CVS: Possible $5 Money Maker on Hallmark Cards

Hallmark coupon

Hallmark Coupon

Update:  The Hallmark Coupon from Facebook is no longer available.

This week CVS has a Buy $30 Get $10 ECB on Hallmark Products.  Hallmark Cards, including the $0.99 cards are working for this offer.  Plus there are a couple of coupons you can use to make this deal even better:

If you can print from 3 computers then you can score a nice little money maker on this deal.

Here are some deal ideas:


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  • deb m

    Note the link has reached coupon limit there are no more avaliable.

    • Lisa

      I just printed 6 of the $2/3 coupons at 2:25 pm.

  • s sare

    Printed the other day and today, but not legible:(

  • Sarah

    I was able to print the hallmark fb coupon today

  • Steve

    Tried this deal this afternoon, didn’t get the ECB. the cashier said it’s only for the things from the ad not for cards.

    • Cindy

      Hmm. I did it this morning and it worked great.

  • Deb m

    Just tried to print again got an error message that it wasn’t able to print but it did anyway really weird. Then it printed 5 copies for one printer which is super weird.

  • John

    I was able to print the Facebook coupon on a computer I never printed before. The deal worked for me today. I purchased (14) $1.99 cards, (1) $2 card, and (1) $0.99 card. I received a 30% discount from a special employee’s friends and family weekend (12/1 & 12/2). So, it was a super duper moneymaker.

  • Anonymous

    going to try out this deal today and see if it tracks on my receipt… if it does I will do the rest of the transactions, if not 6 cards for 2 dollars is still great 🙂

  • Thomas

    I bought 15 cards for $1.99 and it says I’m $4.something short. I noticed on the third transaction it didn’t add the full $5.97. This deal might be for holiday cards only even though it doesn’t say that because two of the cards I bought were not holiday. That is the only mix up I can think of. I’ll take 18 cards and a $4 moneymaker though.

  • Melissa

    can i get the jingle dog with this deal my daughter has been begging me for it.

  • Susie

    Anyone know can I buy birthday cards??? Or just holiday???

    • Michelle T.

      Susie, it’s for any Hallmark cards 🙂 I bought $2 and $1.99 birthday cards. Funny thing, I also bought one birthday card that was 2.59 and it didn’t add into my running total for this deal :/ I’ll stick to the $2 cards for the rest.

  • Sobeida

    Oh God, I have so many cards from all the deals before, but I am certainly not missing on 15 more free cards 🙂

  • Andrea

    I just printed two of the $2/3 hallmark cards coupon. I’m not very good with computers but i’ll try to explain how. Ok I used google chrome and hit print on the web page and in google chrome it lets you preview before you print so even though the web page said i couldn’t print the preview window came up with the coupon and I just changed the number of copies I wanted to two. I figured it would be ok because there isn’t a security code or anything. oh and byw I didn’t have to “like” them either.

  • CE

    The FB coupon is still available. I was just able to print it!

  • Anonymous


  • A

    Did your Hallmark coupons have the same barcodes? I printed 2 of each from 3 different computers but I didn’t realize thay they all have the same barcodes. I went to one CVS and bought 9 and they refused to take 2 of the 3 CVS qs but I thought that’s fine. Then,I went to another CVS to get 6 more to reach the $30 mark and the manager who was in the first store I went to was also there ( 40 mins. later)and he told me that “I hope you are not using the same coupons from the other store” and I said, these are not the same coupons because I printed them from different computers. So he checked the Hallmark q’s and he was right they actually have the same barcodes. He said, I’m sorry but the reason we can’t take these coupons is because they all have the same barcodes. I didn’t argue with him because he was right that both my Hallmark coupons have the same barcodes and I know that stores have the right to refuse coupons. What I didn’t like was the implication that I copied them.Sorry for venting but it was my first bad experience at CVS. Now, I don’t know if I should go to another CVS to buy more and use my Hallmark qs.Thanks for any advice.

    • A

      By the way, if anyone wants to get the holiday money holders that are $1.99, they count toward the ECB. Those were the ones I bought.

    • Deb m

      Hi a. I printed 5 of the hallmark ones from three computers and all had the same barcode. The cvs ones had different barcode s however if you try to use more than one it beeps but my manager still accepted them.

      • A

        Thanks Deb. It’s good to know that all prints do have the same barcode. I just hope that the manager doesn’t think I’m a bad couponer as I frequent those 2 stores in my area.

      • Sobeida

        I Noticed that right away but is not my fault, the “system” actually lets you print two coupons. This reminds me of the Lumene coupon fiasco. If they dont want you to use more than one coupon they should not let people print more than one and specify so in the coupon. I used two today with no issues, the CVS beeped and the cashier told me I can only use one, I told him I will then only take 3 and he told me he will manually do it, so all went smooth. I still have 9 more cards to buy… HAH!

  • Maria

    i went to cvs today to buy 3more hallmarks cards to reach the $30 deals,but when the cashier saw my hallmark coupons she told my that they received an email from hallmark that those coupons are fake i explained her that those coupons are from her facebook page ,she scanned the coupon anyway but didn’t go through it has an error message i just canceled my order and left :(.
    i was able to do the same transaction on Sunday and yesterday i did twice on different stores.

    • Deb m

      That’s weird. When I bring them in I give them the whole sheet so they can see that the URL is not fake.

  • Ana

    Hey Everyone, I’d like to know if you are buying holiday cards only or mixing in some birthday cards etc, and if so, are they all tracking? I seem to be reading mixed results..Thank you so much! Haven’t had the chance to head out there yet.

    • Deb m

      At my store only holiday cards were tracking. I tried to buy 1 thinking of you card and it didn’t track.

    • Sobeida

      I only bought 6 Christmas, they are tracking