Extreme Couponing Tip: Shop After Christmas Sales

After Christmas SalesAfter Christmas Sales

This week’s Extreme Couponing Tip is on shopping all of those awesome After Christmas Sales to save you money in 2013!  I’m not talking about going on a personal shopping spree here, what I’m referring to is buying items now that you will need for the 2013 holiday season, whether it’s holiday decorations, wrapping paper, or even gifts you know won’t go out of style.

Each year I hit up stores like Target, Walmart, Kmart, etc. where I love to stock up on Christmas essentials for the following year.  My favorite item to score is wrapping paper at 90% off!  Last year I waited until the Target Christmas Clearance reached 90% off.  Although it was highly picked over at this point, I was able to really stock up on wrapping paper for an awesome price.  Wrapping paper is something you will need every year, so why not stock up when it’s a fraction of the cost!  I also picked up some ornaments, Christmas lights, gift boxes and more, all at 90% off.  What a steal!

Now is a great time to evaluate what you think you will need for next year.  If you’re a fan of fake Christmas trees and know you’re in need of a new one, now is the time to buy one, not next fall when you will pay full price!  Same goes for many other holiday decor items.  You may not need new decorations every year, but if you’ve been really wanting a new wreath for your front door for example, take the time to scope out the clearance sales now to get the best deal possible.

Also keep an eye out for possible gift ideas for next year.  Last year I scored some awesome deals browsing after Christmas sales that I packed away and saved for this year.

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  • Michele

    I decorated plain Christmas balls as gifts. I would buy more on clearance. Ribbon!

  • Elaine

    I purchase x-mas paper plates, napkins, etc.. for us to use at home. I dont care if they have a christmas tree on them when i use them in July! It gets the kids talking about what they would like for christmas so i can start early!!!

  • Cheri

    I buy the gingerbread kits and use the icing and candies for Valentines and other cookie decorating. Last year Target had them on clearance for .90 !

    • Amanda

      Great idea

  • Arielle

    For any Jewish couponers out there, I always buy my menorah candles for the next year during the after Christmas sales. Target’s candles are very pretty, but at $8 full-price per box–for something I’m going to be melting!–seems ridiculous to me. I purchased this year’s menorah candles around this time last year and spent about $1.50 for a box instead!

  • Joanne

    I buy both boxed and individual cards for nwxt year

    • Janice

      Thanks for the reminder 🙂

  • DK

    Great time to buy little stocking stuffers that will be good for next year…gingerbread and candy cane scented lip balms and bath stuff (fizzies, gel, lotions) and little toys (Santa checkers and Christmas pencils & eraser sets), snowman slipper socks, ALL AT 90% OFF 🙂 I filled the stockings this year with goodies from last year all for about 3 bucks each! Dont forget the sales on Christmas themed clothing…I have 3 year olds, so I buy the holiday themed tshirts and jammies in a size bigger for next year. I do this at Halloween too. All the stores mark this stuff down CHEAP! Just bought 2 Carters reindeer footie pjs at $4 each with a 20% coupon making them $3.20. Long sleeve tshirts for kids with holiday stuff on them at Childrens Place go for $2 in about a month 🙂

  • After season sales are the best! I don’t even look at anything until it is at least 75% off. Many times if there is a manager around I will offer to take whatever is left on the shelf it they mark it down to pennies, they are usually so happy to get rid of it they will agree.

  • Michelle

    If any one sees any great deals on fake trees that are really nice and already have lights on them can you please let me know. Our tree is on it’s last leg but, we will keep it again till next year if we can’t find one. Thanks bunches!!!!

    • Anonymous

      I got two 200.00 trees for 50.00 each at bonton they have a coupon for spend 100.00 get 50.00 and I used that and got both trees for 50.00

  • Jessie

    Solid color wrapping papers can be used year-round. You can find red or silver papers and use them for birthday gifts or other occasions during the year.

    • Sebsa

      This is what I do too! Then I’ll use a pretty ribbon (picked up during Michael’s sales) on it and it doesn’t look like Xmas wrapping at all!

  • Neely

    I hit up Yankee Candle’s after Christmas sale every year for the following year’s gifts. They make great gifts at 50% off for the large jars and gift sets (not just Christmas scents either!), they never get old and everyone I buy for loves them. I also stock up on cards, wrapping paper, gift tags, bows/ribbons, etc. It’s foolish not to stock up on this stuff for next year!

    • Robin

      I also used a buy one get one free Yankee Coupon at bed bath on top of the 50 % off. Then used my 20%. Making the large jars 7 dollars each

  • I scored 5 really nice glass cake plates with dome lid (I know there is a name for them but it escapes me) for $4.44 at Walmart. I bought them for gifts next Christmas for 5 of our sisters and aunts!!!

  • Colleen

    Scotch tape (both the rolls & pop-ups) were on 50% clearance at my Target – I always love stocking up on tape after Xmas for the year. Also, at my Target the dollar spot items were 70% off today – yesterday they were 50% off. I got some wrapping paper over there that’s cute and looks birthday (not Xmas) for .30 each. Also lots of Hello Kitty items for party favors!!

    • Michelle T.

      At last year’s Target after Christmas sales, I stocked up on rolls and pop-up Scotch tape for .10 each. I’m starting to run low now, will be checking it out today 🙂

  • Colleen

    Also, they discount lots of food storage items – I stocked up on red containers last year that I used all year long. And Reynolds Foil I got lots for .59 a roll both after Labor Day and today.

  • Meli

    Red is one of my accent colors in my living room / dinning room. I alway get candels tablel decorations mats tabelcothes ect. Therer lots of thing out there that are plane red no trees or snowman on em lol

  • Carol S

    I went to Goodwill yesterday, and bought a nice 9 ft. tree for $.99, but it was 50% off so got it for 50 cents, It was still in the box, I figure if it didnt have all of the parts I didn’t lose much. They had lots of Christmas stuff, I was shocked, I never go in that store, but a friend came and visited and ask me to take her there.

  • Marcia

    My local Target went to 90% late today. I recommend the fudge-making kits (plenty of them). They include sugar, a pan, Evap milk and Nestle morsels — for less than a dollar total. You couldn’t buy the choc chips alone for that.