Extreme Couponing Tip: Use a Coupon-Only E-Mail Address

Extreme Couponing Tip: Use a Coupon-Only E-Mail Address

This week’s Extreme Couponing Tip is on creating a special e-mail address to use when signing up for coupons and deals!  I know many of you guys consider your couponing skills a part-time job or your favorite hobby.  The amount of money you save on your grocery bill each month is like having a part-time job.  If you spend 6 hours a week preparing your shopping trips and save 50% or more of what you would have spent, I’m pretty sure that equals out to a great paying part-time job! If we’re therefore considering our coupon hobby as a part-time job, why not have your very own “work” e-mail address for your coupon job!?

Often when signing up for a coupon offer, an e-mail address is required.  Sometimes the coupon is e-mailed to you and sometimes it’s available to print right away but an e-mail address is often required.  If you create a coupon-only e-mail address, simply use this address when signing up for all your coupons!  This will help keep your personal e-mail organized and less cluttered and it will also help you locate your coupons all in one place.  I often go back to my coupon-only e-mail to look for a coupon that might have been e-mailed and it’s nice having them all in one place.  When I’m in the mood to browse my coupons, promotions and manufacturer’s newsletters, I can do it all at once in one inbox.

Do you guys have additional tips on this topic?  We like hearing from you!

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  • Betty

    Great tip! Thanks Cindy

  • Jen

    I have started a coupon email address as well as a Facebook page for coupon related items as well. I’d like to keep my one page for my friends and family and other for business/coupons etc. Just for the record LRWC is liked on both Facebook accounts. 🙂

  • Eric

    I’ll take this one step further, and better.


    When you go here, an email is created for your that is good for 10 minutes at a time. It’s legit for when you need it and then it self-destructs.

    You can receive and respond to mail sent/received, if you need it for longer, you just take 10 more minutes at a time as needed.

    It’s eerily simple and perfect for couponer needs.

  • Michele Ana

    Thanks. It helps quite a bit but have also found it so confusing trying to remember sooo many passwords and logins so I have my personal desktop remember all the couponing related ones. Because of this I call my technical dept, Dell, every other month just to be sure ther are no viruses or unauthorized use of my computer. I am not tech DSavy at all so I let them take over and done within five to ten minutes.

  • goldefool

    My problem comes with facebook coupons. As I don’t want to link my phone number to facebook at all. They will not let me log on anymore because of this.

    • Eric

      If you have an Apple/Android phone, there is an app called TextFree and another called MagicJack…both are free and both will assign you a free phone # as well.

      I leave them both set to not bother me if they actually receive a call, it’s a great way to legitimately give a phone # that you will never hear ring.

  • Andrea

    I have a fake facebook too I just use my couponing email for that.

    • Kathleen

      I do too! Except It doesn’t have any friends, lol.

  • karen

    Eric, can you tell me more about those apps? Which one is better? Thanks

    • Eric

      I would say the TextFree since it allows you to text and make/receive calls, but they make you watch a 20 second video here and there for more calling minutes.

      MagicJack app is great, completely free, but does not have a texting feature. It’s the same company that makes the gadget.

      I keep them both installed, they’re both pretty lightweight.

  • Kia

    I use couponmailroom.com. You just make an email address and it doesn’t clog up your regular account. Whenever I need to sign up with manufacturers to print coupons, I use the cm address. I check it every so often to see if there are things from manufacturers that I might be interested in. Otherwise it’s just set and forget.

    Other things that help:
    Google Chrome browser (always my default)
    popchrom extension – configure keyword shortcuts. (ex: I type “cm”, then press ctrl+space and cm expands to me@couponmailroom.com)
    lastpass – in my account, I have a group of all deal/coupon-related logins, so I don’t need to remember them all.

  • DanGann

    Additional tip…create several email addresses with faux Facebook and Twitter accounts to maximize printing capabilities. I have accounts for each computer I own.

    • Brian Kay

      Great idea, I wish I had thought of it sooner