ShopRite Preview Deals Week of 11/25/12

ShopRite Preview Deals for Week of 11/25/12

Starting on Sunday, 11/25, ShopRite will have several Gift Card Offers.  You will be able to earn a $10 ShopRite Gift Card or $10 off any Gift Card Purchase (of $10 or more) when you spend $25 on each of the participating manufacturer offers.  There will 9 different offers as follows:

  • Coke
  • General Mills
  • Kraft
  • Nestle
  • Oxi
  • P&G Offer 1
  • P&G Offer 2
  • P&G Offer 3
  • Unilever

You can see a complete list of participating products for each offer and the offer details by going to the ShopRite Gift Card Promotion page. 

We have put together a list of the coupons and offers that are shown in the circular.  From experience,  deals like this usually take on a life of their own once the week starts but this will certainly get you thinking about the deals.

Feel free to add anything you find in the comments below.  And, be sure to check back on Saturday for the complete match ups.

Note: This is only a guide of some of the upcoming deals.  Since it’s early in the week, deals may be tweaked here and there as we find out more information on coupons, restrictions etc.

View Preview List: ShopRite Preview for the Week of 11/25/12

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  • Kim

    I will definitely take advantage of this deal, but seriously as if Shoprite hasnt seen enough of my wallet in the past few days. They are pushing people to keep buying food through the week. I gotta admit with the holiday frenzy my couponing is lacking but will try hard to make up for it with this deal! Thankful for you Cindy, keep up the great work!

  • Susan C. in NY

    I read through the fine print but didn’t really see an answer to this….Does anyone know if the ShopRite gift card you earn has to be used by the person/SR price plus member number who earned it? We’re planning on gifting some SR cards for Christmas so I’m hoping that the gift cards we earn on this promo can be used by anyone.

    Thanks for any info on this.


    • Melissa

      Since its an actual giftcard you’re getting, anyone should be able to use it, unlike the 2-day gift card deal (11/23 & 24) where it’s applied to your PP card.

    • J944

      what you get is a catalina type voucher for $10 off a Shop Rite gift card or other gift card. once purchased, the gift cards can be used by anyone.