Why Weighing Your Produce Can Save You Even More!

Weigh Your Produce

This week’s Couponing Tip is on weighing your pre-packaged bags of produce!  This is an important tip to remember while at the grocery store and a tip that I’m just getting used to doing.

When picking up a 5-lb bag of potatoes that are on sale, for example, how many of you typically weigh the bag before you place it in your cart?  There’s no need to, you think, because all the bags are 5-lbs and they are all the same price  Think again! You’d be surprised at the variation in weight from bag to bag.  I’ve gotten a bag of potatoes that weighed close to 6-lbs even though it was labeled 5-lbs.  By taking that extra minute to weigh a few bags, I gained an extra pound of potatoes!  You can check out this post on the Consumerist about a huge difference in produce at Stop & Shop.  Crazy right?!?

Remember, this rule only applies when you’re buying produce at a fixed price that is already bagged.  Here are some examples of items I typically weigh before buying.

Some produce items to weigh before buying:

  • Potatoes
  • Onions
  • Apples
  • Oranges
  • Strawberries

and more!

This simple yet effective tip will hopefully get you more produce for your money and help you to continue in your journey of Living Rich with Coupons!

Do you have an idea for an Extreme Couponing tip you’d like to see addressed?  Leave your ideas in the comments!

Why Weighing Your Produce Can Save You Even More!

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  • Never thought of this but our Costco has a scale out next to the cooked chickens and people weigh them to get the one that ways more! I also check anything I am buying liquid in a bottle, you would be surprised at the different levels if you can see the liquid – my husband thinks I’m nuts!!

    • Deena

      Not nuts at all!!!

  • jennifer

    Wow! I never thought of this! Great tip!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Pineapples too! I love fresh pineapple and I always weigh em. My husband and I compete to see who can find the heaviest one;-)
    many vary by pounds, not just ounces!

  • betty

    wow i didnt know thT!THANKS!

  • Laura D.

    Awesome tip thank you!

  • hanna/h

    Wow, never have thought of that!
    I will try this from next time, thanks!

  • Deena

    Have done this for years — my mom always did it (learned all my couponing from her before you came along, Cindy!). Just last night, got a 4-lb bag of oranges at Stop and Shop that weighed more than 5 lbs!!

  • terry

    I buy 3lb bag frozen chicken breasts and always weigh them.

  • Carol

    My husband & I have been doing this for years….

  • Jill

    Thanks for the tip! I will try this great idea!

  • Meg

    Are there ever any that weigh LESS than the stated weight?

  • Jeanna J

    I learned to check the weight of packaged fresh chicken. I got a 3 pound package once, was weighing out what I needed for a recipe and realized that I was ~half a pound short.

  • Tracey

    Nice! I’ll definitely add this to my saving money arsenal. Thanks.

  • Kate

    I always look for the bigger head of lettuce, I’ve never weighed them though.

  • Karen S Cooley

    What a GREAT tip, ladies!!! I never would have thought to do that, as I have been the person thinking, “They’re all 5 lbs”… No more! I’ll be weighing those bad boys!

    • Deena

      Karen, I found a bag of oranges yesterday that was a FULL POUND bigger than the stated weight. On small things like strawberries, sometimes you can find one 25% or more heavier.

      My mom used to do this all the time as far back as the ’70s. She could never understand how they could put a stated weight on something that had variable sizes, like onions or potatoes. She would weigh 3 or 4 and buy the heaviest. She was a couponer before it was cool!

      • Karen S Cooley

        Wow, a pound more! Fantastic! I love that your mom used to do it, too. Hopefully my kids will learn from me – they all love coupons already! 😀

  • gilly

    They have a scale next to the cooked chickens at Costco because people weigh them to get the one that weighs the most, I also look at liquid items (milk, soda, olive oil, laundry detergent …) many times the levels are all different!

  • Marie Allen

    I always weigh as well. Mostly for recipe measurements. But very frustrating because none of the scales at my SR are accurate.