Extreme Couponing Tip: Use a Coupon-Only E-Mail Address

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Extreme Couponing Tip: Use a Coupon-Only E-Mail Address

This week’s Extreme Couponing Tip is on creating a special e-mail address to use when signing up for coupons and deals!  I know many of you guys consider your couponing skills a part-time job or your favorite hobby.  The amount of money you save on your grocery bill each month is like having a part-time job.  If you spend 6 hours a week preparing your shopping trips and save 50% or more of what you would have spent, I’m pretty sure that equals out to a great paying part-time job! If we’re therefore considering our coupon hobby as a part-time job, why not have your very own “work” e-mail address for your coupon job!?

Often when signing up for a coupon offer, an e-mail address is required.  Sometimes the coupon is e-mailed to you and sometimes it’s available to print right away but an e-mail address is often required.  If you create a coupon-only e-mail address, simply use this address when signing up for all your coupons!  This will help keep your personal e-mail organized and less cluttered and it will also help you locate your coupons all in one place.  I often go back to my coupon-only e-mail to look for a coupon that might have been e-mailed and it’s nice having them all in one place.  When I’m in the mood to browse my coupons, promotions and manufacturer’s newsletters, I can do it all at once in one inbox.

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