I have very very limited funds this week. a little nervous that if i do a deal and don’t get the gift card I won’t have some of the things we need this week.

    • Laura D.

      In case things don’t work out how you planned, you can always return your items and get your coupons back then try things differently. Unfortunately, every SR is different and you won’t know yours for sure until you do a few deals and see how it goes. I’ve never had a problem with returning items as long as you have your receipt.

      Make sure the Catalina machine light is green, and you can ask has it been printing. This way you know the machine is working if the deal falls through.

      Good Luck!

    • Neely

      Tiffany – Like Laura said, every SR store is different and you can always return your items if they don’t print. Even my store isn’t reliable because sometimes the deal goes off of shelf and sometimes not. I was worried about the TRESemme deal not working at my store but it did. At my store yesterday I did 3 of the gift card deals and they all went off of shelf price.

  • Jim Jon

    No preview ad scan!??. Withdrawal!

    • Rocky

      I totally agree. Even though I know we are very spoiled…sniffle…

      • Laura D.

        Hi Rocky! It’s good to see (well, read, ya know what I mean, lol) you’re back! 🙂

        • Rocky

          Hey, Laura, thanks! Past few months have been difficult with illnesses/hospitalizations and then,of course, Sandy-related things after that. But, it is good to be back, appreciate it!

          • Laura D.

            Awww, SO sorry, illnesses an hospitalizations can be so overwhelming, and then to have to deal with the whole Sandy thing, I just can’t imagine!
            I really hope everything is on the mend and getting better every day. It’s great to see you back!

  • Tiffani30

    I tried the tresemme deal in glen burnie, MD and it’s not running off shelf price. I got the 3 Catalinas but no gift card. 🙁

  • Monica

    I don’t see the Tressemme listed in my flyer … is it listed in other flyers or not?

    • Julie

      No Not listed in Flyer.

  • caren

    Don’t forget to check the types of shampoo & conditioner you choose against the master lists of which ones are included in the deal (all 32oz size, btw)!!! I *think* it’s at (or something close to that). Make sure the green light is on on the catalina machine (obviously if you get ANY catalinas, it’s working). And for all these “works off shelf price” issues– I BELIEVE THAT IS ALWAYS *ONLY* FOR THE ITEMS WITH A PRICEPLUS DISCOUNT– basically pre-priceplus vs after showing your priceplus club card (in the matchups above they”ll normally list both prices– one in parantheses). It DOESN’T (to my knowledge) mean you can just calculate using original shelf prices on everything willy-nilly… right? Anyone with confirmed knowledge– please chime in here! I feel bad that people are frustrated, and I’m wondering if this explains some of it ;-p

  • Julie

    Caren, thanks for listing the ninformation about the Tresemme shampoo & Conditioner. I received the 3 ($2.00) cats from my purchase of the 6 Tresemme Shampoos and conditioners, but never received the GC and I wondered why. Now I realize that some of the shampoo and conditioners I bought were not covered.

    I received a save $10.00 GC Cat from Kraft and Nabisco. Does anyone know if everone is getting just the $10.00 off of any giftcard purchase of $10 or more or are some people actually getting a $10.00 ShopRite Catalina? I was confused b/c in my SR cirular it stated either or.

    • April

      Mine says; Save $10 on your next shoprite Gift Card or $10 off ANY gift card PURCHASE of $10 or more.
      I’m supposed use the cat to buy a gift card of my choice.

      • Julie

        Yes, I was able to use it to buy a $10.00 GC today.

  • Martha

    Having so much trouble with this deal.
    bought 4 nestle refrige dough (3.39)13.56
    and 4 chocolate chips (3.29)13.16
    used 4 .75/1 and 2 75/2

    and it did not print

    last night I did 4 buitoni (2.49)
    4 fridge cookie dough (3.39)13.56
    2 chocolate chips (3.29)

    nothing again, so frustrating, it was working earlier this week for me, wonder if catalina was down or something

    • Cuzzie

      It looks like you didnt spend enough. I think you can only go by shelf price on the items that say “You save x.xx” next to them in the ad. So you only spent $21.16 and $23.54 respectively. Your second try was close to the one that was posted in the match-ups, just needed another cookie dough.

  • Julie

    I did the Tresemme deal and received 3 $2.00 catgs, but no $10.00 GC cat. I was told by a manager at my Delran, NJ SR today that the Tresemme was not part of the Unilever promotion when I asked for a master list of the shampoo and conditioners that were included in the promotion. I told them several others did the deal and received the $10 cat, so I am not sure why I didn’t…Manager stated it was only those products listed in circular.
    Is this true. I am so tired of doing these deal and some never working out for me the way it’s been wprking for others.

    • Neely

      I feel your pain, Julie! I don’t understand why all SR stores aren’t consistent. So many times I’ve tried deals others have done and they don’t work out at my store. This deal worked for me on Monday but someone mentioned that the list of products was edited and TRESemme was taken off the master list at some point during the week.

  • AA

    Has anyone used the (4) $0.75/1 printable coupons for the Knorr Homestyle Stock in the Unilever deal? The fine print says limit 2 identical coupons in same shopping trip. Thanks.

  • Gio

    I scored a great deal on the Nestle
    I purchased:

    4 Nestle Ultimate Cookie dough 2 for $5
    5 6-pack of Poland Springs seltzer water $2.50 each
    2 Buitoni Pasta $1.99
    Total before coupons was $26.48
    used 4 .75 Ultimate Cookie coupons
    2 .75/2 Poland springs printables
    2 $1 off Buitoni pasta
    Total after coupons was $15.48, received 10 GC & $2 catalina from Poland Springs, so it was like I paid $3.48!!!

  • Melissa

    I did the tresseme deal today as well and only received (3) $2 cats, no GC. I followed the list of which 32oz bottles to buy and still no GC. I guess I can’t return them since I got CATS can I? I already have a huge stock pile of tresseme and def did not need anymore.

    • Neely

      I’d just take them back if you want and don’t even mention you received any Cat’s. I doubt they even check anyway.

  • Christy

    Does anyone know if the Dove for Men included in the Unilever gift card deal at Shoprite?

  • Delaware

    I was just about to go to ShopRite to do the Tresemme deal when I decided to check the Unilever master list again to make sure that I was going to get the right kinds. I was surprised to find a revised list that doesn’t include any Tresemme products at all. Just wanted to warn anyone who was planning on doing this deal.

    Check it out for yourself. Here is the link:
    On the left side of your screen, click on “Participating Products – Unilever”. You will see that there are no Tresemme products on the entire list. If you look at the URL of the list (in the address bar), you will see that it is a revised list (it says revised in the file name).

    This stinks but at least we found out before rather than after!

    • MK

      I saw that too and I was wondering about that. Darn it!

  • Rachel

    I had a great trip to Shoprite today, but I’m still confused about the $10 cats. I was told by two managers that the $10 will just appear on my Price Plus account next week and I have until Dec 29th to use it. I kept my receipt and print out for each one. It seems odd but at least I can go back to the same people, if I have a problem next week.
    I also had an ah-ha moment. I’m always confused and worried about going by the shelf price vs. sale price for Cat deals. Today I learned there are shelf prices, sale prices and then there are Price Plus Prices. The shelf price is the price as listed on the shelf tag of the item. A sale price is the price listed in the flyer, but also posted on the shelf. Anyone can buy the item at the sale price. No Price Plus card is needed. A Price Plus Price is given when you use your Price Plus card. It is shown in the flyer, with a picture of the Price Plus Icon next to it. Price Plus prices are listed on a hanger tag below the shelf price. So if the item is in the flyer without the PP icon next to it, that IS the shelf price. (At least for that week.)

    I figured this out because I wanted to get the Cracker Barrel cheese for the Kraft deal. Last week the shelf price on Cracker Barrel was $3.99, so I thought I could buy 7 of them and qualify for the $10 cat. But then I noticed this week shelf price was 2/$5.00. So I asked CS about the price and they showed me via the price check scanner on the wall. It scanned at $2.50. But when she scanned the Cookie dough, it scanned at $3.39, then under it, the PP price was listed at $2.50.
    Maybe some of you already know this, but for me it was like a light came shining down from the ceiling and harp music was playing in the background.
    So from now on I will be checking all my items at the wall scanner before checking out.

    • A

      The $10 cat can be redeemed for a $10 Shoprite card or any gift card worth $10. The CS guy was also clueless about this offer so he had to call someone to ask. Yesterday, the girl in the counter told me that the $10 will just deduct from my groceries, which was incorrect. We, the couponers seemed to understand these deals better than the employees.LOL!
      In the end, I got 2 $10 Shoprite gift cards that I used to pay for my groceries tonight.Also, I think the managers were talking about the “gift card deal” going on this week. It’s when you buy $100 worth of gc’s, you get $10 off deducted on your next shopping trip between Dec. 3 and 8.

    • Laura D.

      LOL, great story Rachel, and Congratulations! You have now entered the next level of extreme couponing and will be saving even more money on the items you purchase for your family by tweaking the deals to fit your needs. You will love couponing even more!

  • Danielle

    I apologize for the newbie question, but my Shop Rite (Newark DE) circular says “Manufacturer Offers Cannot be Combined.” Does this mean I can’t use a coupon and still earn the offer?

  • Lori

    This whole deal was a nightmare in my opinion. Only 1 out of my 3 10.00 certificates printed out. The store was mobbed and I had to wait on a long line at CS for them to grill me like I was commiting a crime luckily while on line I made use of my time and circled all that I had purchased and matched it up to the order so I was armed and ready. Usually I don’t have this much of a problem but I go early Saturday morning and couldn’t due to the weather. It took me 3 hours at the store today, note to self, prepare in bad weather season to make sure I am not at the store on a saturday late morning or early afternoon.

  • Bill

    I bought $100 worth of Starbucks cards (4x$25) and nothing showed up on my receipt saying that I have a $10 credit for next week. Was it supposed to?

  • Rachel

    I did think that I had get GC for $10 but CS kept saying no it will just come off next week’s purchases. They are usually pretty on the ball at my store but it was late in the day. I’m sure next week they will help
    me out.