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  • Mary

    Delizza is NLA 🙁

  • Toekneeface

    just an FYI…..Warminster SR is still having triple coupons.

    • gloria

      I called them 10/28 and they said they weren’t

    • chris

      Good luck getting anything with coupons. Know that they were closed after the storm because they had no power. Have been back daily and sometimes twice daily since they reopened and they have not received/or have not put out quite a few of the coupon items. Will be interesting to see what if any coupon items are available this week.

      • Toekneeface

        I went last night & used so many coupons that my order went from $92 to $18. The store was stocked better than it had been in my last several visits. I had no trouble at all wth my coupons & had a great shop. 🙂

        • Mary

          I agree..there was only one thing I wanted to get that was out of stock (Yoplait Simplait)

    • Pixiy

      I’m moving back to PA…here in NJ WE NEVER HAVE TRIPLE COUPONS!!!! ugh. Drives me crazy!

      • Sherry Z

        I left NJ and want back! Here in the Pocono’s, there is never anything but doubling up to $ and the prices are almost double those of NJ. Further, most of the coupons are not in our inserts and, when they are, they are for much lower amounts.

        PA, where I live because it is considered a resort area, is much more expensive than NJ in every way other than housing. I made a huge miscalculation by moving here in order to save $. I return to NJ every 4 – 6 weeks and always want to get on my hands and knees to kiss the floors in Shop-Rite, the public library, Home Goods and Trader Joes. I get the best ever manicure and pedicure on Sunday through Wednesday whereas, here, the cheapest manicure I have found is $35 and dreadful.for a total of $20 h

        • Sherry Z

          I get the best ever manicure and pedicure on Sunday through Wednesday for a total of $20 whereas, here, the cheapest manicure I have found is $35 and dreadful.

          I miss NJ terribly.

          Oh, I forgot… my property taxes here are $8400!

  • chris

    They had triple coupons this week. The banner was posted outside the store. Their employees don’t always know what’s going on. As mentioned they are also having triples next week. On the front page of the weekly flyer.

  • Susan

    Pennsylvania Dutch noodle coupon is NLA

  • maria


  • Cassy

    I’m disappointed in this week’s sale:(

  • Bree

    A Jello Cat starts on 11/5

    • Cindy

      Did you get this print out at ShopRite. So far I only have confirmation at Stop & Shop. Thanks!!

      • Beth C

        Yes I got a Jello printout.
        Buy 2 get $1
        Buy 3 get $2
        Buy 4+ get $3

        I also got a printout for a Solo cat
        Same as above

        • Cindy

          Thanks Beth!

          • Matt

            I ordered-last week-the $1/1 jell-o regional coupons. Good thing that I did! Paired up with this cat they should all be .25 each!!!! Sweeeeeet!!

  • Maureen

    With the Pennsylvania Dutch Noodles, on their website at
    if you sign up, they give you a .55 cent coupon that doubles, making these noodles just .40 cents this week at Shoprite.

  • jasmin

    hmm slow week and store is almost bare may just wiat till i see next weeks previw. ; )

  • carrie

    Nexxus coupon seems to be NLA

  • Cathy

    I signed up for the Simple facial care to get a coupon. After taking the survey it gave no options to print a coupon and when I posted a comment to the site it said NLA on coupons.

    • Rose

      all I got was a $2/1 so I dont know where the $3/1 came from. disappointing since I have a $2/1 from an insert

    • Anonymous

      Same here…I took the survey and when I finished it said here is your voucher but nothing was there. I tried to contact them and it said the same…we don’t have any coupons at this time.

  • sara

    cindy, the kellogs rewards has a 1.50 coupon for the krave cereal. I think it was only 50 points.

  • Colleen

    I couldn’t find the All $3/2 coupon on their Facebook page. Looks like it’s prob. gone.

  • Shari

    I was there when They Emptied the entire Freezer section- Cart by Cart – No Power…………….

  • Jenny

    The Enfamil coupon is NLA 🙁

  • Brian

    Is anyone else having problems with the ShopRite eCoupon website today? I have been getting the “cannot load coupons, try later” message since 0648 EDT and my shopping list is totally empty as well. I tried in both Chrome and IE but had the same issues.

    • Cindy

      Same for me 🙁

    • Jasmin

      me too..

    • Robin

      try cellfire that worked for me!

    • Maggie

      not working for me either

  • Lauren

    Quite a few ShopRites in NY are having triple coupons! Anyone else? Looking to score some deals that perhaps I overlooked when planning just for regular doubling.

    • Keena

      Do you know if New Rochelle is having Triple Coupon?

      • kabby

        Someone posted yesterday that New Rochelle is included…check the store locator under and check first.

        • Anonymous

          triple coupons????? I better call….

      • mary o

        Triple coupons @ Yonkers, New Rochelle, White plains, scarsdale only.

    • Michelle J.

      Not the Bayshore store.Seems they never have triple coupons!


    I can’t print from last 2 days, it says printed successfully but nothing is printing from either of my computers, ugh!

    • Karen

      I’ve been having the same problem Arizia. B(

    • Dee2

      I’ve had the same problem. They printed from my husband’s computer.

    • anonymous

      I’ve been having the same problem with the links posted on here. I’ve been going over to couponmom’s website and clicking on her link and having better luck. I still use only this site for match-ups (I like Cindy’s layout and match ups much better than any other site I’ve looked at!), I just go there for the coupons link.

  • Theresa

    I’m just happy my ShopRite is open & my refrigerator/freezer has power & I have gas in my car to get there! – having this great LRWC match-up list is just frosting on the cake!

  • Michelle T.

    Digital coupons are up and running! I was able to save new ones, hurry! 🙂

    • Lauren

      I’m guessing all the ones I wanted were all out since I can’t seem to add them to my card no matter how many times I reload/click! BUT.. very happy you were able to grab some 🙂

      • Laura D.

        I have been trying since around 8pm and the website is not working correctly.. So you should try again later. I’ve never loaded them using wifi before, no other choice at the moment, but I am sure the site is slow and not responding. Good luck.

      • kabby

        If you loaded the same ecoupon on cellfire then you will not be able to load also on shoprite ecoupon.

  • rocio

    hi, i just came back from shoprite at toms river nj. i bought 6 pillsbury grands and didnt got the $3 cat. customer service didnt help at all they didnt have any cats for pillsbury grands this week, bummer.
    i got a $1 cat from jell-o 4 pack

  • Laura D.

    I tried the Campbell’s Condensed soup catalina and it did not print. Did anyone else try this? TIA!

    Campbell’s Condensed Soups (excluding Great For Cooking Varieties)
    10/29/12 and 11/25/12
    Buy 5-6 Get $1.50
    Buy 7-8 Get $2.00
    Buy 9 or more Get $2.50

  • Shamon

    Davidson eggs $2.99 end up being .74 a dozen after triple coupon in New Roc.

    Also, I did not get the cat for Garnier fructise shampoo.

    I bought 3 shampoo, 2 conditioner. I used (3) .75 coupons and (2) $1.00 coupons. The .75 coupons tripled and no catalina printed. It’s still a great stock up price. I send these to my college aged sister so she doesn’t have to pay $5 a bottle when she runs out.

    This is also a great week to just buy things that will come out to free or nearly free to send to the drop off centers for Sandy people, especially if you can take advantage of the triples.

    • Lauren

      Agreed! Awesome buys though, good job!

    • kabby

      How are the shelves (stocked?)…what items other than garnier did u get? Headed in that direction on Thursday..hoping to grab some deals.

  • stephanie

    anyone mention yet how SR changed the free turkey reward program? changed dollar amount from 400 to 300! THANK YOU SR!!

    • kabby

      I am not sure…I was over $300…went today to grab milk and juice…thought I would get the print out…but did not…I wonder how this is working out.

    • Lady J

      is this for everyone? My friend got this e-mail, but I did not. I was wondering if it was because he lives on Staten Island. I’m in Central NJ. I did not get the e-mail. I am over $300, but not to $400. I’ll probably hit $400 in the next 2 weeks anyway.

  • Heather

    I just got a FREE Glade Expressions Oil Diffuser Starter Kit at Shoprite. They are listed for $5.99 at my store in NY. I used (1) printable $3 Glade Expressions Oil Diffuser coupon and (1) $3 shoprite e-coupon loaded onto my shoprite priceplus card. IT WAS TOTALLY FREE 🙂

    • Lauren

      I have so many of these Glade coupons & really wanting to use them. Unfortunately, my shoprite online doesn’t have this e-coupon! TOO frustrating

  • Lauren

    Has anyone tried buying the 4/$8 cereals? Shoprite from Home states a minimum of 4 & a maximum of 16. So I shouldn’t have a problem picking up 8 different ones with coupons right? Or do I need to buy 4 of one kind?
    My scenario would be: 3-Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal; 3-Cocoa Puffs; 1-reg. Cheerios; 1-Honey Nut
    USE: (2) .50/1 Cinnamon Toast Crunch
    (1) 0.60/1 Cinnamon Toast Crunch
    (2) 0.50/1 Cocoa Puffs Frosted Corn Puffs
    (1) 0.60/1 Cocoa Puffs
    (1) 0.60/1 Cheerios (yellow box)
    (1) 0.50/1 Honey Nut Cheerios
    PAY: $3.40 for 8 boxes since my store is tripling this week
    I’d hate to go up to the register and be told this won’t work. Thanks everyone! 🙂

    • Mary

      I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.

    • Melissa

      There are savingstar coupons for $.50 for both the Cinnamon Toast Crunch and for the Original Cheerios. There are also ecoupons that you can load directly to your ShopRite card for $.50 each on the Cheerios and on the Cinnamon Toast Crunch, saving you another $2– making it $1.40 for 8 boxes. I did it yesterday and it went according to plan 🙂

    • kabby

      Just returned from Tripling in Scardale…I purchased 4 Cheerios and 4 Cinnamon Crunch toast. Received both for the deal of 4/$8…used coupons on all. It will work your way…
      By the way……I LOVE TRIPLING COUPONS!!!!

      • A

        I love Scarsdale Shoprite. The staff is super nice and they’re good with coupons. I’m lucky to live just 2 miles from it.

      • Lauren

        AGREED! What do you think the chances of getting another week out of it would be? Cashiers were super coupon-friendly as well this week. I was expecting much worse! 🙂

  • Mary

    What are your thoughts? In the P&G there is the Pampers wipes coupon for .50/1. The Pampers Kandoo wipes are 1.49 this week. Now, normally I would say no way to use this coupon for that, but the coupon only says any Pampers wipe, not Baby wipes even thought a tub of baby wipes is shown. The Kandoos are a Pampers wipe, says Pampers and wipes on the package. What are your thoughts? I did purchase them the other day and my cashier just put the coupon through no questions. I am one of those who ethically will not use a coupon instead of just getting a good deal and hope they don’t notice. If the coupon stated baby wipes, I would not have used it. Also, many times we have seen a coupon with a picture of the highest prices box etc on the coupon but permitted to use on any. Thoughts? Cindy?

    • Lady J

      I agree with you about not using a coupon I’m not sure about. I hate when they make the wording obscure. Here’s the thing, your coupon says Pampers Wipes (and not baby). And Kandoo is Pampers wipes, right? Seems like it should work. If you get to the register and it doesn’t work, have them take the item off. No big deal. Some people would be embarassed, but don’t be.

      As a side note, my plumber has informed me that baby wipes and personal wipes and feminine products that say they are flushable are actually not. Learned that the hard way, then a few weeks later, the same thing happened to a friend’s neighbor. Do not flush these things.

      • Lady J

        not baby wipes – toddler wipes. Toddler wipes claim to be flushable, but they are not.

  • Kyle

    Adams Reserve Cheddar for free! Buy the wedges. Get as close to a half pound as possible and use the $2/1 coupon. Free cheese. It tastes so much better for free.

    • Cynthia F

      Where is this coupons Kyle?

      • Kyle

        Adams Reserve Cheddar Facebook page. No expiration date.

  • Lori

    I bought 6 grands tonight and realized I didn’t get a cat after I got home. UGH! My shoprite was out of alot of things. They said it was because of spotty shipments since the hurricane. I am in Poughkeepsie, NY. I cleared out my stockpile to donate it to hurricane relief and I was hoping to get some more stuff to build back up and donate more but no luck as most canned goods were gone :(.

    • Nancy

      Lori, the ShopRite in Fishkill doesn’t seem to be too bad on stock – nothing seems overwhelmingly out. If you’re in need of some things, it’s not that much further than Poughkeepsie. In fact, I’ll be going tomorrow morning. If you’d like me to check the supply of anything, I can do that for you, so you know if you should take a trip down.

      • Lori

        Thank you nancy, that is strange that Poughkeepsie is out then. Oh well. Thank you for the offer but I got rain checks so it will just wait until next week. The only reason I care is because we are going to staten island and I was planning on bringing the stuff to donate but I can bring it next weekend also.