ShopRite: P&G Money Maker Deal Idea {11/28-11/30}

ShopRite: P&G Money Maker Deal Idea

Yippey!  Here is another great deal this week at ShopRite!  Reader Pam pointed out the the Dawn Dish Detergent pictured above in the P&G Offer 1 Deal this week is the same dish detergent that will be on 4-day price break this week for $1.88.  The pre-price plus price for this soap is $3.39, plus it looks like the Dawn Hand Renewal and Power Clean version of this dish soap should be included in the $1.88 sale price, which means we can use the awesome $0.75/1 Dawn Dish Soap Coupon from the 10/28 P&G (expires 11/30), which is why this deal is only good through 11/30.

Here is a new deal idea for the P&G Offer 1, which will be good 11/28-11/30 only:


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Thanks Pam!

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  • normita

    I did the tressemme deal and i got the 10 dollar gift card if i do the p&g deal do i get the 10 dollar gift card or is only one gift card at all

    • ND

      you get 1 for p & g toooo

  • Erin

    My P&G has $1/2 🙁

    • Stu

      Same for me

    • Amy

      Me too 🙁

      • Matthew

        Me three. so who got the other inserts? Arizona??

      • Jill e

        Me 4 🙁

        • hanna/h

          Me 5!

          • ND

            me 100

    • Lulu

      Seems like I keep getting the less value coupons. Which papers in monmouth/ocean county, nj have the better ones?

      • Erin

        I find sometimes the star ledger has better smart source coupons, but the same P&G. They don’t have the red plum, though.

    • mary

      Me too. So sad.

  • Beth C

    We have a new Shoprite and so far they’re not sticking to the 4 identical coupon policy….
    Does the Dawn coupon specify a limit of 4?
    If not, as long as I buy two different varieties, it’s a $7 MM.

    • Cuzzie

      All P&G coupons limit 4 like coupons per transaction.

  • Meli

    i am loving shoprite this week. just when i thought i wasnt gonna get anything lol

  • Brooke

    I have the $1/2 coupon too so I am going to get 8 dawn soaps (different variety) pay $11.04 and get $10 back. $1.04 for 8 dish soaps, I thought that was still a good deal.

    • Amy

      Think I will do this instead. Thanks 🙂

    • pat


      Did the deal work for the 8 dish detergents?

      • Anonymous

        Pat, I did the deal this morning and it worked great!

        • pat


      • Brooke

        My sister in law did it today and it worked. Just make sure you don’t buy more than 4 of one variety.

        • pat


    • sarah

      I did it too…it’s not a good deal, it’s a GREAT deal! I had 4 of the $1 off 2 coupons too…like paying $1.04 for 8 large bottles of dish soap! This is not a time to despair for those who got the $1 off 2 coupons. My mom does not coupon, but I’m thinking of sharing this deal with her b/c even without any coupons it’s like paying $5.04 for 8 large bottles of dish soap…I’m pretty sure she usually pays over $2/bottle 🙁

  • John

    You only make money if your Shop Rite doubles above $1.00.

    No one has that $0.75 coupon either it seems.

    • Paula Brown

      you r so right!!!! but a couple bucks still isn’t bad lol

  • Natalia

    Same here I have the $1/2 piscataway,nj 🙁 but if you do 8 soaps it will not make the $25 or will it work???

  • Ashley

    I only have 3 $1/2 coupons but can’t wait to roll my coupons from the Tresemme deal. I figure I can do: 8x$1.88= $15.04 – (3) $1/2= $12.04 pay with $10 & $2 catalina from Tresemme deal and pay $.04 OOP!

  • Linda

    Worked in NJ. However, I only had the $1 off 2 for Dawn. Total cost with buying four Febreeze Air and 4 Dawn came to 13.99 including tax. I received the $10 cat for a free $10 gift card. So really 3.99 for all 8 things. Not bad.

  • Marjie

    I’m going to do Brooke’s deal since I don’t really need the Febreeze Air. Thanks Brooke!

  • Amy

    I did the 8 bottles this morning. Paid $12.77 (also purchased marcel napkins) and I received a $10 cat for a gc. Does anyone know if I can do this deal again or is it just once per household?

    • ND

      WOW, I have the same question…

      Cindi, can you please help us here?? (I want to do the deal twice… possible??)

  • Amy

    if you received the $20 for buying gift cards on Black friday does that affect anything?

    • Amy

      I used my $20 gc that I earned on Black Friday to purchase the items today and it went through, no problems. Is that what you wanted to know?

      • Amy

        yes, thanks! I was just wondering ifI needed to spend an additional $25(so a total of $45) for it too work…that if i spent $25 and then the $20 was deducted it would only count as $5…. does that make sense?!

  • Natalia

    Does it roll?

    • Amy

      Yes, I did 3 transactions. Now I am out of coupons 😉

      • Maria

        Can i use the 10 catalina to pay for the second transaction also thanks

  • Sarah

    I have the .75/1 and .50/1 Dawn coupons – PLUS my store is tripling this week. Planning on buying 8 Dawn (no more than 4 per variety) and using four .75/1 and four .50/1. Pay $1.52 +tax and get $10 GC! I hope it works!!!! 🙂

    • Jill

      Which store is tripiling?

      • Sarah

        Upstate, NY. Albany, Niskayuna & Slingerlands.

    • Linda

      I just did this same deal!! My SR only doubles but I did great. I bought 4 hand renewals and used the $.75 (states it must be used on the renewal detergent) and 4 others and used the $.50 (doubled). I paid $5.86 ($.82 was the tax) and received my $10 gift certicate. It worked so well, I did it a second time!!

  • Matthew

    I did the 8 dawn deal yesterday and used 4 $1/2. Thank you for whoever mentioned this scenario! Very good contribution/idea!

    • ND

      thanks, just did that… worked great…

  • mary

    Help me understand. Do you only need to buy 8 dawn dish detergents for this deal to work?

    Today I bought 12 (two orders – 4 in the first and 8 in the second order) and I got the $10 gift card. I used 6 of the $1/2 coupons.
    If I buy 4 more detergents, will I get another $10 gift card?

    • Cuzzie

      No, you would have to buy another 8. The deal doesnt carry over from one order to another. And yes, you only need to buy 8 to get the gift card.

  • Ana

    Am I the only one that this deal not work for? Lol I did the tresemme deal a few days ago and that worked out great… Today not so much, Went to customer service and of course they told me it goes off of sale prices.. no big deal, you win some, you lose some 🙂

    • A

      I wonder if the catalina machine was turned off that’s why you didn’t get the cat. I bought 8 Dawn and it worked for me ( it seemed like everyone had success too). The first cashier I went to didn’t have his machine on so I had to go to a different one. So glad, I caught it when I started putting things on the belt.