New $2/2 Hershey’s Candy Coupon = as low as $0.13 at CVS!

Hersheys Coupon

There is a hot new Hershey’s Coupon available to print!  The coupon is for $2.00 off any (2) Hershey’s Kisses, Reese’s, Hershey’s Nuggets, Hershey’s Miniatures, Rolo, York or Hershey’s Bliss bags 7.8 oz or larger.

Print: Hershey’s Coupon

This is an awesome coupon to use this week at CVS, where Hershey’s Holiday Candy is on sale for $2.50 each, plus you receive a $3.00 ECB when you buy 4!  To make this deal even sweeter, there is a CVS Coupon that can be stacked with this new manufacturer’s coupon, to make these bags of candy as low as $0.13 each! Whoohoo!

The CVS Hershey’s Coupon is for $2.50 off (2) Hershey’s Candy 8 oz or larger (see fine print), however you must watch the video and then share it with friends either on Facebook, Twitter or Pintrest to print your coupon.

The coupon description says it’s valid on 12 oz bags up top, however if you read the fine print on the coupon, next to retailer, it says “offer good on (1) Kisses or Reeses Chocolate Packaged Candy 8 oz or larger,” so this coupon should work just fine!

Print: CVS Hershey’s Coupon

Here is your deal at CVS:


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  • Amy

    You can print off 2 of the CVS coupons since its $2.50 off 2 and you are buying 4 making all 4 free after paying only $1 and getting $3 extrabucks. I’m getting mine for stocking stuffers!!

    • Amy

      Sorry didn’t read the small print of limit 1 per customer oh well still a great deal!

  • Linda

    I couldn’t get the coupon

    • Anonymous

      i got coupon but in my hurry just printed before sharing so only 1.00 off

      • Linda

        I did the same thing. But then went back and the $2.50 still printed… twice!

    • Sandy

      I was able to print 2 off each of my computers (IE & Chrome)

  • Emmy O.

    The CVS coupon does not look like it’s valid on the sale candy. Valid only on 2 Hershey Kisses 12oz. or Reese’s mini’s 🙁

    • Courtney

      I’m only seeing the $1 off Q. Not the $2.50.

      • Melinda

        You have to share the coupon with friends either on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest for the value of the coupon to increase to $2.50

    • Melinda

      If you read the fine print on the coupon, next to retailer, it says “offer good on (1) Kisses or Reeses Chocolate Packaged Candy 8 oz or larger,” so it should work.

  • I am not getting the email to my account with the coupon

    • Kate

      Same here…

  • Niki

    Where do i go to get the first Hershey coupon I clicked the link but cannot seem to find it

  • karen

    I bought 4/$10 used (2) $2.00 off coupons, the CVS coupon was only for $1.00. When I checked out, I could only use (1) CVS coupon, then second one beeped. The cashier stated only one CVS coupon allowed per transacation, so I paid $5.00 got $3 ECB back, so 50 cents a bag, not bad. Should have split the transacation into (2) so I could use the other coupon, ah well. These 4 bags should last a couple days if I’m lucky, my teenage boys friends will most likely eat them all.

  • Diane

    my CVS coupon says $1. off 2 bags of hersey kisses or reeses mini’s

  • Donna

    The CVS coupon is going to be VERY confusing at checkout. It says “$2.50 on any two 12 oz Hersheys Kisses” but then says “maximum $8.49 value” below. Next to retailer it says “offer good on 1 Kisses or Reeses Chocolate packaged candy 8 oz or larger”.

    • Shanta

      I was thinking the same thing!

  • Laura Sanders

    Can’t we use one CVS $1 off 2 coupon and one CVS coupon for $2.50 off 2 coupon?

  • betty

    where was the coupon yesterday when i purchased mine?im so bummed!

  • kim

    I am going to do this in 2 transactions if I can so I will only pay $0.25 each.

  • How long does it take for the 2.50 coupon to appear in e-mail??

    • Melinda

      The $2.50 coupon is a printable coupon which you should see right away on the site after you share the coupon on a social networking site. The coupon is not e-mailed.

      • Jennifer S

        When I clicked “Share to save more” it asks for my name & email address. Then I shared on Facebook & it said “check your email for previously emailed coupon.” When I went back to the “Get coupon” button, it was still only $1/2, not $2.50/2. I can’t find any way to get the $2.50/2 coupon. And I didn’t get an email for it, either. I’ve tried it on several different computers, with different email address, and no dice.


        • Jennifer S

          Actually, I just got an email with a link to the $2.50/2 coupon! It didn’t show up till over an hour after it claims it was sent.

          The good news is, even if you printed the $1/2 coupon thinking you couldn’t get the $2.50 one, and then you do get the $2.50 one, you can still print it on the same computer. 🙂

      • Susie

        Is the CVS coupons gone? i can’t find it

    • Marie

      It took awhile, but it eventually came! I did the deal yesterday and both CVS ones went through.

  • kim

    The 2/2.50 coupon states that it is good on 8oz or larger in the retailer information space…gonna use that one instead on one transaction. buy 2 at $5.00. Use (1) CVS Q 2.50/2 and use MFG Q $2/2, pay $0.50. do the next transaction buying 2 more bags, use MFG $2/2 and CVS Q $1/2, pay $2.00, get back $3.00. Moneymaker $0.50! Heading down in a few… long as you don’t have to buy 4 at once…if I can do 2 in one transaction I am golden! 🙂

    • kim

      I just did my first transaction…Paid $0.53 with tax. printing a second $2.50/2 coupon and I will actually make $2.00! Perfection

  • Haseena

    CVS usually tracks, why can’t we do this in two seperate transactions and use 2 cvs coupons?

  • checked again it says after you send to your FB page it will be e-mailed to you can’t find where to print it myself after watching video and sending to FB???

  • Was able to print out the 1$ coupon off the Hershey’s kisses but the 2.50$ is suppose to go to your e-mail also don’t think you can use the 1$coupon the bags of Hershey’s kisses are less than 12 oz.???

  • Laura

    My $2.50 coupon was emailed to me.

  • Shameka

    Does anybody know if it has to be Kisses or Reese..

  • Jenn

    It all works just fine. I did it yesterday. Only thing is, for the ones who want to use both prints of the CVS coupons in one transaction, you can not. However, I think the offer is allowed ot be done twice, so you can still uise the second print.

  • MarthaWin

    Thnaks… I got the $2.50 coupon but it says save 2.50 on two bags of hershey’s kisses chocolates (12oz) or any two pouches of reeses peanut butter cupps.. and the fine print clearly says one per customer..

  • Cassy

    Has anyone tried to do this in two separate transactions?

  • hanna/h

    I haven’t been at CVS for a week and last time I was there first coupon beeped at self checkout. I read someone wrote that from now on if you use coupons at self checkout, all coupons have to be checked by CVS emprloyee.
    Is that still going on?

  • Janice

    Not sure if anyone mentioned this. There’s also a $2/2 Hershey’s Kisses (8.6 oz or larger) manufacturer coupon in an insert that was distributed next to the circulars in stores. It looks exactly like the same inserts found in the CVS Reinventing Beauty magazines.
    Coupons in this insert include: All coupons expire 12/31/12
    $4/2 Covergirl Lipstain, Lip Perfection Lipcolor, Flipstick, Wetslicks Fruit Spritzers products
    $1/1 Abreva Conceal product 6ct. (CVS Coupon)
    $1/1 Poise Body Cooling Towelettes, Feminine Wash or Panty Fresheners
    $2/1 Huggies Little Movers Diapers, Jumbo or larger
    $3/1 got2b Powder’ful or Oil-licious
    $1/1 Colgate Max Fresh toothpaste
    $1/1 Colgate Optic White toothpaste or mouthwash
    $1/1 Revlon Lip product
    $2/2 Hershey’s Bliss Chocolates (8.6 oz or larger)
    $2/2 Hershey’s Kisses (8.6 oz or larger)
    $3.50/1 Amlactin moisturizing body lotion 7.9 oz or Amlactin Ultra Hydrating body cream 4.9 oz
    $2 off $10 purchase of Essence of Beauty products (CVS Coupon)
    $3/1 CVS Brand Hydrating Lotion (CVS Coupon)
    $2 off $9.99 purchase of CVS Brand Daily Moisturizing Lotion (CVS Coupon)
    $2/1 CVS Brand Gentle Moisture product (CVS Coupon)
    $5/1 CVS Brand Renewal Anti-aging product (CVS Coupon)
    $2/1 Lumene Vitamin C+ product (CVS Coupon)
    $1/1 Essence of Beauty Cosmetic Brush or Accessory purchase (CVS Coupon)
    FREE Hallmark Card when you buy 3, up to $2.50 value (CVS Coupon) *automatically deducts $2.50 unless overrided
    $2/1 Poise Personal Lubricant or Roll-on Cooling Gel

  • Chrissa

    can I use the CVS coupons on rolos?????

    • Michelle

      Yes! I was able to . It’s part of Hershey’s.

      • Chrissa

        awesome! thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Can we buy the reeses miniatures?? Or is it the minis? Or is it the kisses?

  • mo

    Can’t get the coupon to print and it wasn’t emailed…bummer!

  • Crissy

    You can buy Reese cups or miniatures or kisses, nuggets, it doesn’t matter. They are all Hershey brand. I bought different flavor of kisses and miniatures.:)

  • Erica

    I got the CVS coupon just fine, but can’t seem to find this $2/2 manufacturer’s coupon. The link just directs me to Hershey’s website, but no coupon???

    • kabby

      Scrll done on the hershey website (middle bottom) States “Save $2″…click on it…Good LUck!

      • Erica

        Oh boy. Right in front of my face. Haha. Thanks so much!!!

  • Davey

    When you’re done printing, it brings you to a page with a SECOND coupon where you can print 2 more per computer!!! has the same soupon but you can print TWO more copies, a total of FOUR (4) per computer now!!!

  • hanna/h

    I just did 2 separate transactions and this became a money maker.
    (I did back to back and each transaction )I paid $0.76 (including tax).
    Paid about $1.50, got 4 bags of kisses and $3.00 ECB.

    Used self checkout and $2/2 had no problem, $2.50/2 deducted but said
    “Help is on it’s way”. Girl looked at coupon then swiped her card to accept it.

    • Linda

      May I ask which candy you bought? I am still stuck on the fact that the CVS coupon states Kisses or Reeses’s. I would like to mix it up. Thanks.

      • hanna/h

        I bought Kisses (red bags) only. I thought about getting other ones but couldn’t find them!

  • Crissy

    Linda, I bought miniatures and kisses, worked well!

  • Shameka

    I was told that i couldn’t use the CVS coupon because they never seen it before. Do any one know who to contact about this issue?

    • hanna/h

      This came from CVS Internet site. I would call the head office.

  • Susie

    They were verrrrry rude to me about the coupons… And wouldn’t even use my hallmark cvs coupons!!! Said they don’t except cvs hallmark coupons even though it says CVS… Rude!!!

    • Debbie

      I called cvs about my store because they treat me like a criminal for using coupons, i told corporate that i hate that store, they begged me to wait a few days and go back and let me tell you they are falling all over me trying to help now. I am very satisified with the results of my phone call to corporate. 🙂

  • kabby

    Since the CVS coupon is limit one. Couldn’t we split the order Buy 2 use one of each above coupon….then second transaction same as first transaction..
    Shouldn’t this deal track…so after the second transaction a $3ECB will print?? Am I wrong?? It’s been a long week. You would pay less out of pocket.

    • Davey

      You could do that, definitely. It would be $0.50+tax per order, so after 2 orders, $1+tax would earn you a $3 ECB.

      What I did was print the $2.50/2 and $1.00/2 CVS q’s BOTH 2 times per computer. You can print the $2.50/2 first, then close some windows and you should still see “Get Coupon” for the $1.00/2 q, right next to the “Share to Save More.”

      I bought 4 bags of the $2.50 varieties, then used two $2/2 MQ, one $2.50/2 CVS Q, and one $1.00/2 CVS Q. Total was $2.50+tax, and I used a $2.37 ECB from Black Friday (Childrens Advil, I believe).

      Total out of pocket was $0.58 after everything, and I simply exchanged my $2.37 ECB for a $3 ECB.

      Free candy just tastes better, doesn’t it? 🙂